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Scientist, lover, and streamer. I play games and dream of world domination. Fun loving nerd and geek.

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Rocket League now SB later live at
2020'm thinking of a jack box night this week. Anyone down for some shinanigans? Let me know what day fits best for y'all. @TheIrishPickle @AgentBluesky27 Oh yeah kids (and some adults) love pete the cat! @TheIrishPickle Basket and soccer balls for the older kids, small puzzles like rubik's cube, any of those magic kit… @JJtoob @Alwayslawlzing You got this Danielle!There is an update from Dani on here. Currently we have raised $256 so far. I am currently in the process of transf…
Retweeted by DrkLordNecro @Alwayslawlzing They were in the best mood.If you don’t know already, I’m asking everyone to color my sketch so we can make a collage!! 👇👇👇
Retweeted by DrkLordNecro @StonedLazy Plan for an anniversary date night next weekend? :) @tdpSian There ya go. Nothing like a win to feel great.Alan! Funny stuff to watch. Give it a click. @svracer34 In my mind I would've given it a forever home. @VortexiaB Im sorry love. If only my love can help heal. @OregonProgress First thing I thought when I woke up was I wanted to take it in.I had the most sad heart breaking dream about how kids were picking on a ln abandoned dog in my yard. I ended up sa… @RoboJ1M That's awesome! And Nasi Goreng looks super tasty. @RoboJ1M Woah that's awesome! Thanks for sharing! @TheIrishPickle @TTraykJ @sp4cep4nts Mmmm coconutWatch @alwayslawlzing with me on Twitch! She's awesome and knows mombo number 5's lyrics.
@Scott_Lenard so did you get your preorder in? 🤣 gummi bears I'm eating are kinda meh... @TheIrishPickle Also I'm giggling over spooky but(t) 🤣 @sp4cep4nts @TTraykJ Thanks Google... What's Tom kha ga? @TechieQube Another vote for curry 🤔 @spudzilla1325 Those kinds of flavors sound mind blowing together. Thinking of the savory noodles with sweet coconu… @RoboJ1M Hmmm I could eat a pot full of it. @sarahbbearah Omg... That sounds really good and I love basil. @TheIrishPickle I still like spooky but... @Lyxariel @Lyxariel That sounds freaking amazing! @ChristmasMeat I hear a lot about curry bring great. @Mike15424780 Ooooo authentic is best! @TTraykJ @sp4cep4nts This all sounds so good. Is there anything aside from curry that you'd recommend? @Fangykins I know! And it was going to be my smexy shirtI totally realized the feel of old fashioned tweets... Oh boy... 😱Thanks for hanging out in tonight's stream everyone and checking those wins. Please go check out @KayWafflee who's… I still somehow killed @Crowlifetaker ... #PS4share #Spellbreak <3 you James LUL're drunk, we're BR'ing, and we're kicking ass still... Me an @Crowlifetaker94 killing shit live! Watch DrkLordN… with open invites live at
@Deeptec @spudzilla1325 Happy anniversary you two. I'm so happy for you both and all the hurdles you've went through. @JoshuaDav @TheIrishPickle Those are PANTS!!! TRAITOR! @Savageserene_ Wooooooo!Dark skies calls for me 😈 @sp4cep4nts And what's normally paired with it? @sp4cep4nts Tell me what would you recommend, what's the flavor profile, and is there anything I should shy away fr… @Fangykins Right as you replied my sexy shirt got cancelled 😂Watch @Jon_Fury with me on Twitch and indulge in a sexy voice and the adventures of ALAAAAAN. @Fangykins Well now they started doing guaranteed delivery. I'm hopeful. But now I'll have an interesting garb for Halloween and streaming 😃Ya know, as much of a foodie and cook I am... I never had Thai food. Anyone recommend some interesting Thai dishes? @AquarielleArt You fool! How can you be in such bliss! Lol @devion_wizard @AgentBluesky27 Dude you could make your own family bbq sauce! @AgentBluesky27 I'll stick to spicy ketchup or sriracha the boca nuggets. @AgentBluesky27 That makes sense. I kinda think they're kinda similar in the sense of sweetness. Maybe it's kinda h… @KayWafflee Looking great! @AgentBluesky27 Not surprising the BBQ was the most picked. Even though it's base component is ketchup 🤔 @TheIrishPickle Hell yeah! That's improvement over almost a year ago @AquarielleArt And it failed horribly @TheIrishPickle Congratulations @AgentBluesky27 I know a few. I can see if they can help.Kickin ass w friends live at @AgentBluesky27 Seems weird that would happen. Did it happen to you too?
I ordered some stuff on wish. My Halloween costume will all be almost done. @tuxedo_soul Well now we know you tweet while you toot. @wheelz8701 @Jon_Fury at night is so sparkling. The mountains and forests are perfect in the day. franken-gaming-chair makes the sound of a turkey when I wiggle in it 😃 @Jon_Fury y'all taking shit about my psl. now a moment to be saxy... @Jon_Fury 😉 way too often :/ @elusivepanda @TheIrishPickle @KayWafflee It's like how I eat me cupcakes too. If you eat enough of them you become the ruler of cupcakes! @sp4cep4nts Uh totally! @TheIrishPickle I know how to make people people disappear just saying... @AgentBluesky27 Sriracha if available. @AgentBluesky27 Spicy ranch or spicy ketchup.Whoops. @wheelz8701 Yeah I think I'll just force it tomorrow. @wheelz8701 I like it, I just rarely eat or drink.
Uhhh random gif of the day also caused me to full pause. Like wtf 🤣 @RoboticHat717 Chonky lizardI will tweet this a million times! I 10/10 recommend you try these products! After all my surgeries, i needed some…
Retweeted by DrkLordNecro @TheIrishPickle @Haunted_Gallows Thank you!Anime me looking smooth af @wheelz8701 thought about roller rinks and kinda miss them. They were fun. Skating around dancing to some jams... Greezy pizza... Ah memories#PS4share do chicken coops only have two doors? Because if they had four, they would be chicken sedans! @TheIrishPickle @TheIrishPickle @AgentBluesky27 @Thick44Official tagging the guitarists I know and fans of dad jokes. 🤣 @Mannymeatwallet HahahahaA woman is on trial for beating her husband to death with his guitar collection. Judge says, "First offender?" She…