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Darren Korb @DarrenKorb Berkeley, CA

Audio Director for @SupergiantGames. Composer for Bastion, Transistor, Pyre, and Hades.

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@MrPope Happens to me like 2-4 times per week...and a happy valentine's from the #HADES kids 💘
Retweeted by Darren Korb @cla7997 Thanks!!!Experience a little bit of @SupergiantGames’ Transistor in #AUDICA. “We All Become (From the Transistor: Original S…
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@alex_navarro If you haven't yet, I highly suggest everyone make a character that looks exactly like them, bust out… @ShinyBif Hi! We don't have immediate plans for a physical release, but it's something that has crossed our minds... @mwongaudio I’m doing a concert and a panel at East! I’d be happy to chat :) @mwongaudio @jukiokallio @tobyfox I would say making personal connections with developers is a good place to start! @mwongaudio @jukiokallio @tobyfox Awesome! There’s certainly no one way to do it...I fell backwards into it when a…
I finally drew Sir Gilman from @SupergiantGames's game Pyre! #pyregame #fanart #sirgilman #jupperondraws
Retweeted by Darren KorbHades' developers Supergiant think that narrative really benefits from Early Access. Writer and designer Greg Kasav…
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@LordZesus Not sure I know what that means... @LordZesus Can't say that's intentional, but cool observation!
@SantSound13 a) possibly? b) I believe so?A little fanart of Megaera, first boss of #hades from @SupergiantGames I'm just in love with their art style, tha…
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@liamidkshelton @ashbarrett Thank you kindly!!
My Red cosplay from Transistor game Red: @miramarta22 If you want to support me please subscribe my Instagram:…
Retweeted by Darren Korb @slowpenguin_cos @FawkesAshes @SupergiantGames ❤️
@FawkesAshes @slowpenguin_cos @SupergiantGames Ahh so glad you dig the music!!! @BigGiantCircles I used to do this...and on a rare occasion still do, but having a kid and starting to work from an… gift for Dusa 🥤🐍 #HADES by @SupergiantGames
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invites you to sleep forever #hades
Retweeted by Darren Korband here's some more #HADES with the most baby and adorable protag 💕🙏
Retweeted by Darren Korbcoloured her! 🥰 #hadesgame #HADES #megaera @SupergiantGames
Retweeted by Darren KorbAre you an animator who's into our games and characters, and interested in working with us on a video project for…
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@giantbomb I love this game so much, in spite of the multi-minute, silent load screens. @BarisUnver Thanks! I use Baglama and Lavta on the Hades soundtrack :) @1caaake @ashbarrett Sometimes it helps with placement ;) @Kadravor I don’t have plans for that at the moment, but it fits in a tweet: Cm, Bb, Fm, Eb, Bb, Ab 2x, then Cm, Bb…
@dannyBstyle Thank you good sir!!! Glad you like it :) @JediPotato I got mine at Target! @johntdrake I’m amazed you were able to watch it... @PatrickKul I dunno... have you seen the trailer??? @PatrickKul This movie really hurt me. It’s the exact kind of bad that I find most infuriating.
granny reveal was great 😌❄️❄️ #HADES #hadesgame @SupergiantGames
Retweeted by Darren Korb @MGarrettSteele Didn’t Williams do the OG Superman score?
@rivaroless You're too kind!! @JMHarenchar Sounds like we used the same sample library :) @Wonne5 @SupergiantGames @SpotifyDE It’s because we are still adding to it as new music is added to the game. It’s…
@pschiess It’s not currently in the game, I don’t think... Glad you dig it :)
I've added @ashbarrett 's solo version of Good Riddance to my Hades Singles @Spotify playlist: out the @HuionTab Pro 16 with a little bit of m' boy THANATOS! 🐛🦋🦋🦋
Retweeted by Darren KorbCompleted Hades Early access, and all beecause of this man, Dionysus, my grape man. And demeter actually, maybe i'l…
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@glancingonhuman Call Me MaybeDEV Q&A: Join us one day from now on FRIDAY 10am PT in our official Discord ( for a live de…
Retweeted by Darren Korbi get my #HADES fix from @NorthernlionLP since i cant play myself. I just had to do some fanart of the incredible c…
Retweeted by Darren Korb @_ZeldaIsLife Glad you’re digging it!“Let’s go home” I don’t have enough ambrosia to keep talking to Thanatos anymorrreeeeee but I love him still!…
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@nickchester @johntdrake @Kahjahkins in love with this game, so today’s daily is of @SupergiantGames ‘ #HADES #hadesgame
Retweeted by Darren Korb @Gamin_Neko Glad you're enjoying it! I don't have any tabs for Hades tunes...Some of them are in funky tunings! If… @selmaleh @RogerCraigSmith Table for one! (Meaning I am going to eat that entire chocolate table by myself...)Thanatos #hades
Retweeted by Darren KorbAchilles and Patroclus, for old times sake. #hades #HadesGame
Retweeted by Darren KorbGosh I'm really enjoying #HADES ! So much so I had to close it and paint this. (No seriously it's very hard to quit…
Retweeted by Darren KorbOh my!!!!! <3
Retweeted by Darren KorbSo cute <3!!!
Retweeted by Darren KorbRed ~ Transistor A little #fanart to appreciate a fantastic game #transistor. I hope you like it! @SupergiantGames
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@Toastheaven @ashbarrett @awintory I believe it will be streamed/VODALSO, @glancingonhuman , @ashbarrett , and myself will be doing a panel! am thrilled to announce that @ashbarrett , @awintory , and myself will be doing an orchestral performance at… @Alex_Horwitz @mailshy Pretty sure I know which movie @JP_Gabler would pick... (hint: it’s Sucker Punch) @mailshy Gentlemen Broncos
The fishing mini game in #HADES reminds me of something else... @SupergiantGames
Retweeted by Darren Korb👑rebel prince👑 #HADES #Zagreus it's my small love letter to @SupergiantGames thank you for your existence!! <3
Retweeted by Darren KorbMeg is so cool 💙 Been having a lot of fun with #HADES by @SupergiantGames
Retweeted by Darren Korbthe family Tree is getting bigger so Zag is asking himself some real question, What could she look like ?! (I reall…
Retweeted by Darren Korb#HADES #Thanatos #Zagreus Welcome to Hell !
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One day left of #SteamLNY2020!
Retweeted by Darren Korb @SaucisseFurtiv1 @SupergiantGames Thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoy the music :)I just had to draw this. I’m unable to play ’Hades’ myself but my friend has recently gotten into it and wOWEE is…
Retweeted by Darren Korb @skaamit @SupergiantGames Hopefully in the next week. It should auto-update
so how bout that fishing update huh #HADES
Retweeted by Darren KorbZagreus doodle from #HADES because that game is amazing??? Bless you @SupergiantGames <3
Retweeted by Darren KorbStill time to get great deals on our games in the @Steam Lunar New Year Sale! #SteamLNY2020 🐀Hades 20% off:…
Retweeted by Darren KorbWe are looking for a Graphic Designer at Supergiant!
@JeSuisUneFouger @ashbarrett Glad the music has been helpful!! ❤️❤️❤️ @Rapping_Bard Thanks for the kind words!! @SynbiosTael @SupergiantGames @ashbarrett We definitely felt it! Thanks for having us!! @TheAnnaTheRed That means he likes you... @chriscioffi97 That would be cool...If you can’t fall asleep unless @glancingonhuman reads to you for 20 minutes, then you are in luck! Or if you’d lik… Get our god-like rogue-like #HADES for 20% off now through the new @Steam Lunar New Year Sale, and play the j…
Retweeted by Darren KorbWhat she said!! For real, what an extraordinarily generous crowd. Such a pleasure to play for you all!! @sparrows413 @ashbarrett Glad we got a chance to hang a bit! Thanks again for making the trek! @johntdrake @KonFot @SupergiantGames @ashbarrett Our pleasure! @vixzens @ashbarrett @ISHLondon_229 Thanks again for coming! And for the wine!!! So glad you enjoyed the show! @DomDichen @ashbarrett Thanks!! Glad you enjoyed it!! @Laced_Records @awintory @ashbarrett @SupergiantGames It was fairly warm onstage...
@vixzens @ashbarrett Holding off til after the show! (For singing reasons 😀) But we’ll be around to chat after.Sound check with @DarrenKorb in LONDON! 🤩
Retweeted by Darren Korb @RickRod724 @ashbarrett We do play around occasionally in the states... @Omicron90 @Joekw @ashbarrett Nothing for sale, but we’ll be around for a chat after! @229thevenue @ABrightMonster Would you describe Drew as...I don’t know, maybe...THE BEST AROUUUND???Tagging @ISHLondon_229 @Joekw @ashbarrett If you bring it! We won’t have any for sale unfortunately... @stracciatellati It won’t be streamed but we plan to record it...Still a few tickets left for our London show tonight! Hope to see you there! @ashbarrett and myself will be playing… @BrubsBallads Nicely done!!