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Twitter please validate my existence or at the very least end this Tory Brexit nightmare 🌹🇪🇺 #GTTO #Labour #NHSLove 👊 vertigo • inception • whiplash 🙌

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@piersmorgan Wait til you hear what Prince Andrew’s done @The1Shez Fom @BruceHenderson2 yes the word travel isnt quite right in my tweet... 🤦‍♀️ @asborich This is the stuff that matters @AnGarraiDubh Probably just bored @patsyincline Yay!Found him! In a fridge and by a ditch! the passports that make you queue longer and travel to less countries are finally here 👍 @BarryDaniels13 lol but @hamezhill Yep @June_r57 That may be a good thingwhen even Nick Ferrari thinks Priti Patel’s immigration policy has gone too far @davemacladd I work for the NHS & I can tell you it's not an immigrants fault our ECG machine keeps breaking. It's…
Retweeted by end of daves ❄️ 🥕 @beverlydawnrose Just everyday made up racism
@Jen68Nolan superhatemonger!Dominic Cummings announces new political advisor to replace Andrew Sabisky @Mgt_998 yep agree @malcolmtopping4 yep agree, she did a spirited defence of migration. Just would like a trapdoor to open up as well. @fragmeister12 😆 @LG1660 Yep we all have one relation like that @family_martyn @fascinatorfun I’d guess no way!Trump’s plea for another Gone With The Wind to win an Oscar makes sense now @VReturner Yeah man @AlbasArachnid Agree was great @RossWHarrington Was a great response @baghwallah @DonceJe Usually it was alan johnson who was pro soft brexit @baghwallah @DonceJe It did go off a bit in the last year with Portillo just openly mocking anyone arguing for Remain @AdrianLuty I doubt it @DonceJe Yep was good @meeware (tbf she was) @SaraONeillArt Yep and the interpreter stuff sounded all a bit read from the daily express @DonceJe Yep its something the left needs to start doing both to the public and to interviewers like with the mark out of 10 stuff @hifilarry @kraigetrue Yep fair but I really need her carted out of there @M_of_Mystery Yep just making it up @meeware Was she tipped out of a window? no! @monkeyboy4334 @1980s_Retro @mrsverypicky She so deserved mockingThe notion of ‘listening to peoples concerns on immigration’ has become so widespread that no panellist on #bbcqt f…
@monkeyboy4334 Nice work, lucky you being there...this poor guy was the entire nation watching #bbcqt @SandwichMan58 Sadly notoh fuck: it’s Portillo #bbcqt @blythbelle Shame @blythbelle Can you not get clown wellies now? @HarlanPryce Would actually help @HarryPaye 😎I see Boris Johnson is helping out at the flooded areas just like he did when the election was on wait what @RoyalFamily FBI contact details @MoT53 @Cortina22_73 bloomberg is soo bad though i dont think he can even hold the democrat vote together. And if y…
@MoT53 @Cortina22_73 Not sure its entirely@comparable @cp_macinblack 😎 @Cortina22_73 Hes got a decent chance @mallowpufffs Yep @marknlou @Brucebfg He does now!This Bloomberg thing of trying to buy the Democratic nomination when he was a Republican Mayor for 10 years really is bonkers @Brucebfg Deoderantum might be in favour of eugenics now Boris Johnson has flunked a simple IQ test @stickety_pooh 😄 @patrick1386 Youd hope... @ZoomSparky would make good telly @EmsieJeaine 😃 loljust sent Prince Andrew a lovely 60th Birthday card with the FBI’s contact details in 🥳 🎂 @2hrTV not directly but YES @pig_witch @ablokedyslexic yum @ablokedyslexic @pig_witch i like the burnt toast and butter not melting"there's no such thing as dabbling in drugs, these are serious offences" power crazed Priti Patel goes for the Tor…
@drawbinista 😎 @alexjwhitaker @AthleticoMince Will check it out, sounds great 👍 @alexjwhitaker @AthleticoMince must listen to it... something about Peter Beardsley too? @melraunch1 😆 @Lilyniv 😎 @melraunch1 Campachoochoo @Spacejunkie4 almost played football for boroso definitely needs his own series 😆 @irnbrufan just so much evidence @ppzpag 😀 @Galaverna_GB oh yeah thats year 2 @bpfbpf2 never a good idea 😄 @bpfbpf2 got to do the washing up first @Gimpanzee123 god nohas Lawrence Fox stormed the #Brits2020 stage yet in cold fury at all the racism being called out? @albertawhite1 round about now yes @SimonaFrancese am also predicting I won't need one 😁 @CHSNotts 🙏 @hella7_hella Just send me food @JohnnyZenith Def in favour of blue bananas @TheStopthecoup It will happen @FeeshKeeng Ah @unfetteredmind1 Yep he is amazing @k8tshires Er great?just emailed no. 10 with my application to fill the new ‘super forecaster’ role 👍 - Brexit fails badly - zero of 4… @_Helen__W 😄
we still haven’t reached the bottom hope Sabisky has more vile views to distract from these vile views which distract from his other vile views @mattdunn25 dead cats for dead catsunfortunately ‘super forecaster’ Sabinsky was unable to foresee his own demise @andrewlearmonth @ScotNational Jeez @DAaronovitch @PennyRed Please stop with the please stoppinglol @pinkbourke true... maybe Dom can pay