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Climate policy, beard advice, and improvised augury (he/him)

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Lucky for Ameren banks aren't all that into looking closely at numbers and suchliket h e y e a r t w o t h o u s a n d a n d f u c k i n g f o r t yTWENTY. FORTY."Coal is only 8% of our ratebase" is the cool new way to say "We are still 40% coal in 2040."Financial institutions know that coal is a financial albatross around the neck of utilities. So coal dominated util… this conflation, folks: crowding within units adds danger, density of many units near each other and near ser… news from the 9th circuit today. Full story from @mathsavage shortly but California climate cases will proceed…
Retweeted by Dave Weiskopf @bstorrow cc @maryannehittGreat job opportunity with the smartest team in negative carbon: @mcmansionhell A man a plan a tram a skybridge a canal a canal panama"We're being pretty careful" means wildly different stuff depending on what people are doing around youThere's a shelter in place Overton window @Ben_Inskeep @Sammy_Roth Shut down the coal plants on days ending with Y to protect birds and bats @leahstokes They were so tiny yesterday but it got up to 100 today 🤷‍♂️Got a couple beans @aaronhuertas I'm Jeff Spicoli over here @thebmbennett Friendship ended with Baffler. Now TBQ is my new best friend. @thebmbennett The existence of this publication implies also the existence of Taco Bell Labs, dedicated to basic ta… @seanhecht @JesseJenkins @noahqk Lots of questions we can never answer without logging out, sadly. @seanhecht @JesseJenkins @noahqk *by "that year" I mean "that five-year period," of course @seanhecht @JesseJenkins @noahqk Honestly though, even just a really good study showing that EJ improvement itself… @seanhecht @JesseJenkins @noahqk That 17% is pretty generous, too, and considering that emissions themselves fell o… @JesseJenkins @noahqk Yeah, I don't want to be too dogmatic without reading it -- I just would've expected a conclu… @JesseJenkins @noahqk Great, if true, but most on this coast are pretty convinced the C&T program itself has not be… @JesseJenkins @noahqk That "due to" is a very heavy lift. @noahqk The notion that this specific cap and trade system over this specific time period has *any* causal impact i… @noahqk Have not read but it seems like there are a couple pretty big logical leaps here. Is the study really asser… @KateAronoff Nachts
@JooBilly heart the stoop bebs @EtheHerring Kant, of all people, would disapprove @_kelleesi @j_esq_a I want coco breadFor like four semesters my Into to Logic lectures were fueled by these and coco bread with jam and margarine from t… @CostaSamaras @CostaSamaras Costa have you ever had Rap Snacks? I still think about the BBQin' with my Honey flavor that had Lil… @CostaSamaras I respect your preference and don't wish to persuade you @CostaSamaras So long story short, I moved to California @CostaSamaras *"BBQ," obviously @CostaSamaras When I first moved to DC, someone set out a bowl of chips at a party, and allowed people to innocentl… of you monsters is choosing Old Bay? I know you're out there.Just gimme column four @JesseJenkins This chart is in fact quite *unremarkable* for being confusing as hell and virtually impossible for a… have become a target for ads from sellers of these evil valved masks. The valve provides “breathability” when you…
Retweeted by Dave WeiskopfYou guys, Mitski.
Although I guess it is technically "cold outside" in Oz, so ymmv.Re-upping my flash brew how-to thread for people who want to stay awake all night or are just getting up in (checks… a lawyer who majored in Great Books, this turn of events is somewhat unexpected, to me.Pro tip: most gatherings contain zero nazis. If every gathering you attend includes some nazis, that means you are… having made the types of choices in life that result in your thinking it is likely and inevitable that any… being "unbothered" by the presence of fucking nazis.For the first time, I regret that I know more science nerds than words nerds.Is there a name for the linguistic phenomenon where a word/phrase/idiom over time comes to mean its own opposite? There's got to be, right?Use 👏 Idioms 👏 Correctly 👏 2020 👏 is literally the opposite of what the "bad apples" metaphor conveys:, *this* is how you report about these assholes (cc @sacbee_news) @amywestervelt Honestly between this and "wellness" scams, shitty ads have put me off so many podcasts. @feline_cannon Andytown is delivering beans and offering 20% as long as shelter in place lasts @SimonMahan Try it this way sometime and lmk what you thinkIt takes a few tries to dial in your preferred hot/ice balance, but the nice thing about flash brew is it tastes li… hot melts the ice to make cold. Serve cold or over more ice. brewing to bring the total amount of water to your normal amount. Like if you did 200g ice, do 300g water fo… the coffee for 30seconds, just like pourover out like 30-40% of your total water in the form of ice. So if you make 500g of coffee normally, use like 200g… your beans a little finer than you would for hot pour over out your normal amount of beans and rinse your filter's make flash brew bc it's hot an cold brew is gross. First: boil water. @Aztec4Life13 Looks like we are finally doing something about the extremely low infection rate in Midtown/Capitol areaSafe lane for bikers? NO Safe lane for bars to expand in a pandemic? Of course, done immediately
Retweeted by Dave Weiskopf @drvox I was like "Wait how did Dave not write this five years ago," then I looked at the pub date.I think about this every time I see a reference to restaurant dine-in guidelines that emphasize "frequent cleaning… @CostaSamaras Not far enough smell of basil @MaryHeglar @rgunns @rgunns @MaryHeglar For all the whipping inequality's ass and pounding GHG's into the ground? @xpollen8 I'm guessing they have like a week to go? Maybe less bc it will be 100 degrees the next few days.
MAKE SURE TO WATCH THE PROTEST EVERYONEEEEE ALL EYES ON THE PROTEST . . . . . (also you can read about why we need…'s layout choices like this that have gotten us into this mess. time things were this bad, we closed everything.Infections in Sacramento are now back to where they were when we first instituted shelter in place. Why is it sudde…, TOO EFFING SOON, and Sac Bee has been complicit in getting us here by amping the "reopen" message for the last…, absolutely 100% too soon. Looks like the most minimal safety precautions possible are in place. That is not en…
Retweeted by Dave WeiskopfSour Cherry progress report from Regrets Orchard @CostaSamaras The bots can control who replies now.Hard to imagine folks signing up for that are the type who tip well and are super understanding of the pressures se… like, "hey let's all go sit in a closed room for 60-90 min surrounded by people who are talking."*understaffWhat can you do as a restaurant owner? Can't make money on a half full dining room. Can't absorb the cost of extra… to simultaneously run takeout service, curbside pickup, a dining room, and make sure no one dies is going to… bunch of restaurants are opening in my town this weekend and apart from everything else, I'm so bummed for their…
@Aztec4Life13 Right now, 3. @DavidPomerantz Do you keep it on top of your gas stove, or somewhere else? @DavidPomerantz Have a fave brand/model? @DavidPomerantz this joke, like disco stu, is best left as a one-off @DavidPomerantz Power plants as Simpsons voice actors (thread) @cece_coffey @SimonMahan @CostaSamaras I'm still kind of hung up on the idea of a room w that many people in it tbh @cece_coffey @SimonMahan @CostaSamaras breadstick?! @TricksyRaccoon @CostaSamaras @chrisnelder Can't believe I traded my cow for these things.