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@QuarantineQuiz_ team. Captained by @enyonvm. DM to join.

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@RavenClawGh We hope it worked. Cheers our teammates now are we?
Hhhmmmm... Is that so 🤔 @Nii_Noi @QuarantineQuiz_ Keep this energy when the results come out
2020 EVERYONE!! Please vote for dark horses now!!! we know who to beat @GryffindorGH💀💀💀💀 @GryffindorGH are you going to let them get away with this disrespect?
@RavenClawGh YoU wErEn'T eVeN PaRt oF tHe HaRrY PoTtEr StOrIeS @RavenClawGh, really used to getting free points Huh?! @RavenClawGh You know what a dark horse is right? Now taking sign ups for what will be best team in the @QuarantineQuiz_ Shout-out to the opposition… are the Quiz guidelines
Retweeted by Dark-HorsesGHBefore we do the registration, here’s some information about how this Quarantine Quiz is going to happen. You may…
Retweeted by Dark-HorsesGHTeam Captains and Teams Accounts will be announced at 12pm and registration will be also begin.
Retweeted by Dark-HorsesGHHere are your team Captains
Retweeted by Dark-HorsesGHKindly DM any of the following teams if you want to take part 🤓 @DarkHorsesgh @RavenClawGH @HufflepuffGH @GryffindorGH @slytheringh
Retweeted by Dark-HorsesGHJust to make it very clear, the quiz will begin officially tomorrow with Round One. Today is all about team regist…
Retweeted by Dark-HorsesGH