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@mischacrossing I love that The Oracle was in both of our top 3, but our other tops are wildly different lmao @taajhasatweeter @ewokling mhm, you ARE the dream @mischacrossing the first 12 hours i felt like i was being dragged to the final circle of hell by my nipples, but w… i went into the bar to place the order, we talked about eating dry cereal & everyone shit on me for saying i p… funk yeah tgif to ME, the Midsommar Solstice Gin will finally be in my grubby lil hands n strange me vs my top 3 fictional personality matches the next week, we're raising money for JDRF! Here's what to look forward to:
Retweeted by Lee 🌱 🐌📣ACAB @yoosbox AFARTA, for when Jar-Jar passes gasscience says our height difference would look like this, & i am simply cackling kinda hurt that i'll never have a chance to marry hozier tbh @SmexiestChicken He needs a spa day really badly & i cant wait for it 😭 I'm already bookmarking free crochet patter… the fuck outta me??? as someone with a bipolar illness that requires a very delicate balance of chemicals t… @larz_ttv Time to stick a pair pantyhose over your vacuum hoseto start suckin' all the nooks & crannies @yoosbox *2 minutes later* ok you're ugly anyway stupid bitch lol @mischacrossing why my brain think of this ????
@arcadek3lly Full-bred Chinese Crested!! He just wasn't properly cared for over the last 4 years so the poor boy ha… @HikomarukunTV I was sobbing last night when i sent you the pics, i really hope i get approved 😭okay so....... i texted my family group chat in an attempt to talk me out of bringing home this scrawny boy, but in… this group of moms think that teachers should have known it was a risk since they deal with the flu & head l… nobody is supplying teachers with free proper PPE, or sterile controlled environments, or medical training,… too early for me to be upset, but there really is a group of locals berating teachers who don't feel safe teach…
Retweeted by Lee 🌱 🐌📣ACAB @thegeeksempress @CthulhuLel @NateThePanda im gonna need you to soak this incapitalism is telling us we haven't done enough but we have already done enough. we have earned our food, our homes…
Retweeted by Lee 🌱 🐌📣ACABimagine if we taught kids at a young age that they deserve the right to privacy & boundaries teaching kids about &… @NamiSarene saying uncomfortable things
Retweeted by Lee 🌱 🐌📣ACAB @artbylitzy @xjeselaine look at that first one 😍 @oatmilkmom that would make saying "blow me" just part of the gender curriculum, so big if true @MellanaTV @acidsunshinee @thebarryyyy my heart cannot contain it 😭
@laurabxth HUH???? @Telepeturtle @PossiblyDale you said somethin about this earlier @thecampaignbook Dear Mr. Shia "King Ally" LaBeouf, pls consider helping out with my gender-affirming, Titty-Be-Go… @roguerix i would be very much not alive @HikomarukunTV I bet you absolutely crushed it!! You're talented, driven, passionate, organized, & creative. They'd… thought i'd see the day where my mother asks me to help her get edibles & a nose piercing, but here we are @RealJacobPierce i both loved & hated that job, but i really only miss that i workedwith such cool people @PlayWithJambo i had a coworker try to "school" me the other day on record players, & when i started sharing what I…🏏🤠 understands me on such a deep, personal level @RompingFox i just rewatch Nichijou because it will never betray me @paragonpostcard he grew up to be in a folk punk band & he is killin it @AC_Roald @mischacrossing you with the summer items @KhleoThomas DisInsider??? i barely know'er for his commission info but pwease check out his work because he is amazing, thanks!!🌈✨COMMISSIONS OPEN✨🌈 I'm currently living solely off my art so consider supporting ur local gay indie artist! I'll…
Retweeted by Lee 🌱 🐌📣ACAB @DilboSkwisgaar some are, with very limited slots to keep down exposure. it's not safe to be doing much of anythin…
@witchytrinity You belong on the Plant Army team, I hope you can join us!! @AC_Roald @UforiK_ :+) @qlavier @FrostedCaribou look at this cute baby! @ImRyanBlue had a big angy post, but i deleted it because some people truly aren't worth it lol gonna just keep surrounding… don't know who needs to hear this but if any of your emotes are named "ree" (example pictured), that onomatopoeia…
Retweeted by Lee 🌱 🐌📣ACAB @Wanderingjaye add in about men & condoms, & whether or not they've convinced you that they can't wear one for what… my hashbrowns, drinkin' my tea @HelHathSomeFury This was like, 6-7 years ago, but it sure was something 😂 @HelHathSomeFury i cannot for the life of me watch The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret that show abso… @gloskull I own 3, so it's a good start. Really contemplating going out just to beef up the collection 😂3 things i want out of today: - ghibli movie marathon - hashbrowns - thai iced tea
about a month ago ONE single man used to stand on the corner by my apartment with a blue lives matter sign every we… you love is a sex worker. probably multiple someones. and if you're sitting there like "hmmm nope can't thi…
Retweeted by Lee 🌱 🐌📣ACABi miss my peachy hair, so i will recreate it via picrew until its real once again @DilboSkwisgaar I grew up with a malamute mix, & our family friends had 3 Bernese Mountain Dogs & an English Mastif… @PostCubicleKyle coincidentally, I want a Borzoi & they have long horsey faces, i'm not falling down a hypothetical anxiety-fueled spiral, why do you ask??i wish i wasn't 3 inches tall because i love big dogs, but i am terrified that i wouldn't be strong enough to hold… @CeddyOrNot My playlist is also very gay, just Saddy Issues flavored @podgie_TV also, on days i want a pick me-up, I love popsicles as a treat. putting ricotta & fruit preserves on ba… @podgie_TV hummus-- like, hummus with pretzels, crackers, pita bread, colored bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers... i… who build their personality solely on a foundation of ‘brutal honesty’ are so boring. Just say you’re a cond…
Retweeted by Lee 🌱 🐌📣ACAB @WoudiM brought back an old fav hair style 🐌
today, i love chicago & malort shots thank you for your time @sukination @thebarryyyy here ya go :+)yes, i’ve seen the photos of harry styles jogging no, i’m not well
Retweeted by Lee 🌱 🐌📣ACABbunny teef
i finally got my new duvet cover & sheets washed & set up Willow is inspecting @graciesxc if it makes you feel better, just know 2014 me haunts me too
started today on a good note, made myself pancakes, danced in the kitchen. then i was suddenly struck with bad brai… @RealJacobPierce my husband, my rabid raccoon digging thru the trash for a discarded sandwichIt is taking all my strength.... from New Girl I HATED Schmidt when i first watched the series, & then I realized that it's because it was… Cassidy honestly, maybe its just Joe Gilgun, maybe i just have a hard time not being attracted to destru… @SirCleverTV I haven't caught up on the last 2 seasons, but I'm making my way there, if only to see how he turns out 👀Will Graham, the human equivalent of a terrier left unattended for too long he will bite you if you get too close ma'am, you can set me on fire. Gallagher have you seen the way this man runs?? idk why it gets me, but it does we love an educated asshole fictional characters that I would graciously invite to ruin my life: a thread i'd like y'all to help co…
@motherrmoon should've posed with the sticky rice 😏If you’re uncomfortable or annoyed with seeing BLM on the tl, you’re privileged. Just because I don’t post about it…
Retweeted by Lee 🌱 🐌📣ACAB @mischacrossing GOD i have been SEARCHING for this!!!it was my goal to get my name changed this year before Covid hit, & it's been weighing on me that i feel like I've… sister knows i've been having a really hard time lately, & today she handed me a stack of papers it was the for… @mischacrossing he literally shouted in my ear, "IT LOOKS JUST LIKE IT!!" 😭
i showed my 11 year-old nephew @mischacrossing 's 5am island tour on YouTube because he's a big fan of Zelda, & he… @gloskull it's incredibly simple, & it makes SO MUCH. I put half of the pot into the freezer, & I STILL have enough… @FrostyTeaRex @jeffbrutlag He has a bad underbite, & it looks like he's had to correct speech problems because of i… at that perfect crisp 😍 its mostly lentils & brown rice, but also has roasted corn, black bean, tomato, onion… @ShiaBun Back when i ran the cafe, i once started a voicemail to one of our vendors with "hi, this is Lee from [ven… @GullibleGambit omg i wanna play this so badly