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I make comics, I love art. My portfolio - - Steve Lichman - Vol. 1&2 Available here -

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@blitzcloud Haha, this one they paid me for, just a licensed job 😃 @mrDonVanDam ❤️⚔️I had to buy this. Dave’s work is amazing and I’d recommend his Patreon
Retweeted by Dave Rapoza @ermonacelli I'll try! Thanks man ❤️Thank you all! To answer the question of time - I have no idea how long this took me, felt like forever hahaha, hope you like the print!This #Castlevania artwork is glorious!! You can own this new Simon Belmont art @DaveRapoza as a stunning Giclee by…
Retweeted by Dave RapozaPrint is available from @cookbeck at Belmont - Castlevania - (link to limited print from Cook and Becker below!)'s wild about having a newborn and staying in the hospital, is that even if you're baby sleeps and eats well -… you for all the well wishes! My boy is 170lbs, 6' 8", very healthy young man No but really, thanks! @terrance_joe Thanks! I was inspired by kamen rider the first. 😁 @ReginaldPGrant @Thinkwert 58 is so good @Thinkwert 39, 04, 92 - all great to me @terrance_joe Yup, I design stuff for games and movies 😃 @terrance_joe Nowhere, I designed it @KamitoRings Yup! to see it lit nicely! in the forest. Valaam, 1860 #ivanshishkin #shishkin
Retweeted by Dave Rapoza @TooMuchKarate ok, I'll change itI know hearing negativity in regards to your work can sometimes give you a knee jerk reaction to respond in kind -… @sonic171000 it's never too late @sonic171000 ok, fine, I'll change it @Monstermash042 I love it @JenkinsDied BooooI'd be a dummy if I didn't also say that all of those good spirits came from the amazing people at @insomniacgames genuinely makes me happy to see all of the Kamen Rider fans get hyped for my Spider-Man design, I'm happy I could make you happy 😃 @Spindash54 ❤️ @bengal_art From my nerd headThe references I had in mind were kamen rider, guyver and evangelionGlad the reference wasn't lost! @Instrutilus @yardleyart You're the first person who caught that reference, I intended the design to take in a bunc…
I mean, how accurate can you get @_mlktea - what an amazing translation, you killed it @_mlktea So so awesome!FART BLAST ACTIVATE Check out my suity suit on ArtStation, but more importantly check out my INSANE coworkers on A…
Retweeted by Dave Rapozamy second baby boy was born today, he's cute and he's really tough, I'm ready @MarkHumes_Art Who knows, he might've, after all, I think Peter heard rumors that Cronos Corp was up and running in ManhattanI'm testing out processes, right now this is @DaveRapoza 's colour pencil process, which you can check out on his P…
Retweeted by Dave Rapoza @mikeytoler I haven't played it, just too busy 🙁 @arvalis That's why I'm here @SpiderS0ul Just posted it!my Strike Suit concept art for 'Spider-Man: Miles Morales' from the beautiful people at Insomniac Games Arachnid Rider suit concept art for 'Spider-Man Remastered' from the wonderful people at Insomniac Games release tomorrow from cook & becker, here's a crop! tiny detail of @DaveRapoza 's new art print that we're releasing tomorrow! Follow us for the exact notifica…
Retweeted by Dave RapozaI am selling the painting of "Sower of Temptation", acrylic on birch wood panel. Comes with 4 signed artist proofs…
Retweeted by Dave Rapoza @yahyagadiid Probably huge shits @Burrito_Tim try it again, maybe it'll do something for youI dont know who needs to hear this right now, but - my very first memory is of myself holding a white, small, toy d… for all the love! I'm trying something new with this one so I'm happy it's resonating so far!
@StampDouble the only reason I shared it is because my mother had it and when you're the kid and you feel large chu… @StampDouble There's different responses to things, but certainly people have dissociative amnesia and other forms @StampDouble I mean, you're wrong, my mom's abuse as a child resurfaced when I was in middle school and she had to… @DanielDarabos Yes, but mind is through highschool, it's not the end of the world, just annoying to not remember stuffI envy people that can recall their summers as a kid, days at school, things with friends, I really only remember s… have such a poor memory that I'm fairly certain there must be some sort of trauma related to it that is lurking i… extraordinaire @DaveRapoza worked on a spectacular new art print with us, that we can't wait to fully reveal…
Retweeted by Dave RapozaCan't wait to share the full image! @Joshbalaski Yup, trying something differentworkin on somethin
Retweeted by Dave Rapoza @rafagrassetti Its Robo, obviously @Skeletor1991 Thanks! This one will be a print from a company I worked with, just check Tuesday for the release 😁 @mrDonVanDam It'll be a print somewhere but you won't go nuts trying to get it @DaveRapoza re-reading Steve Lichman and this sequence always makes me crack up. That giant bat stalking off is A+…
Retweeted by Dave Rapozakeep a look out this Tuesday, a beautiful printer and I got to make a thing - here's a small small crop @DaveRapoza Perfect
Retweeted by Dave Rapoza
@_KrisWilson_ to rein in those musclescheck out patreon for full image so far! - on somethin progress!
Retweeted by Dave Rapozahere's the previous crop of this piece @scottmccloud I prefer the second one unless the word bubbles are disconnected but the speech is continuingI mentioned in one of my early patreon posts that I'd occasionally restart my approach and try things differently,… be sharing the full piece as well as the high res finished painting through patreon <3 progress!
@arvalis Its the best feeling everHappy Thanksgiving, everyone. Remember- though we celebrate with Turkey, the pilgrims had to kill all their chicken…
Retweeted by Dave RapozaI'm thankful for my family so that I can lead a fulfilled and happy life and for the internet for being the library…
@Askren TestosteroniI don't know how many times I gotta say this, I made these so you could eat them - I haven't seen one video of anyone eating a printmost recent patrion illustrations
Retweeted by Dave Rapoza @ReptileEnclosed This is wonderful, feels very much how the game felt, awesome @unsilentwill @mossmouth AwesomeI like it ⚔️😃 on somethin
Retweeted by Dave Rapoza @ZweihanderRPG @blackbirdsrpg Very kind of you to say! I definitely pushed myself for this one 😃⚔️Dave effing Rapoza did a big, beautiful, immaculate, spine-tingling illustration for BLACKBIRDS. Watch for more on…
Retweeted by Dave Rapoza @RyanVerniere @AndrewsMcMeel @ZweihanderRPG Must feel great man! Congrats!I made a big illustration for this beautiful game, hopefully you'll see it soon :D @denzelcurry obviously it was the famed Rurouni @kibblesmith @warrensimons so nobody finds out they're actually turtlesgrab high res, watch process videos and obviously print+eat all of these here - recent patrion illustrations
just shared the full composition sketch w/Alucard for patrons, check the link if you'd like to follow along the pro… on somethin will be of Richter & Alucard 🦇I'm making a thing. What's that, you thought my color palette was just red?
Retweeted by Dave Rapozasketchin a miserable little pile of secrets
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konami tried to hide his mullet in the official art, but I see it, and just like castle dracula - I resurrect it a miserable little pile of secrets Legend of Zelda
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