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Banker in semi retirement, Risk Manager. Avid reader, FMS Alumni. Comments on stocks are not recommendations to buy or sell !! Do your own research

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@Infra_VinayakCh Put yourselves in the shoes of a bidder & think would you buy a airline that has huge debt a bloat…
@AswathVelayudh1 What he owns is all because of his stake in Amazon. Amazon has been built on the foundation of knowledge not on assets. @NPurushwani If he were to liquidate his jet of his warehouse - what will be the value of these assets compared to… world's wealthiest man Jeff Bezos, owns nothing tangible: No land, no gold, no factories, no commodity like gol… @postarun Sorry I don't track Care Ratings @piyushchaudhry What's your gut feeling and long experience as a trader says ? Is it going up or down ?Profit is an Opinion ; Cash in the Bank is a Fact. - Old Adage. @cut_nd_dried These are average of all brokerage estimates and earnings forecastIf you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can't buy. - ProverbHow on earth can a business survive if they are clicking huge losses QoQ ?? They desperately need a white knight to… @ssnagpal_ @dugalira Yes @DulhaniNikhil @dugalira Collection efficiencies also come into play, how well one bank manages collections viz a v… @ssnagpal_ @dugalira Card issuers earn at least 1.5% on MDR fees @ssnagpal_ @dugalira It will impact their fee income big time Also merchant acquiring business will be impacted if… @dugalira Portfolio quality varies from one card portfolio to another cards portfolio depending on bureau score cu… @dugalira Having managed risk for a large cards business I can vouch when portfolio shows higher delinquency & it's… @gvkreddi Everyone wants others to spend their money. @piyushchaudhry When there is strong consensus on something the opposite is mostly likely to hold true @Profess66325895 Thank you @vishalshah1985 I would rather play the subsidiaries than invest in SBI"The surest way to ruin a man who does not know how to handle money is to give him some." George Bernard Shaw @VegetaLogan Only time will tellSo true @LegendsLove4 One is a Kindle edition another is hard cover @deepakshenoy Do you believe the nos in India?
@larissafernand @nsitharaman The past always comes back to haunt you !!. @tintumonu21 Holding such high gives you comfort that even if there will be incremental NPAs there is a buffer to take care of the same @connectgurmeet @kshitiz_m @PuneetSingh84 Oh wow !! This is # treasure trove !!Decent results. Additional provisions of 10,839 cr over & above what they are required to hold. PCR at 124% GNPA. N… @Sadafsayeed Seems the profits are up on a one off itemI am proud to have worked with people from across 125 nationalities during my stint in UAE. It was an amazing exper… @blitzkreigm @TanishqJewelry @CNBCTV18Live Future looks bleak for jewellery sales in the short term @Feluda71 We get a government we deserve !!. know liquidity is not one size fits all solution for every problem in the world. This bubble when it bursts wil… no one knows who is storing or using this data !! Amazing @Auro007 Not to my knowledge, will try and find out @firstgen_wealth @finomenal_in @dmuthuk @FI_InvestIndia @Atulsingh_asan Yes have been on a holiday to Muscat @ngp_phoenix @finomenal_in @dmuthuk @FI_InvestIndia @Atulsingh_asan I came back to India to be with my mother. She… @finomenal_in @dmuthuk @FI_InvestIndia @Atulsingh_asan I have lived in UAE for 11 years. Best quality of Life, best… @Vaibhav07628895 I agree management quality and corporate governance is as important as financials @Sadafsayeed One day it's up 600 one day is down 600 - perfect manipulation !! @chessdunk @IsraniMohit Yes @brahmariem If you know how to read financial statements you can pick up red flags in a balance sheet @grapeforest What has a logo got to do with the content of the book? I guess you haven't heard of Anil Lamba @IsraniMohit YesIf you want to learn how to read a balance sheet and P&L then this is one book you must read. Everything is explain… @Atulsingh_asan No individual is perfect. Some calls will go wrong and some calls will go right but unfortunately p… @AnujMunot2 @varinder_bansal Sorry my badReading in ET today - Harley Davidson sold 25000 bikes in India in last 10 years that they have been present in the…
@varinder_bansal It's their Q3 results not the India tie up. @deepakshenoy Very high @ITC_Cares This is across retailers in Dehradun city PIN code 248001 @rdeepak1416 @ITCCorpCom I agree Pepsi and Coke do not allow retailers to use their fridge for other products @WordsAreEnough9 Redemptions must be high on mutual funds. Markets are at a high some investors must be locking in… @gvkreddi One day they will ship only parts like IKEA to assemble yourself or just the empty box @ITC_Cares Let your sales executives visit your retailers and be in the market instead of sitting in their AC offic… across this display unit at my local grocer. ITC display unit full of Lays products. I think ITC sales executi… @Vivek_Investor I like to call it the DNA as it's the most difficult to change in a human and in a organization @wanderer_8 Once things settle or a vaccine comes things will reverse to the old normalResults of some of the companies have been very good along with margin expansion which has been aided by low travel… @prathamshah7 Both are good businesses for long term secular growth @Sadafsayeed The price targets by brokerages are so varied from 15k to 20k @Feluda71 @Ajaya_buddy Travel & tourism world over is hit badly too @Ajaya_buddy The crisis will impact some industries & sectors structurally @Vivek_Investor @ipo_mantra Either they must be born lucky or are super experts !! @grapeforest As far as I know it's all outsourced to call centres of carious BPOs who call up to follow on over due payments @grapeforest It's the collection agencies that collect on their behalf not the bank staff directly @dugalira Stimulus for the borrowers !! @bipbhat @deepakshenoy @OptionT02594842 @HDFCLIFE Even 25 years ago when I bought insurance I always bought protect… buy an insurance policy for returns buy insurance for protection. For investments there are other products !! @deepakshenoy @OptionT02594842 @HDFCLIFE ULIPS have been the biggest scams in india @OptionT02594842 @HDFCLIFE @deepakshenoy 6% returns on insurance is pretty decent Insurance is bought for protection not for investment @darshanvmehta1 Markets and sectors are looking tired. Nothing moves in one direction.Bankruptcy filings are surging and many lenders are coming to the realization that their claims are almost complete…
Retweeted by Arvind DattaHDFC & Kotak show the way what is risk management all about. They've been least impacted by crisis & when every oth… @Abhi_Man_ @GoodOldGerman Read their Annual Report to understand what they are.... Commenting without understanding…
Very good write up on PVR. One must read !! a largest finance company in the world.......... @rpkothari Good question. This depends on person to person.The biggest IPO till date to hit the markets in coming days !! @Sadafsayeed It's not fee income it's others in other income. Wondering what is this others in other income ?Going through results all the revenue growth has come from other income, the NII has declined YoY & QoQ @LifeStocksPills @larissafernand PSU and commodity businesses are a strict No No for me. @kothariabhishek @KotakBankLtd What is the credit growth YoY and QoQ for the bank?Great set of numbers from Kotak. One data point to track is credit growth. @larissafernand I was fortunate to exit at 360 levels and then vowed never to buy SBI againCompetition notwithstanding, a tribute to a legend for his contribution to Indian banking by their most formidable… business gaining traction for ITC. @sorbu_sen Yes sir, flowers blooming @Infra_VinayakCh Discoms are poorly managed across states. Only way to sort this mess is to privatiseAnything in excess of what is required is Poison !! @AsheeshAsh Thank you @AsheeshAsh @ICICIBank @PRATIKBULANI555 What the future hold no one can predict. Corporates who are willing to be… morning