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@zachleat I think this is called patreon. So yes. @miketaylr @mozilla Congrats on a good run. Hope you find something good and your startup gets acquired.Hire Mike. It's actual an actual crime if you don't. You will go to jail. Sorry. Also, if you interview Mike but do… @danhhoang @NZXT @hanzouzach Clean @jedschmidt Yeah. I guess it stops at the local level. Immigration rejections (2hr+ train ride back to the inaka) a… @jedschmidt The way public servants are very conscious of their duty to serve in Japan is really nice. It was a lit… clippy in wolfenstein
Retweeted by Dave Rupert @keithort A billion US dollars... but the nuggets offer is convincing.
Retweeted by Dave RupertWes' courses are always wonderful and leave you feeling like you really learned something. If Gatsby is in your sph… Xbox wants to buy Dave Rupert Game Studios LLC, I’ll let it go for a cool billion.
every batman is a policy failure
Retweeted by Dave RupertI wonder if Twitter does this to fictional characters too. Lenny…
Retweeted by Dave Rupert @simevidas You could fork @zachleat’s @speedlify for that maybe.
Keep your eyes on the prize, hold on.
@schneems Wasn't one of the first talks you gave about Gowalla's Friend Algorithm? @brianrupert a moment there I was like "damn, my computer is lagged out" and then realized I was looking at the Spinner page in the design system."Ghost" singular. Sorry. I regret this games journalism error.New @aside_quest! Madden + Tony Hawk + Ghosts of Tsushima and more.'re excited to have Dave Rupert (@davatron5000), Lead Developer for @paravelinc, presenting at #AllThingsOpen!…
Retweeted by Dave RupertVue inside lit-html. Surely your gods hear your cry! [mocking laughter] inside Eleventy. Where are your gods now! and TikTok getting banned. Zuckerberg’s payday. Quid pro quo.
@notwaldorf Are you pulling words from all the buckets in friendly-words? Or just friendlyWords.objects? @notwaldorf That’s cool. You’re cool. @milsyobtaf oh my gosh what?!? > allowing you to check out more than one branch at a time is this... is this goo… @milquetoastable "short", it's pretty nice. @james_foran @prisma Nice! @prisma was mentioned by @karlhorky too. It looks pretty sweet. This schema and the clie… @zachleat It's `git status` but like --short.Hey how come none of y'all told me about `git status -s` ? I'm out here havin' to find this stuff on my own. You should be ashamed. @brianrupert I'll let Emi know Uncle Brian really wants to see it. @joeyellis i do not remember that scene where he's in a suit. at first i thought it was joe biden. i'm a little shook right now. @databrecht @fauna I think what I had assumed was Fauna would create my graphql schema/endpoint for me (or a least… @scottjehl Or maybe it could use a weird character like the `$` and wait nope that's just sass. i made sass. @charlespeters not using typescript, but i don't think it's out of the question for the data side of things. what O… @zachleat FOUZ: flash of unstyled zachHey, family. I have a few prototypes (in Vue/Nuxt) that are ready for a database. I've played with @HasuraHQ,… have a therapy It’s a 99¢ mask But trillions are being spent On one man’s incompetence @robweychert I WANT ONE @lawnsea Oh. PlaySkool Hazmat. Nice. Makes more sense. With 3 boys, inflatable corridors are a no brainer. @lawnsea I just rolled out the trash so that was extra-sensory for me 😅 A shower in your garage is smart tho. @lawnsea 😧 @kylealden 💜
Weaved Webs
Retweeted by Dave RupertAre there Pulitzers for blog posts? Because this post is A READ. Perfect in every aspect. @kylealden Uf yeah. Can’t imagine how the air is impacting them. Hard seeing your pets struggle. @kylealden Sorry about doggo tho. Hope it’s okay. @kylealden Put Teams on that fancy foldy phone of yours! @jcsalterego It's really telling that there's a 40min documentary about ~3 minutes of film. Standouts to me from t… @jschumann @Parker_Short I feel you. There are confusing parts for sure. @RWD @andyet 😍 using the circle is a throughline between all the sections. wow. @jcsalterego I 💙 animation documentaries so I'm going to watch the hell out of this.📝 New post! It's about some advice I got from a princess movie. @brad_frost You're right. Back to crushing it. Make capitalism go brrrrrrrrrrrr @stephensauceda If he's inspired by it, that's cool. I want people to achieve. I like green chart. Green chart fun.… @ColinRubbert Sorry you're feeling all those things, but yeah, 2020 is about getting by. If you catch a wave of pro…'t... threw my back out last year from sitting at my desk too much, doctor and chiro appts, my family goes campi…, pandemic, homeschool, non-GitHub projects, reading books, podcasting, making spreadsheets, visualizing proble… @beep Yes, but Jojo Rabbit was a pretty good movie.This has strong child soldier vibes @brad_frost @raygunray school and college-aged students in Austin are testing positive for COVID-19 at a much higher rate than the ar…
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@poofichu No. It changes every week. It's a hellscape.What is the Value of Browser Diversity?
Retweeted by Dave RupertIn for $200. Let's go, gamers. UFO theater lobby is paying for itself tbqh #AppleEvent @EdgeDevTools - Highlight missing labels - Display/overlay alt text - Contrast warner - Rotor emulator (show only h… @ebrunborg Yeah. It’s a big breakaway from instant gratification or even the version of incrementalism promoted by… Source Order Viewer experiment in @EdgeDevTools. Great for finding common accessibility problems. More of thes… @natedunn @giuseppegurgone @rauchg 👋 Hooray HTML Imports!There's been a lot of buzz about AVIF but testing and converting can be difficult. To make it easier we've added AV…
Retweeted by Dave Rupert📝 New post about prototyping, play testing, and "Brain Trusts" @DavidDarnes Similar, yeah. This but without the precompile step.2020: expect the unexpected
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@bradcolbow Nope. Doesn't look like it. @bradcolbow Interesting... he lives here? @StfBauer @chriscoyier @ShopTalkShow heck yeah. i finally made it! @brad_frost @peruvianidol yes same question @frank_chimero It's wild to me that even meditation apps get bombarded with feature creep. Is no one safe?!?! @sambreed hello fellow hacker news enthusiast! i'm not even sure alt text can be good since i invented my own compiler📝 New post about `alt` text and it's really basic. @ColinRubbert I don't need my browser to obfuscate URLs. It's a sensitive subject and I like URLs. @ColinRubbert If you copy a hyperlink and paste it into a rich text app (e.g. Slack) it converts it to a hyperlink… @jon_neal Yes! I just found it. Gonna set that back to NORMAL mode. die in direct messages.
Retweeted by Dave RupertHey y'all. I know it's early on a Monday but I need some help. Either Windows or Edge changed what happens when you… @TrentWalton It might be nice to sleep on a mountain of skulls, in a castle of pain, on a throne of blood! I mean… @SamKap @lawnsea @scottjehl Daikon’t believe you two are goofin about this.
@charlespeters are for RSS ❤️ Got my unreads under 100 and while that’s only ~4 people, they write really good and long ar… @jasonkarns @searls Excellent point. The problems amplify when silo boundaries are crossed. @Rich_Harris 🌶🌶🌶 spicy! But yes those are all bloatware. @netflix My kids want me to let you know that they hate it when Season 3 is above Season 1 and the episodes are all… @mattwoodnyc Eleventy was a requirement. Also client side perf was a concern (flagged by SEO) so didn’t even consider it. @jkup You should! A lot of the time I'm just playing Mystery Heroes for a bit while I have a minute here and there. @MrBrianHinton @Pringles You got to. If it sounds like legos, you got density issues in the chip itself.You, a pleb: Grabbing something off the shelf Me, a connoisseur: Hand-weighing each @Pringles can individually to d…
@zachleat @SaraSoueidan @eleven_ty well if i gave it all at once, i can't control the roadmap. gotta dangle the carrot.