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Gar n Pax gone at the same damn time @S_K_POWELL @Bulls_Peck @BuzzOnTap @elnumerochapo @Illmatic2 @79illwill @OvertonSFC Lol it’s bout damn time @sister_chi Oh lawd @MerdyWorld79 Be careful they willMentioned both these names in latest mailbag. MIchael Reinsdorf has been doing due diligence on these and other can…
Retweeted by Darrick @MerdyWorld79 That’s why I been doing it keep the laughter going anybody banging on your door for a cut @NJBearsFan @DKatsenis @MerdyWorld79 @GrandpaBeardo @BearsCorner85 @Bluengold34 @Derek_Da_Bear @thefinalcubfan @DKatsenis @NJBearsFan @MerdyWorld79 @GrandpaBeardo @BearsCorner85 @Bluengold34 @Derek_Da_Bear @thefinalcubfan @NJBearsFan @DKatsenis @MerdyWorld79 @GrandpaBeardo @BearsCorner85 @Bluengold34 @Derek_Da_Bear @thefinalcubfan @DKatsenis @ktdeapp @BearsGrl80 @martinez3507 @DaBearsk35 Wtf y’all hilarious @DKatsenis @MerdyWorld79 @GrandpaBeardo @BearsCorner85 @Bluengold34 @Derek_Da_Bear @thefinalcubfan @NJBearsFan @DKatsenis @MerdyWorld79 @GrandpaBeardo @BearsCorner85 @Bluengold34 @Derek_Da_Bear @thefinalcubfan @NJBearsFan @MerdyWorld79 Lol I’m exaggerating @DKatsenis @MerdyWorld79 @GrandpaBeardo @BearsCorner85 @Bluengold34 @Derek_Da_Bear @thefinalcubfan @NJBearsFan @ChadDaBear90 @Heidiaca Ewe @LADYLUVSDABEARS @diizzy_dreamerr Lmao @LADYLUVSDABEARS @diizzy_dreamerr Yea stop drinking vodka @collin_mcqn @FNULNU1 IKR @FNULNU1 Damn he made good music @sister_chi I got to get on this album my boy told me it’s nice @FNULNU1 He died @HollywoodDGirl Lol @K1NGJAYJACK @Woprien I would think it’s essential @PierogiPetes Haha @PierogiPetes The grown folks toy storesDid they close the toy stores asking for a friend @S_K_POWELL @ChiGal77 @OvertonSFC Cool cool @S_K_POWELL @ChiGal77 @OvertonSFC U in demand I ain’t that bad just exaggerating not used to this I like to stay groomed @S_K_POWELL @ChiGal77 Stop @FNULNU1 I ain’t too bad but desperate times call for desperate measures @ChiGal77 Hot messLooked in the mirror we not get married to violent and abusive partners Amen.
Retweeted by DarrickI know Dogs can’t wait for people to go back to work
Retweeted by DarrickLmao @S_K_POWELL @OvertonSFC @79illwill @Illmatic2 @Darealkgfrfr Foolishness they brag bout being dope fiends I don’t get it @TommyMissel Ha
@HollywoodDGirl Yup @HollywoodDGirl We all hurting @Good_Ole_Bebs He did a lot of that @Good_Ole_Bebs @airjer54 @DaTailGateShow Jamarcus Webb @Darkmnemonic It’s rough bro @BearsFanatico94 Very funny @HAWAII_fiveoh U go be turnt @ForeverMeshel Is this a trick question @FLCUBSFAN45 Yes indeed @FLCUBSFAN45 He got the fame he wanted @FLCUBSFAN45 I’m still laughing @Good_Ole_Bebs Lol @Derek_Da_Bear @diizzy_dreamerr NiceSince no one else is keeping it real about the COVID-19 lockdown, I will! All it did was expose you to your reali…
Retweeted by Darrick @PedroMcbearsfan @ForeverMeshel Nice @BearsGrl80 Very essential somebody want to get hurt for writing that @PedroMcbearsfan @ForeverMeshel Lol I don’t blame u bro live man @LisaTrusiano @brucewayne5687 @K1NGJAYJACK Young chop singing wtf @LisaTrusiano @brucewayne5687 I knew what u meant damn spell check @LisaTrusiano @brucewayne5687 Lol true @LisaTrusiano @brucewayne5687 Nothing’s impossible @LisaTrusiano @brucewayne5687 Save some for me @FLCUBSFAN45 This dude lmao @mmckoy Lol @ChiSquatch @deadhead2561 Yea station @DKatsenis Me too @DKatsenis U lee me laughing too @OilPanWillie83 I heard that too @DKatsenis @ZeuceP I feel your lain I really do bro @Illmatic2 Lol @DKatsenis Simmer down @suede_santoro @NittyNateR8R Ain’t they and the main ones who got nothing but lent in the pockets @DKatsenis U got jokes I see @BigQ937 All 4 of em @brucewayne5687 @DKatsenis @NittyNateR8R Smh man ppl just love to sell bullshitOnce quarantines over My friends: “You wa-“ Me: “Im down”
Retweeted by Darrick @DKatsenis @mgnnicole24 @DKatsenis U don’t want to be like her she looks very intimidating @DKatsenis I’m scared of herIf we die we die.
Retweeted by Darrick @DKatsenis That was a good gif tho @DKatsenis Lol @DKatsenis @DKatsenis Don’t overindulge in wineThat’s so nasty @jim_username I can tell @DKatsenis I’m sure it is that sucks big time @jim_username U cold man @MaddiLeeHarmon 🤷🏿‍♂️ @MaddiLeeHarmon It’s true sad but true I’m keeping my ear to the streets @DKatsenis @S_K_POWELL @FLCUBSFAN45 Smart @S_K_POWELL IKR man it’s roughU got some clippers got us out here looking for a barbers like we on dope