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Surma @DasSurma London, UK

Web Advocate @Google. Internetrovert 🏳️‍🌈 Craving simplicity, finding it nowhere. He/him.

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@Paul_Kinlan @RReverser @dalmaer Data URLs 🥴 @swyx @Una The video is certainly not pending :D the playlists went public straight after the event
@_gsathya @tschneidereit @littledan @_shu After reading this, I don't quite understand how WeakRef does not open up… @mathias @jaffathecake @bedouard You are a prototype chain walk... @_gsathya @tschneidereit @littledan @_shu Cheers! @_gsathya @tschneidereit @littledan @_shu (that being said, I didn't know there was a full impl in the explainer. Cheers for that!) @_gsathya @tschneidereit @littledan @_shu That's why I'm asking! I can totally do it in user-space so I was wonderi… @blowery @paul_melero @bedouard @jaffathecake Oh you are right. I had to switch from WeakSet to Symbol Expandos aft… @RReverser @jaffathecake @heltir @paul_melero @bedouard Woah wat? How? @jaffathecake @heltir @paul_melero @bedouard Modulo browser support i guess. Not sure of bootstrap still wants to support IE11 @blowery @paul_melero @bedouard @jaffathecake I use it a bunch in comlink :)It's one thing to dislike a game. It's another to send death threats to the writers or producers. It's a whole oth… @tschneidereit @_gsathya @littledan if/when WeakRef proposal is fully landed, could we also make WeakSet iterable now? @jaffathecake @paul_melero @bedouard Gonna add this to my weakRef 203 episode. I shall call it "JavaScript's weak stuff" @Paul_Kinlan Strong tweet @wongmjane BeatSaber OST 👏 @jaffathecake @bedouard I vaguely remember that map look up was actually faster now, but don't have any hard numbers.
@cramforce @jaffathecake Sadly, not our platform :( @MrAhmadAwais @jaffathecake Dr Surma is my father. (Seriously.)Mr. @jaffathecake and I do a weekly podcast, ya know, and we miss it pretty much every week. But we try. We record… @HCornflower @baddn @ChromiumDev @webrtc @gsuite
@cramforce @kristoferbaxter @dalmaer @rob_dodson @HenriHelvetica _wat_ @thinkpanzer @cramforce @dalmaer @kristoferbaxter @rob_dodson @HenriHelvetica Alster > Radler, but when you live in… @cramforce @kristoferbaxter @dalmaer @rob_dodson @HenriHelvetica I’m curious, has Diesel made it to the US as well?… @rob_dodson @HenriHelvetica Rob that's Austrian. You're cheating on me. @slightlylate What *do* you have to do to reach 100? @bcinarli @ashleymcnamara It’s so odd (and yet so flattering) that people really loved this talk despite (or maybe… @umaar @jaffathecake Not from behind :D It also keeps the lighting consistent throughout the day or if the sun hide…🎥 New talk! Let's make images smaller… ➡️ How lossy & lossless codecs actually work. ➡️ Each codecs pros/cons. ➡️…
Retweeted by Surma @HenriHelvetica Radler is so friggin refreshing tho @slsoftworks That means a lot coming from you <3 It was mostly adapting to the increasing severity of COVID. Then…’s! All the VODs are now online Day 1: Day 2:… @Not_Woods @jaffathecake Not janky all the time. But the second you zoom (or cause a repaint otherwise), paint-heav… in 5mins-ish, me and @DasSurma will be looking at how image compression actually works. Knowing this can help y…
Retweeted by Surma @kosamari You are a hero <3
@thespite @tamat @mrdoob I didn't realize y'all want audio @mrdoob @thespite @tamat No. But maybe it's worth adding sound support considering how insufficient MediaRecorder is @thespite @tamat @mrdoob :3 @HenriHelvetica @nachocoloma Then the event becomes a n body problem simulation📺 Jump right into Firefox's segment: @atopal on joint developer n…
Retweeted by Surma @HenriHelvetica DO IT.Day 3: - - @una with 10 layouts in 1 line of CSS - @_developit & @jaffathecake building pl… day 2 almost over Tomorrow we start at 8:30am BST/4:30pm JST, and we’ll all be in chat aga… Day 2 is about to kick off and we’ve got a lot in store for you. Before we get started though, here’s a…
Retweeted by Surma🧵 for day 1
@stefanhoth @argyleink @_developit @jaffathecake @kosamari @Una Glad if you and your team find it useful <3 @Indiequest1 @justinfagnani @jaffathecake s/the man/a team of 6 people over the last 5 months/ @RReverser Agreed. And the desired behavior could be achieved by sanitizing/normalizing the path in user land, whic… @FredKSchott @jaffathecake @berndartmueller @argyleink @_developit @kosamari @Una @pikapkg We wanted to start with… @brianleroux But let’s be realistic. How many sites that are currently live, fall into the 1kb category? how many f… @brianleroux @matthewcp We are not telling them to add webpack. Very specifically not. We are telling people who *a… @brianleroux I think you know your stuff so you can get by without tooling if you wanted to, cool. But the amount o… @brianleroux If you want your app to be for _everyone_, like people that are restricted to 2G connectivity and supe… @torch2424 @argyleink @_developit @jaffathecake @kosamari @Una It does!!! @brianleroux (Coffeescript?) Sure, if you don’t use JavaScript, you don’t need code splitting. But it’s not up to… @ptnik @slightlylate @jaffathecake @kosamari You can paste the image already! Is it not working for you? @dalmaer @slightlylate @jaffathecake @kosamari cheeky @lukeshiru @_developit We wanted to keep the possibility for more reports :D @matthewcp @brianleroux If anything, our goal is to make it simpler for developers. I don’t quite see how we are en… @matthewcp @brianleroux If isn’t useful to you, I apologize. We did make the conscious de… @matthewcp @brianleroux I mean, no, I can’t point you to a study or something. But I think we have a pretty good un… @matthewcp @brianleroux I guess there is a bias towards how apps are currently built on average. We can definitely… @brianleroux We actually want to discuss it. All the best practices we are testing for are... actual best practice… @brianleroux That’s why we wanted a clear overview, so you can ignore the stuff that isn’t of interest for you. Bu… @tombyrer We are considering it, but we wanted to start with tools that are in use right now. @evilebottnawi @jaffathecake @bobrov1989 @argyleink @_developit @kosamari @Una There are. Every test has a link to… @evilebottnawi @jaffathecake @bobrov1989 @argyleink @_developit @kosamari @Una If you’d inspect the tests, you’d se… @evilebottnawi @_developit @jaffathecake @bobrov1989 @argyleink @kosamari @Una As I said, parcel will sky-rocket in… @evilebottnawi @jaffathecake @bobrov1989 @argyleink @_developit @kosamari @Una Points are deducted if the solution… @jaffathecake @evilebottnawi @bobrov1989 @argyleink @_developit @kosamari @Una but in general: The question we want… @passle_ @argyleink @_developit @jaffathecake @kosamari @Una <3Personally, I have been using Rollup the most. Rollup is very minimalist in that it has very few magic parts. I was… was in charge of evaluating Parcel, and I’m *really* excited about it. Parcel feels like it was built for the web… have gained a lot of respect for the work that webpack is doing. It does *a lot* of things for you, especially wi… to finally show off to the world. @argyleink @_developit @jaffathecake @kosamari @Paul_Kinlan The fact that there’s any lifecycle documentation at all is due to @jaffathecake and @lukastaegert :D… @Jhnnns @jaffathecake @nod_ @_klausi_ But for cloud functions, you don’t do the bundling on the server side, you do it at build time, no? @jaffathecake @nod_ @_klausi_ I didn’t think that bundling on the server side was a (big) thing... Or maybe I am misunderstanding @_klausi_ @jaffathecake @nod_ In the very first paragraph we mention that this is about web projects. I think it’s… @gianlucaguarini @jaffathecake Oh sorry, didn’t realize this was a reply to an on-going thread. My bad. @jaffathecake @gianlucaguarini To add: Web Components and Preact are not competing. Take a look at… @montogeek Cheers! @montogeek Where did you find this URL? The official URL is @jaffathecake @Sareh88 @_developit @argyleink @Una @kosamari The almighty @Paul_Kinlan just fixed it!
@_shu I did not know this existed. I actually don't not what to feel right now 😅replace the entire British curriculum with this TikTok
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With Glinner finally banned from twitter, let us all remember the only good thing he did for this website
Retweeted by SurmaI wish I listened and read Rust’s Nomicon earlier. The name made it sound like “arcane tricks you need once in a bl…
@jaffathecake @kornelski @kevinmarks Open a bug!!
Marvel: 'Infinity War' Is The Most Ambitious Crossover Event In History. Me: Embind now works with Asyncify!…
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@_avishwakarma @TwitterAPI @TwitterSupport Yes, but I don't think this like was crossed a couple years ago. (That… @_avishwakarma @TwitterAPI @TwitterSupport Iirc, IDs got too big to be accurately represented by JSON numbers. So id_str was introduced. @hashseed @kosamari @addyosmani Addy has been a manager for too long. There's no saving him @rektide @_developit Iframes*This is my first overdub
Retweeted by Surma @kosamari Oh God what have they done to me @DenisTRUFFAUT @jaffathecake @kosamari UI works belongs on the UI thread. Work that has nothing to do with the UI… @DenisTRUFFAUT @jaffathecake @kosamari I wrote about that at length here: @opinionatedpie Because they are pharmacists. They must be healthy, immune and invulnerable. It's in the job requirements.
@jaffathecake @heydonworks Changing off-screen content doesn't shift on-screen content