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IT Infrastructure Manager in Austin, TX. avid fresh and saltwater fisherman, outdoorsman, and gold prospector.

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@Jordan_Coombe @BBCOne The killing or culling of the creatures is murder, plain and simple. @Jordan_Coombe @humorandanimals @BBCOne We do not deserve them. #elephants
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈A herd of elephants marched 12 hours to the house of Lawrence Anthony after he died – the man who saved them. They…
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈 @TheRevAl Be cary NOT to let one slip. I myself, @ 65 yrs old, would be tempted. @JasonSCampbell Love 💕 Train!! @ndrew_lawrence “Box Whining 2019” @secupp It’s was actually the “Spirit of Will Rogers” behind Eric. Will Rogers did it. @LoranceClint Fuck off murderer. @arothmanhistory Ok Marco. Now go write that that on the blackboard 100x so you understand it without question. @GOP @kayleighmcenany Well..... EDITORIAL: Stefanik is sacrificing her integrity via @poststar @jackmjenkins This American still does. @charliekirk11 Or not. But please Charlie, Please keep thinking this way.
@NikkiHaley Look in the mirror Gov. Handmaiden @frankthorp Congratulations and we need more Dog shots!! @DevinCow @LaughingIguana @DevinCow Are you sure?? @therealsaman @andylassner cannot unsee
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈 @EliseStefanik @realDonaldTrump America!!?? Do not support @RepStefanik. She has proven herself to be a Tried and T… Sh-t!! I’m at the mall today. James Lankford and his wife are 5 feet away at the food court. I’m standin…
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈 @TertanyJacque @KateisBlu @MamaBea60049450 @JoeNBC #FailedAmerican @JonahDispatch Doughy Pantload VS Throne Sniffer
@thedavidcrosby @JeffreyGuterman Yeah David, but we need stability before anything else. We have to shore up what w… @DanCrenshawTX This is weak Dan. She made her bed. Don’t lay in it with her. @RepSwalwell Beer @frankthorp @HallieJackson Tucker and the rest of us say Grats!! just hit the $975,000 mark. We are so close to hitting our goal. Will you help us with the final lift? Rush a…
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈 @realDonaldTrump Shitty Blowjob?? Or couldn’t you show up for the game? 🍄🍄👇🏻👇🏻👎🏻👎🏻🍄🍄 @41Strange Here’s mine. She doesn’t come in much. @EricTrump @realDonaldTrump Atrocities and war crimes are SUPPOSED TO BE unthinkable. Thanks to your father, they aren't.
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈 @RadioFreeTom @TedraCobb She’s up to $900k now @PeteHegseth @realDonaldTrump You’re an idiot. This is something else we’ll have to fix when we throw you unAmerican idiots out on your ear. @RudyGiuliani @realDonaldTrump Bless your little criminal heart Rudy.... @MarilynAuriemma And was prolly never a Dem. @redwinepolitics Ted Cruz....... 🤮 @shawnlsn @RepRWilliams @POTUS I don’t get it anymore. I was brought up in a Republican household. My Father a deco… @KatyTurNBC Gin...... @RadioFreeTom Beer @MalcolmNance @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @ewarren @PeteButtigieg @TulsiPress @Plot2BetrayBook That will be a Job... Co… @shawnlsn @RepRWilliams @POTUS Used. Car. Salesman. And one of the wealthier members of Congress. How does that happen?? @GOP Please have a word with @senatemajldr. It’s on his desk. @SenJohnKennedy Well.......? All that humiliation could have been avoided. When will you get is through your head… @shawnlsn @RepRWilliams @POTUS Roger’s not a lawyer. He was a used car salesman who delayed his way into the Bush a… @RepLeeZeldin I’m waiting for these too: Zelensky call transcripts Putin-Helsinki transcripts. donald’s promised t…
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈 @stalinkab2 @RepLeeZeldin Ok Ivan. How’s St. Petersburg this evening? @JGancarski @MachinistPeter @RepLeeZeldin Let me finish that for you. ‘Badly’. @kstewart_ssisle @polpalri @MatthewGalanty @kurteichenwald @MichaelSocolow @jackshafer Naw...... There is a paint b… @rattlesnakeguy Come to Texas...... @teleskiguy Whatever Beachboys album that had “Good Vibrations” on it. Jimi’s 1st album was next and I wish I still had it. @MalcolmNance @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @ewarren @PeteButtigieg @TulsiPress Morning Sir. I’m assuming you’re working… @ClounchKaren @RepSwalwell Sure thing, sweet cheeks.
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈Doctors at Walter Reed unable to remove Lindsey Graham from Trump's ass.
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈 @alx @RudyGiuliani Which one are you again?
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈 @thehill @GOPLeader @RepStefanik You’re on the wrong side of history Kevin.
@EliseStefanik @gtconway3d And may I add. 3 bags full as well. @realDonaldTrump @IAmSophiaNelson @EliseStefanik @RepStefanik I say photoshopped. Something tells me she prolly felt that way though. @RepRWilliams How many Trillions did you just vote to add to the debt. And all you have to show for it is a purse f… @pakepake @RexRacer1974 @markhartig @thehill And arugula..... Don’t forget the arugula. @RepDougCollins There’s a reason you’re seeing the words “Sold Out” posted over and over again. Come on Doug. Beyo… @realDonaldTrump I don’t care about the market. I care that there’s a #Criminal in the White House more than the ma… Pastor Paula White Tells Followers to Give $229 for 'Prophetic Instruction' on How to Defeat Their Enemies @PeteStiles @EliseStefanik @realDonaldTrump Ba ba ba ba Blubbering Elise. And a whole Bag o Nope.Rot in hell, Roger Stone.
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@AyannaPressley With Bells on..... @Green_Footballs All I can come up with anymore is “He’s such an Asshole”.(psst... not a typo. nudge nudge.)
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈 @AprilDRyan He’s such an asshole.....This is a constant.
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈 @RepRWilliams Well, there is witness intimidation and witness tampering right out in the open. As far as the busin… @GOP Intimidating a Witness is though. On top of #Extortion and #Bribery right?
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈All of the Republicans are going to yield to Stefanik. This is going to be a shit show.
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈 @Green_Footballs Upding and RT just for “cul-de-sac of batshit”.It’s so weird to see someone who purports to be a genuine attorney asking these wacky questions based on long-debun…
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈Is there a rule that all GOP mouthpieces have to look like either Trey Gowdy or Hugh Hewitt?
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈 @JohnCornyn @SenTedCruz @RepRWilliams Republicans need to get this person in the Executive Office to Resign. And q… @RepRWilliams @TXRightToLife @EmpowerTexans Sure thing Mr. "Small Government" Never believe a 7 Mtn. Domininest, T… @GOPLeader @RepRWilliams Stop your whining Kevin. You and Roger have done this to yourself’s Shut up and take your… @BrianKarem @realDonaldTrump A call in which he didn't extort Ukraine doesn't change fact that the readout of the s…
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈Laura Ingraham: "Attempted bribery isn't in the Constitution"
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈 @GOP @LizRNC Go sit in the truck. We’ll call you If we need you. @SenJohnKennedy Burn Oxford Boie. At one point I thought you might be a voice of reason and a bridge to a better A… @woodruffbets @TVietor08 Then they looked at each other and said “oh yes, ze bullshit”
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈 @woodruffbets @willsommer "Who TF is Pepe the Frog?"
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈Since the right is picking out random people to libel and accuse of being the whistleblower, I have to confess some…
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White Cat disagrees
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈Call me radical, but maybe instead of setting ablaze hundreds of millions of dollars on multiple plutocratic, long…
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈 @GOPLeader My dog doesn’t like the water. @RudyGiuliani Don’t leave the country Rudy. @brithume @jpodhoretz You’re blubbering Brit. You’re defending blatant extortion. @SandraBlythe4 @RepRWilliams @AOC @realDonaldTrump Sure Ivan..... @RepRWilliams @AOC @realDonaldTrump Is this all you can come up with Roger? Really?? A US Congressman has been put…’t recommend this story strongly enough. Critical to understanding how the Ukraine plot happened. Trump/Rudy had…
Retweeted by 🦈And the Wind Cries '#SOMETHING”🦈Whoops! @JohnCornyn @SenTedCruz @RepRWilliams Looks like you have to change your stories AGAIN!!! You clowns are…