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Something to keep you all busy here from Will.‘Music to Watch News By’ that should read.Music to News By, number 6. When I have seven, one for each day of the week, I’ll record them properly with overdub… @Westwoodgirl I’m really only cultivating about a quarter of it for the first year. There apple trees and all sorts… @Westwoodgirl It sort of depresses me when it’s this waterlogged, people at the allotments tell me I took it on at… @chrisclarkcpfc Yeah you’re only moving the B up a semitone it will take the tension fine. Proper tenor guitar tuni… @unpopular Thankyou Alistair @Westwoodgirl I’m here @LukeTurnerEsq @jamesjammcmahon @BenMyers1 Another vote for leftovers. As James says it’s hard to find.
@TOTPFacts Really?It’s always ‘putting food on the table’ isn’t it? In the past hour on radio 4 the food has been put on the table th… @christinamartin Have a tendency to forget about the heating so by bedtime the flat is like a suffocating furnace.… @Zardoz67 I have just bought an £80 lockdown beer calendar. @Zardoz67 I suppose one thing I’m doing, which it appears you are too. Is drinking more expensively and there for a… @Zardoz67 I drink pretty much every day and have what most people call a problem. Although there has been odd ebbs… @Zardoz67 Seriously though, are you saying you didn’t drink before? @Zardoz67 It’s brilliant isn’t it?I’ve taken to sleeping with the window openI've been following this story just so I could see what happened to this guy. I have a very personal story to tel…
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OK I reckon enough time has now elapsed since my last "Who Is The Worst Tory" poll (which was comfortably won by ou…
Retweeted by Darren Hayman @scully163 @Andr6wMale @petepaphides I’ve been reading Jean Rhys. I’m lucky if I manage 20 pages a day. I wonder wh… thing that would really improve my life in this lockdown would be if I could get my appetite back for reading.… @kazcarter7 Well done Kaz. You're all over it. @dunnnethead well here's the thing. I collect this pottery but am determined to have pots that are used rather than… @andywash It was here somewhere? Where did I put it? @ivft A young mind too.Guys. I’m putting the spare keys for the allotment shed in rear green egg cup. Got that? Spare keys in the green eg… @wildonion Cut my own hair since March. It’s easy and I do it better then they used to.Fuck it, time is irrelevant. I’m getting a beer out of the fridge. Anyone want one?Awake at 5? JesusOne of my favourite ever records.
@onehugepeachy I was having this conversation in the last hour. I've never taken much notice of weather forecasts.… anybody watching the impeachment vote? Every single one of them thinks they’re delivering the speech in ‘A Few G… @RebeccaDyerUK Thankyou RebeccaFuck it. Getting the drums out. @ivft You look younger than me. Ridiculously well preserved.Music to watch news by. Number 5. too hard for allotment. Sad face. @pressuresounds @bbcnickrobinson @BBCr4today @BBCRadio4 I’m convinced it’s this prick that made Farage. Robinson had such a hard on for him @bbcnickrobinson @BBCr4today Why dont you highlight the brexit chaos and do your job?This is a serious issue and wi…
Retweeted by Darren Hayman @13RiversBand What film? @66snafu There’s lot of pictures like this for rickenbacker back then.Old Ladybird books updated. The Policeman (1962 and 1972) #JohnBerry
Retweeted by Darren HaymanDungeness, Eric Ravilious, 1938. The original artwork is in a private collection. #Kent
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@30lbsofbone Has a come up a lot here. Herne Bay on the pier project. Herne Hill up the road. Listening to a lot of Clannad etc.For those keeping up with my guitars’ names I have decided to call this one ‘Herne the Hunter’ @captainpolaroid Don’t think so @e17RnR_books @e17RnR_books Oh my goodness, no honestly I’ve put a little on if anything. Had a bacon sandwich for lunch, looking… @e17RnR_books Too much, why do you ask? @GingertrevTrev There was always something lawless about it, in a good way. I’ve been in there at 2 in the morning etc. @GingertrevTrev Oh I fucking love that place. @scully163 It's too cold and wet at the moment. She goes on about half the trips, but if I'm really engrossed in so… to watch news by. Number 4. Thinking of recording these properly for the next band camp day. relationship with Minnie is one of extremes during these times. We really get on each other’s nerves sometimes a… @wyvernmichael What is ‘tap root’? @wyvernmichael Cherry I think. I actually only want to move it about 3 or 4 feet, so thinking of digging a hole nex… Twitter. Moving a tree? Hard? Ill advised? @simoneskillz @sarahcpjones Yeah @sarahcpjones Ah well, Ed Helms from the Office US is in this film as is, whats her face. Jim’s other girlfriend. @robertrotifer Uh @elgrainge I think you are my Mark Kermode now, so I will soon. @LissaKEvans That film is better than the films people pretend are good. @anicegreenleaf Yes!! Exactly! This film has a scene as good as that. @elgrainge The only thing I wanted was the cancer at the end to be a final trick. @elgrainge I really laughed hard at several points. The bit where Chilli tries to not wish a miscarriage on someone… laughed at the movie Tag on Netflix a lot, but I am a moron. You know when you see comedies and think, only a mor… @robcmorgan Not helping Robert.
You fuckers. I’ve lost a bet that means I have to grow my hair like a tramp now.You’re all so posh.British people. When pronouncing the well known expensive French cookware, do you say... @ASamanthaRae Garden state is the worst @timburrows I can’t either. It was on a Facebook group undatedSouthend Pier. to watch news by. Number 3. @BLUESKY20 I would like to reply with the saga of me and faulty padlocks over the past three days but you can proba… @jamesjammcmahon I would survive. I would be ok. The dog would just have to step up and pull her weight a bit more.… @jamesjammcmahon My bubble is one couple. They see no one else and we do something about every three weeks. I cook… @jamesjammcmahon It’s scary. And almost definitely just theatre. Right?Who’s ready for another day?
@AnneBillson @Andr6wMale Oh you’ve made me think of my beloved Auntie Jean who has worn those fluffy mules all her… @Andr6wMale @AnneBillson Not wishing to fire up a slipper war but I have discovered socks for wellingtons this year… @robertrotifer @Teatlemania That’s better @robertrotifer @Teatlemania Village Bean ... no I’ve got nothing @bellfact @robertrotifer @Teatlemania Maybe a good band @robertrotifer @Teatlemania Huw is right about the pun though. It’s just about finding the right coffee band.Roland Wakelin (1887–1971) ' The Painter’s Family, Easter ' 1927 ❤️
Retweeted by Darren Hayman @Teatlemania It’s not the law. You should do a one off Coffee/Rolling Stones issue. @Teatlemania Do you like coffee? @ESimpie Thanks emma. Hope you are well. @chrisclarkcpfc On this one I have it tuned to an open C, so on the top four strings of your guitar you have E at t…
@GingertrevTrev High praise. @geoffstatic I have a concern this is the only bit I’m good at.Another instrumental made whilst watching CNN. It’s music to watch news by. @onehugepeachy Got rhubarb going in one already. I’m interested in trying asparagus. @ed_halson Mine is like the Somme @coxness The more square ones from a kit, the long one that I made today was my own design and making so feel extra chuffed. @13RiversBand Bingo. @KirkdaleBooks Do you have an allotment Roland?