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Dave Holmes @DaveHolmes Los Angeles, CA

Editor at Large, Esquire. Homophilia, Truu Stowray, Troubled Waters. The Friday Forty. PARTY OF ONE out now. Fresh. Fresh! Exciting. He/Him.

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@alexanderchee Same! @laurenlapkus oh my todd you too @laurenlapkus Thank youuuuuAbout to go live with @magicmikecastle and @jebbygreeber on @jointhedynasty's YouTube for the Jake Paul/Nate Robins…
@theturner SAAAAAAAMEJust found a trove of MIGHT Magazines in my closet, and am 25 again. cc: @brettleveridge @csittenfeld @waywaw Wait whereI have a Marina Abramović joke but you had to be there. @langmannb I just used Chad Kroegered in a sentence and it went over nicely.
Leftovers with Brazilian Brut from @dmbrut = good living. Clapton made some shitty comments about immigrants in the ‘70s, which led to the formation of Rock Against Rac… it loud!
@EllisMate Let’s get you on @homophiliapod right away! cc: @mattmcconkeyWhen I was in fourth grade, I made a comic book about punctuation that came to life and were intergalactic superher… @MichaelKenKen @mattmcconkey The Worst Pain You Can Imagine @MichaelKenKen @mattmcconkey 100% ready to write the movie. @rakeshsatyal So much contemplative dancing in 1999.
@kittenwithawhip @lindaholmes Check and check. I bounced back and forth between anxious and exhausted for much too… @kittenwithawhip Oh yeah. All my life I heard "you just need to apply yourself," and never thought to ask: "HOW?" I… @kittenwithawhip KAT AND BRIAN ME TOO. @alexblagg Megadittos.
@JewdyGold really good talking to you yesterday!Probably not going to see it, so I will continue believing HILLBILLY ELEGY is a gritty reboot of Maxine from the gr… @BobMehr! @joonlee @bts_bighit @esquire Thank you! @JohnGHendy All the way back at you, my friend. @lenikacruz This really means the world. Thank you.
@GoAwayWithJae Wow, thank you. @CassyBangtan I mean, wouldn't you?PS: My favorite moment from the @BTS_twt interview didn't really fit anywhere in the piece, but there is no way I'm… @richantoniello @bts_bighit @esquire ANY of it. If Joan Monaco could see us now.Had the great pleasure of talking to the guys of @bts_bighit for the cover of @esquire's winter issue. A trip to Se… @tannenbaumr Same! Just glibly referenced it. @tjchambersLA Covered in the terms. Not a serious job.How about if you’re an adult who talks sincerely about releasing the kraken you don’t get to have a serious job
@dominicknero ALL I’ve been thinking about.
@rakeshsatyal That Shameika pitchfork article made me feel as young as a 46-year-old.
You know who gets it? @Rumaan gets it. thing I do miss about the campaign is getting a text from a volunteer like "Hi this is Tina from Swing Left" an… @rakeshsatyal @mattmcconkey @SamGrittner Love you.
@deannamcheng It is truly insane and will not end well! @richsommer @mikescollins that gave me a sensation i can only describe as..."ball-nausea?"It's here: part where Rudy says a big truck full of fake Democrat ballots pulled up to a polling place in (I think) Detroi… press conference where Giuliani's head melts off is worth putting yourself through, just to see where we are r… we do something about Miss Havisham over here, put your Christmas records on. @mattknudsen The Guys Who Have No More Than Five CDs Apiece And They Are All Greatest Hits Or Soundtracks Otherwise Why Spend The Money @reynoldstop20 I’m not.This is big news if you are exactly my age and have exactly my taste.🚨🚨🚨THE ORIGIN IS ON STREAMING SERVICES
@JTrainNeil My HS biology teacher showed up to class hung over one day, said "Y'all, I'mon be SICK," vomited in one… @heyitsopus Why, congratulations!Done. Do it! @rachsyme do i have to get on tiktok now i have to get on tiktok now don't i…the Black ones.
Retweeted by Dave Holmes @barrett In these cases, for whatever basic helpful thing they're whining about, I always swap in "traffic lights,"…’s a shame travel is irresponsible this holiday season because there’s never been a more important time to set a… don’t understand that I’m a better, more chill driver after eight glasses of wine @s0phiapetrill0 Thank you for reading, thank you for reaching out, and thank you for relating. I'm glad we can all find each other now. @MartinRossiter That is exactly the plan.A letter to Ian Brown, but you might want to read it too. Thank you, @MartinRossiter.
Everybody go home and take a nap. See you in January. still don’t understand how COVID is worse than ever after we’ve tried everything from pretending it’s over to pretending it never happened
Retweeted by Dave Holmes @rileyjsilverman Absolutely wild. TRULY thought you made it up.More #pursuit coverage
Retweeted by Dave Holmes @MyNameIsGaron @rileyjsilverman Yeah like is it the Nina, the Santa and the Santa? @rileyjsilverman Riley, I been Catholic for decades now, and this is the first I’m hearing of it. Is it Sting? It feels like Sting.Sometimes the hand-washing sensor on my Apple Watch turns on when I'm rinsing off a dish, and then I'm like, "Well,…
"Hi, it's November of 2020 and western civilization is doomed because Harry Styles' legs are not in their own separ… PRESIDENT: I am purging my enemies and destroying a 223-year-old tradition of peaceful transfer of power! I wil…
Retweeted by Dave HolmesHomygod it really super has not. @JohnGHendy The fuck is this
2020 did I not know that Michael Stipe was a regular at the midnight Rocky Horror screenings in St. Louis?
🚨🚨🚨 This is HUGE. My menu says it's CHRISTIANE F. after Times Square, which, either one, don't miss.
Time told, tho.This plane is my hero."Tremendous" and "like nobody's ever seen" and "nobody thought it was possible" already feel archaic.Sorry I’m on this BUT: This guy has made a bigger deal out of someone else not laughing at “JUUUust a little outsid… @saravanb None of it is good.Truly reeling at a Supreme Court justice being like “what if I had to defend my opinion, can you imagine that level… a moment to remind you that the line “I was glad everything had worked out” toward the end of “It Was a Good D…
PS KCAL does the speed in the upper right corner now, like it's an Olympic event, which is ghoulish and a really nice development.LA. Come together. @SassyKat_13 Wow that really worked. Thank you!What a great story.
@capnheather @JoeBerkowitz expected Trump wouldn't concede. I didn't expect the entire GOP to validate his baseless conspiracy theories. I w…
Retweeted by Dave Holmes @chuckg144 @NickLutsko okay it does seem to be fake. not that much sillier than real life, is the thing.Alright, that was doctored audio. Sorry the world is so dumb it was absolutely plausible.This is impressive, put-in-the-hours reporting. The New York Times called Democratic and Republican election offici…
Retweeted by Dave Holmes @thedailybeast The transition is in suspended animation while we look for nonexistent fraud and the Fraud All The T…
@ShamirBailey From @PadmaLakshmi, via @justinkirkland4. We're all on the case here. @ShamirBailey I am hearing nephew, and I will keep you abreast as the story develops. @DeanBrowningPA @ADunks5 Absolutely first class piece of wrong account action here
Retweeted by Dave Holmes @carlamitchell97 @ElizabethBevrly @MairlynSmith @NeverNotFunny Ahhhh! Thank you so much.
@bader_diedrich @Mike_Pence @VP @realDonaldTrump He got right up to the edge of that ain’t and swapped it for an is… @ANDREWTI @yayforzig Pop an Alka-Seltzer and get your love. @yayforzig Oh hey I love you and @andrewti and you should just know it.