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Hey Aaron, not the best idea to be using my art as your profile picture while I‘m literally pursuing you for copyri…
Retweeted by Dave RapozaMarch 1 vs March 31
@KennyRoy Awesome! @DaveRapoza Took it upon my self to re-space this animation for fun. With no background, one needs to use gain and…
Retweeted by Dave RapozaHoly shit this fan-made 131 page design doc on a #Marvel #SmashUltimate adaptation:
Retweeted by Dave Rapoza @Remender @JeromeAOpena His sense of anatomy is amazing, everything is so dynamicSome more crazy great @JeromeAOpena pages from Rage of Ultron:
Retweeted by Dave Rapoza决定重画,所以发一下之前的稿子~
Retweeted by Dave Rapoza @SebMcKinnon to me, you're the perfect artist for what MTG is, your style is exactly what that game felt to me back… of my MtG illustrations got into Spectrum this year! "Deathsprout" + "Unholy Indenture". Very honoured to be part…
Retweeted by Dave Rapoza @SebMcKinnon everything you're doin is awesomeHere's a new painting in the works for my Kickstarter backers, titled: "Selkie Guard". All donations go to making t…
Retweeted by Dave Rapoza @lawsoneer who is thatstorytelling tip #1- if you want your audience to know who the hero is, the answer is really very simple. give the… @HughSJ @karlnp I'd either choose that or the Boba Fett classThis is the equivalent of when I was younger and I thought that peak goodness was drawing every blade of grass in m… @karlnp @HughSJ Listen, if everybody looks like a hero, that means that the audience completely forgets about contr… @HughSJ In my opinion everybody should have a lightsaber. @HughSJ Are you trying to tell me that a bunch of spaceships that are all the same color crammed together in a spac… @Roland_212 @therealsobreiro I feel like I don't even have days, I wake up, take care of my kid, work when he naps,… think the most shocking thing about quarantine is realizing my life hasn't changed at all, it's a real eye opener… @Xyless I hated metal wiler @Colorblindraws when we make a game, yes game should have unlockable metal versions of charactersKey Animation: Koji Morimoto (森本 晃司) Anime: Macross Plus (マクロスプラス) (1994)
Retweeted by Dave Rapoza Battle Cop (1990)
Retweeted by Dave Rapoza
this orangutan telling a thrilling story to an entranced audience of otters
Retweeted by Dave Rapoza @Burrito_Tim well, i got a baby monitor here on my desk and my kid is hitting his head over and over because his te… is where i go when the anxiety of my kid not napping starts to go off the railsKey Animation: Kazuhide Tomonaga (友永 和秀) Series: The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers (1986)…
Retweeted by Dave Rapozaart by Tsubasa Masao @Verisim25841704 only one way to find out, stop begging me for my onlyfans account. my inbox is full, stop the abuse, im not a sex worker, just an all a… @JennRavenna but, if you never adopt anything you can contradict and you just lean into all that stuff, nobody can really do anything to youif there are parallel universes i can guarantee in one of them i have an onlyfans account, it may even be the unive… would be so good at this. i love improvising and bullshitting, i mean really, who cares about making comics, the… @RileyEasterArt I can see him transforming for sureThis is so good, I love the hype man. I also wanna know what the hand extension is for, it'd like they're X-Men, I… @Eliz0r I honestly think it's just a matter of understanding the steps involved to executing your ideas, read up ab… honestly don't want to die without having tried all of the things that I love about art. I mainly am saying this… do a lot of things, right now it's painting, sometimes writing, sometimes comics, and sometimes animation along w… @Eliz0r As long as the idea is centered around something interesting or if you're kind of commenting on your lack o… was a real weak point for me, so through all of these things I felt I was able to really address my insecur… real reason I never went any further with animation was that I wanted to learn but also create a story, so that… i'm really saying is if you want to learn or just give something you've always loved a go, just make it happen.…'s more, these really had no purpose at the time besides just doing something fun, i wanted to learn and try an… note, the skull & shark thing at the end is hilariousalso, on the same thought as studying anatomy. i did this without knowing anything about animation, just frame by f… closer shot trying to get the movement/emotion right for scenes, I found all this stuff super helpful for learning drawing you end up doing a ton of anatomy drawings but with the motivation of finishing a larger thing.I've mentioned a few times how I would study anatomy by doing animations because while I was doing boring anatomy s… you got an hour and you wanna learn just factual info about covid 19, this is pretty great to a ‘Mr. Freeze’ commission... #dccomics
Retweeted by Dave RapozaI know this isn't the focus, but the writing in this review is great @JennRavenna the body chandelier, too good @danielwarren86 did he grab you and yell "you believe me right?! Please tell me you believe me! Because if it's rea… never would have posted this if that wasn't what I ateCream Cheese Crusader by Akihiko Yoshida only two other people live in this town, my wife and son and im the law around these parts and i shoot to kill so theres no riskwhen i go for a run with my dog i want a full face mask at all times, not for the virus, but because by the end of…
My babies are too young to read this now. And they’d barely recognize me in my gear. But if they lose me to COVID I…
Retweeted by Dave Rapozatime stamped for song+incredible voicework i was a child, i thought peak cool was when stabbing westward played in the tekken anime. it would be years be… @duennpfiff We have them packed up now, my wife says they'll all ship within the weekmost of the time when i paint something i'll have a favorite part that has nothing to do with the main focus of the… @RileyEasterArt that art is the reason i didn't play it til suikoden 2look at all those wonderful textures've wanted to do something for final fantasy 6 since I was a kid. Patreon really is a magical opportunity for me,… a new project, check my patreon for the full sketch and to follow along in the creation :)
Retweeted by Dave Rapoza @JesseCox One of my favorite games ever :)starting a new project, check my patreon for the full sketch and to follow along in the creation :)
@Colorblindraws It's beautiful, thank youif i could go back in time, i'd want to be the american artist that does the local art for japanese video games, i… Shinkawa - Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel
Retweeted by Dave RapozaSpiral. #spiral #xmen #Mojo
Retweeted by Dave RapozaIf you do get this printed, please share photos :).tip for quarantined ppl who live alone - if you're ever unsure if you're really here, just smile into mirror, if y…'d even settle for an open relationship @somebadideas @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN No, but I think he knows my loveHey @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN I love you, this is my engagement ring for you @SlimePrnicess I don't at the moment, I may do a con in the future with prints but no immediate plans to ship anyStarting up the next piece now :)my patreon has a bunch of stuff high res art, process, video tutorials, early access, comics thanks for helping m… @Eldr93 @MattMcMuscles imo, everything is about boobs at the end of the dayI honestly didn't even think about their boob sizes when I painted it, when in reality, it should've been my sole focus, what was I thinking @_cajb i didthis guy's got a bad case of blue balls, someone's gotta show him some huge boobs asapthis was in regard to my Metal Gear Solid piece, and is by far my favorite feedback'm so happy that I don't have to think about painting this anymore, felt amazing posting this up, feels even bette… you all so much for the all the kind comments and for sharing with your followers on here, I greatly appreciate your support! @maximilian_ That's so great to hear, that's what I was hoping to capture with it :). I really appreciate that.
Check out my appearance on Art Cafe! Marvel only knew. art! For a beautiful, lyrical book by Sarah Tolmie, from @TorDotComPub, with thanks to AD @CFoltzer ✨ The sto…
Retweeted by Dave RapozaHad a great time talking with Maciej, we covered a ton of ground, hopefully we'll do it again!