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Pop culture & puppy aficionado. Recovering Zagat writer. Eater San Diego contributor. Married to (comic) stripper @cooljerk. 🌹

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@ibstatguy Safe travels!
@annamaria1word Good luck! In these uncertain times, it's nice to have a regular paycheck.If you lost your pet over the July Fourth weekend, please check our Lost and Found section on…
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To anyone who feels like they “wasted” the time during quarantine because they didn’t write a book or learn a secon…
Retweeted by Darlene @MaryBeth_Abate Back to normal. Thanks for asking! @PjPerez These are Paul's old pair and we've never had any interest when trying to sell them at our garage sales. @MeganMarieInSD Wow. I had no idea! My husband has been trying to get rid of them for YEARS.Huh. There's a market for roller blades! I posted a pair and got an offer in less than 5 minutes. @MaryBeth_Abate So cushy! 😍If you see a nervous dog in the street tonight, please stop and do your best to pick them up. Chances are they ran…
Retweeted by Darlene @lwbranscomb She looks so distressed. I hope the fireworks end soon in your area. @MaryBeth_Abate Listening to classical music seems to have helped him a lot. And showing him a book about cats. @gregsandiego Poor puppers. Classical music seems to have calmed ours down. @motoridersd PS I miss Fede. 😣 @motoridersd It didn't bother Doctor in previous years but this year hit him big with him panting and pacing. Maybe… @ChrisCrash00 The fireworks around us aren't close or loud but he can hear them.Current status: listening to calming classical music and trying to calm Doctor's nerves from the fireworks.
@ernie_the_dog Happy birthday to you, Ernie! The bestest boys born in July.It's this good boy's 8th birthday and we're spending it looking at squirrels. Officially a senior but still very mu… morning's highlights. table for squirrels in the middle of a dog park. Pringles included. @SquirrelPartyof @EdinaCoyote @ernie_the_dog Thanks!
@dearclarissa Yeesh. Safe travels to you and wishing you a trouble-free trip for the rest of your journey!A story told in two photos.
@motoridersd I ordered blue pencil lead from Japan that was shipped in March. USPS insisted it was delivered to us… @SugarJones If you want to delve even deeper, watch Screen Crush for hidden Easter eggs. They break it down by each… @motoridersd Same here.
I don't think anything I've seen so perfectly captures why there's no way the US is going to be getting on top of C…
Retweeted by Darlene @onezumi I'm so sorry to hear the news, Olivia. Please take care of yourself.
I’m beginning to think “hindsight is 2020” was some kind of message from a future time traveler that we all misunderstood.
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@docbeechler F! @EcoLisa I think it's a tip jar. An earlier story I read said it had a goal of $1,000 but people went crazy with su… @mimesatwork English isn't my first language. I'm ESL and still have difficulty with some English words. @ZackBornstein
Retweeted by Darlene @_TRAV23 Former high school classmate. Thankfully she recovered.“You give someone a hammer, why are you surprised everything looks like a nail to them?”
We've updated this story with information about the nonexistent anti-mask "#FreedomToBreathe Agency":
Retweeted by Darlene @OtaQueen Deep in Chula Vista but so worth it! It's so fresh and squishy. (P devoured the pb, chocolate, milk and o… @Kevin_Church PS P and I used to work with his sister. @thepegisin Let's not dismiss Puerto Rico or Guam either. Both territories pay taxes and vote in primaries, yet don…
@Kevin_Boyd_ Who still laminates "official cards" is what I want to know.My favorite piece of mochi. @ChrisCrash00 @ChrisCrash00 I knew it reminded me of something!Presenting the inside of Doctor's mouth.
@motoridersd @motoridersd Ah! That makes perfect sense. @motoridersd Have you looked into buying used or is that iffy for you during the pandemic?
Getting tested at a @SanDiegoCounty site and the first thing I have to do is tell the woman who approached my car t…
Retweeted by Darlene @gdarklighter @Padres Wow! Congrats!!
Relax, its a pine cone
Retweeted by DarleneMy baker friend at Jennywenny Cakes is donating treats to local hospitals. You can help by giving as little as $10… I went to the Kohl's on Balboa and the recycling box is by the closed entrance.Grocery shopping and takeout produce a lot of plastic bags but you can recycle them - like at Kohl's. (I recycled 4… on our walk.
@wendybuske Loved it so hard. The series blew me away.This is most thought provoking thing I've read today regarding #Juneteenth : How do you plan on contributing to the…
@definitelyvita So selfish. Yeez.RIP Vera Lynn.
@annamaria1word Is that his name? Yes. @annamaria1word Uh, he's a stereotype too if you think about it.
@SDatLarge Ho lee sheet @motoridersd It's so much more enjoyable on repeat watches. I don't know why I waited so long.We rewatched Knives Out last night and what gets me is Ana de Armas' character doesn't know how to fast forward VHS tape.
@Starbright619 Donated. ♥️ @Kevin_Church Cute! Thanks. @Kevin_Church I need to see this because I need one. @kaylin_bea It always surprises me when people fall back to saying "go back to your own country" when obviously they're not indigenous.✨Attn: Queers✨ There’s a lot going on in the world — and our stories matter more now than ever. So let’s amplify s…
Retweeted by DarleneI watched this lady cry her eyes out on the news over the loss of her daughter. This comic brought all those feel…
Retweeted by DarleneA comic about inequality in the pandemic. retweet. ❤️
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@noshwithme Just read the Yelp reviews and w-o-w. R @noshwithme Thanks for the info. Glad you're taking steps to report this person and not have another pup hurt. @noshwithme Agree that you should contact the Humane Society. What happened?? @chickrawker The recycled air in airplanes makes me feel uneasy, even when you wear a mask. @ChrisCrash00 I feel like batting cages is equal to golfing as is mini golf --MAYBE? @chickrawker I missed that. That number seems really low.And there goes my plans for pontoon boating.😣 @jennyjenjen Ugh. I need to make a trip to Costco today tooDoggyDNA on Reddit is my new internet hang where I actively search for pups with coyote and wolf DNA. This pup is 2… @jacqbryant The recipe for beer cheese makes it something entirely different. @RobinKimball Happy birthday!
@annamaria1word LOL @motoridersd That's f'd up.
@CALawGuy @ABAJournal Educational read. Thank you!Happy #LovingDay!❤️Thanks to the Lovings, a black & white couple who on this day in 1967 got the US Supreme Court t…
Retweeted by Darlene @ibstatguy @SidecarDoughnts I know a person who misses their huckleberries @annamaria1word However, I would feel totally comfortable asking for doggy shots from strangers on Twitter. That's just me. @eegarim It's always good to be prepared. You never know but hopefully you won't have to use them. @annamaria1word Scan scan scan. @eegarim I hope the fire is 100% contained this morning and you're back to somewhat normal.
@gregsandiego Needs a cold beverage nearby for ultimate chill vibe.Can he get anymore comfortable than this? @wendybuske @acomicbookgirl @ShannonForrey @sonia__harris @2hittheroad @t_o_f_u_b_o_t So many lunches but not enoug…
@MaryBeth_Abate I hope society is truly at critical mass.