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@SquidFromSpace If you choose to take the word of the Gospel of Judas he was acting under instructions from Jesus.…
Retweeted by Dave ProbertIs this going to be called The Last but One Starfighter? #endometriosis is trending this morning. During my battle for diagnosis, I was told by a GP that 'periods hurt,…
Retweeted by Dave ProbertLosing my mind at this
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avery brooks played othello on stage in 2005 and he looks so cool in the costume 😊
Retweeted by Dave ProbertOh, the little approving smiles he keeps giving Yaz whenever she puts a bit of the puzzle together.And the little bits where The Master's annoyance shows. Like when he asks if the only reason Graham is there is to… Spyfall, @sacha_dhawan's performance is so much fun when you know who he really is. Little things he doe…
@HollyGoDarkly My boss is blind and uses a screen reading software. I'm familiar with the issues random formatting can bring. @hammard_1987 Definitely sounds like my bag. I love the ridiculous. @hammard_1987 In fairness, I've yet to see Aquaman but I've heard good things.Has any superhero looked more badass in the first 10 minutes of a film that Wesley Snipes did in Blade?Made myself a kick ass omelette. @KrynoidPodCast Blimey, he's still spry for his age makes me a little sad that he didn't write more for the fifth Doctor because he gives Davison some great dialogu… if that wasn't enough he's also creating NEW stuff. The Raston Warrior robot is a great creation and seeing it…'s a testament to the skill and ability of Terrance Dicks that he sticks the landing so well that you forgive the… watched The Five Doctors again for the first time in ages. It manages to coordinate the action between 4 Docto… Galactica 6.1- Free goo
Retweeted by Dave Probert @BunniesKitchen @mushenska I get the same. My rage on it is mostly derived from the US thinking they're better at b…
I'd like to start a campaign to get a sequel to Commando made where @Alyssa_Milano is badass ex-soldier Jenny Matri… Commando. Suddenly strikes me that the plan to kill the very first guy seems to depend entirely on the tar… week Andy3E is joined by @sofageddon from the 'Where Eagles Dare' Podcast to learn all about one of the most I…
Retweeted by Dave ProbertGender relations in the SW universe in a nutshell 😂
Retweeted by Dave ProbertUnwinding with "Murder, She Wrote" episode where the victim is the executive producer of a show about 6 twentysome…
Retweeted by Dave Probert @Captainmorgan30 "Come for a finger diddle, stay for the set of steak knives" @Captainmorgan30 I'm pleased the bit that said "Percy gives Green Shield Stamps!" survived.Shane Staley, who screwed numerous authors and customers when he bankrupted Darkfuse, has returned to publishing. S…
Retweeted by Dave Probert @Afrofilmviewer I'll never be at that God tier level of roguishness. @dimbosama like the awe-inspiring team of Charlotte, Megan, and Lucy, THE POWER OF THREE is a great trope. We spoke to…
Retweeted by Dave Probert @644Steve I'll take it. @jamesdleech Jean Claude Van Damme was in the original Predator costume. @ErisLovesMovies @la_jellybean He is definitely on the list of actors whose appeal is completely lost on me.Extremist groups promote dangerous and divisive content online. Don't let their vile rhetoric go unreported 👇🏿
Retweeted by Dave ProbertHi y'all, I'm a book editor looking for a queer illustrator for a ⚡️special gay project⚡️ related to LGBTQIA+ humor…
Retweeted by Dave ProbertOne of the Directors I work under has just referred to me as a rogue and meant it as a compliment. I am, frankly, delighted with this.
@girlonthenet @Doxy That looks like the attachment for a particularly kinky Dalek. @madefortvmayhem "Podcast" is not a euphemism in this instance?1) What the UK think the EU is 2) What the EU thinks the UK is 3) What the EU actually is 4) What the UK actually is
Retweeted by Dave ProbertThis month's @DWTWR features @sjcAustenite and me talking about Sapphire & Steel Assignment 4 and we get into some…
Retweeted by Dave Probert @Magneta_Ray The red one with the Nuka Cola logo paint job. It's just hanging there. @Magneta_Ray The worst glitch I have encountered is the Nuka Cola power armour I found is now suspended in the air… @Magneta_Ray I just gave them one settlement that barely had anyone in it and I got the people there to leave rathe… @Magneta_Ray He has flat out ended our friendship after I started helping out the Nuka World mercs get a foothold i… @Magneta_Ray He is easily the most needy of the Fallout 4 companions. At least the others have some sense of fun ab… @Magneta_Ray Bloody Preston!Shippers, start your engines. is a cat on our driveway just sat there like they're our cat. They are not our cat. good, your “government source” is handing out stories again
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Retweeted by Dave ProbertEnds midnight tonight.
Retweeted by Dave ProbertConservatives: "WE NEED TO CLOSE THE BORDER TO KEEP OUR PEOPLE SAFE!" Wales: "Don't mind if I do" Conservatives: "NO NOT LIKE THAT!!!!"
Retweeted by Dave ProbertThis is like that drawing where you either see a rabbit or a duck. @aptshadow @thebrainofchris @LeeAHarris @bookiesnacksize Wait a moment, Martin Amis doesn't run places. He's succes… @thebrainofchris @aptshadow @LeeAHarris @bookiesnacksize ...and how did that talented young novelist happen to find… @bookiesnacksize They aren't a very good publishing company. They just got lucky because Jessica Fletcher just happ… in the first episode, Jessica Fletcher becomes a bestselling author after her nephew finds her first draft and a…
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@Afrofilmviewer That's very true. That was a worthwhile endeavor.Is the the beginning of the road to Megacity Judges from 2000AD? WHAT ABIGAIL DID THAT SUMMER out in March. Amazon links Hardback: eBook:…
Retweeted by Dave Proberthero
Retweeted by Dave Probert11 years and not a single worthwhile thing said. #MyTwitterAnniversary
Many times, although my ass is an unreliable cashier. @lokified @AEPodcast "I don't know if you can hear this Bobby Briggs but there are 50 people in this bar calling you an asshole!"Since there's been no conventions this year to flog them at, I've put together some packs of my postcards. Each pac…
Retweeted by Dave ProbertI compiled a @Bookshop_Org list of autistic kidlit by openly autistic authors. I'll keep updating this, so feel fre…
Retweeted by Dave Probert @lokified @AEPodcast Stone Cold Steve Austin investigating Laura Palmer's murder the same way he investigated who h… some. ❤️
Retweeted by Dave ProbertWhat I can't get my head around is why they have capitalised "chest freezer" and "supermarket". It makes it look so… work fast... just got a Paypal phishing email mimicking the "Your Account has been limited" official one f…
Retweeted by Dave ProbertWoke up to the news that I no longer have a job. Can anyone point me in the direction of marketing or copywriting w…
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Dear @HeroCollector_ - please can we have a figurine box-set of 'Sexy Gay Robots From The Peter Davison Era'...?
Retweeted by Dave ProbertSoul and The Witches remake going to Disney + while the non-POC movies stick to eternally sliding release dates sur…
Retweeted by Dave ProbertI was told about this as a child, which is why it always grated to hear such hairstyles called 'unprofessional' or…
Retweeted by Dave ProbertReclaim is an amazing and established charity in Manchester, support them and ensure that this no-talent racist shi…
Retweeted by Dave ProbertI’m super thrilled to launch @FromCareToWhere, a podcast sharing the inspirational stories of care leavers and care…
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My mum volunteers for a Alzheimer's charity- as you can imagine Covid has been a major disruption for fundraising,…
Retweeted by Dave Probert @alice_v_smith @bOrgCastAMO @rev_org @Andy3E Tonight on "Everyone is called Ducat" @rev_org I've said before I'd love a spin-off that's a young Amelia Ducat and Amila Rumford having adventures. @donoDMG1 @earth_2 It was his first big film that he had to carry and he's kind of not ready for it yet which is a shame. @donoDMG1 @earth_2 My issue with Clooney is he's still in his wobbly head acting phase and isn't that sure of himse… @earth_2 @donoDMG1 I've said before, if they would have pushed it further into Batman 66 territory they would have…"You make it"
@UpAndGeorgia Loving the Mrs. White vibes. @GailSimone Magnifying glass and a sunny day.I want a revival of Kate Loves a Mystery (the show that started as Mrs Columbo) so we can have Kate Mulgrew as a mo… watched embedded on the main site here while the event is live:
Retweeted by Dave ProbertOops, posted as replies! Ahem, here we go! By tune in, we mean click and watch...and enjoy!
Retweeted by Dave Probert @runalongwomble I don't know why a sequel is happening to be honest. It's a complete story in itself.Got splendid post this morning thanks to @star_cops and @MiwkPublishing. Looking forward to getting into this.
@hammard_1987 It's probably the most likeable film they've done. It may still not be for you but it's the best shot you have of liking one. @hammard_1987 You might prefer him in The Maltese Falcon. Sam Spade is a bit more laconic and sure of himself than Marlowe.Okay, so Caitlin Blackwood who played Amelia Pond is now the same age that adult Amy Pond was in The Eleventh Hour.…
Retweeted by Dave ProbertPublishers: Hey Readers: Hey Publishers: Guess what? Readers: What? Publishers: MID SERIES COVER CHANGE Readers: Nooooo
Retweeted by Dave ProbertWaiting for all the feminists who pressured me to sign a letter condemning online abuse to women authors alongside…
Retweeted by Dave ProbertGillian has been *cackling* with laughter over this buttery Frenchman. It's been joyous to hear. him on DAF, Einsturzende Neubaten, and so he’s got some local gigs to go to, KMFDM?
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