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ok it is time again for that pup dancing to totos africa it is time
Retweeted by darth™any body have any interesting plans for the weekend i am just asking
Retweeted by darth™(via the amazing @Beschizza of course) @dylanlscott NOW LOOK WHAT U DID DYLAN @mojoagogo @Overlapping wait wat i thought he just retired @sdkstl omfgHappiest boy
Retweeted by darth™ @lainnafader seymour my happy frenok i am just going to say wtf is going on here #brexit wtf is going on big release i was waiting for today was that airpower charging pad tim apple u failed me tim apple @pbump @Fahrenthold @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by darth™ @pbump @Fahrenthold @realDonaldTrump Here's a sales brochure from last year -- for office space in Trump Tower -- that *omits* @realdonaldtrump's n…
Retweeted by darth™am now a gardner-webb fan update on this btw @sarahjeong omfg sarah @darth Also darth it’s Bodhi’s second birthday today and I got him this hat
Retweeted by darth™ @nitalovesmiles happy second birthday bodhi u are v stylish today my fren @AndrewCrow @margarita this is an outrage margarita @nitalovesmiles @alwaysalejandra @Nicole_Cliffe omfg! @maureenjohnson also did the prime minister choose may maureen because i mean seriously maureen @maureenjohnson i mean seriously maureen wat @Nicole_Cliffe Not bad really, but we were at a b&b that had an adorable sheepdog named Zak who kept trying to hang…
Retweeted by darth™ @alwaysalejandra @Nicole_Cliffe TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE ALEJANDRA TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE TBHYou thought you spoiled your puppers?!? #NationalPuppyDay @Darth, WHAT HAVE I DONE????
Retweeted by darth™ @kathygriffin omfgThis blurry girl is Marsala.
Retweeted by darth™ @Megan marsala! @Manareth @confusedraptor @fivefifths the red jumpsuits just freak me the heck out eric i am seriousmy first exlcu :’)
Retweeted by darth™ @JuliaArciga 😹Thanks to Teddy for making the Friday @districtline commute a bit better— a truly good dog @darth
Retweeted by darth™ @nathanmart @districtline GREAT JOB TEDDY @realDonaldTrump What a roller coaster ride that tweet was.
Retweeted by darth™ @pourmecoffee @TVietor08 @realDonaldTrump omfg coffee OMFG @fivefifths omfg yes night of the living dead immediately came to mind as well when i was reading this vann i am seriousI wrote about "Us," and how Jordan Peele is finally making horror do what it was always supposed to do:
Retweeted by darth™ @Lubchansky @jayasax @Nicole_Cliffe omfg matt @LauraChurchward @Nicole_Cliffe OMFG laura OMFGIn light of today’s price action, I propose an early start to #NationalPuppyDay. Here are two local sea lion puppie…
Retweeted by darth™ @AlexParkerDC @CKlosterman i do not have either an archnemesis nor an archenemy alex but the day is not over tbh al… @AlexParkerDC alex @CKlosterman has an excellent essay about archnemesis vs archenemy alex @SMASEY @AlisonLeiby omfg those were simpler times smasey i am serious twitter was so fun and there was only one flavor of diet coke @Ladams5031 @Nicole_Cliffe omfG laura omfg @dog_rates @maireadlynn SUMMON THE HUGOWAGON DOGRATESHappy National Sea Lion Puppy Day!
Retweeted by darth™ @ReelQuinn omfg @dog_rates @maireadlynn LOOK HOW SLIPPERY THAT FLOOR LOOKS DOGRATES I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND HUGOS LOOK OF BIG CONCERNING @dog_rates @darth He’s a scared pup but anything for you @dog_rates
Retweeted by darth™ @maireadlynn @dog_rates OMFG @dog_rates @maireadlynn OMFG THERE HE IS DOGRATES BEING CARRIED @darth It may not be #NationalPuppyDay until tomorrow, but @darth is right, every day is National Puppy Day here. H…
Retweeted by darth™ @darth @maireadlynn best friends
Retweeted by darth™ @JohnPaczkowski @maireadlynn omfg @SaraFZaheer wat sara WAT omfg it is a small world sara i am serious @JohnPaczkowski @maireadlynn omfg i hope fergus is not afraid of anouk john @jamiewithorne @AlexThomasDC @JohnPaczkowski @maireadlynn omfg koda corgis are your fren i am serious it is not the… rae can not be the only person who leaves detailed and important instructions about their pets u are doing it as… @never270 @PoliticsDogs @ColelliCol "source? i mean there is got to be a source, right? seriously go fuck yourself @JohnPaczkowski @maireadlynn @darth Ella is afraid of text messages, things falling near her, mice and geese
Retweeted by darth™ @AlexThomasDC @JohnPaczkowski @maireadlynn omfg ella great day OR GREATEST DAYi made my friend who's watching my cats next week a very detailed document of instructions, including this personal…
Retweeted by darth™ @PAYOLETTER LIKES TO BE CALLED BIG GIRL RAE @never270 @PoliticsDogs @ColelliCol no i am just bullshitting here just making shit up @maireadlynn @darth This is Fergus. He is afraid of boxes, wind, garbage bags, balloons and motorized cat toys.
Retweeted by darth™ @JohnPaczkowski @maireadlynn FERGUS wait john is there another pup in that photo john @adamchernandez @itsaaronv @_priscillz no no the pups do it themselves adam i have no part in this i am seriousMy dog is so smart and learned so many tricks but hasn’t figured out how to jump off the bed.
Retweeted by darth™ @itsaaronv THIS LOOKS COMPLETELY NORMAL TO ME AARON V MACKLIN IS DOING IT RIGHT @BlairBraverman seeing how energetic and happy and ready to run another few miles those pups were at the finish line was amazing bler tbhLil end of the week rant here but... I’ve now seen that sign that says “Please don’t confuse your Google search wi…
Retweeted by darth™ @BoobsRadley omfg @JordanSBrock @jkmiami89 omfg @CarsonSieving @Nate_Cohn that is a much prettier map tbh nate @never270 @PoliticsDogs @ColelliCol 94% of presidential candidate events were in 12 states in the 2016 election whi… tweeted about this before but last year i got to hug a service pup i am serious the owner saw me standing respect… @morfaleji DID U SEE THE I MISS THAT CREATURE ONE DOUG @mostlybree these two pups are the only reality tv i am interested in tbh bree @darth they miss you too darth
Retweeted by darth™ @mostlybree THAT LIL NUGGET BREEi mean seriously tho @nathanwpyle omfg @mattklewis Now do it with this map, in which only people vote, not mountains and fields.
Retweeted by darth™imagine still using this kind of bullshit map in any fuckin reasonable argument @Brennanator @owillis 😹twitter please let users decide if they want their tweets show up in peoples feeds who don't follow them or because… @darth Here's Smokey hard at work
Retweeted by darth™ @lori_kearns omfg SMOKEY @PartyCatOlivia omfg best friday partycatolivia best @darth Yes! (This is Pip. She is not my dog-she belongs to a Toomey staffer)
Retweeted by darth™ @BeatriceMc omfgare there dogs just being carried around in the hallowed halls of the senate every dayHappy #NationalPuppyDay to this little bully, definitely a 14/10. @LaurenMRomano_ #bulldog
Retweeted by darth™ @maireadlynn "yes this petition is to carpet all the hallways in the senate why do u ask" @maireadlynn @dog_rates DOGRATES DID U SEE HUGO HUGO IS NOT A FAN OF MARBLE FLOORS @maireadlynn "is that the zodiac with a beard" at those paws on hugo tho mairéad just look at those floofers @maireadlynn WOULD CARRY HUGO ANY WHERE TBH @LawrenceConnol2 @darth we couldn't be happier for Mandy.
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