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need goth bitch that can sext me through ouija board

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Well, I know where to go next time I wash up on some mysterious shore with no memories of anything besides my skill…
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Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @SullyKWP @muldoonx9 Cathy is a queenI’m glad that I logged on for the first time in like four days and this is the nightmare that immediately greeted me
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandAll anyone needs to know about Ben Shapiro is that he once called a bot stupid and poor.
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandNot to harp on about this but I think we would be remiss if we didn’t add this person to the wife canon
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandFor 20 years, Yuu Asakawa has been bringing characters like Fate/Stay Night's Rider to life, and she's also the voi…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandThis is it
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Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @ajcontra0 Only the first two times @alexchevalier1 Damn i FORGOT he flamed his son. G mode. @alexchevalier1 He got hands for everyone @RosePrinceTrey Captain Morgan @alexchevalier1 "Rip to your grandpa but I'm different" @sailorbee Thank you @sailorbee i need your input on this working theory @Papapishu I got way more probs with warren than sanders obvi but i would not be opposed to both of them being on t… beatles: shooby dooby dooby, you're the girl for me 👎 everlast: i've seen some shit like a poor guy smile/and…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @catgirlpussy It's fine! @catgirlpussy Kpop blogCan we be honest for a second? There is no reason to believe that Elizabeth Warren will take any political risk, sp…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @tinycartridge Man those old arcade sticks were so solid @catgirlpussy The trick is to not get the big gulp size when you arent getting it from starbucks @acosmos It sucks so much when they nail it lol @guihirasawa Yeah also all of the made up expense categories in their report are so fuckin funny. King shit.This one this is straight up just that clickhole post cute might punch the neural implants out of Keyes’ skull later idk
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @muldoonx9 Like they would shoot all the water crossing things one after the others then the steps of knowledge, et… @muldoonx9 They did actually shoot multiple eps in a day segmented by course and had teams from other episodes just… @RosePrinceTrey On one hand: absolute wife territory. On the other, i feel like laughter is a 100% appropriate resp… main one piece opinion now that i am around 450 chapters in: Tashigi definitely has accidentally called Smoker daddy at least twice.sirfetchd is the fuckin dude of the century
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island● I've always liked how Scarface starts off the track maad loud like a bugged out ghost then turns to inside-the-bo…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @alexchevalier1 Young DolphI was on vacation when Bowsette happened and I came back to a world in ruins
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandYoji recommended "CHIHAYAFURU" so I went to the bookstore but I found this "NO GUNS LIFE" instead.
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandThere is nothing you can do to convince me now that any of this reality is real
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandLoyal to the Game
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Islandyou, moron: walter white’s “i am the one who knocks speech is the scariest monologue in dramatic television history…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island[explaining that gawker was actually taken down as part of a Florida radio war to my disinterested wife]
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandWell, I’d love to confirm that we were ultra-deep thinkers and that there was a narrative behind the narrative, but…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandGetting clobbered by surprise IRL expenses! It sucks! I'm putting on a smile 🙂 but it's seriously taking years off…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @catgirlpussy Thats probably why sugar is the only flavor you can taste @catgirlpussy Did you ask the real coffee shop for 28 pumps of sugar @Dauragon hot take: the true sign that denpagumi is on another echelon is that nobody posts about them on /jp/
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandBroke: idol wife (figurative) Woke: Idol Wife (Literal)Mirin got fuckin married and is staying in dempagumi. Truly the reiwa era has arrived for all the scallion I've murdered
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Islandmfw the new @Heos_io album starts off with no bullshit
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @RosePrinceTrey This will never happen cause its still going but a 2011 hxh style anime where they just cruise thro… not watched one piece past the first 20 or so eps when it first aired over here, my fav thing has been getti… twitter handle: Dr. Cornell Westeros
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island MOTHERFUCKIN MORNING DAMN @a_nice_frog SINISTAR about tashigi's dumb ass Kai: Everyone you love will die in one month unless you can prevent it Goku: I’m headed to the gym lol Piccolo…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @christinelove It fills me with so much joy. Or maybe that's just bile. @AlexHoffmanX9 👀For the record: I like smash, I've played them all since the very first one, I am currently trying to get good with… @AyachiiTaki I try not to clown on smash anymore but like, manI've thought about this at least once a day since it was posted can't even articulate the rage I feel when I consider that the Republican response to people having no place to l…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @foompi Chuck for sure not even a contestWatching japanese youtuber product reviews and convincing myself that it is helping me train my ears Hunters, Izumo: Flash of a Brave Sword, and Captain Harlock: Arcadia of My Youth join the Crunchyroll anim…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandShow up & turn up!
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @PackBenPack Thank you for your honesty @mightyatom 1 year.
every so often i remember the fact that in 2014 the guy who regularly made my late night bodega sandwiches was Tekashi 69
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @kawaiisoulja @goomvi HELL yeahwhen every company online thinks they can be netflix
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Islandhow girls flirt: this picture of these monkeys i sent you who are snuggling that’s you and me you are the big monke…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @SowaaSays Or like take it to the bathroom like a respectable scumbag @SowaaSays Murder should be legal @merrittk Thank you for your serviceWe talking NYU today? Have you guys heard how much real estate they own in Manhattan? It’s wild. I take it as furth…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island👀 @magical_grill MASSIVEExactly ♥️♥️
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @ouchmynails Two out of three for me so yeah u ritethe group chat will roast you for a typo, but it's all in good fun. what the group chat will NOT forgive is posting…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @baby_teeth’re bringing back High Guy culture in 2019: Terrence McKenna posters, Alan Watts quotes, Take me to your Dealer.…
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Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandFinally we are being given the respect we deserve.
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandPodcasts aren’t about edginess, they’re about retramautizing the families of victims of serial killers for MeUndies money
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandBig news everybody
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Islandif you’re dating a 23 y/o you’re single to me what’s she gonna do get a 7th small and delicate tattoo on her arm
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @AlexHoffmanX9 @AyachiiTaki I honestly feel like most games actually look kinda bad on the switch screen but the co… @AlexHoffmanX9 @AyachiiTaki Also switch games compound this issue cause the games are made at tv resolution and end… @AlexHoffmanX9 @AyachiiTaki That was def the moment when it became clear that old tvs werent gonna cut it lol. I fe…
The episode of @2PointOhPodcast where Will is incapable of comprehending astrology to the point of being stressed o… @peterswimm Oh man