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Malé, the capital city of the Maldives (1960s and now)
Retweeted by Darius Owen Canning @ugobananas I've never played a Zelda game.
Get in girls. We're going hunting.
Retweeted by Darius Owen Canning @Climatologist49 @simonoxfphys Dark times for sure
@Parmenion71 Yeah it's been malfunctioning for a couple of days. @ThatPeterAustin I know, I've watched Main Menu
Retweeted by Darius Owen CanningNotice the argument is not "we didn't do anything wrong," the argument is "if you punish us, we'll do it more." (1/…
Retweeted by Darius Owen Canning @ThatPeterAustin I immediately thought that when I saw it. Should be interesting! Those Wolfenstien guys can't make… @TheAhmedRaafat Oooh that's a good choice, however I will forever relate his voice with Remy. @TomKingTK Fully drawn version of "A Once Crowded Sky"? @TheAhmedRaafat He would be my pick for MODOKI made a comic about Frasier and Niles. Contains Bloodborne spoilers
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@StephyDickson *Frantically googles*Because it kills bees.
Retweeted by Darius Owen CanningHere is a compilation of the domestic terrorists being arrested to “Layla” #Goodfellas #CapitolRiot #airportarrest
Retweeted by Darius Owen CanningThis is beautiful
Retweeted by Darius Owen Canning @MitchGerads All Marvel need to do is shelve Frank for a time and make "Outlaw" Nigel Higgins the main Punisher.
@AshcanPress @Remender Atleast they didn't scream at him to read a real comic like Low or Seven To Eternity...Hit them where it hurts. are right: now is the time for national unity. They should join Democrats in impeaching the president.
Retweeted by Darius Owen Canning @ScherazadTweets @RetroArchetype "Pick a card any card, no! No! Don't tell me." "Jerry, you know damn well it's the "DTF?" Of Spades again" @simonoxfphys Good ol' permadeathSo lovely finding the hand painted stones whilst on a local walk
Retweeted by Darius Owen Canning @VidiotsOfficial Tickle pickle is my favourite category @poppyhillstead "What about Gold?.. GOLD IS THE HARDEST MATERIAL" @RetroArchetype Saucy, but for a good time go for someone who puts a cherry in their mouth then pulls a banana out.… is socialism, and this is why it's a good thing.
Retweeted by Darius Owen CanningPeople call vaccine mandates "Orwellian" even though Orwell died at 46 of tuberculosis, which is now preventable with a vaccine.
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@purbrooktony Yeah I'm out, I was edging it as it was. @purbrooktony You just still haven't found what you're looking for mate. @purbrooktony Yeah, most other is pathetically telling how muzzled trump is just by having his twitter account suspended and people are acting…
Retweeted by Darius Owen CanningAs a Trump supporter, I think that we should all DELETE OUR ACCOUNTS in solidarity with OUR president
Retweeted by Darius Owen CanningBREAKING: Donald trump has been banned from Jurassic Park
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This is brilliant!
Retweeted by Darius Owen CanningAfter the election, I'll be able to focus on work After Biden is declared winner, I'll be able to focus on work…
Retweeted by Darius Owen Canning"I don't feel sorry for congress at all. Oh, I'm sorry, did you have to hide under your desk because of guns? Wah w…
Retweeted by Darius Owen Canning2016: Maybe it won't be that bad 2021: the Axe Body Spray Corporation stands firmly against the attempted overthrow of the US government
Retweeted by Darius Owen CanningY’all impeached Clinton for getting a blow job and lying about it but y’all can’t impeach a president that’s a LITE…
Retweeted by Darius Owen CanningI can’t stop watching this
Retweeted by Darius Owen CanningCall me cynical, but not going to the inauguration or your political couterpart after failing coup, makes me think…’all mad a woman is shot dead while storming a Capitol building but don’t care when a woman is shot dead while sleeping in her own house? 🤔
Retweeted by Darius Owen Canning420 Follower Death Kanji Giveaway! Retweet this for a chance to win a signed copy of my samurai horror graphic nove…
Retweeted by Darius Owen CanningJust a few hours left to enter this giveaway! Picking a winner tonight!
Retweeted by Darius Owen CanningWe're not asking for you to shoot them like you shoot us. We're asking you to NOT shoot us like you don't shoot them.
Retweeted by Darius Owen CanningToday is our 2nd birthday! We didn't expect to be spending it in lockdown. We should be streaming a party right no…
Retweeted by Darius Owen CanningThese dummies are convinced there's an all-powerful, megalithic Deep State conspiracy controlling everything ... bu…
Retweeted by Darius Owen Canning @ScaredyBoys What's the scariest piece of media you've suffered through that wasn't a movie? Be it a book, video game, TV, etc.
Friendly reminder
Retweeted by Darius Owen Canning @Confused_Dude Every time I fart with the wife in the roomGot some things off my chest. ✌️🇺🇸
Retweeted by Darius Owen CanningA reminder from Tom Morello:
Retweeted by Darius Owen CanningImagine playing a game about an immigrant that has been vilified by a corrupt fascist government that failed to tak…
Retweeted by Darius Owen CanningI think nurses want a decent wage they can live on for the amazing job they do rather than a Tory voter standing ou…
Retweeted by Darius Owen Canning @cymrogav What Remains of Edith FinchYes. We need more anger like this. Anger fuels change.
Retweeted by Darius Owen CanningBLM protests happened across the globe last summer because the cause was right. Last night's terror attack will not…’re not asking you to shoot them like you shoot us, we’re asking you to NOT shoot us like you don’t shoot them...
Retweeted by Darius Owen CanningThe comic book that changed the direction of my life 28 years ago. Unfortunately, it is just as relevant today.
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Eat shit Mitch. Well done Georgia 🎉
Retweeted by Darius Owen Canning @elixirofnothing @RichDent DazzlerMom brain.
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@cymrogav I think this image sums up British Culture quite nicely: Its grotty and prudish, nostalgic and definately… @StephyDickson Any bottom half is a special occasionEvery day of my life, basically.
Retweeted by Darius Owen Canning @StephyDickson How novel!
tories be like
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@BlessedRamone @RichDent Not even Franklin? @GailSimone Devil Dinosaur vs Etrigan? @SteveChung1968 @vmaun @DarickR I would like to watch Alan Moore knock out/curse Sheldon, that's a good point. @SquidGaming Bugsnax @SteveChung1968 @vmaun @DarickR Alan Moore would not put up with Sheldon's shit.Hey! *destroys gender* 1/7
Retweeted by Darius Owen Canning6/7
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OH YEAH, HERE WE GO, LAUNCH GAME TIME! Join Ben as he looks back at the US PlayStation 1 launch line up of games.…
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Retweeted by Darius Owen Canning @Sethzard Could be the best route @Sethzard Well I could try it on my laptop. Once it's in the Steam library the skies the limit. But we've been deli… @Sethzard The thing is, my laptop is barely functional and I don't have a Switch.What should I be playing? @travismcelroy How about the Goldie Vance comic series? It's a lovely period LGBT+ young adult mystery series.
@BatmanFiles @TomKingTK @Clay_Mann_ @tomeu_morey @ClaytonCowles Fantastic book. I often wonder reflect that we may… @SquidGaming #relatable @Confused_Dude It's being denied things you wouldnt usually eat that makes it all the more tempting. @GooeyBugSpitoon @VidiotsOfficial @Confused_Dude @ThatPeterAustin @parrotboy Me and the wife randomly shout "Margre…
@GailSimone 2020 was my doing, fools! #SixWordHorror @GailSimone Wake up! Or you may never #SixWordHorror @GailSimone Behind his eyes, I saw Him. #SixWordHorror @simonoxfphys Try all the vegan burgers and work out which one is best
@Confused_Dude Water down south ain't much better. @RADMANRBARR :/ Sorry to hear that Ryan. @TomTaylorMade Hurrah!
@TheJosieMarie Gotta love it
@ValiantComics Immortal Hulk. Daredevil. DCeased. Wayward Kindred. Superman Up in The Sky.Personal view here, that's a very strange take. It gives expression and nuance to the voice that lettering rarely c… @ScaredyBoys This year has been the worst... and I had a haunted bear two years ago.
@MysterySolvent When the first thing you're thankful for is your nationality rather than your family, you're more o… @TheAhmedRaafat Arent they your only clothing item?