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Dashiell M. Silva @dashiellsilva London, for now...

Illustrator. Film Obsessed. Location Designer on Netflix’s DEADENDIA (he/him)

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Her face work in this shot though.... was a moment. Could release this today and it would still be as fresh.
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva @PanderShirts ....Wait what if "Connie and Carla" (2004) is good?
Retweeted by Dashiell M. SilvaOh no it's my ex--- horny shiny monkey
Retweeted by Dashiell M. SilvaThat look was honestly so iconic. @jameshamilton It looks like a motion capture nightmare from 2007. @FoldableHuman Oh Christ. Another irrelevant, utterly sterile biopic of an English rock star in the 1970sKiki’s Delivery Service will forever be my burnout recovery movie 🧹 will also be forever in luv w the many patterns…
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva @ElliotBaggott .... I doubt WWIII is going to be a violent escalation of the fight for trans rights. @tigerjocks Same for me! Tbh, at this point all they really know about me is my name and the city I live in.Relevant and worth posting once again. BBC’s decision on the idea of their employees following pro-LGBTQ+ organisations being politically loaded is si… my birthday, Kanye got me the most thoughtful gift of a lifetime. A special surprise from heaven. A hologram of… @nicodelort But also, I have to laugh because there’s about 2 distinct ways to pronounce Saoirse and either directi… @nicodelort It’s baffling. @yoshisquared Circus ringleader/society impresario with a terrible secret. @ianxcarlos Isn’t that a boyfriend! @academy_queens Got the role and....!!!! @dragondroptools @jameshamilton Oh my GOD! 😱#WIP. Love you, mom!’s wild that this just *is* Tory policy.“I did not call my sister, the late Joan Fontaine, a “bitch”.” (Even thought I so totally did). @nwalks I thought Princess Margaret was dead?!So... Nigella Lawson apparently made reference to the Klingon dish, “gagh”? A queen.
@malchikhey @Maccadaynu Me too! 😳 @joy_ang “I don’t mean to alarm you, doctor. But I believe I have dropsy, cholera and the gout”. @TerryBlas I’m in love with this collaboration too!Godzilla deserves an honourary Oscar. @andyk82 Mood: Hunter in STRANGE CARGO (1940) is looking pretty hot. there any good online resources for learning some basic skills for working with audio?I have discovered the gothic & regency fiction corner of TikTok that's almost entirely populated by young queer peo…
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva @JD_Benefield Apparently, there was only 2,000 senators in the Galactic Senate.No (Non-Gomez & Morticia) onscreen couple was ever as horny for each other as Joan and Clark. @nwalks Kathy Bates Molly Brown spin-off when? @ianxcarlos @slayerfestx98 You’re doing amazing sweetie!! @nicodelort I always go gaga for a daringly, perfectly circular "O" @MarchYounglove'm not normally a Clark Gable fan but he's doing it for me here. things need "Deep in the Guianas" as an opening line. "Deep in the Guianas, Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy… typography for @nicodelort"Well my husband the *Senator* said-" "-There's like 20,000 Senators An'jela, it's not that big a deal".The Real Housewives of Minas Tirith.The Real Housewives of Coruscant.Give Ryan Murphy a Star Wars you cowards! @TayloredBites Star power. The TALENT! @jerrydowney913 She lost in the division finals to Gena Rowlands in A Woman Under the Influence, so it was a pretty fair fight. @jerrydowney913 Unfortunately, it can't happen because Gloria's been knocked out of the competition now!Always remember to feel your puss down deep in your soul. @MarchYounglove I know, right?! The whole movie was so dour and awful but she (and the fun four armed alien guy) were the best parts! @jerrydowney913 This battle of iconic femmes fatale is like a queer version of "who would win in a fight? The Hulk or Thor?" @TayloredBites See, this is why I'll always defend R*an M*rhpy. @TayloredBites "You're a Jellicle, Rey!" @Zwoltopia Remember!? That movies happened!!!! I keep catching myself thinking "Oh, isn't the sequel to The Last Je… @Glamorous_Matt Yeah, that tracks. It was adapted from a 6-volume almost 2,000 page comic that was only 3 volumes t… @TayloredBites Me @ Gena Rowlands and her honourary Oscar. god..... I just remembered Rise of Skywalker..... and Solo. @SeanMcGovernX Robin Hood (1973) was made entirely by normies and yet it birthed the modern furry aesthetic. These… @Glamorous_Matt Jealous!!! What did you think? @ben_cameron I know, this one is brutal. @Emmadebloois @Behaxeltzi Thank you! I know, they're the cutest and soooo tiny! @chercabula Thanks! It's made to be a 2 colour risograph print so the whole thing is done with just 2 colours! @mashmato_ You're right! It's a great insight into someone's interests. @madebyprima Thanks so much! @notanotheralex I've got a test print arriving today and I'm so excited to see it! @EmmaIllustrate @notanotheralex Thank you so much! :)Best Actress (Biggest Losers) - Division D - Quarter Final - Round 04: 1996 - Emily Watson (Breaking the Waves) 1… Actress (Biggest Losers) - Division D - Quarter Final - Round 03: 1979 - Bette Midler (The Rose) 2000 - Laur… Actress (Biggest Losers) - Division D - Quarter Final - Round 02: 1987 - Glenn Close (Fatal Attraction) 1944… Actress (Biggest Losers) - Division D - Quarter Final - Round 01: 1982 - Debra Winger (An Officer and a Gentl… everyone ready to vote for the next round of Division D? votes are in for Division C and what a goop! Gena Rowlands beats out Miss Gloria (Fucking) Swanson and secure h… @andyk82 Well....Sooo i collaborated with @everpresshq on their holiday collection! You can pre-order a t-shirt (or hoodie, or sweat…
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva @philford @Nigella_Lawson, hands up, who eats Cadbury's Flake? Quite possibly the most annoying chocolate to eat indoors.
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva“He was an Academic Man. She was a Bookish Woman. Can I make it any more obvious?” @marcusjdl The “only 4 channels on tv” one really got me. Like our wanton avarice is to blame for a massively expanded tv’re not allowed to watch the Lorraine Bracco HGTV show unless you’ve seen the Sopranos in its entirety 5 times
Retweeted by Dashiell M. SilvaThe answer is still Chris Pratt.
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva @tigerjocks Same energy: @cheesivore the edible hits
Retweeted by Dashiell M. SilvaIt's all finished! I've finished the last illustration in my Alphabet of Absurd Zoology.
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva
@SeanMcGovernX Hahahah! Could you imagine?!Missing my friends. ☹️Only allowing queer content to be bland, drama-less fluff for fear of falling into tropes that homophobes thrust up…
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva @HamishTheSadBoy Obsessed. @joelnb This serve! @jameshamilton *hug* @Glamorous_Matt This is important!!! @scottscribbles Thanks! It's a personal favourite!If you had to choose an old picture of you as an album cover @ianxcarlos Oh my god!! @kevinjaystanton Does that mean Gloom is really really happy? @yascaoimhin Because we can’t drive so we’re likely to be more familiar with and affectionate towards them.Giving this a bump for anyone who missed it earlier. @PanderShirts That.... vein. 😱