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We live in a very specific time“An oasis of pure fun” ... more like what started as a way to watch @davejorgenson’s journalism vids and turned int…
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Maybe @jk_rowling is wearing the horcrux locket around her neck👇 This sign, posted on @reddit 👇 with Mizzou Basketball coach Cuonzo Martin (@CuonzoMartin) about watching the video of George Floyd's death,…
Retweeted by Dave Jorgenson 🕺🏼Ringo Starr posed for photographs on his 80th birthday
Retweeted by Dave Jorgenson 🕺🏼Like if you agree of tiktoks today about Mormon dating culture in Utah’s second @washingtonpost quarantine TikTok features a closet @cmclementi @chrissyteigen News you can eat @chrissyteigen Newspaper seasoning thanksFact checker, fact checker on the wall the “confused” people he mentions, allow me to clear this up for you: Masks save lives.
Retweeted by Dave Jorgenson 🕺🏼2020’s slogan has been chosen will be performed on a vertical stage @pbump @washingtonpost @GlennKesslerWP It’s nice to see someone experience the same thought process I had a few weeks ago putting that up @pbump @washingtonpost @GlennKesslerWP If it helps, the mirror is centered on the wallAccidentally uploaded raw version to twitter. The one directly above this tweet is how it appears on TikTok. 👆He’s so mysterious more here!’s first @washingtonpost quarantine TikTok features @GlennKesslerWP in my mirror Me, a useless millennial, figuring out TikTok Wired: Me, using my 15yo sister as a consultant to create Blo…
Retweeted by Dave Jorgenson 🕺🏼If there’s no tiktoks today, this is why @DeletedWiki now how will i knowList of people who are alive or are dead
Retweeted by Dave Jorgenson 🕺🏼 @IceKareemy the midwest did this to me, i'm so sorryI really don't mean to sound cynical here. It's just so clear how this story is building on don't have to write about Kanye just because his ego did a tweetThis is actually how I construct most tiktoks TikToks. 👏🏻👏🏻 If you haven’t been following along the past 100(ish) days, binge watch the thread.
Retweeted by Dave Jorgenson 🕺🏼(161/?) @endofanerajc Lmaooo @ElaheIzadi In conclusion: the world is insane and I’m not gonna bother doing a push-up while it explodes @ElaheIzadi I love working out in Normal Times. But running outside is stressful and using my apartment gym seems l… @chris_journo He gets some self awareness points there - his TikTok bio says “republican drake bell”This is the second self-identified “young Republican” in the last month to put himself in front of an opinion article and get real worked upHere’s a sample of young Republican TikTok @jbillinson Wasn’t worried.... I knew they didn’t get the back to the future reference
@The87thTxlege No hot take but this article is just an exaggerated repackaging of the same interview from last nightThis is heavy“It has been a summer” @JordanUhl @PRWeekUS But I assume so @JordanUhl @PRWeekUS I only looked at myself then immediately went to twitter to tweet about meI didn’t know about this @PRWeekUS list until five minutes ago but now I want to be number one… waiting for TikTok and the US government to kiss’s third @washingtonpost quarantine TikTok features a potential ban @CarolBlymire No but I strategically combed it @maggieNYT I only remember the last tweet I sawI definitely have Spam meme this is based on is hilarious btw)’s second @washingtonpost quarantine TikTok features irresponsible grown adults @jasonkeath @KimberlyAnneR @alexptachick @nathanallebach @nickcicero I'd never make an official recommendation but… morning to some new—-uh, passionate followers on my timeline (thanks Fox News!) I’m a Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon!…
Retweeted by Dave Jorgenson 🕺🏼This guy has spent weeks rejecting the definition of white fragility in the comment section of our TikTok defining…’s first @washingtonpost quarantine TikTok features my friends @BarbInNebraska @luv2teachtech Oh I am absolutely certain the majority of librarians are wonderful, @luv2teachtech do not harbor resentment still, what do you meanIn elementary school, the librarian pulled me up in front of class to shame me for the dog ears I left on the books… saw a man rocking a kilt, flip flops, t-shirt, satchel and face mask - the most specific outfit I’ve ever seenExtremely curious if any of them know what the song is actually aboutThis has a half million likes on TikTok but most of the top comments are people pointing out that it’s a breeding g… @tomhanks isn't doing all of his press today with different Zoom backgroundsA tall boy Pepsi. Nature is healing. @PJVogt Okay.I truly do @TeddyAmen Where to start... r/helpmefind r/grandpajoehate r/hmmm r/joebidenandasandwich
@abrahamjoseph on Reddit is looking for @ConanOBrien but doesn’t know it has many talents one: My dog bringing me the bath mat: “is this what you wanted”Working today. Except now I can watch Hamilton twice and still look as if I accomplished something. Thanks…
Retweeted by Dave Jorgenson 🕺🏼Off today. Please enjoy this homemade ice cream TikTok with @MaryBeth wonder if when Hulu suggests Dave to me, it knows that I am in fact Dave
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Lola posing for a pic with a fan #bananaphone
Retweeted by Dave Jorgenson 🕺🏼If you all stop paying attention to me I will run for PresidentAte seven stovetop hotdogs, happy FourthI was close I didn’t expect it to be Kanye though
One time at @TheIJR, Benny Johnson did an entire photo shoot with an American flag draped around him for a twitter… @ruthyoest I’m convinced the Touch Bar is the worst thing Apple has done in two decades(158/?) @AnjaliVBhatt We did itIt’s that easy!Wear a mask today if you love your countryHow I’m Spending My Fourth of July Weekend happy fourth)Stay home and make ice cream 12-year-old son just ran to the kitchen because he didn’t know we had ice cream until he happened upon this TikT…
Retweeted by Dave Jorgenson 🕺🏼Our second holiday weekend @washingtonpost quarantine TikTok features @MaryBeth
@ryan_meg There are 30 people in my pool right now, it’s nutsThis has been my experience in my apartment building and surrounding streets. But I’m genuinely glad the rest of DC… @KalhanR The Pelaton I can affordDC woke up this morning and was like, lol what pandemic(157/?)