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laura lux @DarthLux Austin, TX

an aussie in texas. deputy ceo of having big titties. full time cat lady, part time kitten rescuer

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@themeredith it was a guy i only just met that night too hahahahhaha @themeredith i had sex thru the crotch hole of mine after my BBL so i believe in your ability to do it too lmaoooo @Ascendid1 yeah... @Ascendid1 yeah !! @AnthonyKongphan it’s low key flattering when the catfish accounts say i’m 21 @cammakid this was just my regular sunday brunch when i lived in weho @Slasher @JordanUhl lmfao @whimsikkle @ByYourLogic !! @conor_tripler pour me a shot ! @IvyLebellexxx everyone is mad at people who hate skyler and like walt
lots of breaking bad discourse on the timeline today, am i going to get canceled for naming my cats after the Bad Men @pazpaz YES BUT I SEE THE MAGIC SO MUCH MORE WHEN IM ONLY THERE FOR A SHORT TIME STAYING AT A BOUGIE HOTEL WITH NO RESPONSIBILITIES LMAO @gingerfollicle i just assume people know what “getting a billboard” means lol @JERFsolo lmaooo no it was for something else @gingerfollicle he didn’t do it on purpose, it was a billboard for something else of which he happened to be the ma… @jwpalmer2 no this was years ago when i lived there @tjchambersLA LMAO i wish @conor_tripler @darthlux @hollier_ron @ADHDVidjaGaming birth control isn’t killing babies you fucking dunce.first house at 21, no co-signer, i can only thank God
Retweeted by laura luxfacetune @11YearLetterBot i’ve been to europe 100 times hahaLA is, for me, a much much better place to visit than to live. it’s too easy to get too jaded when you live there,… @derek8185338005 happy bday king!! @jess_stadler @freesoulem the colors are amazing @freesoulem @remingtonxxxxx i don’t even smoke but this is so pretty 😍 @ValterSkarsgar @rolyatkcinmai holy shit man congrats @emilysears “selling your body” lmao bitch it’s a digital photo i still own my body!!!! @ValterSkarsgar lmaoooo 😩😩😩 @Meatball1025 mate i’m talking about being an underaged kid with a medical issue, can you just not @milkinhisbag nice! @ohlode i didn’t even lose my virginity til i was 17 almost 18 i think, but i was on the pill from 14 just to regul… @ohlode yep around 14 was AWFUL for me, like it was completely debilitatingi vividly remember being like 14 sitting in the bathtub crying because i had such severe cramps and my usually very… is fucking infuriating. i was put on birth control at a young age, YEARS before i even kissed a boy, because i… @ChadInceI i hadn’t noticed,get 60% off your first month at sex shit got me honking like a goose
Retweeted by laura lux @JoeBangles11 aged sharp cheddar! @bigsufjanfan nice :) @mrsjauz we should be getting hyped for tomorrowland rn.... 😔😔😔 @bigsufjanfan im good how r u :)they're eating a meal made of snacks you buy at hudson news
Retweeted by laura lux @tom_on_here i think you should go @nibiru_TRUTH @lunch_enjoyer can’t believe it’s been a whole year already, feels like it was your bday just last we… @piperflann no it’s just some random guy using his photo lol @MateoCocido @AladdinButUgly it’s not him it’s just some random guy using his photo @Ivan_tamaa @DannyjClayton @JULY3P_OFFICIAL no it’s just some weirdo using his photoit’s been brought to my attention the guy in the profile pic here is a famous argentinian youtuber - i promise you… @chucky_ the person who sent this definitely isn’t a famous youtuber lol he must just be using his piclol
Retweeted by laura luxstill on sale! go subscribe so i can continue to drown out my feelings with poolside margaritas…
Retweeted by laura lux @Mr_CT_Wolfgang omg adorable @TactiGoth they’re with a babysitter and doing great. once im back in austin i’ll be picking them up and scheduling emu’s surgery! @EpicGuyMc69 sorry you’re right, my bad @killmefam i’m sorry it won’t happen againit’s a disabled kittenevery time i read this i laugh @Ascendid1 is that your alt @steve_wasco do what to myself? i think about it because it’s so ridiculous it’s funny @glitterandcryin @b8tch_updates he didn’t even say anything about his bodywho is going to keep track of my deteriorating egg count now 😞 @ValterSkarsgar @EW damn i didn’t realize i was mutuals with royalty @ITchris29 @OKETediz that doesn’t make sense. if he’s 5’7 then it’s not him @mitchysuch need this... @mariokartdwi i did a giant order from them and they shipped one small eyeshadow pallete separately in a fucking gi… @callmeshitto a foreign but blissful sounding concept....infatuated with the idea that u could be so removed from the internet that u just happily post week old low resolut…
Retweeted by laura lux @pattonoswalt did you do this @6969_6969696969 @pucksnmutts that’s right! @Clffy1 @ohlook_Sinesta @Todd_Bader @DelightDaniTV lmao this is definitely todd tweeting from an alt. they’re both… @themeredith that’s right!i think it is good and healthy to drink jalapeño margaritas every day for two weeks, actually
@Todd_Bader @DelightDaniTV lol ok man anyway good luck with going viral! @Todd_Bader @DelightDaniTV todd what if i told you that women wearing tank tops actually aren’t the reason nobody watches your streams @DannyjClayton it appears to be 🤔are men ok
Retweeted by laura lux @DelightDaniTV LMAO man they’re so fucking far from ok @WRBolen same it’s so fucking funnyhey all. my kitty needs surgery and unfortunately the costs are too high for me to be able to afford it on my own,…
Retweeted by laura lux @skinnylizzo idk man i truly don’t knowi think about this dm a lot wish @DarthLux to find a guy who warms her heart and makes her smile like these animals can do. Such cute pics ❤️
Retweeted by laura luxget the good stuff at - it’s 60% off if you join in the next 48hrs 🤑😇 just wanted to be in the selfie 😭
Retweeted by laura lux @linalovesit eeee ty @linalovesit QUEEN 🔥 love that dress @Hellbangers_ @celinedion69 craig @celinedion69 craigcraig
Retweeted by laura lux @Ascendid1 please don’t do drugs....Ringo Starr in a Japanese advertisement for apple juice or some shit rock and roll photos
Retweeted by laura luxme waiting for @KokonutRum to wake up and acknowledge the funny texts i sent her @DelightDaniTV i would love that @DelightDaniTV i hope he comes to you queenbut it’s me that needs to give up plastic never get on a plane save water turn my lights off only buy second hand e…
Retweeted by laura lux @JeffersonReuben yes... “sparring”...