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I make music I draw pictures profile pics by Travis Elborough and Chris Trew

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@spaceshipmark @wiaiwya @007 @theleftoutsides @Sleepertweeting @weddingpresent @theoreticalgurl @RSDUK I know they… @keefeglise Yeah, I mean I’m not obviously. But even the lack of gigs and events has made me not bother. I might tr… @panchoballard A little bit. These photos don’t quite tell it, but his got good knitwear. Just plain, but nice tans… Helms in the US office is my new style guru. Think I’m going to smarten up this autumn. need to pause football stadium competition anyway as client needs it to be held as a surprise, but we’ll d… update on rules. One guess per person. Blind guess = disqualified. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh. @NorwoodTrash This is going to be a mistake I can tell.I can tell within three minutes this idea is going to backfire massively on me. @NorwoodTrash Jesus! What did I say about blind guessing! @hiya_steve Right, you’re disqualified.Competition time. I’ve been commissioned to do another football stadium. I will post pictures as I go. First person… @theleaflibrary @trustthewizards Everyone wins. @trustthewizards Strict deadline. Vocoder gone now.this!... and of course, don't forget this double'0'seven inch tribute to the @007 themes of Dame Shirley, featuring…
Retweeted by Darren HaymanWeird to announce something that we never announced and have now cancelled but we were going to mark the 20th anniv… @powellds I didn't know that. @christt no I'll do it.I'm pretty sure that this is the best thing I've ever created. I love it even more because it was inspired by one o…
Retweeted by Darren Hayman @akindofhush @pictureboxsongs Get what you’re given. @Pablovich @Teatlemania I was sort of thinking this, hey paul another question about just those seven years of your life! @HazelSound It is.Closing the door on my once in a lifetime vocoder offer. @Pablovich @Teatlemania Sweet. Literally. @didnotchart @Teatlemania @Pablovich What was the from the horses mouth info? @frozenreeds @HotFatdee Oh no, no, no, can't do that. no. @HazelSound @christt @FellMonster @HazelSound Sentence please. @panchoballard @panchoballard You're not getting much bang for your buck there. You don't want a sentence?I've got my vocoder set up real nice. If you want me to sing some words into it I will. I'll do the first five non rude suggestions. @B0bHardy When anything gets its first dink I try and think, oh it's really mine now. @darrenhayman My guess would be foundations for seating supports. There's a couple of pictures here:
Retweeted by Darren Hayman @thenamelessbook THANKYOU!Today marks 75 years since the American nuclear bombing of Hiroshima. Let us work unceasingly for a world without n…
Retweeted by Darren Hayman @benjochops I thought veranda, and then yes, I thought they look big enough to be structural. @benjochops Well there’s a museu, that would also possibly know I guess. There’s two rows in parallel.Last nights life paintings. anybody take a guess at what the row of squares could have been? July I look forward to these marks appearing through the grass. I believe they are an old cricket pavilion at…
@altapado @theleaflibrary Mine was done with a band that split up 10 years ago. @altapado @theleaflibrary What if it was three different Jonathon Richman albums? @theleaflibrary I also did a cover for that. @BaccmaConsult @heartstreatham @CupOfParks @loveanerley I feel you have proved my point. Just with more words. @kathryncorlett @waze @WazeUK I think that’s it. It reminds me of an annoying uncle. No you don’t want to do that,… @BaccmaConsult @heartstreatham @CupOfParks @loveanerley The idea of popular = good is easily argued against as well… @ivft @waze @WazeUK That's the thing isn't it? You do know it much much better than you think. So you follow this R… @LauraJaneGraham @waze @WazeUK I like Citymapper. @LauraJaneGraham @waze @WazeUK Definitely that as well. Hey I'm going to take you the twistiest way possible but do… map app @waze @wazeuk is a stupid piece of shit. But I'm a stupider piece of shit for following it through cent… @heartstreatham @BaccmaConsult @CupOfParks @loveanerley Lido lovers come together. Park lovers come together. @jamesjefferies @robertrotifer It was in the end, I think. @jamesjefferies I did too eventually! Doing the whole thing is hard, there’s usually one hanging. @SamWhyte It’s not a problem.My wing mirror series might be making a new twist. @btfoshizzle @Andr6wMale @ResonanceFM @MercuryPrize @CornershopHQ Yeah it’s really become about the car this album.… @robertrotifer When they print the final Guardian I’ll drive down to Canterbury and we’ll do the final crossword together. @owenm Indeed but pleased to say I cracked it. @robertrotifer We had encircle as engulfed which screwed everything up. He Kingsley Amis one was he first one I put in. @btfoshizzle @Andr6wMale @ResonanceFM @MercuryPrize @CornershopHQ I don’t know what I thought was being sung before… @btfoshizzle @Andr6wMale @ResonanceFM @MercuryPrize @CornershopHQ I’m a lazy listener with lyrics and with this rec… @btfoshizzle @Andr6wMale @ResonanceFM @MercuryPrize @CornershopHQ A vote here too. One misheard heard lyric, now co… @robertrotifer I want to do it now. Throw us a clue when you’re stuck. @robertrotifer No I wanted yesterday’s paper for the answer to Monday’s crossword. It’s Monday’s that I can help yo… @CupOfParks @loveanerley Tooting Common has got a Lido. @robertrotifer (Also, look, she’s reading it!) @robertrotifer Still though, do it. It feels like there’s two answers for everything in the bottom left. @robertrotifer No, we’ve done it! It’s almost like saying the problem to you unravelled my mind! @robertrotifer We’ve made an error we feel which has rendered the bottom left hand corner in a tangle. @mbmpedals AhHas anyone got yesterday’s guardian. Me and Ma Hayman are defeated on Mondays quick crossword. We want the solution… @ClashMagazine HeyDog. Comission.
Big Mac birthday card for my niece. @johncwdicks Well, I don’t mind suggestions. People in Essex seem really freaked out by any act of politeness. I to… @JamesSharpe I sort of know, But also had questions. @johncwdicks Yeah! I managed to get ever so slightly lost in a good way and then I saw that windmill. @ArchieMowatt I think she thinks I just drew the covers. @leopoldwank Isn’t Bradley Wiggins literally the indie Lance Armstrong? @leopoldwank Beer for the reward. Coke to be able to cycle home.Good cycling destinations around Brentwood Essex very welcome now this lifeline has been provided.Pumped up the tyres in Pa Hayman’s old bike. Freedom. Commission. @susannafornow A Wes Anderson Actor definitely. @panchoballard Uh huh. That’s right. @thenamelessbook Is this Simon BTW? @thenamelessbook Toaster pickups. Maybe we should take this to email and I can film or investigate further, @thenamelessbook At is worse at zero, from memory @thenamelessbook Like I say, fine usually. Was a bit curious about it as the hum seemed to come when pickup volumes was rolled down. @thenamelessbook It’s fine with some leads, like completely fine. I dunno. @panchoballard I told you what to do. @thenamelessbook Not near it, will investigate when I am.Doggo 2. Commission. Comission. @thenamelessbook My Rickenbacker is fine with some cables, but with others it emits a hum when turned down. Like so… @thenamelessbook @theleaflibrary @robertrotifer @pgofton @andylewisuk @jonerr Go on.