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need goth bitch that can sext me through ouija board

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@merrittk Oh absolutely same, thats not stopping me tho i am ready to eat shit in monster alaska with my bullshit gear @DeMarko As long as they get through midgar im happy. @merrittk We gotta hunt merrit. We gotta Hunt.Literally none of them are gonna finish it but it warms the heart regardlessTrying so hard to not feel emotional watching a ton of my friends playing ff7 for the first time.Have we found a prodigy? 👀 16 year old @Pitviper1911 takes first place at Colorado's biggest ever FGC event and win…
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Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandNot only did this repeatedly not help it just lead to me being a writer for a living, which like, EXTRA didn’t help
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @goomvi Hmm butI was friends with all of them.’t even call yourself a gamer to me unless you’ve played Barbie Rapunzel Pregnant Emergency and Elsa Frozen Sist…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandLearn the simple stuff. Use the simple stuff. When you learn harder tech it should be because either: 1) Your curr…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandPress S to pay respects
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @SullyKWP They are both bald as hellmy promise to you all is that the one Evangelion-related thing that I will do when it comes out on Netflix is post…
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Attention Warriors of Light, Alphinaud needs your help
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandSurprises at my eye exam.
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandALPHINAUD NEEDS YOU
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Retweeted by Fujoshi's Islandtekken Chauncey is no longer invited to boys brunch after saying that he would like to karate chop the #royalbaby in the stomach
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Islandhauling ass to the hair place to find tekken chauncey and laying into him with a rolled up newspaper while hes getting a Perm
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Islandspending $30 on a bad port of TWEWY for the Nintendo Switch so I can get this FFXIV mount is a gamer win imho
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandW OOOOO @catgirlpussy Wow i thought you were gay @catgirlpussy Evie i literally spent my whole birthday with youAnd a geminiI refuse to understand astrology but I will participate in every dnd alignment chart meme that comes my way because I'm a misogynist @kawaiisoulja Cause that shit be hittingEliza is wrong but this is right. walkout today, IT'S HAPPENING YALL
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @MammonMachine Good tweetEdit: One of these guys is weirdly intense about video game preparation. The other one is a reasonable person. F…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandI finished an Ocarina of Time randomizer and it froze during the ending, so this is the only evidence I have that I…
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Retweeted by Fujoshi's Islandwhen hannibal buress said "what's in a Gamer"......I felt that
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @gayserval Hes spoodermanShoes look like when you try to carry all the groceries in with one trip
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Islandive done this bit before but it keeps happening
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandSnake: Otacon, what’s the deal with this kid in the mask? Otacon: That’s Joker, one of the phantom thieves! Watch…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island>my wife doesn't know i have a PS4
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @kawaiisoulja It's not punchy enough tbh @kawaiisoulja Hmm i @goomvi @ouchmynails Ravi....thank you @ouchmynails Good game! @ouchmynails Man what @BooDooPerson @ali_west Deku respects womenKing @_yungslav_ Literally everyone in that room moment @Pitviper1911 won BNB3 Tekken, the biggest FGC tournament in CO history. Congrats, you deserve it!
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need goth bitch that can sext me through ouija board
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @catgirlpussy about wearing a silk scarf all the time and becoming a huge bitch
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @bebiburi You dont want this curse beb @bebiburi Thank you @bebiburi Im right here bitch @SwampLemon Yeah lol. @AyachiiTaki lolLots of WWF jobbers.
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @alexchevalier1 Montreal is lit @alexchevalier1 Youd be fine in the touristy areas and shit just like china @gayserval @yurifucker @sleepyspook My cool jumpy boy is ready @catgirlpussy I respect females @crystalblisters Iris uses atashi in ff15 and i was like "well thats fucked up" and looked it up and every source i… i know how to say "chair?" hell the fuck no, but i do know that you can say atashi instead of watashi if you are a hot spunky girlThis is the stuff that i get distracted by and focus on learning instead of like basic vocabulary and i will never… @PAWGS4Palestine Well you're wrong there but its fine you're young you have plenty of time to reflect on your mistakes. @PAWGS4Palestine Toon link dont deserve thisThinking of streaming Chad Poker
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @catgirlpussy I cant wait to be dumped so hard i pay to be lobotomized @catgirlpussy I mean @zonaryhen KING @catgirlpussy Cute! @minusbaby @Papapishu WOOOOOO @therealelp I just fixed my childhood nes. That thing is held together with electrical tape and still kickin babey @xpatriciah The base game is basically anime WoW. Like if you just dont like playing mmos on a fundamental level th… Auditorium (Windows, @BlueMaxima and a cast of jillions, 2018) An archive of 131,266 Newgrounds Flash an…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandHappy Father’s Day to me, a dad. Nobody else in my family is online and none of them know what I do here and when I…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Islandone thing i really respect about the french is their refusal to keep irons or ironing boards in any hotel room. iro…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @liquideasy You make good choices thoHacked Scooter Spotted @camilairl @magicalinternet Yabussy imooh fuck i’m gonna be up all night
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Islandold joke i know, but i had to
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandDamn, I guess elon musk is cancelled @kawaiisoulja It rules @RosePrinceTrey Put that shit in a lead box @christinelove I KnowLook at this guy smash his own nuts by crossing his legs.
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandFuckin imagine Travis Touchdown bawling his eyes out at the end of Undertale, closing the game, and immediately googling “Toriel Hentai”.
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @findomearle I was a lot shorter in middle schoolMe: *shrinking down to my middle school height* ʰᵃʰᵃʰᵃ...ᵃᵇᵒᵘᵗ ʷʰᵃᵗˀI am in my 30s and there is still nothing more deeply terrifying than a girl drunk dialing you and saying "we been…!?!?!
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandThis is the best use for an Apple watch 😂👍 Credit to Nstalgic
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandAt Disneyland with kids, waiting in line for churros. Girl in front of me: “you look like Tony Hawks” me: really? h…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandTekken is japanese for No Tier List No More Heroes boss/moment/whatever? Just got No More Heroes on the brain. — Spacing on names but the batting… you like visual novels? Which ones? — Amnesia, we know the devil, heaven will be mine, radical dreamers, does da…
@alexchevalier1 Oh god finally i was getting tired of it