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Surma @DasSurma London, UK

Web Advocate @Google. Internetrovert 🏳️‍🌈 Craving simplicity, finding it nowhere.

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@DotProto @_developit Good man ;) @voxpelli While the ancestry is correct, Blink and WebKit have diverged significantly and can't in an way be consid… @DotProto @_developit *ahem* both of you. Go play video games or drums or just annoy the SO or something. Don… @dcodeIO Dig it @chicoxyzzy @vincentriemer @MicrosoftEdge OH RIGHT IT’S THAT ONE. Yeah, all good then :D @vincentriemer @chicoxyzzy @MicrosoftEdge PR?Another WebAssembly conference happening in London! @voxpelli @slightlylate @chicoxyzzy @MicrosoftEdge Good PR. Thanks a bunch for that :) @voxpelli @chicoxyzzy @MicrosoftEdge Yeah I keep going back and forth on that one. It’s at the browser’s discretion… @slightlylate @chicoxyzzy @MicrosoftEdge I thought the same thing after just taking that screenshot. I’ll investiga… bit late to the party, but I merged the PR by @chicoxyzzy to reflect the new @MicrosoftEdge release on…
@Smutchings @rem This. If it's java, it's - ironically - not cross platform.Gold-plated, high-fidelity TOSLINK? *GOLD*-PLATED, *HIGH-FIDELITY* TOSLINK? Milking hobby audiophiles really work… @shirshak55 the site that you were browsing to buy the laptop probably embeds the Facebook tracker. @theSdev @TimvdLippe @jaffathecake @kosamari @jenross83 @Paul_Kinlan clearly you took longer than Tim...I have never had ads for Oculus Quest (or any VR gear for that matter) on Facebook or Instagram. But now that I hav…
@BenLesh But what if it contains a reduce()?The Oculus Quest house is a LIE! (aka. found Developer Mode)
@FremyCompany It’s not slower than any other form of RPC. And everybody knows connections don’t break. (FWIW, the… @karanganesan It’s really just RPC. So instead of calling REST APIs or something, you just call JavaScript function… the most impressive demo, but it’s got potential! if you could use Comlink with WebSockets? Expose variables, classes and objects in your node server to the cli… @RReverser @kosamari @bradleymeck I _think_ you are already allowed to re-declare consts in Canary. @StuRobson @Paul_Kinlan @jaffathecake We call that the “status quo”Funny that when you type “man” into your terminal, you get things explained to you Really makes u think 🤔🤔🤔
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@areddicks1014 Don’t have DevTools handy? :D All my headings are the wonderful Lab 2 variable font by @djrrb @KevinLozandier @siddiqr67 @BenLesh @jaffathecake @DeepLearn1ng @mykola (Observables are not async ^^) @BenLesh Fair point. Streams have that capability, so it's not an inherent difference. Its mostly me not paying clo… @kosamari Don’t.📝New blog post! 📣 Over the winter break I tried building an app using reactive programming — and of course ended u…
@DotProto It has _a_ browser, that is chromium based afaik. Its not chrome. I think it's a Facebook thing. Not sure. @DotProto I got the quest yesterday. So good. And has support for WebXR. 10/10 do recommend. @philhawksworth Wait, you are *not* MCing?And we're live! Downloads are now available to pilot and deploy the new #MicrosoftEdge.
Retweeted by Surma @oliverturner Someone should make a PR ;) @KevinLozandier @jaffathecake @DeepLearn1ng @mykola @BenLesh fwiw I appreciate your feedback. I knew the title was… @KevinLozandier @jaffathecake @DeepLearn1ng @mykola @BenLesh @jaforbes @drboolean As I said, I agree with you here.… @KevinLozandier @jaffathecake @DeepLearn1ng @mykola @BenLesh I am surprised you’d categorize the video as abrasive.… @KevinLozandier @jaffathecake @DeepLearn1ng But the whole point was to look at snippets from popular and real code… @KevinLozandier @jaffathecake @DeepLearn1ng I mentioned in the episode that idoms play a big role. JavaScript is ra… @Micky_Fn reduce() is fine for sums! (And pretty much only that, lol) @TimvdLippe I smell a new test framework coming. Jarma. Kest. Take your pick.Yup. No one is upset in the comments. It’s all civil and reasonable. HTTP203 delivers again. @sompylasar Seems like it!
@mrdoob @cheneytsai @dalmaer @thespite Just scratch physical CDS. Headset is cheaper than most conference tickets.… @_prateekbh @_developit @typescript As it uses comlink under the hood, I'm pretty sure the answer is yes :)Just published comlink-loader 2.0. Add a querystring to imports and they run in a Worker. Simple and @typescript wo…
Retweeted by Surma @mbleigh @dalmaer @mrdoob @thespite Says "coming soon" on the quest :( @linclark @kripken @ag_dubs @tadeuzagallo @salomonsen_p @beriberikix @KevinHoffman @brionv @binjimint </Thread 🧵>… @linclark @kripken @ag_dubs @tadeuzagallo @salomonsen_p @beriberikix @KevinHoffman @brionv One keynote is not enoug… @linclark @kripken @ag_dubs @tadeuzagallo @salomonsen_p @beriberikix @KevinHoffman The penultimate talk of the day… @linclark @kripken @ag_dubs @tadeuzagallo @salomonsen_p @beriberikix WebAssembly was designed with security and iso…📺Look at that, a new HTTP 203! @DasSurma and @jaffathecake discuss whether reduce() is bad. Surely, this video w…
Retweeted by Surma @linclark @kripken @ag_dubs @tadeuzagallo @salomonsen_p Using WebAssembly on the internet is not new, but on the In… @linclark @kripken @ag_dubs @tadeuzagallo In the next talk, @salomonsen_p will compose in JavaScript, synthesize in… @kosamari Debatable! @linclark @kripken @ag_dubs Safari’s engine “JavaScriptCore” now consists of 3 tiers: LLInt, BBQ and OMG. If you wa… clarify some confusion I've seen, means: 📉 Browser name + major version sent by default,…
Retweeted by Surma @fernandojsg See the FAQ :D The entire event is live-streamed :)This is upsetting many people, and they have good arguments, too. I saw the I2S, saw that all other browser agree… @triblondon It seems many people would agree with you. I just saw this I2S, saw that all other browser agree and as… @linclark @kripken After a short coffee break, @ag_dubs will take stage and explain why the Wasm Summit 2020 websit… @paul_v_m AFAIU, you can still sniff the browser, but not necessarily the exact version. But if some legit use-cas… @myakura You are correct. @rmondello just corrected me as well I went off of his older tweet originally: @vexii12 @intenttoship @w3c Each browser can handle their UA string as they like. None of the browsers are violatin… @linclark Our second talk of the day will be given by @kripken of Emscripten. File size matters on the web, but not… excited to see this. Safari froze it’s UA string in TP 46 already. Firefox and Edge are supportive and aim… @vexii12 @intenttoship @w3c It’s all linked in the Intent email. All other browsers are on board with this decision…’s only appropriate for the first #wasmsummit’s opening keynote to be given by someone who has been part of WebAs…📣Long have y’all waited, but today we’ll finally start announcing the speakers for the #wasmsummit 2020. You can fi… @mrdoob @thespite fine. FINE. @thespite @mrdoob Was too cheap to spend the money 🙄 @mrdoob @thespite Setup was great, the tracking feels super impressive, and the tutorial was really fun. I did, ho… this arrived today! 😍 @IamStan @linclark fixing 😅
@reillyeon Fair point. Then again, which reasonable assumptions does C++ allow? Like... Any at all? @Jack_Franklin Your face is incremental @slightlylate Alexxxxxxxxxxxxx*clears throat* If I see one more person saying that ++i is more memory efficient than i++ because "it doesn't nee… @cramforce @Kevin_Ellen_ Yeah, workers could definitely help. You could just ban all the trackers to a worker (unless they nee… @Kevin_Ellen_ I haven’t tried it, no, but it should be fairly easy (esp with Comlink). However, I think the gains… Twitter peeps, do you ever wish you could combine your two favorite hobbies: harassing women, and gaming? Well…
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@cat_a_flame I should have not used "work". I am fiddling on spare time projects :D @TimvdLippe Not Google work. SurmWork.How am I supposed to get any work done like this? #dogcontent
Live footage of me trying to make use of this first week back at work...
@DotProto @preetster FPGAs don't make clicky noises tho... @xlaessa Are you my mom? @DotProto That being said, I only ever wrote an emulator for that cpu. So what I'm really saying is "*please* do this!!" @DotProto I designed a CPU while at uni that had NAND as it's only operation and was constructed purely from nand g… @dalmaer A for effort, my friend.“You can’t dance on two weddings at once” is the German equivalent to “you can‘t have your cake and eat it, too”. @xlaessa YES Thank you! I knew there was _something_ but just couldn’t remember. That’s the one. @ozaed Oh I have heard this one before! Thank you @stefanhoth I declared this one the winner: @kristoferbaxter Happy to help/pair up if ya want :)Fellow German speakers: Does German have a turn of phrase that’s roughly equivalent to “to have your cake and eat it, too”? @SignpostMarv @jaffathecake @kosamari @danbri might be able to help? @kristoferbaxter