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Chief Furnancial Officer AKA D-Money AKA Moneyman Faucet-Licker, Bagel Enthusiast, Voling League Tuesdays 6pm. Cat/Fixed

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@ICTi2020 This fucker @quinncy Oh she’s fun @feliciasonmez Because obviously there is a finite amount of freedom and very limited opportunity @HunterDK would she care to point out the Democrats who called for violence while in office I suspect the list is v short @Tehdon she'd be fantastic in orbit or reentry @rachelweinerwp @feliciasonmez why doesn't he go live a pretty basic life in prison for a year of two and think abo… @MollyJongFast if only some jackass hadn't passed on 100 million doses 2 months ago @SITHOBRIENS She was so lovely He was OK too @Popehat The very people who cry "Law and Order!" and fly Police-Appreciation Society flags are the very people who… @SlavaMalamud There is nothing to dislike. Inside out Russian hamburgers for the win
@SlavaMalamud oh now he's using my terminology unfucking deserves a wider reach well done sir as always ps kotleta still delish @itsmebeegee07 I'm @ ing you so hard right now not sure what @ ing is but whatevs I'd be awesome @ it @nathanallebach I HAVE NOT OPENED THIS TWEET YET BUT THE PACKAGE IS VERY NICE I AM SURE I WILL LOVE IT FIVE STARS!!!! @Chelle_Coops that's what the dog thinks @Chelle_Coops our dog just farted really loud we do not have a dog @itsnashflynn @TheHyyyype these people were not alive when polio was a thing @ddale8 @emsteck @KFILE well as long as she didn't support shooting Republican politicians she should be fine @BegoniaLuv i am so sorry i did not know you were eating @MollyJongFast @liamstack it really is. no way to see it coming. @BradMossEsq Randstandinggas pump: please insert card me: *inserts card* GP: remove card quickly me: *removes card* GP: insert card agai… @ln0217 @BeeeejEsq Oh Eileen just wipe it off sweetie @someonelikesmeg @writeden is this one of the new executive orders @Tobi_Is_Fab oh good you got cuter. @crocfanpage how was soup or is it ongoingIt will divide patriotic Americans from those who would resort to violence to influence the political process. Alth… @itsnashflynn former davids tea employee switching to vodka @difficultpatty @awkwardenabled @GroovyTasia @itsnashflynn this email's been through a lot @itsnashflynn awwwwww @my_hive_away @ln0217 kiTTen is smiTTen @julcasagrande @robin_991 might I point out that the flooring in our entryway is plant based, as is the door that y… @stereofiasco @robin_991 I'd be praying for earlier and more effective praying ie: before the fire @itsnashflynn i hope this email finds itself exploding violently into its component ones and zeros, badly wounding that one jerk in ITCorned Beef Hash, but Pumpkin Spice @itsnashflynn i hope this email finds you quiet and not bothering me, for a change @Tobi_Is_Fab @OrdinaryAlso you are in Very West Virginia* West Virginia is also not real @npenzenstadler @journalsentinel @geostanley Subaru @dimplesticks i'm the cat of typing but not of capitalization @CharlesPPierce ummmm has he met any Republicans @joshtpm who tf wants to be anywhere near a hospital for the forseeable future? I had apprehensions about having a… @VikingJonesy @writeden try putting a little dab on your tahiney @Jody_Houser somebody suffering from the ol' cranio-rectal inversion
@DoYouEvenLif @parlertakes one please @Tobi_Is_Fab @colleen_eileen @danistheword_ some effing animal dm'd it @danistheword_ @colleen_eileen @Tobi_Is_Fab @toomanycommas3 @tsm560 I have two on each of the tractors and several on the car. They're stunning @engineers_feed @Lenniesaurus can ye @AubriePesky Wood Duck Duck Wood @GraceSpelman rocking the motor drives in case Socks springs into action @Tobi_Is_Fab @pantless_papple poupon @joshtpm Alternate Headline Very small group of people with questionable ethics now contemplating prior bed-making… @PoodleSnarf @CatJacquesESPN what if you have unknowingly tried chutney what if someone just chutzed some into something and u 8 it @CharlesPPierce thank God he didn't BREACH the contract
@Mom_Overboard @writeden still talking phones right @parlertakes not a cult tho @wolmanj please don't cancel your subscription until we all have rolexes @colleen_eileen the why of chainsaws is answered by using a chainsaw, particularly a large one with a sharp chain.… @Tobi_Is_Fab @MikeMcKarr 20 bucks Chucky works for his dad's company @adamgreattweet what hap when u flush and still 38ft of receipt hanging out of litter bowl @Popehat the great outdoors is the reason we invented the great indoors @crocfanpage after all this time you're still into them @ArmandoNDK @digby56 Dwight Eisenhower would be thrown out of today's Republican party @mommajessiec @Hammyinmiami there was a comedy bit about women will just pick up the penny and continue vacuuming w…
@RiotGrlErin @henchbeaver if u were cat with driving license ud understand @hermanntrude @henchbeaver what if we baked one, scooped it, mashed its innards (with cheese) reinstalled everythin… @BobMob67 @GrimArtGroup I clicked on this fully expecting Bernie Sanders sitting in a metal chair. Great photo. @TheWinegasm @perlhack this is the content for for which I am here @TerribleMaps @CivMilAir the key point about Roman air bases is that they were ground-based @parlertakes @marklevinshow always with the judging
@Lenniesaurus really wanting to hear you pronounce pepperoni @thehedrk @colleen_eileen if your light meter was bad, you'd shoot at f16 and whatever shutter speed was closest to… if you don't give AF when Mitch McConnell wants to start this impeachment trial.
Retweeted by Dave, who is a cat @reallifemommy3 next question would have been is he still watching it @reallifemommy3 was there anything in the toaster @UncleDuke1969 is that Pete Buttagieg @Freak0nIine go hug them
@difficultpatty Savage @RachelBitecofer it's practically not exhausting @Popehat she's delightful @Tobi_Is_Fab @mom_tho I hoard grey poups @GraceSpelman good lookin cat single? @SlavaMalamud I imagine that her articles will be warmly received by the house majority @CatJacquesESPN @eleniZarro this is so good @eleniZarro @CatJacquesESPN get it @itsnashflynn we do this yah hence the term "it's the cat's ass" in yo face monky what? it's mah butt @JasonNotEvil park-ur @coolauntV I just meow at them @LizerReal @awkwardenabled You must be exhausted @Tehdon Thermostatically Enhanced Rotational Flanges probably @edburmila I have lurid fantasies about people in government doing the jobs for which we pay them. @BastardProphet Did not Jesus teach us “give unto some people some intel, and hope that they will not do unto us” @coolauntV @perlhack @kept_simple that's the art of the dealwash if you will my khakishang if you will this spice rackbuff if you will my fender @toomanycommas3 @awkwardenabled @mattewe02 @charbroil_chew @realfunghi @rn_murse @CandyEmpires @Kryzazy @VikingBut @Hammyinmiami i would just bonk w/ my cat head and you would be like awww @Tehdon @CarolLeonnig @NickMiroff the deficit you know. It's all the rage this week