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Surma @DasSurma London, UK

Web Advocate @Google. Internetrovert 🏳️‍🌈 Craving simplicity, finding it nowhere.

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@bgalbs That sounds like a great board game idea 🤔 @steveklabnik Steve...
@evaferreira92 @jsconfco I'm getting mixed signals here...
@thespite @mattdesl You could just rip out one of the wasm'd codecs from they all work on RGBA buffers
@rowan_m @aerotwist @mathias *looks at Linux laptop* @aerotwist @mathias It's a beauty! is what @aerotwist just said to me: "Hard to use but plays to your elitism" @NikkitaFTW @AlxSavage Congratulations 💍🦄
@rowan_m what is this? I love this. Very on brand @stefanhoth @XING_de Ahh XING. Die haben mir doch glatt verweigert, meinen Namen auf "Surma" zu ändern, obwohl ich…📝 New article: Cascading Cache Invalidation I discuss how some of our caching best practices can actually backfire…
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@jaffathecake @kosamari This doesn't even look half as weird as whatever you did in that meeting @egsweeny @rob_dodson @kosamari 😍
@bgalbs @jackie_galb Sociopathy can be a lucrative career if done correctly
@Chirag64 @noopkat If the source is editable, you are screwed. If the source is just readable, a salted password ha… @Chirag64 @noopkat it sounds like you are expecting the security mechanisms written by a 9 y/o to actually be effectiveWhat a lovely night for a new wasm hack! Here's maze race in ~2500 bytes of hand-written #WebAssembly. Use arrow ke…
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@melaniersumner @hankchizljaw @slightlylate they did explicitly market it as a revive of the matrix phone. Sadly th… @kuldeepkeshwar @JofArnold @kentcdodds @_developit Well, that video is just a crude summary of… @nhoizey @hankchizljaw @slightlylate I know you said Europe, but the wealthy western web doesn't really need to be… @hankchizljaw @slightlylate Lovely! Although I'd say use both. Nokia 8110 is hyper constrained but running FF48 (wh… @hankchizljaw @slightlylate Nokia 2. Nokia 8110 for extra cookie points. @noopkat The thought alone is making me so nostalgic. I remember chaining many `CHOICE /C ABCDN /T5` to build a pas… @ag_dubs That flex'n'smoulder tho...
@kosamari your face @OH_NOES @lukeshiru it can pretty much do the same things bash can do. Just different (more unorthodox) syntax @OH_NOES @lukeshiru why?1.First language: Windows Batch Script (if that doesn't count: Turbo Pascal) 2. Had Difficulties: Malbolge 3. Most… @kapilgorve @tabatkins "real user measurements" Intent to prototype: Web Share Target
Retweeted by Surma @gsnedders Eugh, agreed. I wish I could just have the thing that WhatsApp web does everywhere, where you type :sob:… is an often-referenced blog post within Web DevRel. Slower isn't always worse.
@tomdale What's the context of this? @bibydigital you are. But I already knew the plot from the original. My inner speedrunner took control 🙄 @slightlylate @aerotwist Ahahahaha @hj_chen @jaffathecake @AnjanaVakil @FronteersConf @stshank That's not quite a fair statement. All of these features are at the proposal stage. Arguably the furthest… @jcormont no one has implemented the exceptions proposal afaik. Don't think it's considered stable enough yet. Cc @kripken
@bibydigital I may have rushed through the remake on the flight 🙄 (but it's sooo good)⚛️ Preact X is here. The @preactjs team spent over a year rewriting Preact, and it's finally ready.…
Retweeted by Surma💻 I added a small website to `wasm-feature-detect`, it's Modernizr but for WebAssembly. The website runs all the…
Retweeted by SurmaIf you're using WebAssembly APIs from @typescript, make sure to check out TypeScript 3.7 beta! I've made some chan…
Retweeted by Surma @jenross83 Belated happy birthday!!💻 I added a small website to `wasm-feature-detect`, it's Modernizr but for WebAssembly. The website runs all the… @notwaldorf @NeurIPSConf "Zero of you will care" 👀 Congrats!!!!
@RReverser @hashseed @viewsourceconf @wasmerio Omg @RReverser @viewsourceconf @wasmerio no I meant wabt.js But I think I tried both. I might… @RReverser @viewsourceconf @wasmerio no, wabt.js didn't work (and is also quite big! I wanted to run it in the brow… comments have arrived! You can now highlight multiple lines in a pull request diff and add a comment, a…
Retweeted by SurmaStoked to announce what I've been working on during my first 2 months @wasmerio ! 😃🎉 Wasmer-JS, a set of open-sour…
Retweeted by Surma @RReverser @hashseed @viewsourceconf @wasmerio Dammit. I was never good at the monetization bit. @RReverser @hashseed @viewsourceconf @wasmerio I'm not even kidding. I _did_ do research when I was writing this:… @RReverser @hashseed @viewsourceconf @wasmerio If you were a real 𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑝𝑟𝑖𝑠𝑒 developer, you would handle this yourself. @RReverser @hashseed @viewsourceconf @wasmerio You are implying that these corner-cases are well-defined/spec'd for bf :D @RReverser @hashseed @viewsourceconf @wasmerio In 𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑝𝑟𝑖𝑠𝑒 land we call that job security @lcasdev It will be! I'll tweet it the second it's up :) @wasmerio @dirk_sch @viewsourceconf glad I have that in writing now @notwaldorf truth @wmginsberg @devdevcharlie I promise I'll use a lizard next time @MaxGraey @viewsourceconf @wasmerio lol!!! @danielcincu @malchata Well, I'm going from naïve and idiomatic to more complicated solutions. I talk about binary formats later on. @tabatkins It's serious business.📣 Introducing: bfwasm — The Brainf_ck to WebAssembly compiler. Totally legit. As announced at @viewsourceconf tod… @partytimeHXLNT it really is more about the individual languages. That being said, might be… did! I slipped up! Apologies if anyone felt uncomfortable during my talk. @tomayac 12 years man. Impressive
@DotProto Yes. Cc @rob_dodson ^^ @malchata @cbetta @JamesLMilner Nice! Good work on the ServiceWorker! In case you are interested in some unsolicited advice… @JamesLMilner @slightlylate Noice! @JamesLMilner @slightlylate Do me favor and safe your picture as a JPG and make it round with CSS. 200k->15k More… @katherin2k so apart from the asm.js warning, the other stuff is normal and working as intended and shouldn't break… @cotufa82 And once you do the same people get angry for "being excluded" 🤔 @cat_a_flame Mood @katherin2k @ChromiumDev @masteratul94 I can't read those error messages sadly :( also it works in Firefox for me.… @slightlylate @kosamari Zootopia framework coming to your dev stack this fall! @jaffathecake @slightlylate @kosamari My brain hurts. @kosamari @slightlylate Happy Birthday Alex! Here's my favorite Nokia 2 trace. Look at this 6s event handler.
@robertnyman I did not know you'd be here 🎉 @TejasKumar_ Twitter is no place for rational thinking and nuance. @adamdbradley You can even implement your own strategies :D Let me know what you think! @adamdbradley That's something I prototyped with Clooney: @torch2424 Of course you are in to it, too ^^ I speedran LA, too. Even as a kid before I knew speedrunning was a th… @cotufa82 I'm just glad you introduced me to the word "seatsplaining" @rachelandrew 👏 👏 👏 👏microservices vs monoliths is the "would you rather fight 50 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck" of software development
Retweeted by SurmaIt's been a week and Link's Awakening is already at sub 1h40m. The run isn't very very glitch heavy yet, so my hunc… @SignpostMarv oh I see. Well that's also a massive jump in complexity, to be honest. We'd need a stun/turn server f… @SignpostMarv that seems a bit over-engineered :D don't need webRTC to do server-side image compression. And if you…
@Rich_Harris I do the > .5 thing usually, often via step(). Cc @thespite @philhawksworth @StuRobson Afternoon tea played a key role in my anglicization. Such a good concept and I love it (… @philhawksworth @StuRobson You are dead to me. @RReverser Have you watched "Behind the Curve" on Netflix? _So_ good. @misprintedtype 🤗 @Not_Woods @jaffathecake what's a schedule?You know what's also enjoyable? HTTP 203 podcast with @jaffathecake and myself. #justSaying, @fishandscripts podcast is annoyingly enjoyable. @reillyeon It's the weirdest "hold my beer" contest @CodingBapthi @ChromiumDev @addyosmani pixelbook @tabatkins Clearly you use a sarcastic "nice" for misplays