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Business of Sports Betting, Sports Business Reporter & Senior Executive Producer for @ActionNetworkHQ.

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@LFGTOL Not well. We lost.November 29, 1987... @JeremyCabler I spelled thought wrong @realrthanDmoney No. I spelled thought wrong @Sublimike No that was better than Mayweather-Pacquiao @davecoelho Never as much as they say!!!!!Bettor at @PointsBetUSA bet $10,000 on Jake Paul to beat Nate Robinson. Bet nets $4,000.Mike Tyson made an inflation adjusted $44 million when he fought Michael Spinks in 1988. Or $483,516 per second of the fight (91 seconds)Mike Tyson is fighting Roy Jones, both over 50, Internet personality, Jake Paul, is fighting 3x NBA Slam Dunk Champ…
Retweeted by Darren Rovell @seahawks1994 @ZackBlatt @atrupar Stabilized enough to start the season? Like literally exactly what it says @art_morehouse I don’t only do sports. @AdamWeinrib @atrupar No. It doesn’t imply that it will remain stabilized. They won the bet to start the season without a bubble. @AdamWeinrib @atrupar It was to the start the season without a bubble. @ZackBlatt @atrupar Thus the word “somewhat” @islivingston Omg. That’s the weatherman line!!!! @gruffbear @corkyum It didn’t? They got through most of the season. Even if it all ends now. @br0k3nhalos They didn’t? They didn’t get most of the season played to this point? @islivingston Which part of “By the time the season started” isn’t clear? They started the season. The got through a ton of the schedule. @atrupar Which part of “By the time the season started” isn’t clear?We've written more action on this point spread in 30 minutes than we have on Browns/Jaguars all week.
Retweeted by Darren Rovell @jellycasts No. I never tweet during Northwestern gamesDisappointed. Northwestern got flat out beat today. Credit to the Spartans and Rocky Lombardi. We’ll be back.
@StelliniTweets “By the time the season started.” We gonna make that “to get through the whole season?” @timbilton @TheWataGames Said no oneNot only is this a nostalgia play, it’s also because grader @TheWataGames has great casing that not only protects b… (+580) spikes the ball on 4th down with 2 seconds to play in the game. 🤮
Retweeted by Darren Rovell#FootballGuy from the day he was named... hard earned $100,000 on a previously winless team. CASHED. @capjack2000 I have no clue what you are talking about, but i will never go above 2 percent of my yearly earnings.Want to know where Michigan is as a program? They just closed as home underdogs against an 0-5 team.
Retweeted by Darren RovellMost bet on college basketball games, by money, by state on ⁦@FDSportsbook⁩ @capjack2000 My total bankroll will be less than 2 percent of my 2020 earnings. Is that ok with you?Biggest bet we’ve seen so far? Someone bet $110,000 on 0-5 Penn State as 1.5 point dogs against 2-3 Michigan at… bets from @ActionNetworkHQ. I’m taking the UTEP-Rice over @kingjohnson1403 What’s fake about them?Want to bet with your emotions and your gut, or do you want to be driven by the best gambling data on the planet?… has withdrawn their application, per @JoshGerben. Considering they did it on Thanksgiving day, I’m guess…’s the Iron Bowl today and every college football fan remembers the famous “Kick Six” and where they were.… covers from this day in 1983. These guys turned out to be pretty good... @CrankChop Just because a bet loses doesn’t mean it can’t be a good bet. It failed with seconds left. I’m sure you… @h4mmered @ElGamblingGuru Fading me would be taking the Spartans ML. I don’t care how much they win buy as long as the Wildcats win.Fade Tom Brady at your peril. He’s 3-0 covering as a home underdog since 2006. He is also 3-0 straight up in those… @CrankChop Yeah no chance. Idiot. a good day to a bad day with 36 seconds to go in the Oregon-Oregon State game...Action Network app with the vi… @Bueller27 @TheCousinSal Yes. There’s a guy I know who has a lot more than that. He’s very close to me 😂Many are fading Tom Brady vs the Chiefs. I’m pointsbetting the Bucs at @PointsBetUSA at +1.5 for this week’s Fade R…
Points scored in the first 15 minutes of the UNC-Notre Dame game: 28. Points scored in the final 45 minutes: 20.… @codyhowser @windycityiggy I don’t have a backend right now but the consensus number here was clearly 31.5 and note… @windycityiggy yeah, I almost pulled the trigger on 75. I know what middling is. @windycityiggy I like that. @windycityiggy since you are a real gambler, how are your bets going in this game. @windycityiggy ask a real gambler vs compare our data feed that aggregates 50 books? @SkunkMcGunk our consensus aggregate closed at 31.5 @windycityiggy our consensus of 50 sportsbooks closed at 31.5.First half bettors (31.5 points) in Notre Dame-UNC game breathe a sigh of relief. 28 points scored in the first 14… once conceded a $1000 putt to Charles because his own putt was worth $100,000. 😳 More hilarious stories about…
Retweeted by Darren Rovell @pdmj007 Yes @76dolphin This is the problem with the break industry. No fun. People are buying into the fun. @PleaseChoseMe A good sealed box is $135-$150. $4 a pack. $5 shipping. Then the prize pack raffle someone can win. It’s not steep at all. @TheRealNitin @propstore_com BothNovember 27, 1985: Rocky IV opens nationwide. To celebrate, I will do a box break on Instagram live at 10pm ET to… else being equal, what percent off a product or service on Black Friday gets you to pay attention?Up for bid: One of Eddie Murphy’s Detroit Lions jackets from “Beverly Hills Cop” Being sold by @propstore_com on T… @CarloColaiacovo @Eat_Pastry I know. I licked my phone.The Thanksgiving pie that will help you through the rest of 2020: Cookie pie with cookies on top (📷 by @Eat_Pastry) the bets and money is on at @DKSportsbook for today’s golf event between Peyton & Steph, Phil & Charles @ChrisTom They got through this much of the season @GiantJoe2 @Nbr1NetsFan @goldieonice @YouTube No. I love it. @GiantJoe2 @Nbr1NetsFan @goldieonice @YouTube You guys are right based on this video. @GiantJoe2 @goldieonice @YouTube Yeah it’s not. I watched the video of the bears doing it in the 1984 season. @ckhopkar @reggiestewart October 1985 comes before November 1984? That’s a really interesting take. @goldieonice @GiantJoe2 I wrote the book on the history of Gatorade, there isn’t really a debate here. Sorry to rui… @goldieonice @GiantJoe2 No, that was 1985. @reggiestewart Well I wrote the book on Gatorade and it’s wrong @phunkonomics Incorrect. @tylervivian Yes @EquilibriumFind YesThis Weekend In 1984: The First Gatorade Dunk/Bath ever. The Chicago Bears clinch the NFC North after beating the… @mike_mo21 @jscjsc22 I spend less than 2 percent of my earnings on gambling. So yeah. It’s really responsible. @huskerpip Gotta be basketball not baseball. @TheDB21 OK well I lost it all on Dallas. @HJLExplorer I was live betting with a responsible bankroll.The last time the Washington Football Team scored at least 41 points: Dec. 24, 2016 vs the Chicago Bears (41). @HJLExplorer I actually do get it and how it can lead to trouble. What am I saying is I don’t have anything to do w… of the four public sides will cash today. Houston (-3) Over 52.5 Over 46.5 @HJLExplorer Why are you putting me in the same boat as your past? I think that’s the most irresponsible thing happening here.Man in New York today wearing the “Covidisor,” an air purifying helmet that got 18 backers on @Indiegogo. Backers p…
Bettor plays 10 different tickets at 20 cents each in the Pick 6 (winner in six straight races). Is only winner.… on ⁦@darrenrovell⁩ ‘s Turkey? Yep Betting on corporate-speak by the idiot boss? Yep Thanksgiving wishes f…
Retweeted by Darren Rovell @gringo_trader Glad this isn’t middle school! @chucksponseller @HJLExplorer @BradAllenNFL My yearly bankroll is less than 2 percent of my earnings.Updated Depth Chart. No questions at this time. #GoCats
Retweeted by Darren Rovell @joshfig14 I see this @theaceofspaeder The definition of @no_its_pan_Z_a My bankroll is responsible @kobe2odom8 The bankroll was responsible. @jscjsc22 I was chasing but with a responsible bankroll. @Dotdon12 Two bad offenses? @HaughNasty Oh I got destroyed one night in Hawaii football.What a truly awful way to make $205.