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Illustrator, Animator and Designer. Film Obsessed. Get THE BIG O, your one-stop guide to the Oscars here:

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@capitanintriga I mean, when it comes down to it (even though I too, love it). It's just a tv show! 😆 @capitanintriga But also.... it's like you wanna try and convey to these people that a new series trying slightly d… @capitanintriga Yeah, I've heard that a little too and It's just exhausting. We've had a new series made in the "cl… @capitanintriga Oh Seven absolutely is a lesbian icon, particularly in regards to her relationship to Janeway. @capitanintriga It's everything I was expecting & I'm really enjoying it. there's definitely some bits & subplots t… @capitanintriga It was *very* disorientating. @capitanintriga But this sort of intense confrontation, loaded with sexual undertones is the sort of thing Seven ha… @capitanintriga I mean, I don't think it was meant to be the point, like I think it was meant to be read as "hostag… @capitanintriga Also, "Evil Troi" Ahahahaah! I thought exactly the same thing! When she first appeared I was like "… @capitanintriga Oh of COURSE!Jeri Ryan
@cinementalist There’s a bottom, Supporting a top. @salmattos (Me in the maze at steamworks) @salmattos ScremMe the time I took black market Adderall
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva @ianxcarlos REPRESENTATION MATTERS! @Maccadaynu Daaayyyuuummmm!!Me: eww gross Bearded Buttigieg that’s so fucked up 🤢 Also me:
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silvafor his birthday cake my 3 year old nephew wants a “black triangle covered in bees” which is metal as hell and I’m proud of him
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva @amonns Awww! You look so cute here!!Just found a file I saved 5 years ago that contains only the sentence "Sisyphus and the rock are a queer couple." I…
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva @salmattos Fhtrdjgerfh!!!Faye Dunaway looks *soooo* good in THE TOWERING INFERNOWhen your printer goes out of his way to give you a compliment about the quality of your holiday snaps... Why do we need 5 whole words? I can nail it with: "Well, *actually*..."This film is based on the novels "The Tower" and "The Glass Inferno" and that mashup is giving me flashbacks to the Blazin' Squad.Now watching: @Glamorous_Matt @MissBunnyBixler The more nuggets I learn about the Cukor/Beaton hostility, I am more and more conf… @EimhinMcNamara @amyplify Werewolf Bar Mitzvah!
@Glamorous_MattNobody fights with as much vicious brutality as old gays who work in the arts. (Director George Cukor on working w… content. @Maccadaynu Who hurt these people? @EimhinMcNamara @amyplify And yet we wonder why people *keep* trying to make Jurassic Park happen despite the HUNDR… @DuskySprngfield Iconic.Now Watching: @Maccadaynu My father has a very large head and is frequently made fun of for it (which I find rather mean). He was also cesarean: @jameshamilton Found her: @Maccadaynu I thought it was Kristen Stewart!#BluePassportsDontMatter @JD_Benefield Also, Norman Taurog won the 1930/31 (4th) Best Director Oscar for SKIPPY, a film based on a comic str… @JD_Benefield "Comic movies are a modern phenomenon" @BrienAyrton Absolutely! I keep yelling at the screen that Deborah Kerr was ROBBED of a best actress Oscar nominati… Watching: yourself, I'm "Directed by ROBERT SIODMAK"Now watching: (Two Oliva de Havillands for the price of one!) @hamishsteele How's the weather up in the Heaviside layer?No choice but to power through 2020 with Gloria Swanson energy.
Retweeted by Dashiell M. SilvaIt feels like it’s leather pride every weekend! crap!! This is the *same* woman?!? 😮 still talking about people who have the range? feel like people have been nagging for a FRIENDS reunion since 1998 and... why? @vontheodore Agh! Lovely! What town is it? @nwalks @rosedommu Watching it this time.... I think this could be a green screen background too! 😆Douglas Fairbanks in The Mark of Zorro (1920)
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silvaalfred: sir, there are reports harleen quinzel has just blown up ace chemicals to announce that her and joker have…
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva @edd_gosbender Who?Today I met Irissn, the flower fairy mascot of Shibuya, Tokyo.
Retweeted by Dashiell M. SilvaGoodnight and pleasant dreams! I love you all! I’m bigger now so let’s go on adventures! Stay warm and stay safe!
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silvacatherine in my philosophy class just absolutely ethered descartes by saying "i think just like, hes thinking too hard about this stuff"
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva @BrienAyrton @MegaNinetales I have an eternal soft spot for Sam.Don't know who needs to hear this but Don Cheadle has THEE Range 🔥
Retweeted by Dashiell M. SilvaThe "You're gay and into older men but you don't fully understand that yet because you're still 12" Starter Pack.
Retweeted by Dashiell M. SilvaOk this is sick. And satisfying.
Retweeted by Dashiell M. SilvaConrad Veidt is one of the few things in this world we can depend on.
Retweeted by Dashiell M. SilvaI will never get over the fact Nigella isn't pictured in any of the recipes on her website except for Slut's Spaghe…
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silvaabout once a week I remember how in the end of The Witches by Roald Dahl, the main character gets turned into a mou…
Retweeted by Dashiell M. SilvaWhat normal thing do you do at home that would get you weird glares in public? E.g. I scramble up stairs on all fours like the wolfman.
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva @kamilumin How’s Saturday?
it's funny how you can tell they think of Bernie as a poor person by the way they hold that crumby quaint little in…
Retweeted by Dashiell M. SilvaThis casting for Season 4 of THE CROWN though. @hamishsteele designs by Alexandre Benois (Russia, 1870-1960) for the Ballets Russes
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva"Thinking of myself as a well-meaning idiot ambling their way into opportunities" vs. "Thinking of myself as a fl… @mathewrodriguez Can't wait and I'm so excited for you!!!did you know: ruth e. carter was costume designer on the pilot episode of seinfeld
Retweeted by Dashiell M. SilvaThe Yee-Haw-ge's no spinoff I wanted to see more than a comedy-mystery series featuring Dianne Wiest and Carrie Fisher's cha… @ianxcarlos Okay. Hope you're doing as good as you look!Dandy Lion Flower Shop 🌺
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva @Phil_Lewis_ @hamishsteele Dame Tiffany "New York" Pollard of New York's Grandmother.Check out our blog to see @guardian data journalist @MonaChalabi update Du Bois data visualisation to show a pictur…
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva @Phil_Lewis_ I think about the way she says "SwizerLAND" about once a day.I was told in college that I had poor research skills. I have now written and designed *nine* books, over 2,000 p… that time Nina Simone said she almost killed a man for not paying her? The legendary singer was born on t…
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva @nicodelort I know, right?! Like there's some Saul Bass books and they're great and all but there's so much richne… of the proceeds from every set of badges sold will be donated to the Fawcett Society, the UK’s leading charity…
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva @nicodelort Keep me posted!Gigi Cavenago
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva @hypercubexl This was the working title for SEX AND THE CITY. @nicodelort I would LOVE to do a series of fake old movie title screens.I've found it. The greatest title card for a film ever. y'all you have to see this image from a texas house that was submitted on the mcmansion hell live stream. you ar…
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silvafirst you must answer his riddles
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva @yoshisquared @JennRavenna Every experience is an opportunity to learn, haha! @JennRavenna @yoshisquared I never wanted to shame you! I just wanted to point out where you fitted in the grand Ma… @shckldg @Beardynoise PRESIDENT Moustache! @JennRavenna @yoshisquared I'm still laughing at seeing your and Yoshi's face getting increasingly *mortified* when… years after independence nitrogen was sorely lacking in the 26 counties. That's because nitrogen is never found in a free state.
Retweeted by Dashiell M. Silva @JennRavenna OPULENCE!!!! I feel like Gloria Vanderbilt or Elizabeth Taylor would have had these skills.