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Dave Dresden (100%) @davedresden location, location, location

Hot Since 69 --- 50% of @gabrielndresden. DJ/Producer/Streamer/Dad/Patriot. I am dave_dresden on Instagram

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@_MichaelJustin Sending you good juju ❤️ @FrankTX907 @dotjenna @TRECommission @TXRealtors Flies in a private jet for fun and sedition and then needs a defen… @IvankaTrump It doesn’t matter any of the good he’s done. It’s been overshadowed by all the awful things he’s done.… @veronicaweibs @nappyisCRACKED I think it’s time to discuss and tag artists who are accepting and doing shows in a… @laurenboebert @Reuters You’re going to jail and it’s going to be glorious.
@nappyisCRACKED All you have to do is say “no” when the offer comes in. @TfField9 @DavidBegnaud Just from her social posts alone it’s an open and shut case. @DavidPetr4 @JennaRyanRealty This girl and her entitlement, it’s actually off the charts. Which is why I’m so enthr… @BennettForGA It’s going to be so satisfying when she ends up in the slammer. It’s already poetry in motion that he… @JenHallidayMA @nycjim The pole is likely for her Trump flag @annabel_ross You still in Australia? @annabel_ross You should do a piece on plague raves and clubs around America.In #lockdown there has been one #dj who has kept us all going WORLDWIDE. @davedresden has done 7 to 10 hour sets a…
Retweeted by Dave Dresden (100%)ok @davedresden dropping open end resource @OCULAmusic remix into @Lane8music oh, miles is exactly what i needed
Retweeted by Dave Dresden (100%) @Z__BOYS @DavidBegnaud “I’m proud of myself” “this was the best day of my life” this person is dangerous to have in society unchecked @DavidBegnaud It’s not normal how satisfying her arrest is to me. @cbs11doug @FBI Of course she lives in a McMansionA tweet that did not age well #MAGATerrorist @dotjenna @Marston4ca42 This tweet DID NOT age well 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@dotjenna Oh you just got arrested. I feel fulfilled. @susan42407844 @RubinReport There was a significant number of subversives. @EagleBeag1e @GarethJonesFTO @Spotify Just like any change in a tech co’s UI we will all bitch and moan for a few w… @susan42407844 @RubinReport No, all violence is wrong but this isn’t even a tenth as bad as storming the capitol on… @GarethJonesFTO @Spotify Tech companies can’t just leave well enough alone. @laurenboebert @getongab I love that your white trash azz is about to lose your job 😂 @RubinReport The whataboutism is strong here but this is lame compared to Coup Klutz Klan Not even close. @liquidtodd @IngrahamAngle What Todd said. It’s over Laura, and you bet on the wrong horse.
@nappyisCRACKED **hits weed** @bmkibler Don’t feel bad, Brian 😂 @SeltzerPapi @nappyisCRACKED I feel like people would read if there was something compelling written. Most EDM blog… @SeltzerPapi @nappyisCRACKED They exist only to remind people the anniversaries of big songs from the “golden era” of EDM 😂 @nappyisCRACKED I feel like the EDM blogs could be doing such a service to expose this and...create accountability. @veronicaweibs @nappyisCRACKED As an industry, we need to have more accountability. @dotjenna You trumpets sure love your whataboutisms. Both were wrong, but what you did was a seditious act against… @nappyisCRACKED This is juicy 💦Thanks @RichSolarstone for playing my @GabrielNDresden - Twelve remix on the Morning Show on
Retweeted by Dave Dresden (100%) @PalmerReport He said we were going to be “sick of so much winning,” he actually kinda delivered great at the end. @WhiteHouse Silent vapidity @TheRickWilson @JoyAnnReid @MSNBC Best quote about republicans ever. @MichaelRapaport Robert Keith FudgePacker @Somecollege1 @thepixiechick Way too many characters to tweet bruh, if you want to see it here’s the whole thing an… @Somecollege1 @thepixiechick There’s a reason why you call yourself “some college”
CQ150 tracklist!! Thanks @ixtoMusic @MUSTDIEmusic @elizraofficial @dancingastro I’d actually like to see an article that talks to artists, managers and… @elizraofficial @MUSTDIEmusic This is what @dancingastro should be covering. @MUSTDIEmusic This is where my questioning stops 😂 @MUSTDIEmusic But why are you sub tweeting? @ him and have a discussion. @ReneLaVice Don’t forget lava lamps @danideahl We don’t need to be abused by him any longer. @SteveJames Those DMCA takedowns were for major game streamers who used top charting hits in their streams. It like… @SteveJames If you’re streaming on Twitch, you don’t have to worry about anything. If your selection was offending… @hotpinknike @MichaelRapaport @iamrapaport We have all been abused by him daily since 2015 and these videos are how… @MichaelRapaport @iamrapaport Do you think he shouts out “mother” while they are having sex?! I know that’s a really gross thought. @MichaelRapaport @iamrapaport I profess my undying love to your videos that you post about this subject. @thepixiechick This is exactly it.If we actually were to get unity by not impeaching him I’d be all for it but I know that won’t happen.The whole moment, your reaction and the track you were playing, was perfect. Raiding other streamers is still one… @PalmerReport Calls for unity so their favorite mob boss can try and get re-elected in 2024. It’s absolutely a disg… response to the raid was priceless ❤️ @SYDNEYBLU @GeraldoRivera @LizCheney It just took a seditious act...he was cool with all the other crazy shit. We n… @cthomson2123 Yes, we get a good portion of subs and bits. Thanks for the support!! @Noureymusic @Anjunabeats @zoyasmusic Congrats all ❤️ @dotjenna “Insurrection Barbie” LOL @leftcoastbabe @PalmerReport Two times is a charm!This week’s Twitch streaming schedule: Tonight, Tuesday Jan 12th: Techno Tuesday, 6pm PST Friday, Jan 15th, 3pm P…
Retweeted by Dave Dresden (100%).@davedresden playing @Noureymusic's remix of 'No One's To Blame' on #ClubQuarantine 🕺 Out now on 'Remedy' (Remixed…
Retweeted by Dave Dresden (100%) @cthomson2123 6pm PST
Excited for this! See you guys this Friday for some #ClubQuarentine vibes ✨ 3pm PST
Retweeted by Dave Dresden (100%) @marshmusician @dosem @Anjunadeep @tonymcguinness Yet another banger. @MikeSaintJules @GabrielNDresden @Anjunabeats Thanks for joining us and being a part of the celebration, Mike!I lost zero followers in the big Q-Anon purge 😂 @RobsRecStudio @KimStrassel @JoeBiden Dude that’s hilarious. @LindaTh69980292 @KimStrassel @JoeBiden You have a great vocabulary (for a bot.) @KimStrassel @JoeBiden I think you’re really fucking high on drugs. @CitisenCommon @annabel_ross You people are all so gross. Wait until the rest of the world turns on anyone who show…
@PUBLICBARLIVE Thank you for being a part of the solution to this massive problem ❤️ @One_bored_dog @BryanShepherd12 @NBCNews Points for sense of humor ✅ @One_bored_dog @BryanShepherd12 @NBCNews “Gee maybe if I put a round white circle next to my name people will think I was verified” hyuck @matthewebel This is beautiful. ❤️❤️ @thegmorris Not right now. We found doing 3x days in a row of streaming to be too much and in order to avoid burnou… #NoFlyList hashtag is lit and getting lit-er by the minute. @NoFlyListVids Ugh #MAGATerrorist and #NoFlyList are lit it’s so great watching these traitors get man handled. @djmerritt @SenTedCruz @tedcruz He doesn’t have any redeeming qualities. He’s got no moral compass and he’s a corrupt as fuck. @swjurgens @parler_app Yes!! Same here @LynnCAlbers @czarcruise @thatERguy @parler_app That’s exactly what it was. I said a bunch of months ago that the first mass sho… @Masters_uncvols @PGA “Supposed attack” 😂😂😂😂😂 @SarahHuckabee Maybe you should go to Parler 😂😂😂😂😂I see that all the time 😂 until @parler_app is history. @matthewebel Waiting for midnight and hoping Parler’s servers go down ❤️ @tedcruz Can’t wait to see you behind bars. It will be a glorious day for Texas and the United States. @PROFF_Music @Noureymusic @OLANSOUND @GabrielNDresden @karinbash Thanks for the raid yesterday Vladimir!! @JuanR71824139 @MichaelRapaport @meldcole He is still 2000% better than Trump in every way.
Thanks for your awesome set yesterday and congrats again on ROTW!! dropped an Outstanding Official Remix of Gabriel & Dresden 😍 Stream & Download "Luna" Entel Remix NOW @…
Retweeted by Dave Dresden (100%) @tweetmystixa Def love the intention here. 😇
@Mike_Pence @VP If you love America you will invoke the 25th Amendment @kirstiealley It’s plain to see that you don’t know how to read or understand what the first amendment protects and… @natfinnonE Great content.