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Darren Lock @darren_lock Loughton, Essex, UK

I do music, probably too much music. Here: As an Amazon & eBay Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Here's a new demo of a tune for you to enjoy... @gg41r Pressed the wrong button...Live stream ahoy! remember watching when it was broadcast. Just stay away from the rowing machines... 😞 you remember that time in 2000 when everyone was in self-isolation? 🤔 is going to work his smooth moves on Julia...“And the funny thing was Adam, is that I didn’t know it was HER baby...”’t let them dub my voice.....
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"Have you been up all night eating cheese?" "I think I'm blind."
Retweeted by Darren LockRecorded this today and hopefully it blows the cobwebs away! final Fish album is out today. It’s nearly 90 minutes long... 🤪 @mrbiffo I suddenly realise that I might have been in a toilet cubicle next to you in the late 90s...The meme-fication of US politics: two films reveal the faces behind the posts
Retweeted by Darren Lock"Dear Lord, may your loving hand guide Homer to the mattress, square and true."
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Then they can track you and then they can fine you... So no thanks! 🙄 can all the learned academics and clever clogs recommend a history book telling of the time a government too…
Retweeted by Darren LockI have been watching an awful lot of cute animal videos lately!çoise Hardy and Salvador Dali by Jean-Marie Périer, 1968
Retweeted by Darren LockI guess it takes all sorts... 🙄 don’t see what crime this fellow has committed... 🤔 has to be the signal for the end of days... can’t even find 10p down the sofa... 🙄, I’m good... seeing we got a little nostalgic yesterday, here's some thoughts on those days... incident on the school walk where woman asks me directions to a place while holding up her phone showing sa… has his film out... @illarterate It was a game for the toddlers. Maxis used to send me tons of stuff. Used to give it all away in compe…
I’m sure I predicted this in last night’s livestream... can’t believe that some sad teletext bastard actually kept these pages of mine. And so I present the pinnacle of… @superwonderstar Well done for finding this. You've made my day! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 😘Here's a sponsored video I produced for @DistroKid about how easy it is to share revenue with co-writers and creato… @guardian Bollocks... @russty_russ They had 4-T mugs at the Intelfax office. I bet you'd have loved one of those! @ThirdRedWave1 Well I voted to leave the EU, so...awwww...fuck...Obscure teletext fact: I used to steal the image of this dog and adapt him, colour him yellow and use him as “Goldi… Uncle Ben... S’funny in the U.K. there’s no connotation to slavery but a trustworthy black gentlemen who’s rice… am The Lord of the Flies! repeat of last night's nonsense which was quite special... @tuppencemusic There's a show on Sky Atlantic at the moment called "The Third Day" with Jude Law that's channeling… @sdedition @officialShaky At least I know what's awaiting for me when I end up in the depths of Hell... @BYAMPOD I bought it on CD back in the day... 😂😂😂 #itsallsideone @tuppencemusic And the rear views were a body double... I saw the movie when I was a teenager back in the 80s and t… @tuppencemusic Well she was pregnant at the time she filmed that @townsend01_mr @GMB @OwenJones84 Owen Jones? 🤔
Live stream ahoy! tyrannies rule through fraud and force but once the FRAUD is exposed they must rely exclusively on FORCE George Orwell
Retweeted by Darren LockAwwww... Blind golden retriever, Tao, gets his own guide dog puppy wonder why there’s so many strangely generic “artists” on Spotify, like “Children’s Music," “White Noise," or…
Retweeted by Darren Lock @TubeBuddy Getting people to actually see it... 🙄 @skytv How about Freesat? That would be peachy! 👍Does that mean Boris was right all along? 🤔 @gg41r I’m being optimistic...And 2020 gives us one last kick in the knackers as it brings on the super-pigs I am messing around with the Generate synthesiser plugin from Newfangled Audio & @EventideAudio - @ackleite Their top album... 👍'Fiery, chaotic and full of emotion': This Heat, the band who tried to change everything what's the death rate like? No one seems to be talking about that anymore. he's right... They pissed the opportunity up the wall by fielding that clown Corbyn... Truss confirms to Parliament that the Government will not amend the Gender Recognition Act to allow people to c…
Retweeted by Darren LockThe US police also have a habit of shooting the disabled. #disabledlivesmatter act surprised and with disgust, but for those of us paying attention, this has always been the way since ser…
We ALL knew @Darren_Lock would be hooked with that shiny new color vinyl for the @YESofficial "From A Page" Blue Vi…
Retweeted by Darren Lock @gmasonFL @yesofficial @OliverWakeman Don’t rub it in, son... 😞Nah, they weren’t working class men because, as we all know, the working class could never afford an actual aprico… @MarcCieslak @BBCClick If moon, you mean Disney...then yes...Whooo-hoooo! They’ve upgraded the purple alert to puce! 👍 want a mushroom coffin because I'm such a fun guy! players are usually the quiet and calm ones in the group...'s Prog Review 747 and I join a weird version of Yes that didn't really exist until From A Page was brought out.… @mrbiffo Now that’s a click bait title... 👍 @paynenotes1 Let it stay that way! 👍First day of autumn 🍂 shitballs... Xbox has bought out Bethesda... Didn't see that coming!Whenever I hear Cobra I think of this... more Bob Ross! 👍 But there are a lot of kiddie fiddlers in Norfolk. I remember one of my customers decided not to pay his bi…’t use his autism has an excuse. 🙄 never offered ME a ride on his special paedo-plane... 😞, I wonder if it has anything to do with the government telling everyone to get out there and get back to normal… to #WandaVision. Coming soon to #DisneyPlus.
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@Stevecathutch Ooof... I don’t need this pressure on...Sometimes I can’t do right from wrong... 😂😂😂 @MarshallJulius @MarvelStudios @MarvelUK Thanos has let himself go a bit since retirement... @KimxxxJustice I love it when they auto-insert several ad placements over a short space of time and you have to del… 1902: Poet and novelist Stevie Smith was born. In 1965 she gave Monitor a sample of her twisted, darkly…
Retweeted by Darren LockThere’s only one thing cooler than Michael Lemmo and that’s Michael Lemmo in a Sonic The Hedgehog T-shirt paying tr…
RIP Lee Kerslake of Uriah Heep...It stole a sandwich... #nomercy
Retweeted by Darren LockI’m sure it was worth it..., I’ve been saying this from the beginning... One third of UK covid deaths in July and August due to other fact… you can fuck right off too... 🙄“I’m Batman”
@ZaraksBarracks @EricIdle Different lyrics to a riff on the melody. Parody and transformative. But some folks don’t… @PhilDavisSC @EricIdle And they’ve transformed the song... I was on the understanding that you were being objectionably dumb... 🙄 @PhilDavisSC @Durikas75 @EricIdle But the point is that he doesn’t have to... 😂😂😂 @ZaraksBarracks @EricIdle You might need to refer to your dictionary, old chap... @PhilDavisSC @EricIdle Well that's Weird Al Yankowic fucked then... 😂😂😂We’re releasing a new album called OWNED by Jedward! Hit Singles: Wear a Mask ft Noel Gallagher Why don’t you Run…
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