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Rasheen Rose | 20 | Professional Smash Ultimate player for @MVGLeague | #22 on Ultimate PGR | Best Mario in the world | He/Him

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@JL_tcmKing No. No I didn’t @JL_tcmKing LOLL @JL_tcmKing Sooooooooo??I am. So talented. @JL_tcmKing Yeah i aint got time, i have Resident Evil and Animal Crossing to get to tonight @JL_tcmKing I dont got time to mess around tonight u goin ness @404jin These are all awful LMAO but the last one @2xDana_ @IppoDR e @2xDana_ Why would you do this @JL_tcmKing Yeah yeah yeah host @CatalystNB Electricity @2xDana_ WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT
@Streakz100 Wait LMFAOO @2xDana_ ??? @Streakz100 Why LOLSo the 1st one or the 4th one. Ok @TheAfroSmash @JL_tcmKing You are the LAMEST person there @JL_tcmKing You love meWhich pic is best Tryna see sumn @Prodigy_Smash @varunwiifit He really tried to team with ANOTHER Mario...such a thot hoppin from one Mario to the otherBRO @Kola_irl’s NIGHTBOT IN HIS TWITCH CHAT TIMED ME OUT FOR 3 SECONDS FOR SAYING MARIO SUPPORTS TRANS RIGHTS 💀💀Yall remember when id play on stream at tournaments...My smash play @insomniacSXUL Joker is #2 in the game and #3 at worst even after his nerfs. His nerfs didnt change his spot just like Palu @Kola_irl Make fun of him vs me next @AlmoJoNeko Ik the transphobes r plotting something for me @AlmoJoNeko Period. I Haven’t been suspended either @2xDana_ Period. @Pandarianssb @Streakz100 LOLLL @Streakz100 @isthatfritos @JL_tcmKing LMFAOO PERIOD @Poison_NE 💀💀💀💀 @isthatfritos @JL_tcmKing He rly tryna act like he dont camp as if we haven’t BOTH played him enough to know... @JL_tcmKing @isthatfritos and you KNOW you deserve it @Dark_Wizzy_ @isthatfritos wizzy all imma say is you DEFINITELY play super smash brothers ultimate like you have a…
Retweeted by ⚡️⚔️ MVG | Dark Wizzy ⚔️⚡️ @JL_tcmKing @isthatfritos LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @JL_tcmKing @isthatfritos Ight hollup u can call me a camper cuz its true but dont pretend you dont camp too. U aint an approacher. @9lives_Salem ? April Fools was 7 days agoMiss doubles so much, especially because i wanna finish this guys! VA Esports is launching a FREE TO PLAY online tourney with a pot of $500 USD (payout method adapted depe…
Retweeted by ⚡️⚔️ MVG | Dark Wizzy ⚔️⚡️ @_zeraora_ Man 🐎 @vsshole @QuillyKoopa Stfu put some respect on popeyes @Lockhere_ This is literally the most ghetto/furry thing you’ve ever said at the same time lmaoSo you can turn your tweet notifs for me off now cuz im not doing anymore arenas today lolNo set time. Just on Wednesdays @isthatfritos @JL_tcmKing He aint wrong doe. i LOVEEEE when people call me that it makes me even happier @JL_tcmKing I’m never scared of Roy. Be braverIght, did public arenas for 3 and a half hours. Ggs to everyone From now on ill be doing public arenas at least on… @altamarikurusu @stabatme Not a chance in hellID: GCGK1 PW: 01243 good Villagers have joined today. Think they’re out for my head @iPokelam Ur actually the 3rd good Villager that’s joined the arenas today. Yall sniping today lol @iPokelam Nvm, needed him to enter to see his char @iPokelam One sec. i think I literally just played this other dudeID: GCGHP PW: 0124ID: MMTVH PW: 0124Sd’d at 0I was given a whole essay on Mario’s back air as if that move didn’t put me on the PGRScreaming G1WS2 PW: 0124 @_zeraora_ @ButtonQueen_M No Because i do 2 bo5s at a time cuz i know no ones tryna wait 2 games just to do 1 then… @LocusSK He’s been not caring about DocID: MB96C PW: 0124ID: FQ6KF PW: 0124 Also note you are only allowed in one arena per day to give others a chanceMfs running to get in Wizzys arena:
Retweeted by ⚡️⚔️ MVG | Dark Wizzy ⚔️⚡️ @9lives_Salem No it wasnt cuz i wonHero player i will find out where you liveID: 5VG4M PW: 0124 @GameBrayanBro Bro you were supposed to get into the arena what r u doing @Emb3rSSB Wtf r yall dumb LOL @Emb3rSSB What is bro doinID: 0F74R PW: 0124⚠️MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT⚠️ @9lives_Salem is playing Melee again, and @MVG_Mew2King is teaching him how⏩…
Retweeted by ⚡️⚔️ MVG | Dark Wizzy ⚔️⚡️10 minsOn this topic, doing public arenas again today. At 12:50pm est As always i bo5 both people, if u lag u get kicked,… @2xDana_ The trainer there is deadass just me there aloneCan’t wait for Summit aha @2xDana_ @IDontLive5 oh like noWhy is the only good thing to come out of 2020 the Mario games remaster rumors and me top 8’ing“2020 is off to an amazing start” nah this flopped LOLLL @Streakz100 Peli wishing @mushitruff ???Like, took the “coming out” part of it serious LOLLOk so... Some people took this serious 💀💀 @2xDana_ Oh like ive been in the house I understand ☠️ @nathan30136974 Not the same!! @2xDana_ Wait period @2xDana_ You left nyI think i had a dream i took someone out to dinner but I can’t remember. I wanna take someone out just because i WA… @Bomgeisha Um, no one. Tf is that LOLL @ShaiMin_ Us, still tweeting anyways: @Riddlesmk Bruh everyone is gonna say ult sheik because shes worse and recency bias lolOmg twitter is homophobic @woundeddragon_ So much sarcasm in ur tweet @GenFNY would be torture if there was a large drink with it too looool fbi needa chill with the peeking @woundeddragon_ Petty @CatalystNB PeriodWAIT I CANT THINK OF SINGLE ONE LMFAOOOWait...LOL