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Le Darknud ☠ @Darknud Montréal, Québec

24 year old french-canadian dude who draws tit art and cartoony ladies ,specially the goth kind . NO MINORS ALLOWED 🔞. Every character I draw are 18+. FR/ENG

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@mrpeculiart I fucking love this
@NPCZoey best one is from 2 🥰 @BananoJugueton the movie is gonna failChie Satonaka ! (commission) @Nickoyoann Fucking chiant lollet's just say that the date was a success 😳💖
Retweeted by Le Darknud ☠ @SovekOnivris god that feels weird
@Hihsasuke LOL @onaefruit OH @Penny_Underbust OH FUCKChosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse, Ashen One. You witnessed the birth of the First Flame, and you saw to its end.…
Retweeted by Le Darknud ☠My favorite game of all time is now 10 years old . My first playthrough of Dark Souls was the best experience i've… birthday #DarkSouls !!! #DarkSouls10thAnniversary
Retweeted by Le Darknud ☠commissions are now closed ! Thanks for everyone who got a slot ! Got lots more demand than I expected so im sorry… literally just wanna start training and get buff af so I can play beat saber better @skulloven OH FUCK @DistortBot @_The_Strongest @NomadicDrifterr EEWWWWW @SmokeAndSomno dude thats so fucking ...... problematic ...... @UFlame18 @DemonNoises on deviant art @NomadicDrifterr my favorite movie lmao
@DemonNoises she gon have a big belly filled with babiesMore !!!!!!!!!!'s just say that the date was a success 😳💖 legit I should redraw that @DarkingDesigner soo good !!! @Krekkov biG BUTTS
@Astral_lewds yup !!! The zone one is completely healed and clean , the second skin method worked like a charm ! go… tattoo appointement happening : bonfire from dark souls !!! (second pic is just an edit to showcase where it wo… @RavenMayhree ty for the sweet comment !!!Leaving these here , no reason at all :^) @Z0NE
Retweeted by Le Darknud ☠ @ReverendClown 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 @HornyWoolly lets fucking GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODid @Darknud’s Oc aka best waifu 😳 hope u like it my friend . #animegirl #gothicgirl #OC
Retweeted by Le Darknud ☠ @GaijinInaHoodie @slideovrstretch motafukaz is fucking awesomeyeah I got pretty flooded and way more than I expected TuT , I might bump up the prices next time lmao @JayT77009592 doesnt hurt to try !oh you thought it was over ???👀
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mikiri counters are better than sexHaven't played sekiro since it was released and almost finished it but didn't and now I fixed a controller problem… @wonderlust31 paypal @NPCZoey my art doesnt reflect it though TuT @readraws_ 👀👀👀💖💖💖 @ToHDraws Happy birthday !!! @neo_hajime epic poggers dude @kiwithesmol bibiiii !!!!!!!you can check the last shego pic before anyone else here !!!!!!!!!!!!!! now done with the Shego set for this month (piece on patreon rn) , these pieces have been so much fun to work on… @Playzholder tyyy @Siroc_Art same @ravenemore cutiee !!!! @MyramiChan aw 💖 @kurenjiworkshop awww c'est fucking cute !!! Yeah vrchat c'est vrm nice :)) faudrait j'y joue plus though mais jfuc… @kurenjiworkshop I guess ? Anyway jva éssayer de hang out avec plus de monde et voir ou ça va lol , mais gros missi :)) @NPCZoey @RubberNinja YOU HAVE AN ANIMATION DEGREE ???? @kurenjiworkshop idk I guess chu juste vrm selectif avec qui je vibe , tinder usually c'est vraiment rare que chu g… @kurenjiworkshop okiii @MoobieTheFemboy @RubberNinja I did this last april ! I think id be fine , just not had a lot of experience animati… @Apuru_kun @RubberNinja yeah ross is a good boy :)) I like him lots !I love how 3/4 of the animators featured in @RubberNinja gartic phone episodes are nsfw artists lol , now I lowkey… @Harmlesskitten1 aww its such a pleasure :)))
@FeverSfm who's loona ???FOR MOREEEEEEE you thought it was over ???👀 @OrdinaryGamers Meet n fuck was the greatest @ranran__xx_ @ranran__xx_ Bruh j'y étais ya genre 3 h lol @ThePoxygon lmao I wish it was that easyhow tf do people get in relationships @deaththot_ @Coon_SamaNSFW You can if you try hard enough :^)after the date😳
Retweeted by Le Darknud ☠ @azookara loooove your stylegod I gotta draw Koko in that outfit 🥴 @ranran__xx_ 😳 @ranran__xx_ non lolLactation is really hot if you think about itI think the date went fine 😏💦
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Leaving these here , no reason at all :^) @Z0NE @dekumancer Aww she's such a cutie !!! Thank you so much :DDHeld it off for awhile but finally got the courage to draw @Darknud OC love your work! 💜
Retweeted by Le Darknud ☠ @ReverendClown Dude thats always on my feed its driving me nuts @SmokeAndSomno yoooo congrats !!!!Koko boob meme 💖
Retweeted by Le Darknud ☠ @NotMahmaPuu what the FUCK
@PokemonVibes @BMayyneArt @gekassimo @personalami which pic @KatPanda5 awwww thank you thats so sweet 💖 @TheDisturbedOn3 actually hyped about the remake since I never played it @kiwithesmol 😳 @that_one_asshat @kiwithesmol AHAHAHAH @kiwithesmol im very sorry @kiwithesmol :^) @giantalchemist @Astral_lewds tyy :))) @LikesLia what a sweet baby @KEEMSTAR
@DarkingDesigner @OpaluVA SO GOOD !!!OH YOU WANT MORE ??? think the date went fine 😏💦 lil heads up im opening public comms next week !!! ima post more info later this week @LikesLia hot b :) @Gemnose I GOT SPURS THAT JINGLE JANGLE JINGLEHEARTACHES BYYY THE NUMBERS , TROUBLE BY THE SCOREE , EVERYDAY YOU LOVE ME LESS EACH DAY I LOVE YOU MOREEEEEEE