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@patkiddlehopper I hope Scotland and Ireland are invited to join!Actually white Christians have committed the largest scale+# of atrocities in recorded history. The Crusades The S…
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@AshaRangappa_ @jcmarbury Yet, if #Obama had been caught on a live mike farting the #RepugnantCons would be demandi…'s either that or what the #RepugnantCons have to offer, which is: -Create chaos in the streets, and sell us the… @darndifino @gepehill1 @VanityFair Rand Paul must recuse himself from the Senate impeachment trial immediately beca…
Retweeted by ☘️ Hoof Hearted? @PP_Tape @xaipe3 I thought I'd heard that before too. Can't remember where, but I don't get #FauxSnooze, so it must be true!So It’s A Great Fairy Tail! I Can Accept That! So Why Do “Christians,” KILL In The Name Of Christ?! Ultimate Oxymo…
Retweeted by ☘️ Hoof Hearted? @xaipe3 I've been wondering that myself. If any of Ispanky's machines are used in 2020 they MUST be suspect. Confl… Question, does the word Fuck, or dipshit in reference to Dipshit offend you? Please Retweet the FUCK out of this!
Retweeted by ☘️ Hoof Hearted? @HMeemaw Moody Blues: "It riles them to believe that you've perceived the web they weave!" You can't believe your lying eyes! @ColtraneDecker YES!! Plead guilty, throw yourself to the mercy of the court, pleading let the children go & don't… @mdnij34 Well I had to think about that. My first reaction is "NO WAY!", but then I thought "Forgiveness doesn't co… new "get rich scheme" in Washington is taking out life insurance policies on Lev Parnas!! Lev Parnas is the smo… now saying "Abuse of power is NOT impeachable" & "So what if he did"!! Dershowitz is running a ‘biza… @chuerta1 @TomiLahren The ones fomenting civil war have NO intention of fighting one! They'll incite the ignorant b… @woodruffbets The trash throwing the trash out! Does Parnas not know THERE IS NO HONOUR AMONG THIEVES?? When you… @fras99 @Twitter Sorry, can't help! They only let me follow you once! @YaZhynka @concit1USA You want truth? More jobs created by Obama on a month by month comparison ISIS liberated by… @chuerta1 @TomiLahren Why are SO many #RepugnantCons fomenting civil war? What do they think they or America has to… @darndifino @VanityFair What’s important here? I would think it’s getting the facts, the truth. Why does he or anyo…
Retweeted by ☘️ Hoof Hearted? @khaledkleib @4thof_five @fras99 Nope, these things don't work on me. I think that's the reason I can't be hypnotiz…* can't stand criticism in any form. BUSTED: National Archives caught doctoring exhibit to remove criticism… @4thof_five @fras99 Not for me, the lines all stay straight. Might be the reason I can't be hypnotized. @fras99 All straight lines, rectangles, not a curved or arced line anywhere. @Lynnund99999999 @69Dwyze69 @VanityFair No, the neighbour was an adult, and he blindsided and sucker punched him. He fully deserved it IMHO. @DawnChallender1 @VanityFair The only thing he needs is #RepugnantCons to be in fear of being exposed. They are ter… Supremacy Group calls themselves, "*The Base.*" Keep in mind: Al qaeda in Arabic means, "*The Base.*" #Maddow
Retweeted by ☘️ Hoof Hearted? @JAMESEDSTROM He'll say he's not threatening them, just negatively encouraging them to do what he wants. @69Dwyze69 @VanityFair Yes, for repeatedly dumping his lawn clippings on his neighbours lawn. He thought he could g… @TuttleNTexas @VanityFair Yes, blowing his lawn clippings onto his neighbours yard (repeatedly)! @SaintMarieSays That is why I call them #RepugnantCons!!Rand Paul Threatens to Go Rambo on Rogue Republicans via @VanityFairThe only way #Dolt45* knows how to do 'business' is "MAFIA STYLE"! Rand Paul adopts Trump’s ‘mafia style of doing b… History, According to White People @concit1USA You know how it is. Good family man, donates to charity, yadda, yadda, he's already paid a high price f… claims ex-Trump attorney visited him in jail, asked him to sacrifice himself for president
@JemmsCee2 @Tammyocanada Do people still use matches? @reedgalen @SenMcSallyAZ @ProjectLincoln Shouldn't only 'elected' Senators be allowed to sit as jurors in the impeachment trial? @Elsie_Mandel @KLGLASS2 They crave attention, even abusive attention , because otherwise they feel invisible. So sad really.Lindsey Graham joins Devin Nunes in being implicated by Lev Parnas during Maddow interview @Tammyocanada #CONServatives believe the disabled shouldn't rely on a hand out, but should be self sufficient! The… @SunnySFC60 Now you don't have to worry about balancing your Follow/Follower lists! Congratulations! @smc429 @GOP Of course!! Why wouldn't they get out of this unscathed? Look at what they've gotten away with so fa… @SenMcSallyAZ We'll all enjoy watching you get shot down in flames in November. Do all fighter pilots run away and… @realDonaldTrump Lie after lie after lie!!! If you want to make news, tell a truth! No one will believe it at firs… @snarkgrapefruit You can tell anyone to STFU on twitter without being suspended so long as they're not a thin skinn… @amvetsupport Mirrors wouldn't help the #Dolt45* family. Mirrors lie! Every #Dolt male looks in a mirror and all t…* desperate to nail somebody for something, ANYTHING really to take the focus off of him! Trump turns his ey… Conway Melts Down Under Grilling by Fox News via @YahooThese 6 GOP senators have negative approval ratings — threatening Republican control in 2020 Parnas’ lawyer releases video of Trump talking with Parnas — after president says he never spoke with him @MargeNAvera @AndrewScheer Not sure what you mean by "You sound like us" @PressSec When does a defendant get 'due process' during a police investigation? That comes during the trial.… @Nancy_Crouse I've always voted for the woman candidate when I had that option, with one exception. I wouldn't vote… @AndrewScheer We shouldn't have to pay for the debt left us by Mulroney & Harper, but here we are! Remind me what…
@realDonaldTrump Sir, this is a McDonalds drive thru, do you want to place an order?If Lev Parnas is subpoenaed to tesify in the US Senate Impeachment Trial and he lies under oath, he can be held in…
Retweeted by ☘️ Hoof Hearted? @Ntrlnancys50 @RealBiglyTarif1 @politicususa I can't take credit for it, and I can't remember who wrote it first, s… Paul warns fellow Republicans of explosive witness votes @kismet_pp1 @KarenChestney Is it intimidation, or is it extortion? Only a criminologist knows for sure!#Dolt45* needs someone to interpret the constitution for him, even then he can't comprehend what it actually means!…‘Dangerously uninformed’ Trump ‘toyed with’ awarding himself the Medal of Freedom: report @D_resists I think he just said if you are brain damaged you will act like and think like a #RepugnantCon! A momen… @gabrielsherman Well if you're Parnas, wouldn't you be worried about being Epsteined? A lot of people who worked f… @saradannerdukic @HokieHoos Yes, all true. Now he is spilling the beans in hopes of getting a lighter sentence. He'… doesn't believe in freedom of religion! He wants to shove it down peoples throats! But he can't even rec… will be #RepugnantCon strategy. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. ‘Uninterested in evidence’: Embattl…* judge won't rule on #Donorrhea tax release despite law saying IRS MUST hand over to house! Legal experts p… supporter implicated in surveillance effort against Yovanovitch was a ‘known stalker with mental health issue… @amandacarpenter I think #Dolt45* would have been happy to blame Ukrainian 'corruption' for the death of Yovanovitc… of a bitch they got me again!! I lost 23,000 #Resister friends in the fight Vs Trump and his fascist regime!!😭…
Retweeted by ☘️ Hoof Hearted? @snarkgrapefruit He's suspended now, hopefully it'll be permanent. @AWorldOutOfMind Christians lose their sense of self righteous superiority if they aren't pointing out others supposed short comings! @esglaude I can imagine Miller picturing them in locked 'cattle cars' reminiscent of nazi death trains taking the c… @HoneyLight Most of the election threat comes from red states, who are actively trying to purge voters in blue dist… @1Iodin @AWorldOutOfMind The Palace on Danforth in Toronto?Now because the earth is scorched and can't absorb the rain, the floods will come.
This is how Rachel Maddow will grill Giuliani henchman Lev Parnas during tonight’s exclusive interview - ‘abused’ and ‘harassed’ Kirstjen Nielsen after she protested his command to shut down the border was illegal:… @chuerta1 @MedicVet68 @rjmrrt #Donorrhea is taking notes! @NWSentinel2 @CoastalCndn @MSNBC They probably haven't heard about Puerto Rico getting hit by earthquakes yet either!Trump said he’d pay legal fees of Giuliani’s business partners — then denied knowing them -‘Damning’ Parnas docs are ‘what Trump has been afraid of’ — and now he has no impeachment defense: legal experts -“It’s a cruel jest to say to a bootless man that he ought to lift himself up by his bootstraps” #MLK destroys the…
Retweeted by ☘️ Hoof Hearted? @MarkHollenbeck8 #RepugnantCons only see corruption 'on the other side'. @GOP If Canada is an example, it'll create jobs in health care, insurance companies will find more things to insure… @GOP The tax Americans would be paying for health care would be significantly lower than what they pay in insurance… @VirginiaMarkle @RodPhillips01 Maybe #FraudNation could go on Wheel of Fortune and buy a clue!!Canada🇨🇦 Supporting Erin O’Toole to lead the Conservative Party? ‘To save money’ Used a loophole to cut veterans…
Retweeted by ☘️ Hoof Hearted? @eswashburn64 @huntster17 @seungminkim Willfully ignorant, willfully #RepugnantCon, same thing! @montrealsimon Yes regime change worked so well in Libya and Iraq!! Let me know if harper ever has an original idea. @GOPChairwoman #RepugnantCons got an earful from their constituents about holding a trial with no documents or witn… @JennyGuice @realDonaldTrump #Dolt45* is best suited occupying a jail cell. He hired all the BEST CONMEN this coun…
@Ez4u2say_Janis @charlesadler @YukonGale Thank gawd we voted for sanity over #CONservative war mongering! @IvankaTrump If you really want to, you could cut that number in 1/2!! Just make sure your father stays away from… another reason to get rid of #Dolt45*, just read this! #Donorrheas next pick for the SCOTUS!! Barrett shows un… lawmaker accuses Rep. Matt Gaetz of creating ‘a game’ where politicians get ‘points’ for sleeping with interns… @jennycohn1 Yes, electronic voting machines get you the voting tallies fast, but they are unreliable & not verifiab… @robertr121 @mdnij34 Maybe because too many of them have been accepting illegal contributions and their own criminality will be exposed.