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Fat Dave 3.5% @dave_collins_10 Cambridgeshire, England

Communication specialist for children with additional needs. I also feckin' hate the lying, self serving Tory bastards. #RejointheEU #FBPE

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@AndrewBowie_MP Conservatives. Cannot. Be. Trusted. On. Anything.When those who voted remain tried to warn you what was happening we weren’t lying, we weren’t project fear, we cert…
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Just let me remind you, it’s not NHS test and trace....its SERCO test and trace SERCO test and trace SERCO test an…
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5% @pablodi26542473 Well done fella! 👏🍞 @blacsoc I say that to everyone when they reveal their age! I'm sure you don't look a day over 30 😉🥳 @blacsoc You don't look it! Happy birthday!Prime Minister says we always knew that a second wave was possible, that France and Spain showed what was likely. S…
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5%Would broadcasters PLEASE stop treating Tim Martin as though he has any expertise in tackling Covid? He is a Brexit…
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Work from home if you can but also lose your job if you don’t go back to the office. Seems perfectly clear to me.
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5% @alex1alex @aRTHUr98798756 Same things happening in my school. It's an absolute shambles. #ToryIncompetenceKids going home with clear symptoms and self isolating. No tests available and therefore no positive result. There…
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5%Danny kruger, the tory MP for Devises not wearing a mask for the entire Hungerford to Paddington train journey yest…
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@lesserspottedH TorysRusExcuse me @Nigel_Farage why, when you're normally so keen to talk to the media, wouldn't you talk to #panorama re t…
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5% @MattHancock @CMO_England And last week we got half price meals if we went to restaurants. How about YOU PLAY YOUR… for fuck sake. Don't go buying all the bog roll again you gobshite. It's lockdown light, not fuckin dysentery.
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5% @bernardjenkin They can shoot the virus with their big guns! Great idea Bernard!
@RT_Editing @Nihilists4Lab Just had a read of your website. Good luck with that. @Nihilists4Lab @RT_Editing How helpful. You may as well just retweet IDS for all the good you're doing. How is this…’m setting a temporary Food Bank up at the shop to help people through the next few months , it will be unofficial…
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5% @MattHancock My school has positive case and yet it's business as usual. You're encouraging people to visit restaur… lockdown rules from tomorrow
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5%#MattWancock warns us that we're at tipping point. Yet my school has a positive case of #Covid19UK and it's busines… @SSmithCharts @williambyrne_ @BBCR1 @samsmith Thanks for the warning.
@SYFR Stupidity?*Breaking* I've just been sent this exclusive footage from Nigel Farage. Please watch with the sound on.
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5% @BorisJohnson @JennerInstitute @UniofOxford How is visiting them helpful? You're slowing them down with your very p… @BorisJohnson @JennerInstitute @UniofOxford sure we could test the entire UK in 24hrs if we let Aldi checkout assistants run the testing centres
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5% @matthaig1 Girlfriend bought me a copy the other day! I was moaning that I had to wait until payday before I could…
I just farted so hard and long that my voice recognition software wrote a Daily Mail article.
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@Unlocked_UK_ @johnredwood Are you paying him for his time? Remember, some people will say any old shit for money.… @cscov_04 Haven't we already tried that?There is a simplicity to this
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5% @johnredwood But we won't have a trade deal with he the EU though! You can't be that stupid surely?
The entire Test & Trace fiasco is not a fiasco. It's designed to keep the number of people diagnosed with Covid19 d…
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5%At the end of the day you should be happy tired and not sad tired. Happy tired is when you’ve spent the day chasing…
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5% @darrengrimes_ There is a very easy way to find out. Who is more insufferable?
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5% @matthaig1 It's a great idea! Get her a hamster! 🐹 @DesmondSwayne Law is law, you corrupt windsock! #ToryLawBreakers
@stimmopaul1 It really is, unfortunately. Before the summer holidays one of my students lost her dad from Covid. An… @stimmopaul1 Last week 2 teachers went off in my school. So, the kids from their respective bubbles joined other cl… @stimmopaul1 The same story in every class of my school. Staff and students off with symptoms.Johnson ran straight out of the chamber seconds after he was utterly exposed and shamed by @Ed_Miliband - didn’t wa…
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5% @nazirafzal Look at the state of him! @davemacladd The fucking state of him!Ed Miliband - There you have it... Boris Johnson didn't read the protocol, he hasn't read the bill, he doesn't know…
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5%If you're unironically tweeting with #StarmerOut and you follow me, kindly fuck off. Even if you don't follow me, a…
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5% @mhdksafa @MattHancock Does than mean I don't have to go to school today? @bernardjenkin Shame on you, Bernard! @ruskin147 @carolecadwalla ARM is owned by a Japanese firm though. We sold it years ago.
Just off out for a dangerous, irresponsible socially distanced meet-up with a few friends at a park! It'll be the l…
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5% @ohsocheekychick @BorisJohnson @MattHancock @guardian @BBCPolitics I'll definitely use it. I think we all have to.… @matthaig1 And they hate school, which is handy. @ohsocheekychick @BorisJohnson @MattHancock @guardian @BBCPolitics Interesting. Hopefully it'll work. 🤞 @GordonRamsay @GordonRamsayGRR Where's the rest of it? @10DowningStreet What about in my school, where there is zero SD and kids and staff dropping like flies? Or don't y… is not about scale. The small things that make you happy can give you as much joy as the big things. A re…
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5%Does #marr ever let anyone answer a question?
@iGuyC @BorisJohnson @MattHancock @guardian @BBCPolitics Believe it when I see it.Why does the UK not have a track and trace app? Is one even in production? Pretty much every advanced country has o… @Femi_Sorry @PointlessBrexit calls itv to complain about diversity blm routine
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5%Johnson’s messaging. Stay in. Go out. Bustle and hustle. Keep apart. Shake hands. Don’t shake hands. Don’t wear mas…
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5% @TheCurrentMrsC What a handsome boy! He looks like he could get away with anything 😍 @TheCurrentMrsC He looks like a good boy! 🎉🎂🥳🐕 @lucyallan Lies lies lies. You should be ashamed of yourself. You're a disgrace to this country. @AWorthlessIdio1 You deserve to live the life you want. Life is short and if others don't agree with your life choi… @BorisJohnson #ToryLiesCostLives #ToryLiesCostLives #ToryLiesCostLives #ToryLiesCostLives #ToryLiesCostLives @andrealeadsom But this is all the governments doing! Did you not understand what you were voting for? This is on y… @Telegraph @JoshSWYR @brondbyste @SportsTeam_ @islandrecordsuk I don't smoke, Josh 🤦‍♂️
@connordoner Thank you Connor. I've seen the care and concern you have for people that need help and I admire it gr… @connordoner ❤️ @MirrorMoney Of course it fucking did! No maybe about it. #ToryLiesCostLives @Arthur_walli @brondbyste @SportsTeam_ @islandrecordsuk Thanks Arthur. I'll give it another go next time I'm battered! 🕺Difficult to meet in other places just now, so can't really blame them.
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5% @DavidHenigUK It's a 'Cummins' plan. @matthaig1 Really want to read it, but I've got to wait until payday! @Arthur_walli @brondbyste @SportsTeam_ @islandrecordsuk Gave it a listen, Arthur. Still a racket! @Rozkez67 Fuck yeah! @JoshSWYR @brondbyste @SportsTeam_ @islandrecordsuk You're not making any sense, Josh. Maybe cut down on the nose candy mate. 🙃 @DavyLamps What's the point? He isn't and won't ever be. I wish he was PM but he was a bit of a failure and is part… @MerielMyers Met my soulmate. @e_snacks Thanks Elizabeth! ❤️Johnson is attempting to take the UK out of the EU using a criminally procured vote from 2016. He is also now attem…
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5%This is the most painful cancellation I have had yet. From someone I spent 10 years working with, many lovely famil…
@brondbyste @SportsTeam_ @islandrecordsuk Probably sounds good if you've got a cocaine habit. @SportsTeam_ @islandrecordsuk Sounds bloody awful! @TheJessieKirk Life is short. Do with it as you please.SERCO Track & Trace, is shit. Pass it on...
Retweeted by Fat Dave 3.5% @UKGovtGoogles WE DID FUCKING WARN YOU! @Mike_Pence @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris It's not your adminstration producing the vaccine. It's the scientists. @DrewLawDesign Showered, dressed, tea, cry.I must share this brilliant video again because it’s only been seen 330,000 times. Allow this homeless man to qui…
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Are 'S Club 7' illegal now?