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laura lux @DarthLux Austin, TX

an aussie in texas. deputy ceo of having big titties. full time cat lady, part time kitten rescuer

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day 5 (?) of being a 5SOS fan account and I. am. obsessed. with. this. 🖤😍
Retweeted by laura lux @MozzosWRLD making me sound like i’m 45 here mozz LOLi’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to wear makeup and style my hair @NickTrii twitter is really strict on threats of violence lol i’ve seen people suspended for less @bigracks WHAT THE FUCK 😍😍😍 @bigracks LMAOi have a boyfriend and u have a twitch channel with 7 total views
Retweeted by laura lux @MozzosWRLD @diccnballs mozz always simps for me, i’ve given him a passwhen you've read lord of the flies
Retweeted by laura lux @ColtonCarlyle get a softbox, they’re even better @_bizell_ twitter suspends people for threats of violence lmao @nawstymike if i tell you the fbi will show up at my door @Avxry 🥺🥺if i see anyone doing a “they found a cure for coronavirus/i tested positive for coronavirus lol april fools!” joke… @AvaGG i’m literally not stepping foot outside unless i have to 😩😩 @shutup same, he’s gonna be a big boy i think @goodbeanalt he says thank yout-rex got sent to the naughty corner but he says he’s sorry and it won’t happen again
Retweeted by laura lux @Cosmic_Shadow19 @Young_KG17 edit? this is a real photo of me having fun with my best friend @omystephanie @bffgame omg @icedoutomnitrix i get these every now and then on instagram and it’s pretty bleak@Young_KG17 is my best friend you need smiles the animals in this thread are amazing omfg
Retweeted by laura lux @_dulcedelena_ he is such a funny little boyhis crime? not knowing how to share and shoving the others out of the way at dinner timet-rex got sent to the naughty corner but he says he’s sorry and it won’t happen again he was such a sweet kitten, so happy to see him happy and thriving now ✨
@LindseyPelas gotta stay safe! @Ekydoog_Cire morons 😒😒 @stayyhumbleeee no i usually write a monthly goal list on thereupdated my goal board for april, let’s do this 😤💯🤝 still want to try to separate her from the others for feeding, she was the smallest of the original 4 and she's T… @james_andrews22 yeah he's thriving @BBWslayer666 shut the fuckSo are we just gunna ignore the fact that tom nook is a human trafficker and was one of the most frequent passenger…
Retweeted by laura luxone of the kittens dropped a concerning amount of weight quite suddenly so i have them all on a course of meds now… @BillRatchet a sign from god that weed is a sin ☝🏻your covid-19 name is Greg Peppers. Comment below what your Covid-19 name is
Retweeted by laura lux @lunch_enjoyer greg peppers @zombie_beegee it’s a cat scratching post @LindseyPelas @emilysears so do i!! @maliceuu @bestfords @emilysears a bitch to everyone lmaooo that’s me! @bestfords @emilysears ok so don’t play it thenBREAKING: Austin and Travis County officials announce 28 young people returning from a spring break trip to Cabo Sa…
Retweeted by laura lux @KokonutRum lmao she’s soooo miserable @CopperPipeDream @RightWingWatch yes but killing off half your congregation with an infectious virus seems like a b… @smarkhenry23 @RightWingWatch @JYSexton oh i will definitely check that out, thank you @aspentre @BrockWorkman it isn’t airborneRight-wing evangelist Jonathan Shuttlesworth, a close friend of Rodney Howard-Browne, says he intends to hold a lar…
Retweeted by laura lux @RightWingWatch literally what is wrong with these people’s brains @A_Bomb911 @verysmallanna @HarrisonNHL transit isn’t available to everyone and SURELY you can understand people wan… @BrockWorkman ours told us there was a confirmed case but won’t tell us which section or floor it was on bc of privacy laws @thotlord_ i think it was probably to protect him against the fumes from whatever he was spraying @FareedNaura what @jobywicks yes but now i’m wondering if this means the confirmed case was in my section/floor or if they’re just doing the entire thinggetting an email from management that there’s been a confirmed case of coronavirus in your building then an hour la… 2020 vs march 2020 lol @jpshaddock @TaylorLorenz he has barely been posting, i think i scared him into shutting up at least for now @TaylorLorenz we need to collectively band together to stop giving people like this a platform @DjDigitalDre 🥰i’d love to see the stats on how many new podcasts have been started in the last two weeks @dumpsterrshrimp i’m so sorry love, you and your colleagues are doing incredible things ❤️thread Would any of you asshats like to come stand by our side and watch us intubate people who are stil…
Retweeted by laura luxt-rex is ridiculous lmao
Retweeted by laura lux @icedoutomnitrix lmaoooo @DarthLux Your house: 🐾🐈🐱🐈🐈😺🐾🐾😸🐾🐱🙀
Retweeted by laura lux @getvindictive my bf miiiiight be taking that one but he’s not sure yet, they’ll all be available for adoption in about 6 weeks tho 🥰 @bigracks shoes..... ?
Retweeted by laura lux don’t forget you can follow my foster kitten instagram for all of the kitten pics and videos 🥰 @DamnShawtyOkay haha yep. he’s 5 days older than the original 4 which is a huge amount of development time for kitt… @TwoBitManchild yep! there’s two new ones now @bigsufjanfan he is so funnyt-rex is ridiculous lmao an animal today and save a life 🌝
Retweeted by laura lux @ilovetopiss well. first of all you can look things up @rhian_hy @emilysears dm me your friend code! @natalieonfire @emilysears thank u but i have them all and planted trees for emily 😊 @ilovetopiss not me, i think there are so many things to Do Online @DarthLux thanks
Retweeted by laura lux @RevPap @emilysears LMAO glad someone noticedvisited @emilysears today 🍃 and friendship in Quarantine 2020 @DarthLux 🛩🍑🌱🏝
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@_c8tlyn it’s from an etsy store called tales in gold :) @im__rylee he has dear @willmenaker “do what i say or ill kill a bunch of old people” lmao god rocksi get that we all get bored when we have to be home all the time but if you start thinking “hey I should start maki…
Retweeted by laura lux @xxWarxxMachine yup!foster an animal today and save a life 🌝 @reaghhan i blocked her but i still keep seeing screenshots of her bad tweets in my timeline @len0killer i am so so sorry for interrupting, carry on @len0killer i would feel very very bad afterwards but i think i could do it @ekp0717 he says he loves you toobaby rex opened his eyes 😭🥰 the uncensored stuff on its 50% off for the next 48hrs to reward you for being good boy…
Retweeted by laura lux @hennychesney @dyllyp oh damn :/ @scaredpanda i will when i get back on! @khloe let me know if there’s anything you want me to retweet or share to IG 💙 @scaredpanda i know but i’m impatient haha if i get a bunch of new stuff in a row it’s fine but if i just find like…