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Darude @Darudevil Turku, FI

📞 Dial It In WhatsApp message me: +358 40 3617130 | Gabriel & Dresden - 'Twelve' (Darude Remix) is out now on @anjunabeats:

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In the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King and the Beloved Community...❤️
Retweeted by Darude @sherwoodsuppers @richsolarstone @bombichsoftware Computer, cloud, external studio raid and a travel ride, so techn… and join me for the first Morning Show of the week at 07:00 GMT, heart-warming progressive goodness plus the C…
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@Anjunabeats Thanks for having me! Had a blast selecting tracks and mixing them for you! 🕺❤️🎹🌪The one and only @Darudevil took command of Anjunabeats Worldwide #708. Listen back to his mix:…
Retweeted by Darude @grimsikk @stephenfry Oh please. 😂 @alexstubb @stephenfry 😂Good lordy, lord - is there really a conspiracy theory that denies the existence of Finland, I mean I’ve been there…
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If I had a favorite octopus, it would be the Blanket Octopus. The fun starts at 22 seconds.
Retweeted by Darude @Chris_Cardno @Anjunabeats @GabrielNDresden Nope, not officially out.The release party last week for my remix of ‘Twelve’ by @GabrielNDresden on @Anjunabeats was so much fun! Listen to…
When a review in an audiophile magazine gets praised for its sonic greatness and it was recorded on a shitty mackie…
Retweeted by Darude @DeanFUEL @LuciWaves @AppleSupport @AppleMusic @Traktor @PioneerDJglobal Yes, but I don’t even want to bring anythi… @DeanFUEL @LuciWaves @AppleSupport @AppleMusic @Traktor @PioneerDJglobal Yeah, I just don't want to have bazillion…öpöttelin @Darudevil kanssa reilu pari tuntia musanteosta, musabisneksestä, hiekkamyrskystä, keltaisesta Dodge Vip…
Retweeted by Darude @thehill Fashion. That’s your concern? 😂😵🤯🤦🏻‍♂️ @Funkagenda 😂😵🤯🤦🏻‍♂️ @_fadinglight No biggie, used to THAT, was the same with Catalina. @jonathonxchavez I JUST updated to Catalina...Oh, now that I have (😂) your attention: Why on earth do BOTH Logic and Final Cut have to do AuVal check? 🤦🏻‍♂️ @LuciWaves @AppleSupport @AppleMusic I am/was pretty happy, I’ve used iTunes as long as I remember, it’s been cruci… @AppleSupport @AppleMusic How can I change View Options for ALL/multiple playlists at the same time? (And why w… Music app. Sigh. What would be a reason for thinking I want the playlists I had in iTunes setup this way, now s… you must know, I've now taken the crazy deep end plunge to Catalina from Mojave and after I got my final crux, P… @RichSolarstone for playing my @GabrielNDresden - Twelve remix on the Morning Show on
@MariaNordin ’Todennäköisesti’-mutu riittää siihen, että kivasti sanomatta sitä itse kehotusta ääneen viestit uskol… @MarioArgenta @MariaNordin @NannaIlopaa Which is it? Nose/mouth? Also, seems anecdotal, 2 doctors AND Daily Mail. W…
My mix for @Anjunabeats Worldwide is up! 🙌🏻 A set full of all the great stuff I’ve been listening to recently–plus… @alexeizakharov Yes, of course, mainly the sound comes from @WavesAudioLtd OVox and also used @PolyverseMusic Manip… and I are having an affair. Shhhh. @jonogrant Haha, it’s quite ok, I’m just poking some social seriousness and fun, perhaps not my forte 😂 @alexeizakharov Yeah, I might've sneaked it in at some point ;) @Wolf_Stocks_ Hit me if you must! ;) (But I'll see it as the wise @jonogrant above says... 👍🏻) @jonogrant Indeed, but I don't think that's how some of the people think about it all over the US right currently :D @alexeizakharov BUG... :DI haven't lost any Twitter followers in the last few days. @elevvenmusic @VMODA @rubenderonde Hahaha, yeah, if I had a penny every time someone asks about 1) about the headph… @elevvenmusic @VMODA @rubenderonde I like the sound and isolation and they travel REALLY well, the case is great an… @elevvenmusic @VMODA I’ve used the Crossfade LP 2 Wireless for both travel & DJ for a good 2 years (& now streaming…
@rodemics @elgato Awesome, thank you! (DM’d.) @rodemics One of my original Go Lavs started crackling, something’s up. A white one would be a nice replacement. Al… @chrislake @elgato Niceeee mate! Been super happy with my @Blackmagic_News ATEM Mini Pro ISO for capturing & switch… @fractalshapes @jonogrant @darrentate ...and 1) without that sidetrack I would’ve not gotten it out and 2) now I so… @fractalshapes @jonogrant @darrentate ...but stuff like sidetracking when synth sound hunting, then starting to wor… @fractalshapes @jonogrant @darrentate For me it took numerous years to stop comparing myself & my process to others… @fractalshapes @jonogrant @darrentate It’s also abt knowing what your process is like & allowing possible side trac… @progressivepab @Anjunabeats @1001tracklists Cheers!Wow this tracklist is 🔥🔥🔥 you guys are gonna wanna hear this. Welcome to the family @Darudevil - @Anjunabeats World…
Retweeted by Darude @tysonnDANGG Thanks for the kind words!Introducing M-200 ANC. Cut through the commotion of modern life with hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC) and a…
Retweeted by DarudeFinnish dance icon @Darudevil joins us for Anjunabeats Worldwide #708: Listen to his remix…
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Retweeted by Darude @richsolarstone We’re with you Rich! ❤️ I have up weeks, down weeks, up seconds, down seconds... Bullshit is what t…
@fariusmusic I do. Or actually I don’t, as I’m either too teary-eyed, too aneurysmatic to see, or too purposefully-… else look at the club nights still going in America and just think...
Retweeted by Darude @Crispy_Beanz CAPS. OFF. Said chap is just a normal dude. 😉 @jonogrant It’s not always just art & creation, sometimes a “mechanical” approach is in order. You know you have mo… @theAnjelGrace @Crispy_Beanz @Deorro THIS. 👊🏻
We're hosting a very special 'Remedy' (Remixed) takeover on our Instagram this weekend! Tune in for takeovers from…
Retweeted by Darude @richsolarstone @davedresden I guess he could, but I’m pretty sure Twitter is on it, won’t let it go on for long. I…
Laura Branigan manager calls video of Trump family blasting "Gloria" before right wing D.C. riots "absolutely appal…
Retweeted by Darude @jonogrant @Spencer_Brown @iBluestone You CAN argue about PDC-caused “sound” and, say, pitch correction algorithm’s… @jonogrant @Spencer_Brown @iBluestone Indeed, and I guess I might be splitting hair, but then it’s not the summing… 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Join over on Twitch: we go! A special version of my Friday DJ stream. Vibing Out: Twelve Remix Release Party starting over on my Tw…'s a special version of my Friday DJ stream for you tonight. Tune in to #VibingOut: Twelve Remix Release Party fr… @jonogrant @Spencer_Brown @iBluestone I’ve done, granted, somewhat limited testing & same condition simple null tes…
@MikeSafariMusic @richsolarstone @MissElektrik03 @PromoPush_UK @labelworx I know, BUT, the automated tracking could… @MikeSafariMusic @richsolarstone @MissElektrik03 @PromoPush_UK @labelworx Sure, and I appreciate your help, but wou… you missed last night's @GabrielNDresden Remedy Remixed Club Quarantine release party, it's worth checking out.…
Retweeted by Darude @richsolarstone @MissElektrik03 @PromoPush_UK @labelworx It’s seemingly a small thing, but in this digital era with… @richsolarstone @MissElektrik03 @PromoPush_UK @labelworx *SHOULD* BE, 100% @MissElektrik03 @richsolarstone @PromoPush_UK +1 ...but not every label on LabelWorx has it like that, some have t… @davedresden @rave444444 “Hey bro, why don’t you just keep to musicing and leave the big boy stuff to others...” 😉🤪😯
@MsMerope @GabrielNDresden I feel you. Geez. Take a break, there are good people chatting with Dave tonight, might… @seankatcher 😂👍🏻Wait wait. Darude... released Drum and Bass... on Anjunabeats? 2021 keep it coming I’m ready
Retweeted by DarudeI'm on #clubquarantine tonight talking with @GabrielNDresden. Watch over on their Twitch: day! This is a fun and different type of remix from me on @Anjunabeats! I've always loved dnb and just ran… new reworks from @Darudevil, @MikeSaintJules, #gardenstate, @Noureymusic and Entel; this is…
Retweeted by DarudeWe call this @Darudevil n' Bass. @GabrielNDresden 'Remedy Remixed' out now!
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@guardian WHAT?! why are you not reporting on the real issue? #BrokenRecord
Retweeted by Darude @guardian #BrokenRecord @davedresden @triodeofficial This. @jonogrant @augspurgerdsp Itty bitty humble audio nerd brag in there somewhere brother! ;)
@StumpsJ Great to know I have options, you know, because I'm desperately browsing the marketplace for such ingenious inventions!
I was looking for something all my young adulthood and now that I’ve been married “for ages” and have all the kids…
@IAMKarraMusic Karra Karra Karra Karra Karra Chameleon @Peppepappa @DJOrkidea @classicaltranc Yep. You do did done good. 🙌🏻 @classicaltranc NYE show reached nearly one million people (947000) live😍 One hour full concert is now in Yle Areen…
Retweeted by Darude @djoliversmith Ok. Our whole family is various levels of celiac and gluten sensitive, so we’re 100% GF, and also da… @triodeofficial See, THAT’S why the chat we had the other week. A PITA.
@stephssismyname I’m not always 100% informed about what is going on in the chat as I’m doing a little something on… @djoliversmith Looooks yummmm! You gluten-free, too? @juusojar @TeriLiham @WHaavis Oisko ollu 1970. @stephssismyname We’ll just have to disagree. Happy New Year to you, too! @juusojar @WHaavis Ei uusita enää... Ellei sitten haluta minimissään 6kk saikkua ;) Hyvää uutta vuotta! @Mat_Zo Original mp3 . com.
@juusojar @WHaavis Faktat on faktoja! 👊🏻 (Prkl 😂) @Kuffdam @davedresden @SteveHelstrip @djlange @FishermanOfc @Nifra @StoneTerm Indeed brother, indeed! 👊🏻❤️