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Scientist, lover, and streamer. I play games and dream of world domination. twitch affiliated:

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@NitroTosh78 @Ghoulish_gam3r @Ki11ersix @CiaranStrange That's really weird that it's different to moze rather than… @Ghoulish_gam3r @NitroTosh78 @Ki11ersix @CiaranStrange I think the idle camera swing around is intended but if it's… @NitroTosh78 @Ki11ersix @CiaranStrange @Ghoulish_gam3r I had same question a few nights ago. @Ki11ersix @CiaranStrange @Ghoulish_gam3r @NitroTosh78 Baby maker + bee mainly was a big one. @Ghoulish_gam3r @36JoshS @Ki11ersix @NitroTosh78 A wee bit. I'd welcome a Nerf at that point. @CiaranStrange @Ki11ersix @Ghoulish_gam3r @NitroTosh78 Well things are done differently at GBX. They have different… @Ghoulish_gam3r @36JoshS @Ki11ersix @NitroTosh78 That would be insane. 😬 @Ghoulish_gam3r @36JoshS @Ki11ersix @NitroTosh78 I was thinking barrier Zane redistributer bee. @Ghoulish_gam3r @Ki11ersix @CiaranStrange @NitroTosh78 Maybe a unintended fix? @NitroTosh78 @Ki11ersix @CiaranStrange @Ghoulish_gam3r Oof mine is Zane and Amara only because they turned into Samic the shoothog. @36JoshS @Ki11ersix @NitroTosh78 @Ghoulish_gam3r I kinda do too but I think I rather have another sham. Maybe 94% 😏 @NitroTosh78 @Ki11ersix @Ghoulish_gam3r Hmmm let me hit up my people on Xbox and see what they've had. @talemyn @Ki11ersix @CiaranStrange @NitroTosh78 @Ghoulish_gam3r I've noticed that too. Not terribly game breaking just a minor inconvenience. @talemyn @KayWafflee @AgentBluesky27 @Taru_Ninja @baines_joshua @VbagExtremist @The_muzz1 Even the mini fig pins? I… @Ki11ersix @NitroTosh78 @Ghoulish_gam3r This is good to know. I remember having issues with it due to interference… @Ki11ersix @NitroTosh78 @Ghoulish_gam3r I wanna say it was a weekly timer at first. @NitroTosh78 @Ghoulish_gam3r @Ki11ersix Wired controller connection or wireless when playing? @Ki11ersix @NitroTosh78 @Ghoulish_gam3r Now you're talking dirty. If it exceeded bl2... Man it makes my nips hard. @Ki11ersix @NitroTosh78 @Ghoulish_gam3r Sorry I'm blowing up your feed k6. 😬 @JawSkellyman @Deeptec Perfect @NitroTosh78 @Ghoulish_gam3r @Ki11ersix Does it happen on a second controller? What if it's plugged in? Are you usi… @NitroTosh78 @Ghoulish_gam3r @Ki11ersix This is why kids get the cheap 5 dollar controllers. 🤣 @NitroTosh78 @Ghoulish_gam3r @Ki11ersix As for your drifting that's kinda peculiar. Does this happen offline as well? @NitroTosh78 @Ghoulish_gam3r @Ki11ersix I'm not very well versed in Xbox one bring PS4 myself but usually a reset o… @NitroTosh78 @Ghoulish_gam3r @Ki11ersix But it could be resolved with some troubleshooting steps before running on… @NitroTosh78 @Ghoulish_gam3r @Ki11ersix Smaller isolated events. Toxicity is surprisingly more caused by the end us… @NitroTosh78 @Ghoulish_gam3r @Ki11ersix Criticisms aren't being silenced they're seeing them look at the dedicated… @AgentBluesky27 @talemyn @KayWafflee @Taru_Ninja @baines_joshua @VbagExtremist @The_muzz1 I'm looking at it hard. T… @NitroTosh78 @Ghoulish_gam3r @Ki11ersix See man that's constructive. What system are you run on with the strafing i… @KaiserVonGrauer @baines_joshua Girl you looking fabulous @NitroTosh78 @Ghoulish_gam3r @Ki11ersix I'm legit sorry if that seems rude but learning the difference and using co… @talemyn @KayWafflee @AgentBluesky27 @Taru_Ninja @baines_joshua @VbagExtremist @The_muzz1 shopping spree anyone? @NitroTosh78 @Ghoulish_gam3r @Ki11ersix You do. They also have the right to block or ignore you. There's also a fun… @RoryPlays_ @RoryPlays_ @TheIrishPickle Ed! @Ghoulish_gam3r @NitroTosh78 @Ki11ersix You gonna give him the aloe for that? @InFlames_SWE I would've thought guitar. But it appears it's drums and I'm trying to picture that.... @talemyn Thanks bearded brother. @TechieQube Nooooooooo! @Kirara01 Thank you. @P1K3L3 Same. Still watched it lol @talemyn @DuvalMagic @KayWafflee @baines_joshua @AgentBluesky27 @Fangykins @VbagExtremist @daemelar @Deeptec @spudzilla1325 birthday @spudzilla1325 @Kwiff happy birthday!!! @WereKittyKat Hope your friend can get to some moment of clarity one day. That is a tough thing to deal with. @SimonSandwiches Good call! @Mannymeatwallet Thanks Manny @momma_jibi Truth @WeirdScienceX @Joltzdude139 Melee the cyclone to Elpis? Hmm.... I'm game. @Icteridae12 My condolences to you and your family. That is a tough battle as the one trying to help them. @JJtoob Time to call bar lawyer! @wheelz8701 happy birthday dude! @JJtoob @GoJamesbotGo They're stealing your ideas!!! @Titan2787 Thank you @Feather134340 Thank you. @FatHamil Thank you @momma_jibi I should be fine :) but we should totes go grab sushihana again. Their gyoza is nuts. @Joltzdude139 Decided to take it to the bridge cause why not? @Joltzdude139 Twas fun @Ki11ersix @uguubear What kinda J do you love the most for your pb&j? I love a good apple jelly or strawberry...dar… @baines_joshua Are you like me and want to pinch the cheeks?Boo Me All You Want, It's Time To Meme!
Retweeted by DrkLordNecro @bushhhyy @JazzTheGaymer @Le_nee_ @Taru_Ninja Early days off you playing games being happy: @daemelar @JawSkellyman I also found this out rather late to the fact too. I hope your father is ok and able to recover. @OGAnaNovak Thank you :) @JawSkellyman True. @JawSkellyman Thanks jaw. I kinda expected it. It sucks she's leaving 2 kids behind but it happens. @JJtoob Thank you. Sadly I knew this was going to happen and had already prepped for it. I just hate setting others… @vr00mie Don't tease me like that! Lol @AgentBluesky27 Y'all gonna get cut! CAG & Retweet for a Chance to Win 1 of 3 Codes for Skul: The Hero Slayer (Steam) by @HeroSkul. Ends 10 PM ET…
Retweeted by DrkLordNecro @GameOverGreggy Shower with your dad 2? Are you and porty gonna be playable? @Cornsnackes The novels weren't bad either. @ShaShaB00m @spudzilla1325 It's so damn cute!I feel like some Ark mischief! Let's spawn in 50 gigas and see what happens against King Titan. Come hang out. Goin…
Retweeted by DrkLordNecro @StuckonPandora Your setup just keeps getting better by the day man.Get posters to hand out to bars and liquor stores that say do not serve. It's disheartening that this is the 5th pe… dead and that the possibility of her coming back is next to impossible. I'm ok this isn't a pity thread she w… I just had news my step sister is being pulled from life support tomorrow after having drink herself to death… @AdahopAlex This moment brought to you by dragon energy! Have energy like a bearded dragon on a PC vent!!! @kungfukiddo I'm sorry to hear that dear. You don't have to explain. Go enjoy your time with her. @AdahopAlex What has been eating and avoiding? @AdahopAlex He hasn't been eating!!! @daveexplosm Yes! There's adventure with that one. @AdahopAlex Hope he doesn't pee on it 😬 @GameOverGreggy @Borderlands Maurice x KF. Best crossover? Only crossover! @Borderlands 8999. So close.🤣🤣🤣 tapatio Doritos. @P1K3L3 Win!
Retweeted by DrkLordNecro @Deeptec @ligerclaw69’re coming to #PAXEast with some big announcements, including the reveal of #Borderlands3’s second campaign DLC!…
Retweeted by DrkLordNecro @Deeptec @AgentBluesky27 @RicktothaG @JawSkellyman Shark deeptec with hot dog nunchucks vs jellyfish with lightning…'s support artists and give her a follow! @Ki11ersix Damn that does sound like a good round. @BeeAmazing3 @Linkiscool115 @Ki11ersix I think I might try this but most of the time it's rakks flying behind a wal… @Ki11ersix That's better than what I'm seeing lately. I've gotten like nothing but while sliding or while airborne…