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need goth bitch that can sext me through ouija board

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@mczub GoodBYEI have been cleaning all of my records with a weird contraption i bought recently instead of logging on, it has lea… promise you im not back i was just summoned by truly hateful vibes that i had to excrete like drug residue through my hair and nails @Dansplainer Yeah."Our demands are clear. No more police. Please." "Okay, how about this: no more orcs in DnD"We're gonna get literally everything *except* no police
Thanks to everyone who bought this! Its not much but we donated about $100 so far keep it coming
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Also my bandcamp orders should be shipping soon. Had a bit of a setback in terms of materials cause I wanted to do… this website sucks ass. I highly reccomend not looking at it. I've been playing Tales of Berseria on my twit… would be my serious entry to the contest if I were an lsdj user but I'm not unfortunately so i'm just tossing… should replace the ghetto pack in lsdj with better ghettotech samplesWhy do bash “dead-beat” dads for not being there for their kids but we never question if the child has bad vibes? O…
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I am for real logging off for as long as I can stand so here is a little parting gift
Hey Treachery in Beatdown City is 12.99 on #NintendoSwitch thru 6.16.2020! If you A: Want to play a dope game that…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandShe heard the news commerce during the irl death stranding sure hits different i'll tell you that muchEveryone who bought one of my devilmane zine things: it's been a minute since ive even had to think about shipping… @liquideasy Lets gooooOO @joyfrompain NoDue to the closure of the label, the Bandcamp page of "Kplecraft / Klingsardry" has disappeared. We've re-released…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandMeltdown May never endedthis is like the youtube version of all those confed and slave trader statues getting knocked down
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @alexchevalier1 My move in the summer used to be getting the biggest smart water i could buy and then go on big lon… @alexchevalier1 Smart water but only because they have the sturdiest bottles reusing.
2020 missed the whole attack and dethrone god thing but here is the anthem anyway @Dauragon my country (uruguay) literally killed every last indigenous charrua that lived here. its so fucked, im no…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @Dauragon I love how much pagecount in golden kamuy is devoted to putting spotlights on ainu techniques, beliefs, a…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @Dauragon There are amazing radical spaces and orgs in Japan I interviewed some and outlined a few here:…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @cyanidedansen xaimus - oatapult @cyanidedansen oh it is absolutely without question xaimus but my favorite song of his i cant find online i will uhh dropbox it or something @Dauragon Not to mention the immigrant population. Early the other week BLM protests in Japan also marched for. Kur…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandPeople were Civilized far earlier than many of us in "developed" countries learned, and our modern culture was buil…
@skeletonhouse oh absolutely!!!there is indigenous struggle nearly everywhere on the globe, it is really important to understand this especially i… outside of japan may not know the Ainu people that well but you may know Asirpa from Golden Kamui who explic…
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, i am still extremely logged off until we are back to down to 5 things happening at once and not 100 @liquideasy yo this shit SLAPS @liquideasy antifa anthem @liquideasy have any cops done the wobble yet @kris_keyser around the fur still slaps!!!!Just listening to some Classic Rock @chibitech Same!! Everything has been pointing me in the direction of getting me the heck out of this place i live… didn't mean to put my birthday on blast like that but thank's everyone and also i am drunker than shit and listen… @SullyKWP @alexchevalier1 home of the confederate capital, Richmond babey
But to those who are maybe not in the know: • I've been around the general northeastern US chiptune scene since 200… I will just say one thing and it's that a genuinely funny side effect of the way I handle my online presen… refuse to spend any of my birthday online but thankfully Clubhouse Games was released today so hmu not o… @paulbensonsucks The only blue life that matters is kiriko from kamen rider drive time it really truly is because I be on that damn phoneI'm a good day and a half away from dropping my phone into the will it blend blender
2020 am very much logged off rn. Stay safe and healthy, everyone. I love you.DC doesn't have a bail system like other cities but other legal funds are certainly necessary
@citrusplusplus GotemThinking about this tremendous lad alright time to have great day having zero interaction with any males Me, waiting for her at the steps of her… need Black Bart Simpson now more than everIf anyone needs help migrating their blogposts off of Chiptunes = Win let me know, I've done it for one person's po…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandI'm calm and thinking about Paya from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.Breaking curfew in MN is $1000 or 90 days in jail. Anything more (Burglary/Arson) get a felony, lose the right to v…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandLiberals right now are like, "the single most important thing you can do is get out there and vote in November," me…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandWhat a god damn fake ass clowncake countryAhh i have the perfect solution to this problem *Sets a hard curfew thus giving police a deadline to clear out the… 50 mayors rn "listen when i told the police to go nuts i didnt think they'd actually do it!!!" absolute fucking buffoon. This clown. Moron. Bowser gotta go @lynnedrum Godspeed @SwampLemon There's way too much to keep up with tbh
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandI’m at a house in DC after being pepper sprayed and knocked down by the police. There are about 100 of us in a hous…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandPhiladelphia is so segregated that it's almost comical how this is all playing out. White people in South Philly an…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Islandcuomo just asked when was the last time you saw the american military deployed against american citizens. burnett s…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @to6okegao FPeople are really out here parroting white supremacist talking points about “anarchists,” “radicals,” and “outside…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandCan we convince businesses to start charging cops more than people?
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @liquideasy I'm finna expatriateHi, I decided to donate money to Black Lives Matter today. Because Black Lives Matter. I hope you will consider doi…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandNew steve mre thank you God @SullyKWP @alexchevalier1 The cops are just gonna start pulling out doom guns
@DuderMcBrohan I just rememered i need to watch thisTrump is a special sort of scum. He's also an extension of centuries-old ideology. It may look like our cities were…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandMe pulling up on Paya in Breath of the Wild @lynnedrum F @bebburi Wig time @SullyKWP It rocks. @eggenjoyer Finesse KingFather, form a perimeter around the eggslut
Retweeted by Fujoshi's Island @peterswimm Too late! it's fine i'll be a beta testerremember like 4 months ago when jewel thieves tried to get away in a ups truck and psycho cops started a shootout o…
Retweeted by Fujoshi's IslandInstant buy. My old one has seen better days lol GOAT @goomvi @citrusplusplus @watanagashi Yeah you did it to em here tbh