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@LdnOntBikeCafe @wikebike Really handy purchase. Much easier to handle than expected. @OctaviSemonin Whoa lol How was the handling? @Bikeboy999 Yeah, I have a reflective thing I'm going to hang off the back. It's a good idea. Cheers @KimHalfyard All good! Cheers @KimHalfyard @shawnmicallef It's not the location I'm talking about - it's the bike trailer for the paddle board 😊 @warrenhuska Oh yeah, I've seen you with that trailer! What a great find Trying to remember where I saw an Ikea bi…*As with like 80% of the cool things I've found to do in Toronto the last few years, cheers to @shawnmicallef for the inspiration @SarahFrumento Sigh - I dream of Amsterdam every single day. Can't wait to get on a plane again! @jsquaredink @wikebike Yeah - unfortunately the hitch doesn't fit my cargo bike - the seat post is super thick on t… @SarahFrumento Sorry to hijack your Tweet! I just get excited every time I think about NY @SarahFrumento @propelbike I watched it last night! Fun video. My gf and I went there in 2018 and biked everywhere… @warrenhuska @wikebike - borrowed a friend's kayak for a bit tonight as well. Very lucky to live here haven't ridden this bike in ages. Found out my rear dynamo light was not working - and I definitely need to brin… home! Didn't have the wheels in the right spot on the way there, but got it right in the way home. Much better! @PeterVree Hey Peter! @wikebike out of Guelph has a couple different types of canoe/kayak/board trailers. Definite… it! (Maybe picking a holiday Monday for my first trip down the path at Kew Beach wasn't the best idea)
@Brain_Chain 🤣 Never gets oldI'm going to call the @wikebike trailer test ride a succes! Fingers crossed for a successful trip to the beach for… @grecianfive @LanrickBennett @chrisjamesdrew @JasonThorne_RPP @mikejcw @GOtransitLW @MetrolinxSpox @TomFloodOne SameThis 👇👇 I definitely felt this when I got my first eBike.
Retweeted by Dave EdwardsThe below speed is mind blowing The one I think of often is the two hour marathon: My commute pace on my city bik… @AmericanFietser Yeah for sure! I was just curious. UA's are gorgeous. Hang in, hope it happens for you soon enough @AmericanFietser Given unlimited funds, which one has your eye? Still the Urban Arrow?
Retweeted by Dave Edwards @mattiojelly @biketo Yep. Mixing all these things together makes it less enjoyable (and less safe) for all parties.… @biketo The MGT is not a bike lane and we have to stop describing it as such. It's a Multi Use Path - strollers, el… @biketo How do detractors of #ActiveTO like Michael Ford think 30000 runners, walkers, and cyclists can fit safely… @d_a_f_f_y_d That makes sense I think. I believe M. Ananas was used to teach French to English students. The show a… @dussault_helen rue Rachel @cartski Hey! There's a reason I've been watching it - it's a great learning tool. @bromptonymous @CanadaRobin @mwickett @ArianneReid10 @ternbicycles @FullLaneFemme @AmericanFietser I've only been o… @SarahFrumento 50-60 sounds about right. Maybe half that time in winter here. Multiple batteries for sure. Cheers!
@thebikingvet @mwickett @unkemp Oh THIS one my girlfriend watched in school (Ottawa) @SarahFrumento Lol amazing. I would love to know the budget for each episode @unkemp Lol. What is that show?Friends in Ontario - I'm jumping back into learning French and am brushing up on some basics My bilingual girlfrie… @DonCycle Went from NEVER shopping on Yonge to making multiple trips north of Bloor in the last few days. Completel…'s @ArianneReid10 taking a turn on the #Load60 at the end - she currently uses a Gazelle e-bike on subscriptio…, yeah, way more needs to be done and we need to take better care of the infra that does get built - but it does… we took protected lanes across Danforth before heading north on Yonge to run an errand - something we never d… think it’s fair to point out weak spots and dangerous sections of our bike network in #BikeTO - something I don’t… @Ottawa_Paul @LdnOntBikeCafe @quailibet @VIA_Rail Correct on that one "The vast majority of our baggage cars have a… @LdnOntBikeCafe @quailibet Interesting. They say you can take one bike on most trains (not all) - but it goes in a… order for a kid to be fully vaxxed in time for school, they would have needed to get vaxxed today. 12 and up.…
Retweeted by Dave Edwards
@warrenhuska @BikewaysTO Thanks Warren! @newspeak84 @TO_Cycling *who work for (argh autocorrect) @newspeak84 Yep. I'm positive that the individuals why work for @TO_Cycling know more about building cycling infras… @HistoryOfNL That's how we get home almost every day. You've no idea how often I dream of moving to where you are. @bikeloveny @BrooklynSpoke 😉 know that people much smarter than me are working on this stretch, and there are challenges at the first corner.… forgot about this one! about now? above photo is from this heavily used commuter route in Toronto Does it make you nervous just watching it? are two people in this photo @Toon_Dreessen @kristynwongtam @TO_Cycling They could then keep riding through the area that isn't even under const… @MajaCanuck This is it ⬆️ I know you're a very experienced cyclist and I gather your kids are solid riders Imagin… @CoachBalto When a driver hit me this spring (Ontario, Canada) EMS initially said I would have to leave the bike. L… @warrenhuska really interesting info about future changes to Bloor E from Church to Castle Frank via @McgaugheyOwen @MajaCanuck @Andrew_Urbanist 100% agree with the "should". @inHrEye @McgaugheyOwen And your work is hugely appreciated! I (we?) know there are super committed, smart people w…
@emm_a Definitely! (will never happen of course 😥)If you are part of #BikeTO and want the scoop on what's going on with bike infra projects, follow this account:… @inHrEye Honestly, thank you so much for providing detailed information. It's really appreciated! @DaveLikesBikes @kristynwongtam @TO_Cycling We @TO_Cycling have weighed in and we are working on revised line marki…
Retweeted by Dave Edwards @inHrEye @kristynwongtam @TO_Cycling That's great news! You are a 👍 source of info, ty. How does something like thi… @Bren_Doherty For sure. I guess I think of going down Sherbourne and crossing at Gerrard or Dundas - but obviously… @Bren_Doherty Agreed. There should be a very easy to understand sign back at Sherbourne (or before) that warns peop… @Andrew_Urbanist @kristynwongtam @TO_Cycling Is it really the councillor's fault though? In all honesty, can a coun… content: The speed limit through the construction zone is 30kmh - maybe the police can camp out there for a d… @kristynwongtam has told us that the Work Zone Coordinator is not "agreeable" to a safer configuration a… stretch from just past Sherbourne to Parliament has eliminated the bike lane, forcing cyclists to merge into on… construction projects are affecting the EB Bloor bike lanes as you approach and cross the P.E. Viaduct Both si… @PinkHelmetTO @mjrichardson_to @ali_zimmer I don't think it was your imagination @thebikingvet @CanadaRobin BUT I may have a plan. I get that may make no difference to you though 😉 Every once in… @CanadaRobin @CurbsideCycle @thebikingvet @thebikebrigade @DeliveredByBike @HappyFietsCA @jsquaredink @CurbsideCycle Sweet! Expect an email in a day or so. Ummm.. which one of you should I contact? DM me when you can. DaveIt may not have appeared so, but the #BikeTO College Dundas reconfigurarion wasn't fully complete, until this week.…
Retweeted by Dave Edwards @CanadaRobin @urbanenergyplan Haha. This event will be for people *with cargo bikes* and people *interested in carg… @CanadaRobin @CanadaRobin Key attendee and... organizing partner...? @CanadaRobin @CurbsideCycle @thebikingvet @thebikebrigade @DeliveredByBike @HappyFietsCA @jsquaredink @CurbsideCycle @CanadaRobin @thebikingvet @thebikebrigade @DeliveredByBike @HappyFietsCA @jsquaredink We could act… does #BikeTO think about a Cargo Bike Meetup/Group Ride before the end of summer? Would people be interested?… of what I call the #BrentBump I spend hours taking photos and editing videos, but a super rough cell phon… @serenektan @311Toronto @biketo Sorry @serenektan your Tweet was about flooding a bit further down the road - after… @serenektan @311Toronto @biketo All season problem - in the winter it looks like this. Thanks for bringing this up… @serenektan @311Toronto @biketo Does it look like this again today? @roachwithme Bike parking (esp cargo bike parking) at grocery and hardware stores. Thanks so much for this offer! @TomFloodOne Might have shared this before, but here's a short clip of a large group of cyclists lining up single f… @ali_zimmer Thanks Ali!Might as well just put this here now to the 42min mark to hear Denzil Minnan-Wong speak on the Mayor of Toronto's behalf at today's Active Transporta… @ali_zimmer There it is. Wow. @ali_zimmer Yeah I'm with you. I'm happy for it, but it's a paltry sum compared to what we spend elsewhere. Now, m… @ali_zimmer Ugh. I don't want to be too negative, but we're all kind of screwed. @rudydotca Haha. My phone camera (and most others) automatically flips/mirrors "selfie" photos. I think it let's us…