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I get my hair done next Friday & I’m thinking about getting an undercut??? I genuinely DESPISE the hair at the nape… @ThatCuntRegina JAFAR STAR LMAODJEOFJR @Aqualogists I’ve seen this! idk I feel like theres way more about to happen. @revivalprincess no idea lolI’m not a fan of these types of tweets but damn. I feel like I’m sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting. I’m not s… else feeling like something big is going to come to light soon? Like something or someone is going to be exp… @fieryvirgomess we should’ve researched more but the place gets amazing reviews for their tattoos so I figured it w… @highdryden I COULD NOT IMAGINE. we should’ve honestly researched more. I texted my friend about it and she was like “yeah they suck”. @fieryvirgomess the dude then bragged he doesn’t use the tools you need to use!! we got in the car and I was like “… couldn’t even flip it up!!oh the ring also fell out at one point LOL. and we went to a shop that people VOUCH for. Not sure why!!!the guy I’m talking to got his septum pierced and the piercer did it so low and so wrong in his nose that he ended…’s meeee 🥰
My biggest twitter pet peeve is fear mongering. @ninthdymension sounds about white"My sister is NO JOKE. My sister is a HUMAN BEING. And I want justice. My sister did not do this to herself. Someon…
Retweeted by Moon ☾ 💗💜💙She didn’t die in war,she wasn’t killed by terrorists...this was a homegrown monster. The country she was fighting…
Retweeted by Moon ☾ 💗💜💙 @piscesruling Money is the ultimate protection against COVID I guess lmaoSomething I’ve noticed is the wealthier the town I’m in, the less likely I am to see people wear masks?? Has anyone else noticed this??I'm hoping to launch the blog part of my website soon. :) @cancermoonbae I love her!I started talking to a guy that loves my face so much that all my June snapchat recap is, is selfies.I want to refresh who I follow on youtube because my subscriptions have become super stale. Tag some of your favori… @belovedswami then she tried saying she’s the only reason I have a job like I’m not the one who nailed the intervie… @taitekrogfus send what lolanswer intuitively: yes or no?
i’m big dum dum I study art 🥴my mom tries to weponize my art degree against me like I didn’t have to write 8 page long research papers on art pi… @rreanna9855 my old work came out with a bracelet featuring a mustache to support a charity & it sold so fast. @ayuserious Khloe is a cancer lolsimpler timesHow did mainstream youtube go from everyone trying baby food to this?? 😭they're both cancers, too 😬 things that really stuck out to me watching Tati's video: - almost the whole video was read off something her… @rreanna9855 me too. everything was pastel and cute.I’m over most social media right now, honestly. I use snapchat to interact with my friends and tiktok to pass time but that’s it.does anyone else go through phases where they’re over having a twitter platform? It happens every Cancer season to… @Virgoldens I may have googled what happened to her after tweeting this lmao @ceresascendant this feels like one is ready and the other is not. @mellowyellowbby the Litas are iconic, though!Can we go back to the 2014 tumblr aesthetic girl turned youtube lifestyle vlogger style? things were so cute & simp… it, ratatouille fancam on the timeline
🧊 Quantum Jumping a.k.a. Two Cup Method 🧊
Retweeted by Moon ☾ 💗💜💙I created 6 nude lip glosses made with black women in mind and I just want them to go viral! Twitter do your thing…
Retweeted by Moon ☾ 💗💜💙as someone who’s whole life has been spent being yelled at by people who are yelling because they’re mad they’re wr…*bbie h*nna yelling gives my body the same reaction I had when I was in retail & a customer would yell because the… want at tattoo so bad lolThis is so hard for me to post. I get embarssed when it comes to asking for help but I need it. Please share and pr…
Retweeted by Moon ☾ 💗💜💙mercury whenever there’s another “keep calm mercury is retrograde” post made by a brand @supermoongirl9 haha I got curious so I looked if it’s still on my cloud and it sure is! @supermoongirl9 still one of the weirdest marketing moves to date
Violinists from all over the community gather at Washington Square Park to honor the life of Elijah McClain with a…
Retweeted by Moon ☾ 💗💜💙 @ceresascendant I’ll read for you for free 🥺 @astromoondust my favorite subtitles are for dubbed anime. they’re always SUPER different from what is being said.Mars moves into Aries and my family went to war on Facebook last night when I wasn't home.did I get cancelled or somethingI lost a lot of followers in the 12 hours I didn’t tweet lmaooThread of gofundme’s of Black women / non-binary people you should donate to:
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@ceresascendant I forgot they existed for a second LOLWhat if I told you that you can have a romantic relationship without losing your independence AND things don’t have…
Retweeted by Moon ☾ 💗💜💙 @girlmeetsganja it keeps life interesting! @lctarot She’s SO smart. it blows my mind how smart sometimes.My 4 year old Gemini (taurus mercury) has figured out the passcode on my iPad without me helping her so she can watch netflix 🤦‍♀️ah. Mars moves into Aries in 12 hours. It’ll stay there for 6 months. Mars retrograde starts in September. Should b… people call the story so far an underrated band is so funny to me because back in the tumblr pop punk days they were EVERYWHEREI’m a Pisces Uprising bitch.
Retweeted by Moon ☾ 💗💜💙 @ceresascendant My daughter and I have been binging all the mean to tell me you’re going to go this entire lifetime without telling them you like them? that you love them?…
Retweeted by Moon ☾ 💗💜💙virgo, cap, taurus: stretch sag, aries, leo: rest gemini, libra, aqua: ground scorpio, pisces, cancer: express yourself
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@maul_E me rn @lozzynotlizzy LMAOOO @CelestialWaifuu IM YELLINGcancer moon💰 My finances are improving at a rate beyond my wildest dreams. 💰 I deserve to be highly paid for the work I do.…
Retweeted by Moon ☾ 💗💜💙we should say this from now on
Retweeted by Moon ☾ 💗💜💙I just saw someone on tiktok call their rising sign their UPRISING signI love being a teacher and this is one of the many reasons whyme: *mentions early development to anyone in education* them: PIAGET!!!! @astrobebs I don’t remember yesterday but last night was one of the first solid sleeps I’ve had in a while @supermoongirl9 My daughter is a gemini sun with a taurus mercury and at 4, she debates EVERY SINGLE THING.WHY are so many of my mutuals so pretty. I’m sitting here like @astromoondust I wish you lived closer. You deserve to have support. I’m sorry you’re going through this alone. Fee…’m convinced Sagittarius coined the term “one foot out the door”. They start things already 50% over it. @thesmallbun the only cap moon i’ve ever gotten close to stopped being my friend after I told her I was pregnant 😂…
@ceresascendant 💕💕💕Cancer moon. I don't mind Capricorn moons. I don't think I know too many, honestly. @upintheleo aw!!! I love it. thank you 💕old** not hold LMAO @belirdim thank you 😌 @upintheleo thank you. it’s so new to me. 🥺i’m SORRY did Cassadee Pope re-record an hold Hey Monday song for her new acoustic album???’s gross. I don’t even know who I am anymore. @messages888 I wish my lifestyle allowed for more naps. 🙁I have to take substantial breaks after doing a string of readings because my energy depletes. last week I did a ta… tarot consecutively wipes me out which is why I couldn’t see myself being able to commit to it as a career bu… mars who do this drive up a wall!!! stand up for yourself!!! @asharedsleep she writes about that in the rest of her thread!Venus Retrograde is over.
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