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February by Serwaa unveils “Retrospect” SS20/21 Collection’s Collections 2020 Capsule Collections Is Here
A THREAD ! Day to day , black creatives are ridiculed by colonial bodies that are meant to be in our interest . A…
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Don’t talk about it , just do it !
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy coming 6/26 Pre-Order now:
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Recognized Sarkodie gave the same msg he did on the BET international flow cypher. That verse and that msg is a ver…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮I Just dey listen Brown paper bag chale @sarkodie 👑 @manifestive 👑Said It All 👏👏👏👏 👑👑 #BrownPaperBag
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Sark... The new Martin Luther king I still have a dream M.anifest.. Malcom X when I express, By any means Yes 🐐 🐐 #brownpaperbag
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮#brownpaperbag Drop screenshots of you streaming the song let me see something!
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Kwame Nkrumah before and after listening to #brownpaperbag Sarkodie and Manifest really spoil there 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮“We’re praying for Rapture instead of focusing on manufacture” - Manifest. I see nothing but facts here. Both Sa…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮A rich continent but we're facing depression- @Sarkodie In the Land of so much how is there Hunger - @manifestive #brownpaperbag
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Sarkodie and Manifest After recording #BrownPaperbag. 💥💥💥
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Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Free is when you can decide for yourself Free is when you no one is controlling your wealth Free is when you stop b…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Religion is a prison and we dying to be living And we loosing our minds as we thinking of winning. - M.anifest #brownpaperbag
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Hanged this over the other day. After 11 years of this being my identity, IT IS FINISHED. Look for me on the 3rd da…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮 @MsNaa you always were and still would always be the reason i always tuned in to the big Y.. My heart and love goes… @MsNaa gonna miss you on the morning sessions on @Yfm . #irreplaceable MsNaa
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮 @MsNaa Lemme be real honest with you, can’t wait to send you a message that reads “ what a comeback, I am inspired”…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮After 11 yrs of knocking out the competition, my time with my family at Yfm has come to an end. Sad though I might…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮I loose myself and fix me all over i never did... That's the realist truth i still trust...We never stop coming back to this truth all year round that #BlackLivesMatter Reminds me of the movie.. #QueenandSlimMost Album Sales in Hip-Hop (via RIAA Certs) 46.5m - Eminem 36.5m - 2Pac 27.5m - Jay-Z 25.5m - Drake 22m - Nelly &…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Smile more say less!black people literally slaved to build the land you live on and all you do is kill them and no matter the protests,…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮BAD people make GOOD people become BITTER to SOCIETY. The Postman ✍️.
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Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮 @EFYA_Nokturnal Go Gingam!!!New Music Next Month ..🔥🔥🔥 Exciting Times ..! Stay Safe .. Pls Wear Your Mask 😷 And Take All Precautions...🙏🏽 🐉❤️
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Since I got active on Twitter, Instagram has become beans to me. Salute to Twitter 👏🏽👏🏽
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Learn to give ❤️ ... especially when u have
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮There are two groups I am concerned about when it comes to our covid-19 fight: 1. Those who haven't heard anything…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Never push Real love away!
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@Joy997FM @MBawumia This Bawumia kraaa why we are out of work, we try to do buying and selling business to yawa Co…
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@caroline4real Not one of the best news i happen to have chanced on...not on my birthday but Mama Caro u know id al… to tell it all. Enjoy and subscribe to my channel😊
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15 Trailblazing Creatives in Dakar
Fashion School Riohs Originate Adapts Full Online Tuition Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak
How are you twitter Family - let’s stay connected ... I will be giving out some mobile monies 50 Gh each !! Hopeful…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮We are all Ghanaians and we need to support each other and the government in times like these. Let's all donate to…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮We shot a commercial today focusing on picking up unknown persons who aren't well protected. Something we usually r…
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Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Sarkodie dieh he no see nothing yet
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Got this, this morning ... this is why I make music. THIS IS WHY ..... I love it when the music helps you mentally…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Sorry for not being very active here , been cooking a lot in the studios , y’all go chop very soon then Momo Party go follow.. #ohwhaaaaaaat
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Hmmmm By June De3 !!!!!!!!🥳 Na Nyame ahy3 niho 3nimonyam🙏🏾
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Herh charley but before Corona come then the world inside be sweet o herh...We give Thanks still..God is the Greatest 🙏🏾
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮God Should Just Come 😭 Madasaaaa Mabr3 Awwww Yesu 😫
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮On a serios note, @Quamina_Mp song titled #Baba changed me..I was addicted to many stuffs but now am a different pe…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Why anyone would go through the trouble to create artwork with a fake number of confirmed cases in Ghana (placing i…
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Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮You could randomly get a call that you’ve come into contact with an infected person so they’re coming for your bloo…
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Nigerian Fashion Label Fruché Debuts SPIRITS II – MMUO day I thank God for giving me an incredible child. I am so proud of you, Thank you for being such a great son…
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...”One of the lessons that I grew up with was to always stay TRUE to YOURSELF and never let what somebody else say…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮I was a starboy even before music My bro Sea Blue be the biggest plug for Ghana talk about sneakers then shadez. E…
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You’re a queen, you deserve the cream, everything that gleamed Everything that shines, everything that’s mine
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮The Jamaica Times calls Stonebwoy, the Afro-Dancehall King with the artistry to match any Dancehall act…
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Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Chloroquine is very effective in treating viruses. - Dr Amuasi #Newsfile
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Examples of 'emotional singers'. Please lost them now here, we're counting. 👇🏿 #TheRoyalHost #ShowBizNow
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮At 4pm today, I’m talking music with @Nasty_CSA on @Y1079FM’s IG Live. Let’s vibe. #LockDownRadio #LockDownOnY
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6 things you may regret not doing whilst on the lockdown with uncle ebo whyte contd will r…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮>Now playing on #CitiCBS with @benkoku >Peter Tosh - The Poor Man Feel It @Citi973 @nathan_quao @KojoAB
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮6 things you may regret not doing whilst on the lockdown with uncle ebo whyte contd 3. You will regret not taking…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮 @benkoku for those of us who pay to fetch water from peoples houses , are we also not going to pay? #CitiCBS #Covid_19 #StayAtHome
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮COVID-19: We are continuing to work towards ensuring that we are able to step up our logistics. - @konkrumah
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🇬🇭 on the cover of Africa Now playlist. Big up @AppleMusic & congrats @darkovibes on your No. 1 record in the count…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮After the storm concert it rained ☔️ Reign concert ☔️ Wonderboy concert ☔️ And now Faith Concert it’s ☔️ Showe…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Shout out @thisisangel ! Blessings remix out everywhere featuring @frenchmontana and I! Link in his bio!
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Today and tomorrow we are commencing an exercise to take home, our Collegues who have been in mandatory quarantine…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Appreciate y’all for loving this song. #Woy3Guy
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮You’re not breaking’re breaking thru.
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Ghana iTunes Top 10 Albums... 1.@darkovibes - Kpanlogo 2.@sarkodie - Highest 3.Adele - 25 4.@manifestive - Nowhere…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮I have seen people use the mask and it's dangerous. The Golden rule of using the mask is that it should be off or o…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Turn on the lights #outnow 💚🇬🇭🌏
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Necessity is the mother of all inventions. Ghanaians are the BEST
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Mahama Ayariga believes the lockdown should have been in place in the areas where the restrictions have now been ap…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮The pandemic exposes the fragility of Ghana's economy. - Ken Ofori-Atta #Newsfile
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Hey guys go download the Empawa Music App on Android!!! We hit emerging artists Music, you can submit your entries…
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Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮These streets eh...small time den some bro want discredit you, take your shine and live on what you made a househol…
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Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮The little things we do from the bottom of our heart determines the level of our kindness to humanity. Those who kn…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮The thing turn @darkovibes album listening
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Emotional Dey Pon #KpanlogoAlbum @darkovibes
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Please if you havnt watched the movie ALPHA, do so as you have time. Movie speaks to souls Mehn. It’s on Netflix. Plus I can download too
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Check this out guys 🏆🏆 amazing 👏🏽👏🏽@GuiltyBeatz so proud of you bro❤️
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮If she does not have a big forehead, she's boring cuz that's where they store all the drama, comedy, news and craziness.
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮'something small I tell you, you are telling everybody' 😂😂💔 -@darkovibes
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮I just love @darkovibes on a chorus 😷
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Too many people are trying to find the right person instead of being the right person.
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮I think it is safe to say the future of Ghanaian music is in the right hands because @Spacely1z , @darkovibes and…
Retweeted by 💎#IAM_D°E°L°A°L°I🔮Fav off the album🔥🔥 #Kpanlogo @darkovibes
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