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Ben Berwick @darth_timon England, United Kingdom

Proud father. Nintendo fan. Supporter of Liverpool FC. Follower of Formula 1 and a big Trekkie. Author of The Awakening

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@hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling You know what? I do feel a genuine measure of sympathy for you. Everyone should have family. @willireallyam1 @hesusjohn9 @jk_rowling We know that won't happen. @willireallyam1 @hesusjohn9 @jk_rowling Given he is likely just a kid living with his parents, this is just an inse… @willireallyam1 @hesusjohn9 @jk_rowling Good point. @willireallyam1 @hesusjohn9 @jk_rowling I'm not gonna bother responding to him at this point, unless he posts some… @willireallyam1 @hesusjohn9 @jk_rowling Oh most definitely! @willireallyam1 @hesusjohn9 @jk_rowling He's just boring now. A 12 year old without a life. @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling Now you're just talking bollocks 😅 @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling Only in your imagination 🤪 @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling Says the evasive coward who never took a shot 😆 @willireallyam1 @hesusjohn9 @jk_rowling I'm pondering sticking him on mute. I'm convinced he's a twelve year-old in… @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling And yet, you cannot demonstrate it in any way shape or form 🤪 @JackDunc1 @McDonaldsUK ... and the fries, but apart from that I tend to resist it quite well. @JackDunc1 @McDonaldsUK ... and the big mac, and the chicken nuggets, and the coffees... @JackDunc1 @McDonaldsUK The breakfasts are my weakness - and the milkshakes, and the quarter pounder with cheese.... @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling Only in your imagination, coward 😉I should do more podcasts. Do I do them in lieu of site posts, or to complement them? @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling Exactly. You say nothing. @willireallyam1 @hesusjohn9 @jk_rowling I don't think John will ever take up any offer of a reasoned discussion on… surreal to think that tomorrow my ebook goes live. - never imagined I'd actually publ… @ShannonJesso @QuantumFish777 @PhasrOnOverload @startrekcbs I'm an old fan and like many old fans I do enjoy DSC an… @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling And yet, you claim they are prey. @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling Oh no, you're the big brave guy here. Stop running and choose. @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling It's painfully clear you will run away from any form of grown up discussion… @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling Are you going to be display any ability for rational thought or just be a t… @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling Says the classically dishonest conservative Trumper. @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling You're not strong, not in the way that actually matters. @willireallyam1 @hesusjohn9 @jk_rowling Which doesn't surprise me! @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling You've done nothing but lie, evade and trash talk. Typical conservative pro… @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling I can only imagine what you do if I challenged you to a fact-driven debate… @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling Your use of gifs is merely a form of running away from an adult conversation. @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling No one has threatened harm. You are merely demonstrating that in the face o… Bongino was bodyslammed by Florida federal judge for filing bogus defamation lawsuit against daily beast. He wi…
Retweeted by Ben Berwick @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling Why do you think being violent is a sign of bravery? @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling The word of a coward means nothing to me 😉 @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling The opinion of a homophobic misogynist is worth nothing 😉 @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling You clearly haven't been keeping in touch with the progression of language and terms. @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling You think queer is an insult. It is obvious you are a sexist homophobe with… @TrekfanRick Thanks! @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling And yet, all you have are sexist, homophobic slurs. @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling Glad to see you're descending into classic troll behaviour! You'd definitel… book, The Awakening, launches on Kindle tomorrow! #Kindle #amwriting @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling You're a coward :) @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @MrsElleEBee You've repeatedly described yourself as a predator and women as prey.10 of the most horrifyingly racist things Boris Johnson has said and done
Retweeted by Ben Berwick @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling Lol. You're definitely describing yourself there.
@hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling For a logical man, you are very emotional. @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @malorieblackman Uh huh. You seem very angry and emotional for such a logical guy. Will… @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 You merely lack the courage to stand by your comments, so you back pedal. You're a cowa… @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 Not really. It just requires an unhinged mind. @willireallyam1 @hesusjohn9 He's full of this alpha/beta crap, and from his rhetoric, I dare say he'd be a danger t… @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @malorieblackman Which is of course bullshit. @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling You still support Trump's views. @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @malorieblackman So your mother is merely prey? @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling I doubt that. @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @malorieblackman You threaten physical violence? That's merely another form of running… @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 Your response? To call men predators and women prey, as though this justifies male on female violence. @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 It's not out of context. You are back pedalling like a typical dishonest conservative.… @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling You seem to be diving into homophobia and racism now. Typical Trump supporter. @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @malorieblackman You would prey upon women, which speaks volumes. @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @malorieblackman You're just a cowardly troll. You would run a mile if this were a face… @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @jk_rowling You obviously don't know many men. @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 Nope. I've summed you quite nicely mate. @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 Since you see women as prey, I imagine there is not a single woman who has meaning to y…, you just need to pee. @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 @malorieblackman Of course men care. You don't, but you definitely don't reflect the opinion of every man. @AJPhillips_UK It's compelling! @hesusjohn9 @willireallyam1 You're wasting your time @willireallyam1. John enjoys his ignorance and is a Trump lovi… @willireallyam1 @hesusjohn9 @malorieblackman You'll scare him. @AJPhillips_UK Ah. If you get the chance, look up Shoot the Humans First by Becky Black. @AJPhillips_UK Are you published on Amazon UK or US? @AJPhillips_UK Thanks! I'll gladly return the favour 🙂 @hesusjohn9 Wow. You can't even spot that I'm replying to you 😉.@ITV We've seen that the new I'm A Celeb will take place in a UK castle. If the first challenge isn't to drive to…
Retweeted by Ben Berwick @hesusjohn9 Which means I've still conveyed more meaning than you 😉 @hesusjohn9 You're certainly not displaying much intelligence thus far.I am on my third beer of #InternationalBeerDay. I am struggling.It’s been a disastrous 3 years & 8 months. @realDonaldTrump has made America the world’s worst victim of Covid19, c…
Retweeted by Ben Berwick @hesusjohn9 Yes, for the sake of accuracy and reason, something conservatives like you do not understand. @hesusjohn9 Re-write that paragraph and swap the use of liberal and conservative and it would actually make sense. @hesusjohn9 No, you're definitely deluded. @hesusjohn9 Self-declared geniuses are often delusional. @hesusjohn9 Wow. Such ignorance.We need a musical episode of Star Trek Discovery to showcase @albinokid's singing skills. @hesusjohn9 What about it? There's plenty of creativity, it just scares you. @Phangurl Thanks! @hesusjohn9 Which means I still have more imagination than you.It's a bit warm. #heatwave @hesusjohn9 And yet, I still say more than you. @hesusjohn9 You keep on fooling yourself. @hesusjohn9 Whatever you need to tell yourself to fool yourself. @hesusjohn9 Republicans voted for Trump and many still support him. He helps maintain the crooked system for them. This is obvious. @hesusjohn9 Again, a lot of irony. Trump is wedded to a system of cronies, deceit, and putting profit ahead of people.He's more corrupt, more cruel and more deluded than any previous president. To believe otherwise is not logical. #scifi #Kindle the ebook is out on the 9th! @hesusjohn9 @luffdee You called him a great leader only a short time ago. You cannot keep things straight. @hesusjohn9 @Trekkygeek You have yet to demonstrate your credentials, either in the form of proof or behaviour. *Es… @hesusjohn9 @luffdee Trump is a far right lunatic. He advocated drinking bleach at one point. You idolise him. That speaks volumes. @luffdee @hesusjohn9 Oh he's a Trumpist, there's no doubt of that.