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Dehvid @dav_bi London, UK

Videogame photo mode enthusiast. The toxoplasmosis is strong in this one. He/him 🍲🍳👨🏻‍🍳

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@siamesegazer @SilencingTrees is a good and v informative read showing how transphobes cover their beliefs with some form of "concern" for t… @Maccadaynu Those 75k were the brave selfless sacrifices for the (w)health of the country. @naijaprince21 @marcusjdl @stepheniscowboy I saw one related to this that said it's an ableist/fetishistic term for people who are dumb @UberPinguin @cypheroftyr Money transfers here are made at no cost to customers, even between banks (I think there… @marcusjdl I'm being silenced and let me explain how with op-eds in 3+ high profile publicationsAlso I highly doubt this 2% figure kind of genre is Escape Room? #2020Wrapped @hamzajahanzeb I guess it's close enough to the West End? But does London even have a "downtown"? I see it as such… @marcusjdl I think I might have used one once? Even at uni, I was paying our landlord by online transfer. @cypheroftyr They're instructions you leave with your bank for regular or pre-planned money transfers (e.g. send £1… @JustineBrian @marksimpsonist Also note how THE FIRST item is "A strong desire to be of the other gender or an insi… @JustineBrian @marksimpsonist You're responding to a partial (likely strategically selected) quotation of a non-exh… @nunumiguele @gonzwitter There's is one being worked on, but it's not this one 🤷🏻‍♂️Is THIS why it's trending?! @j__a__i Awww... Santa's Lil' Helper1/ Why does it matter that Viktor Orbán’s close friend and ally, MEP József Szájer was caught having an orgy with 2…
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@ricardo_jpl @nunumiguele Out of the swamp and into the mud, we still crawl. (?)
Design has a #diversity problem. It’s one of the reasons we’re setting up a new, more diverse network of experts. W…
Retweeted by DehvidFound the ref. No mention of capitalist practices, but there seems to be a link between knowledge and mistrust.…'t there a small survey that suggested higher levels of scientific literacy led to more people adopting this st… in the voice of PlumbellaA primeira crise identitária do dia foi patrocinada pelo café português que incluiu "merendinha mixta" no menu e fo… @darthazius"Lycan subscribe to be notified of your next ass whooping" @joelnb When you think about it, who HASN'T wished they could go back in time and change history? Maybe the Termina… @eastside_tilly
Many Africans have been told that Queerness isn’t indigenous to African. This rhetoric has led to several homophobi…
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Life with cats 😺 perfect puffy baby
@Beardynoise Cook the children @Maccadaynu Blep @branewyrms @matts_ego I would like to suggest an amendment to your corn budget: less syrup, more bread. @matts_ego @branewyrms It just feels weirdly counterintuitive to add sweet to sweet, rather than balance the sweet… @candyelijahh Oh and if you want to talk blood sugar, look up Brazilian quindim and brigadeiros (worth it)Every other month, my mother, who studied Humanities and he up in Portuguese Africa, refuses to see how Portugal is… @branewyrms The American corner of the internet makes it seem very proliferate @candyelijahh I'm just curious. I keep seeing it so it has to work in SOME levelI would love to one day be at a Thanksgiving dinner for nothing other than the completely alien concept of topping… @wgsaraband Babies! 😍 @rrrosco @tweetfromage I've been waiting for aaafes for this one colour to be available 😩The tweets are still up, in case any of you feel this isn't just to cover their arses @Maccadaynu That fourth picture
@siamesegazer Não havia indicações de que o vírus afecta vasos sanguíneos? Faria sentido neste caso @rrrosco I ask myself this dailyIs the "LGB Alliance" a hate group? Well, that's an oversimplification. They most certain are a hate group, and ac…
Retweeted by DehvidLição de oportunismo parlamentar: Sobre a proposta do BE que impedia a entrega de mais dinheiro ao Novo Banco, And…
Retweeted by Dehvid @yaesohn Can you make a sangria? A spritzer?One of the challenges of researching LGBTQ+ history is how much of it is actively hidden, destroyed and obscured. Q…
Retweeted by DehvidHaven't done this for a while. Open the picture for awesomeness.
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@branewyrms'm looking to chat to some Black, queer folks about defining newly discovered sexualities/gender identities within…
Retweeted by Dehvid @Maccadaynu I imagine it's to make the country look more important on the international stage in the last meaningful way possible? @DrCarpineti @illucifer Nonononononono @tweetfromage The little chaise longe could be good at an afters @tweetfromage Feels a bit studio/tiny house living and the sad part is that most studios I've seen advertised in Lo… @rainschedule 👏👏👏 @goncalosousa Bem... Se a direita liberal é tão benévola em direitos LGBT alguém que me explique este sacana.
@writebydan I think I have but can't really remember. Decompression Inna pool must be boring @writebydan Freediving looks terrifying! But imagine having that much control over your lungsOthers have said it but I'll add to the chorus: @pedrojdoc Idem
@writebydan Apparently AC Valhalla only shows the title card after 10 hours @branewyrms I can almost tie it all up! @Vanderdecken He truly will not care @trchdsn @Charlietrypsin And CE can be chaotic in a twink-like manner @trchdsn @Charlietrypsin've heard of elf on a shelf. Now get ready for @wjleonard The actor is this guy from New Girl in case you want to add another face @trchdsn @wjleonard I'm just gonna cook, play video games, and do laundryLGB Alliance are a homophobic hate group Here is a thread of all the submissions we've had from them, there's a lot
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@indiestyle88 @goncalosousa Ou seja, não. @branewyrms Usual caveat that I have spent over a decade here but also didn't entirely grow up in three UK @branewyrms Usually I just call them Dr. I know surgeons are technically Mr/Mrs (throwback to when surgery was perf…'s not forget that both the cost and failure of the track and trace system would be a stackable offence in the p…
@RuiMSilva Ufa... É que mesmo... @matthewdara1 ???? @finnbarm A beaut @repeattofade @marcusjdl Queen no, but Freddy Mercury? @eastside_tilly Dingdingding ding didingdingdidingding!Really felt like doing the fork in the garbage disposal last night @eastside_tilly Don't hurry a lady. @hamzajahanzeb @marcusjdl I also noticed it was a thing with event planning and thank you packs for judges/panelist… @wjleonard Wait till you see the sonic Bible @wjleonard Nothing has been as obvious a Disney money milking scheme as this @yaesohn @wjleonard All the unraveleds are ridiculous @wjleonard You're not alone @wjleonard Are there any big titles you missed? Spider-Man, Horizon, God of War If you have a Plus account you coul… work had an all-staff meeting Thursday morning that went awry and today I was told that the bandwidth demand fro… @wjleonard I'd say any open world game. The last two Assassin's Creeds, Breath of the Wild... anything with loads o…
@wjleonard What do you play on?so you're telling me that the woman who actively takes pleasure in deporting people and has long advocated for a mi…
Retweeted by DehvidVice pitch: will the ephemeral of Fleets kill the horny Twitter alt?
2020 @eastside_tilly Did you get some with a gas release system? @eastside_tilly One of us! @ricardo_jpl @sacha_coward It's a bit like those "beach bodies" wind-powered sculptures... @dangelalansbury @yaesohn