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@Ki11ersix @drdisrespect @kanyewest K6 & @dammit2h3ll 2020 Election LETS GOOOOO @KrisKaotick @streamlabs MEA was great, I think it gets over shadowed by @EA pulling support & planned dlc for it,… the latest up roar is over the @netflix movie #365days , How hard is it to read the description of a movie/show… streaming Assassin's Creed: Odyssey on Twitch, come hang out with us at ! 👀 #Twitch
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🔴[LIVE] Today is a good day
Retweeted by Dave @XBOX @masseffect ?? dat early Cyberpunk 2077 hair... You try Hyper Scape? 🔴 LIVE MEOW playing HS if you wanna see. @ Los Angeles, C…
Retweeted by Dave🔴 Now live on Twitch streaming Assassin's Creed: Odyssey - come watch at ! 👁️👁️🧠 #Twitch
Retweeted by Dave @AbbyHour No Moze BL3 , Abby done got Bungied
Live! Hopefully no power outages today. 🙄 More FFXI, the road to Advanced Jobs is underway! The big decision, do I…
Retweeted by Dave @feliceherrig As hot as it's going to be here for the next 11 days , this sounds like a good idea, I'd back out tho…🔴[LIVE] Baiting u with cute doggo pics
Retweeted by Dave @Xbox I have a question regarding @masseffect 2 & 3 , I have both games for XBOX 360 , they have multiple discs , i… out these beautiful new screenshots from Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC Coming August 7 – Pre-ord…
Retweeted by DaveLIVE NOW!! FL4KET OFF! #Borderlands #Borderlands3
Retweeted by Dave @JunDishes Being locked up in the BB house doesn't sound like a bad idea in 2020 🤣Hope you & your son is doing well <3 @PCSpecialist I mean if you send me a pc , I'd never use it to post bad memes 🤣 Fortnite for @alienware 's Play Apart Together series. Come join at @ Los Ang…
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Ubisoft just released a brand new, battle royale game, #HyperScape! If you wanna get in the beta, watch my stream f…
Retweeted by DaveLIVE NOW #Borderlands #Borderlands3
Retweeted by DaveHey guys I'm live now on twitch, you should come by and check it out: #twitch
Retweeted by Dave🔴 Now live on Twitch streaming Borderlands 3! - come watch at 👁️👁️🧠 #Twitch
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Happy Canada Day! Going to spend it playing FFXI and sipping on some whiskey! 😊 Join me?
Retweeted by Dave🔴 Now live on Twitch streaming Assassin's Creed Origins! - come watch at 🕯️🕯️🕯️ #Twitch
Retweeted by DaveLIVE NOW #Borderlands #Borderlands3
Retweeted by DaveNEW YOUTUBE VIDEO: FL4KET OFF | GAMMA FL4K - Day #2 | Funny Moments & Legendary Loot [Borde...…
Retweeted by DaveGeorge Carlin Politicians via @YouTube Mr. Carlin nails it better than anyone, We need t… back and feel better now
Retweeted by DaveLive! Going back in time today, with some FFXI. For those who don't know (hard to believe I talk about it almost…
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@BloodyfasterTV ❤❤❤❤❤LIVE NOW #Borderlands #Borderlands3
Retweeted by DaveTook 2 days off to do just nothing, it was pretty great. I accidentally slept in today but am live! More D2 😎…
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🔴[LIVE] LGBTQIA+ Positive up in this bitch 🌈
Retweeted by DaveLIVE NOW #Borderlands #Borderlands3
Retweeted by DaveAs PS Plus reaches its tenth anniversary, your games for July are revealed: NBA 2K20, Rise of the Tomb Raider and E…
Retweeted by DaveIf you haven't already, tune-in to my stream right now! My inner viking will soon be coming out because the stream…
Retweeted by Dave🔴 Currently live on Twitch streaming Assassin's Creed Origins! - come join at 🔪…
Retweeted by DaveDress Sunday: Summer Edition is now in session. Spend your Sunday with me, ranking up in Rainbow Six Siege, then on…
Retweeted by DaveA DammNation/Borderlands community member @vikingthorin has gotten custody of his daughter but needs help moving so…
Retweeted by Dave @hulu Removing that episode of #TheGoldenGirls is proof that platform is run by fools, In case you didn't know , A…🔴 Now live on Twitch streaming Assassin's Creed Origins! - come watch at 🕯️🕯️🕯️ #Twitch
Retweeted by DaveHow's the weather? No really! It's been really nice here, before the heat hits. 🔴 LIVE MEOW link in bio . . . . .…
Retweeted by DaveLets Explore 😊 #TeamWarrior
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Playing Rainbow Six Siege tonight! The climb to Diamond continues. Join me or let me to entertain you this Sat nigh…
Retweeted by DaveBest cereal? 🔴 LIVE MEOW on Twitch, link in bio. . . . . . #R6 #rainbowsixsiege #tomclancy #xboxlive
Retweeted by Dave🔴 Now live on Twitch streaming Borderlands 3! - come watch at 👁️👁️🧠 #Twitch
Retweeted by DaveDoing DLC Stuff :) #TeamWarrior
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@Borderlands @GearboxOfficial You have done a great job with this latest update, There is so many options with the…🔴[LIVE] Leveling more in @DestinyTheGame !! Almost to 1060!!
Retweeted by DaveUsing my Saturday to raise some money for pancreatic cancer research. Come join me on !! 12 pm EST
Retweeted by DaveSully the squirrel glider was found all alone. Thankfully, a kind rescuer brought him to the @AustraliaZoo Wildlife…
Retweeted by Dave🔴 Now live on Twitch streaming Borderlands 3! - come watch at 👁️👁️🧠 #Twitch
Retweeted by DaveSwitching it up to Rainbow Six Siege tonight. Trying out the last two seasons of operators!…
Retweeted by DaveOne week ago, we launched #TheLastofUsPartII. Whether you're starting your playthrough, picking up where you left o…
Retweeted by DaveWhat did you last eat? I had 🍓 🔴 Streaming R6 . . . . . #rainbowsixsiege #r6 #xboxlive #Xbox #tomclancy
Retweeted by Dave @Pokket lmao , You're too much :D
Happy Birthday @BrutalBex , You're A Wonderful Human , I Hope You Know That ❤I Love This DLC 🙂 #TeamWarrior
Retweeted by DaveLive! Took a nice day off yesterday, actually saw the sun and it was pretty ok! Back to space stuff tho in D2 😎…
Retweeted by DaveLIVE NOW #Borderlands #Borderlands3
Retweeted by DaveTo all of the fans that have played #TheLastofUsPartII, been a part of this journey, and helped us reach this incre…
Retweeted by DaveThe Last of Us Part II has sold through more than 4 million copies: Congratulations,…
Retweeted by DaveWarzone is starting to wear a bit. Would be nice if they mixed it up a bit with some sort of map event or a ranked…
Retweeted by DaveWhat cha up to? I'm relaxing and made pancakes... 🔴 LIVE MEOW @ Los Angeles, California
Retweeted by DaveIm back, its hot, send help
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MOZE IS BACK, COWBOYS! THANK YOU @GearboxOfficial @Borderlands #Borderlands3
Retweeted by DaveNew Red Dead Expansion? 😶 #TeamWarrior
Retweeted by Dave🔴[LIVE] @Borderlands DLC3 Today!!
Retweeted by DaveNEW DLC PLAYTHROUGH NOW!!! @Borderlands #Borderlands3 #Sponsored
Retweeted by Dave @Twitch Good job listening then taking action, I know this isn't what people want to hear but Twitch needed to take… update on our investigations into the recent allegations of sexual abuse and harassment involving Twitch streame…
Retweeted by DaveMore TLoU pt2 :) #TeamWarrior
Retweeted by DaveCelebrating 33 years of Spaceballs, see if Lone Starr's Eagle 5 qualified for our list of top Cars or Trucks from…
Retweeted by DaveA little something for your timeline @Rawkeyy Nah if it doesn't give me 100% sneak , I don't want it 🤣I really don't like that these guns will be out leveled so soon after the event ended, level event gear to 60 pleas…
Live! New PC, so hope all is working? I guess we'll see LOL More pew pew in D2 😎 Bring javaaaaaaaa…
Retweeted by Dave @Ki11ersix Finding out that the #LochNessMonster is real would be the only thing that could save 2020 @Borderlands @GearboxOfficial If you're going to keep raising the level cap like this, at least level up the event… Twitch, Will be going too Mixer soon! #TeamWarrior
Retweeted by DaveI will not be participating in the Twitch Blackout ,I will keep Subbing , Cheering & Donating to those amazing str… @Ki11ersix Don't forget the assless chaps KappaSo has @RockstarGames just abandoned #RDR2 online? I've seen no info related to it in months, I know with COVID pla…
The @TwitchEsports tourney has begun! @NAMELESS, @Lacefield and myself are Gunning for the top of the #TwitchRivals
Retweeted by DaveLive! Since some content is going bye-bye in D2, going to try and finish up some thangs before they are gone! I a…
Retweeted by DaveWarzone Tournament time!!! 🔴 LIVE MEOW @ Los Angeles, California
Retweeted by Dave🔴[LIVE] Exotic Quest Today?!
Retweeted by DaveI felt like the combat was very well done, On moderate setting , everything seem to be balanced really good, when I… me see the story from the other side led me to care about that other person also, just amazing storytelling…'m very impressed with the work @Naughty_Dog put into #TheLastofUsPartll I LOVED this game so much, I've never bee… Continues Today ~ On Hospital Chapter! Follower Only mode cause someone tried to spoil last time =( We are…
Retweeted by DaveRaquel Lily - Mary (Official Music Video) via @YouTube Do me a favor & take a few minutes t…'ll be playing in the @TwitchEsports Warzone tournament tomorrow. Join me tonight for some serious practice!…
Retweeted by DaveBest site to get good #Skyrim pc mods? @theRaychul Aaaawww this is what I needed to see in my timelineWhat do you like now that you didn't before? Never been a fan of pink, but I'm learning to embrace things I may ha…
Retweeted by DaveThe more I read on the @WatchMixer thing , the more of a scumbag move it was , I hope all the streamers who built t… @PolarBearTwitch So glad to hear that, best wishes to your Nan <3
It shouldn't be hard or take long to find the garbage person or people who did this, With limited access to the gar… mans in Destiny 2 to relieve stress! I'm a few weeks late to the new season, so have some catching up to d…
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