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an aussie in texas. deputy ceo of having big titties. full time cat lady, part time kitten rescuer

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sooo it’s pretty obvious they’re not getting charged huh
Retweeted by dyson vacuum haverthere’s something very bold about unsolicited dick pic guys who include their whole face in the pic @CdyRnkn yoooo 😍 @bigracks ? @CarterCruise i hate grapefruit! watermelon & raspberry are my favs @Something915 hex a gone @sactownCandyMan this was on hex a gone 😩 @antonsuga no ma’am not any more! i used to @potatopastes there was, unfortunately, zero fuckingmade it to the final round of fall guys and got eliminated with only three other people left lmaooo i’m gonna punch a hole in the wall!!!!! @themeredith omg we HAVE to go together @elguapo_58 it was very fun. i’d like to go back again but with a group of girlfriends this timeon this day last year i was in munich at oktoberfest... FUCK i miss traveling 😭 evie @i_like_feet56 $91 lol
@LindseyPelas @MenchTech lol there’s a post similar to this that uses my pic but it’s “top embarrassing moments” or… @mattsutaaki left swipe for being a LIAR @mattsutaaki hahahahabeen playing fall guys all day and i can not make it past round 3 lmao i’m gonna scream @Johnno5311 it’s not meas funny as the username is, @dysonhaver is not me, it’s just some weirdo pretending to be my backup account probab… @englishinaz DYSON HAVER LMAOshe a glass of milk
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@InitialResponse omg sabrina 😭🥰 @TactiGoth working on it!!drunk at the bar making everyone look at photos of evie @OpossumAccount of course ❤️SOUTH AUSTIN / OLTORF — IF YOU SEE THIS CHIHUAHUA PLEASE CONTACT ME Please retweet!!!!
Retweeted by dyson vacuum haver @rmp1_ loser has a $15-20 budget to buy the winner a tshirt from ebay @MrFarmahini so fucking bad lolinvolved in a bet on today’s game that actually has me kind of wanting my own team (texans) to lose for the first time ever lmaooPS5 stands for Penis Sex 5
Retweeted by dyson vacuum haver @derek8185338005 @lunch_enjoyer i understand @derek8185338005 @lunch_enjoyer hey @lunch_enjoyer can i get a refund for my entriesMeet our #PetoftheWeekend, Haruki Meowakami, who is up for adoption at @austinpetsalive!
Retweeted by dyson vacuum haver @biboofficial it’s 2028. bibo is making buffalo chicken dip. ben shapiro is president and being part of leftist twi… @biboofficial will never achieve this level of himbo
Retweeted by dyson vacuum haver @DrJenGunter the problem with this approach is the fact that the whole “dick shaming” thing is a huge fetish and so… @KokonutRum LMAOOOOOO
Retweeted by dyson vacuum haver @holy_schnitt i feel like the suspiciously not hungover mornings are often the ones that turn into violently hungov… @holy_schnitt queen!!!! @CrookedNuts omg i HATE IT. legitimately makes my skin crawl @loki7978 i’ve adopted her! @raginalphawalrs no but i only just started finally playing it tonighti am drinking some peppermint tea and playing fall guys 🙂so much evie posting today. just trying to give the people what they want!evie will paw at my ankles til i pick her up and she falls asleep like this 🥺 @rolyatkcinmai that’s me !i would just like to clarify that it was very good and i ate it all it was just also very spicy and made my nose run @spaced_outbeats @AdrianSalinas2 i will pick up some habaneros tomorrow! @ItsGioDude_ do what @CueBallClarence it was time for her to finally pay some bills around hereyou better work bitch
Retweeted by dyson vacuum haver @CoolHipsterName i don’t cook from recipes i just throw stuff in a pan!! @mattsutaaki i am eating it anyway! it is still good just very very spicyVery cool system we've got when this guy is what's standing between us and reproductive rights!
Retweeted by dyson vacuum havermade pineapple fried rice and put too many serrano peppers in it 🥵 @Luffyfan69 cute!!!! @hazelrootslive that satellite map is FUCKED if you’re not good with snipers lmaoooplaying the cold war alpha, it’s pretty fun
@Morrison i always used yuffie or cid and red xiii. red’s limit breaks sucked but he was my favorite character 😭 @ChuckGrassley what’s going on man @LydiaBurrell *good @LydiaBurrell damn!! looking hood LB!!!Sitting in a darkened room, drinking absinthe and meditating on the primal darkness of the phrase “Zoom Halloween Party.”
Retweeted by dyson vacuum haver @joelgoldstein75 genuinely can’t tell if this man is 18 or 43 @BONERPARTY @BONERPARTY “stay home with your cats”
Retweeted by dyson vacuum haverI grew up here.
Retweeted by dyson vacuum haver1 like = 1 dollar rained on her tiny headyou better work bitch @AP walter white.... is that you @LunaBenna 🥺🥰i went for a walk and now i am standing in my kitchen eating some very nice pineapple and blackberries. pretty good day! 👍🏻 @necrobranson i don’t like thisChoose your fighter
Retweeted by dyson vacuum haverjoin my free onlyfans at 😌 @themeredith a foreign concept to me @austinpetsalive she makes it easy 🥰 @chartractegg yeah! that’s a custom pair i got @tom_on_here i do not consent to you subtracting my points @Nayorko she says thank youevie cam got a squeaky toy and she loves it so much @senator_gun thanks! i will!how long are you in winterfell?
Retweeted by dyson vacuum haverit’s nice out today so i’m going to take a little walk :) @MichaelGunEmoji ❤️💛💚✌🏻☮️evie just figured out how to jump up on the coffee tablegood boy getting manicure and pedicure today. he’s purring
Retweeted by dyson vacuum haver @biboofficial every time lmao @themeredith @LTC_Pirate lol yea gonna side with meredith on this one, i don’t take trips with random men from twitter, i value my safety @rockanrollphoto nice to meet you steinman
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