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Maybe greatest reply in Twitter history...
Retweeted by SlytheralanGorgeous semology
Retweeted by Slytheralan @witch_mote They slide off, K?
.@RudyGiuliani's explanation sounds like Alternative Faps to me. #RudyGiulianiFall foliage, flannels, & an encounter with a magic bb 🐇🤍
Retweeted by SlytheralanCan @RitualsofMine and Kelsie be in it, please? duck you'll see today.
Retweeted by SlytheralanThis is the best photo I took today out at the wildlife refuge.
Retweeted by SlytheralanThrowback to my Pennywise from 2017! I haven't done a scary costume in awhile... 🤔 Costume was designed and made e…
Retweeted by Slytheralan @Pixelfish @MollyJongFast If it's got anything to do with Rabid Giuliani, I don't want to see it. @jamesenge It's been a (nathan) long time coming!Day 21: snow child
Retweeted by Slytheralan @haszombiesinit If T wins, that will be the look that's permanently on my face.
Retweeted by Slytheralan#mabsdrawlloweenclub Day 21: Yokai One of my favorite Yokai 💪Tenaga-Ashinaga🦵.
Retweeted by SlytheralanAOC: "I can't kill Poki, Poki's so nice" Seconds later:
Retweeted by Slytheralan @GreatDismal @AlvarezGibson Long naps. @RachaelEllering Thank you for being a friend and introducing me to Joey.Joey is what’s getting me through this awful year. 🥰
Retweeted by SlytheralanHappy Birthday @DemonGrimalkin! I hope you are feeling better!They have Chachi, Ted Nugent and the Dilbert guy. We have @pokimanelol. We win! #BidenHarris2020 @BradSabbath Robert Bloch..@JIrwinNXTFan drawing a day. Day 216. Bela Lugosi. “I have lived too completely, I think. I have known every human emotion.” (B…
Retweeted by Slytheralan @DerSchmoo Momma is correct.
My dog has been punished for peeing on the carpet 65 times, my wife zero
Retweeted by SlytheralanThe best author I ever worked with was Iain Banks. It took him six novels, written over more than a decade, before…
Retweeted by Slytheralansee you there! 👀
Retweeted by SlytheralanJOY for your Tuesday
Retweeted by SlytheralanReady for #Halloween? 🎃 Visit Grumpy Cat in the brand new Grumpy Greetings #Bingo room exclusive to @PlayBingoBash
Retweeted by Slytheralan📷: @Jesseni72571631
Retweeted by SlytheralanIf you voted for Biden already or you will, please retweet this status. I would just love to see how much positive energy is out there.
Retweeted by SlytheralanIf only we could have seen this coming
Retweeted by Slytheralan"Finch" vinyl repress with a new swirl are back for the first time in about 9 years at -…
Retweeted by SlytheralanPlease choose your pet's Halloween costume wisely......... 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Slytheralanthey’re best friends
Retweeted by SlytheralanPumpkin surprise! (O.O)
Retweeted by Slytheralan @pickle_water Probably a is another speshle day. there are somany in octotober. today is my one-years "got-you" day. that mean im livi…
Retweeted by Slytheralan
.@bookishbelle @tea_francis Happy Happy Birthday!!!Once again I bring pups to your timeline 🐶🐾
Retweeted by SlytheralanIM GOING TO SCREAM look how good this is!!!
Retweeted by SlytheralanMerzbow - Screaming Dove - Vinyl nf-031 *PRE-ORDER. SHIPPING ON NOVEMBER 20TH*
Retweeted by SlytheralanDay 19: Book Worm (I’m a born and raised by a book worm family )
Retweeted by Slytheralan🔪 ✨Stabby marine life 🐙🦑
Retweeted by SlytheralanCan't wait to see Randy Arozarena take Clayton Kershaw deep! #WorldSeries
Let’s all take a moment to appreciate Raul Julia as Dracula (Broadway, 1978-79), with set designs by Edward Gorey 🖤
Retweeted by Slytheralan @witch_mote I'm so glad that Lucky can see how pretty you are!🐮✨it costs $0 to rt my art! ✨🐮 i’m a queer, full-time college student paying for school, please consider supportin…
Retweeted by SlytheralanManaged to get this set of pics with the Otter just on the edge of the rock, clear from the bush and grass.
Retweeted by Slytheralan.@JoshiPuro it #SaturdayNight and you can’t go out.... you make the best of it at home, but you’re still not pleased with…
Retweeted by SlytheralanIf you are sad, look at how chonky this kitty is.
Retweeted by SlytheralanI moved on him like a bitch. I just started voting. I didn’t even wait. I just voted. And when you’re registered, t…
Retweeted by SlytheralanLast night I told our friends’ kids that I unplugged the screaming scarecrow we have on the front porch, so it was…
Retweeted by Slytheralan
Retweeted by Slytheralan @RitualsofMine @TheBeachBoys The Beach Boys without Brian Wilson is like The Sugarcubes without Bjork. Mike Love is a gigantic pile of shit.Chase Claypool and @MelonieMac have one thing in common: They are both 11s.That is totally @jenna_valentine @witch_mote Cuz K. K.'s big head was blocking the door.#NewProfilePic
Retweeted by SlytheralanHi I'm a Christian conservative who believes in angels and talking snakes but I need to see more data on climate change
Retweeted by Slytheralan @PalmerReport Too bad for him that he didn't build that Trump Tower in Moscow... @Se7eNDeadly1 @wrestlingleva It's, dare I say, elite!The was visually pleasing
Retweeted by SlytheralanOmigod, look at the line at my local Seattle polling place! ⁦@kcelections⁩ is going to the dogs! #IVoted
Retweeted by SlytheralanTo hear without thinking what a bird that would be -- Robert Kelly
Retweeted by SlytheralanMy daughter, Azura, is 8 and Animal Crossing is her first real video game. She has worked EXTREMELY hard on this.…
Retweeted by Slytheralan @Se7eNDeadly1 @wrestlingleva Yes. Yes she free in my head
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Tomorrow is the anniversary of Chris’s death. I don’t like commemorating it because I prefer celebrating his birthd…
Retweeted by SlytheralanThis might be my favorite moment of jazz on television.
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Retweeted by SlytheralanThis is what Daisy thinks about Boo stealing her bed. 😂😂😂
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Retweeted by SlytheralanI bet that it's @itsvedatime under that helmet. on my neighborhood walk today: dog turd with a Trump sign.
Retweeted by Slytheralan @pokimanelol You should invite @Zelina_VegaWWE, @DakotaKai_WWE or @AustinCreedWins! (If you have a big event with w… drawing a day. Day 212. Oscar Wilde. “One can survive everything nowadays except death.” (Born OTD in 1854.)
Retweeted by SlytheralanThat time of year for Boo Bear to come out & play! ✨👻✨
Retweeted by SlytheralanDay 16: Smiley hehe (I love smiley mark pattern, if I wear them all I can be covered in faces from top to bottom 😊)
Retweeted by SlytheralanWe would never miss a chance to shine some spotlight on the formidable @sarahshook.
Retweeted by SlytheralanLoke at me. Am stupide humane,, pee in bowle
Retweeted by SlytheralanFolk-Americana troubadour William Elliott Whitmore paints lyrically dark portraits with his new album 'I'm With You…
Retweeted by Slytheralan @adamegypt Kwaidan @harlow_bear Too pooped to spoop!🦔+🎃= bb queen
Retweeted by Slytheralanjust a golden being a golden
Retweeted by SlytheralanMary Trump's line still wins tonight, but this is pretty damned great.
Retweeted by Slytheralan10/31
Retweeted by SlytheralanFrom now through Sunday, take 20% off all my posters with code MIZUNO at checkout! 🔥 PLUS: all orders of $100 or mo…
Retweeted by SlytheralanCommission for WritingGlasses! Maki Itoh on a normal day of being the simp queen. #giantess #sizetwitter
Retweeted by SlytheralanIf Trump had really wanted Hillary to be locked up, he should have just brought her into his administration.
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Retweeted by Slytheralanit hates the windy beach
Retweeted by SlytheralanThe BARRED OWL is being seen again this morning in the Central Park Loch near the boardwalk toward Loch's north end!
Retweeted by SlytheralanRorona is finished 💗🥧 She's such a baby... Rt to spread the cuteness! @koeitecmoeurope #KTFamily #AtelierSeries
Retweeted by SlytheralanAnyone up for some Goldfinches bathing by the Central Park Pool?
Retweeted by SlytheralanA drawing a day. Day 211. Italo Calvino. “Instead of making myself write the book I ought to write...I conjured up…
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