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bringing home the bagels at @LondonInStereo

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Hey, it's @katiesol reviewing the singles for us this week
Retweeted by Dave RowlinsonWith their debut collaborative EP 'Youkounkoun' out now, we caught up with Falle Nioke and @ghostculture for a quic…
Retweeted by Dave Rowlinson @charliesimmondz ⚾️ @charliesimmondz i guess positivity is a good starthow are we meant to achieve peace on earth when a kylie single is buried 80-odd deep on NMF?Now Hireing! -
Retweeted by Dave RowlinsonBless the Mercury Award for choosing a winner nobody was gonna squabble about on here. A gracious act of peace. @JudeAbides Acceptable @JudeAbides You take that backI mean, given that (and I think this is accurate maths) 0% of people live central, it just seems a weird place to b…
From an instrumental album based on the animals of the Chinese zodiac to a song about a near-extinct woodpecker in…
Retweeted by Dave RowlinsonWe’re putting on a gig this Sunday. Our pals @VICTORIADALSTON have invited us to put on a safe, socially distanced…
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Simply turn that frown upside down to breeze through what’s sure to be a lol winter. are feelinggg this today: How to get yourself out of a mental and creative slump. some ideas to change up your…
Retweeted by Dave RowlinsonFollow our playlist because my GOD there is a lot of great new music in the world
Retweeted by Dave Rowlinsonlooking for sick graphic designers who can build simple websites urgently please RT & send them my way!! (paid opp of course)
Retweeted by Dave Rowlinsons/o to @JessPartridge who has gone and put together another ridic playlist of new music🚨PERSONAL ANNOUNCEMENT🚨 i have written a book (!!!!!!!) it’s called “queer london” and it’s an a-z of lgbtq+ lond…
Retweeted by Dave Rowlinson @yngvlgrn doesn't feel like something that needs a 'AND THE WINNER... will be revealed after the break!' vibe
@yngvlgrn Best wine thoughsell the fucking michelangelo
Retweeted by Dave Rowlinson @yngvlgrn Nope
‘There you are my little legend’ - me to the almost empty bottle of wine form last night I couldn’t find for maybe 30 seconds @Hollyw2277 @Hollyw2277 I think @Hollyw2277 Real dealIn 2020 tales, a raven tried to steal my crisps (Torres Selecta, Iberian Ham, 150g)
@mimi_gx we'll factor in a trip for you - a real treat @TylerDamara horrifying @sebulous Nicely packaged oat milk, yepwent to the boujee Spar on Chatsworth Rd last night and spent <£50. That, my friends, is growth. @__mattharris @strawlou happy to travel to portugal for shows, too @TylerDamara I mean, I guess there’s young people?
@TylerDamara shouldn’t run 2 days on the bounce anyway. Bad for the bones. @darrenhayman just call it a spanish omelette. Instant upgrade @darrenhayman well, that's what i told myself.. but i think technically: no. As ever with cooking though, i'm guessing.didn't have any stock for my bolognese, so used gravy. Am i frm Yorkshire now?
My fun lil Simpsons quiz is back in a real pub for the first time since March 🥰
Retweeted by Dave Rowlinson @strawlou lovely! @sankles what are your m&S go-to products?Love 2 chop half a block of cheddar into tiny cubes to make it a healthy salad component*LOOKING FOR NEW MUSIC OPPORTUNITIES TWEET* I started a business earlier this year but COVID has stalled it so loo…
Retweeted by Dave Rowlinsonquite hyped to be going to A Gig, tbh
@mimi_gx Amy!With their energetic, urgent DIY spirit @PillowQueeens are an inimitable burgeoning creative force. Ahead of releas…
Retweeted by Dave Rowlinsonwhat's the worst thing? Is it when Insta changes the order of who's seen yr stories so you have to double-check you…
Arts Council project grants are open now. I’ve written a little something for @WeAreTheMU about how to make your ap…
Retweeted by Dave Rowlinson @tara_dwmd I don’t remember specific pieces (it was a long time ago), but do remember him being one of a handful of… morning is the perfect time to apply for new adventures.
Retweeted by Dave RowlinsonWe're hooked on @audreynuna's new track 'Damn Right' 🔥❤️ plus other great ones this week from @Itss_niakay,…
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@jwojwo Legends, imo @eligoldstone omg @sockformation A double pivot is print to video to print. I’m very confused about when ‘low block’ entered the football discourse.
@michelle_amaria It’s not like he’s a prLads, you absolutely must moisturise.
Hello! Very excited to be featured in the... BBC today, in regards to the Covid-19 Plant Prints project I created a…
Retweeted by Dave Rowlinson @MusicWeek Dave Rowlinson, London in Stereo, West Ham
@ChilledHarold the system works!loving (?) the gov't blaming young people for being more sociable lately after a month of bribing them into restaurants
I’m looking for a job 👋 I’ve worked in music for 6 years with 3 years experience in PR, specialising in innovative…
Retweeted by Dave RowlinsonLee is the absolute best. He's been so unbelievably helpful, reliable and active in all things @LondonInStereo basi…
Retweeted by Dave RowlinsonWe have no choice but to of the Week is from our long-term fave @danielmarkavery with his duo of new singles. Other great sounds com…
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Hyped that drug-cheat Djokovic has been denied a cheap slam“Just don’t drink any more booze David” and other stuff I’ve said out loud to myself tonight @outside_left @JackFrancis @ClaptonCFC Looks even better than it did from the other end of the pitch!
@sankles Oh mate. Sending all love xCan’t believe I get to see football today.... plus I’ve never liked *checks notes* Hilltop FC @JudeAbides A purifying clay mask, from the expert men at l’orealIt’s not yet 11.30: Been for a 2 hour walk, had a bath, done a facemask and listened to Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridge… @_EthanBeer 2🤪2🤪 @_EthanBeer You...found karaoke?
Shout if you need help with your applications!
Retweeted by Dave Rowlinsoni have achieved... serenity 35% of your pastrami purchase for a limited time only at 👍🏼
Retweeted by Dave RowlinsonThere’s a whole lotta treats to find on this Bandcamp Friday - including our v cute word search featuring what is a…
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@dietcig seeing you for the first time when over from London walking into a show at CMJ at Cake Shop(?), you singin… her striking new album 'All That Emotion' out tomorrow, we caught up with Hannah Georgas (@hannahmusic) for a…
Retweeted by Dave Rowlinson @chicknsours bring it back, bring it back - etc, etc @gemtriesharder economy savedtruly hate that my brains response to the detol ads was to order some Pret in, but here we are...Stumped by TIKTOK? Want to make sure you’re using Insta effectively? Think you could get more out of youTube? Read…
Retweeted by Dave Rowlinson @willyates76 nah, alive and well. Re-opened early August...
Sat in the garden at the Chesham Arms and ordered Yard Sale Pizza to the table and, honestly, I’ve needed thatFew tougher tests to being the man I want to be in the world than choosing the appropriate speed lane at the lido tbhAhead of releasing their fourth studio album 'Host' later this month, @CultsCultsCults talk us through five tracks…
Retweeted by Dave Rowlinson @MontysDeli reckon you'll ever have the tumblers back on the store?
We've been huge fans of Mysie for a while and she just does not stop delivering, as her stunning new track 'Bones'…
Retweeted by Dave Rowlinson @alimkheraj Truly treasure a £5 bag of crisps to heal the strap can have Single Of The Year for the lines 'i am the son of sleep, all i need's an invitation' tbh
@mimi_gx 💕❤️💕❤️
@JudeAbides @CreateSpark @CharKrol this escalated while I was on the tube @CharKrol Charlotte
The effortlessly cool @LA_WITCH have taken some dreamy photos giving us a snapshot into their lives in L.A. 📸🖤>>>…
Retweeted by Dave RowlinsonWe're loving @elheist's debut so much ❤️🔥 check out our recent chat with her here + turn up 'Wholesome Goody' for s…
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@oneofthosefaces beer n burger store?📺 We may not be frolicking amongst the peacocks this year, but we’re still going to have one hell of a party. 📺 Jo…
Retweeted by Dave Rowlinsonif you ever need to hurt me, play any single one of the songs on this list at me.
this series is so necessary, so upsetting and so well done
Retweeted by Dave RowlinsonDrawing on cyberpunk anime, Latin music, pop + club sounds, Lila Tirando a Violeta (@TirandoaVioleta) makes experim…
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