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I never thought i’d be able to relate to this song but here I am. 🌝 @risingchiron that’s what being single does for youhaha anyways alexa play safety net by ariana grandecommunication is a beautiful thing is going to station retrograde at 26° Aquarius on Jan 30th. The retrograde period ends on February 20th, wh…
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🎴Card of the Day🎴 ✨Ace of Cups✨ It's a good day to let your emotions flow freely & channel them creatively. The wo…
Retweeted by moon 🌙 | astrology & tarot vtubermy moon sign @witchashtyn leo moodThe only type of Astrology that matters 🌹Aesthetic Astrology🌹. Part 1: Color Aesthetic.
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what the fuck is this and who is David lmao woke up this morning and my brain said ✨self sabotage✨thank you!! ❤️ @sarahjade_xx I promise you're beautiful as you are, no matter your size. get yourself nuggets if thats what you want.fitting
sending your thirst trap to your friends almost ALWAYS has a better result than sending it to a guy. @Uma_tal_ thank you ❤️HAPPY BIRTHDAY AQUARIUS QUEEN 👑 felt crappy about how I looked so I busted out my crop top and my confidence went 📈aw. Saturday aka Saturn day! 🪐I did the tiktok tread where you record yourself and the first sound suggested is the kind of girl you are. Well I…
sad & stressed.
@divinitynoob it was 4 years ago!! but thank you ☺️how the zodiac signs 『decompress』 ➫ most accurate if you use your moon sign
Retweeted by moon 🌙 | astrology & tarot vtuber @SeacherSoul haha, I agree but I’m trying to start every day on a positive note!lil giving birth @AQUASAPHIRA I have a degree in Graphic design lol what type of graphic are you trying to create?Happy Thursday aka Jupiter day! ⚡️yes i fantasize about having a friend group where we’re all adults getting our lives together and we live close eno…
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@Uma_tal_terra I don't think we can, either. I personally wouldn't want someone with that energy near my chart. @Uma_tal_terra could very much be. Or their friends.there’s a new tread to make anonymous hate accounts dedicated to hating on astrologers and it both saddens and disg… @paneleirx @milkstrology yes lol @SeacherSoul I have this thread I made that might help a little! @kmb_artist I agree. I can’t wait to start living, not just survive.The internet acts like you start to rot after 20. All I’ve gotten is hotter with a stable income.I’ve seen it so many times in this community. People would much rather belittle their peers instead of do the work… way people in the astrology community get mad and attack other astrologers for their successes. The jealousy reeks.Ask yourself: is astrology actually helping you to make sense of your life and your place in this world? Or is ast…
Retweeted by moon 🌙 | astrology & tarot vtuberall I’m going to say is sometimes things happen when they’re supposed to happen. 😌They’re a fixed sign ruled by Saturn. 🤷‍♀️You can tell Aquarius is a fixed sign because they like to feel ✨unique✨ until you call them out on how that may co…🍂 themes for this week 🍂 ♈︎: faith ♉︎: boundaries ♊︎: self-expression ♋︎: intuition ♌︎: company ♍︎: power…
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Happy Aquarius Season! ♒︎ szn focus aries: dreams/goals taurus: life path gemini: new experiences cancer: releasing/moving on leo: r…
Retweeted by moon 🌙 | astrology & tarot vtuberI got so embarrassed I turned it offwhy was this song so big tho it’s so bad LMAOexposing my child to the classics @Uma_tal_terra my virgo venus agreesParcast really wanna fight sometimes
Retweeted by moon 🌙 | astrology & tarot vtuberThe horoscope podcast I listen to: "now lets take a moment to reflect on your relationships" me: Do we have to?oh boy I have a... few. is wrong with wanting & seeking connection or intimacy outside of yourself. It isn’t correlated to the leve…
Retweeted by moon 🌙 | astrology & tarot vtuber💌 it’s not your fault. it was never fault.
Retweeted by moon 🌙 | astrology & tarot vtuber @nettleandclover I never know what to share on here and what to share on the private account 🥴I have a vivid memory of trying to write about Aries season in a 2019 blog post but having such a bad headache I couldn’t. Fitting tbh.what were NOT gonna do in 2021 is text our EXS and use MERCURY RETROGRADE as an EXCUSE. 😤
Retweeted by moon 🌙 | astrology & tarot vtuber @sarahjade_xx that’s a good question, actually. I’m not sure!I'm sorry if someone made you think it's hard to love you.
Retweeted by moon 🌙 | astrology & tarot vtuberHappy Tuesday aka Mars day! ☄️I fell asleep listening to 528 Hz music last night 😴💕anyways LGBT's... i love you and we are so sexy and amazing and blessed 🤍
Retweeted by moon 🌙 | astrology & tarot vtuber @Gintree You can’t really control your dreams, ya know? I would say really think about if acting on a dream is a go… were NOT gonna do in 2021 is text our EXS and use MERCURY RETROGRADE as an EXCUSE. 😤
Today has been a rough day for me but at least I got my lesson plan done. @witchashtyn wow it looks soo good 🤩Happy Monday aka Happy Moon day! 🌙 @DarkMoonMuse i just got off the phone with Maya, she was able to afford a flat and buy basic necessities with the…
Retweeted by moon 🌙 | astrology & tarot vtuberI have a video on how you read your chart here: 🙂 hope it helps! fact I can’t sleep should be a crime @SeacherSoul thank you ❤️my ex was right about one thing. I did move on quickly from his ass lol.
@solelunastro I could also see Capricorn @solelunastro HAHA there's Mercury influence somewhere in that chart posted a further explanation on my Patreon if you'd like to support!'s also important to mention that Mercury retrogrades are a time for technology fail and transportation issues. R… at where in your chart Aquarius is so you know what themes in your own life may be impacted and what to focus… is going to station retrograde at 26° Aquarius on Jan 30th. The retrograde period ends on February 20th, wh… @sarahjade_xx yes @witchashtyn ily gotta show support @cursedfaults that's a good question tbh. I think one I put out a month ago I got more no's than yeses but I had pe… go to Ashtyn for all my tarot readings and you should too!! Their energy is 10/10 A+ a Virgo sun, Taurus moon guy best friend that I've known almost all my life is the best. He's always so real… @tarottabletalk It's going to be WILD with whatever we end up doing. 😅 @risingchiron the things relationships ruin... I hate it. @risingchiron I'm going to look up that journal!!! I love writing and I've fallen out of it. @risingchiron I would 100% recommend it if you're into meditation and manifesting. I'm planning to just focus on br… @risingchiron I've recently been meditating to 582 Hz music on YT with the affirmation "I am worthy of love. I am o… @risingchiron Two things I'm not - your mom - your therapist I'm sure you'll find someone who will treat you with… @tinybluewiitch and @milkstrology I hope you're ready for when that day comes+I'm single af but I was thinking about how fun my bridal party is going to be with it being mostly fire signs. @risingchiron yes! men should be held at the same accountability as women!I swear Starbucks baristas have a superpower of knowing when you need to hear something nice. I was feeling not the… @risingchiron Exactly! My ex tried but it was so hit or miss on what he would be receptive on and what he would inv… @risingchiron Like I’m sure there’s men that’ll do that but I have yet to experience it @risingchiron FELT