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huge if true

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Interesting take
Retweeted by Dave, but Something @SteveForgeron @briman1701 @Luke6_37 @Trent_Horn That is literally the exact opposite of what he was saying @chillylukechill @noyeahitsfineee *reasonable although also be responsible @chillylukechill @noyeahitsfineee Yeah, please be responsible @deddecco @paige_kubenka @orapronobisdeum @tablelampdar @karkovqueen wellllllllllfocus on a different child every time you watch 😂😂
Retweeted by Dave, but Something @PappaSciarappa It was me, wasn't itgrant us in the same Spirit to be truly wise, and ever to rejoice in His consolation, through Christ, our Lord. Amen.Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Thy love.Send forth Thy Spirit… @ash1eyish @seminariancag Much more fitting tbh @Luke6_37 @SteveForgeron @briman1701 @Trent_Horn I'm not getting your point. It sounds like you're saying Jesus treated them unjustly. @SteveForgeron @briman1701 @Luke6_37 @Trent_Horn I have heard, but cannot quickly google, that foreign born convert… if true @PapaPapist @SteveForgeron @Trent_Horn Waiting for "SO YOU ADMIT JESUS IS MYTHICAL!!1!" @SteveForgeron @Trent_Horn Go find someone else to teach you how grownups discuss ancient literature. Your expectat…
@SteveForgeron @Trent_Horn The amazing thing is that you can pretend this request is reasonable. I don't think I co… @JonahofNinevah The only thing more amazing than the sheer audacity of the demand is that there was a crowd full of people who complied. @SteveForgeron @Trent_Horn It's literally a premise of the story we're discussing. It's like if Trent said Batman… @SteveForgeron @Trent_Horn Oh for pity's sake @MicheleHaliwel @CarpeDonktum aww. hope you still get an invite to their christmas party tho @PapaPapist @whimsykenzie maybe a little bit overly nominalist, but 👍huge if true! @GrillGr1ll HHHUGE IF TRUE @nadineleonahm very nice! @ivoteforpatches @spiritsside8101 @SnarkyTrad @ivoteforpatches he can do so much better than thathuge if true"...the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, self-con… @posepapi @nicky_zwan @cleotrapawest I didn't even know we could opt out, is there like a web page or something @catholic_love that was really weird and out of nowhere, all rightThe seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the… @diogenerous Measure was good. And I have a soft spot for the goofy Moriarty holodeck episode. Plus the Borg, of co… @diogenerous Y'know, I tried and failed to rewatch TNG from the beginning a few times. Just not good. But recently… @diogenerous Ha, I only liked Enterprise slightly longer than I liked the song. The show got maybe fifteen minutes. :P @diogenerous that's basically a source also, Trump and Hitler both walk on their hind legs. No human being would walk like that. @diogenerous remix? 😶 That's news to me, man @diogenerous the first 15. "It's been a long road..." maybe more like the first 5. but still. @diogenerous I like that song for about fifteen seconds @BrigidCobthaig Hope today goes better! 🙏Huge if true @GrillGr1ll I'm still coming to grips with the idea that you're not actually a nun with a moustache; you can't just… @GrillGr1ll @GrillGr1ll worth every penny @GrillGr1ll but did you ever learn about the tetrarchy? @noyeahitsfineee 😶 @NightOfMajin Holy cats that's creepy @MelissaHanks1 @PappaSciarappa That does sound good @FrDaveNix Oh how I hate nature @ivoteforpatches @noyeahitsfineee *squint* @patrickfinnega way to take one for the team @GrillGr1ll It'll be alright If you know any omnipotent people, maybe mention it to themI am ill at ease tonight, tweeters. @GrillGr1ll I didn't but I kind of wish I had
huge if true can't help but notice that the protests seem to be gaining speed rather than losing speed. @noyeahitsfineee @ivoteforpatches 😶 @GrillGr1ll All these things are true So... yeah Considerable implications @PappaSciarappa Got that backwards, man. Steamed cauliflower is good stuff. Broccoli is straight garbage. @JonahofNinevah @_Deo_gratias Yeah, man I mean... I'm a soft sedentary nerd, so who knows how much grit I'll be ab… @GrillGr1ll Huge if true It kills me that I can't retweet you @GrillGr1ll in what way does baptism make you italian? ish?huge if true doing you, 2020 @chillylukechill Oh, y'know something that was helpful to me back in the day? The Jesus prayer. Breathe in, say "J… @chillylukechill Yeah, I probably wouldn't encourage you to do it if it's gonna lead to beating yourself up. But it… @chillylukechill @FullyClump Highly recommend divine mercy chaplet. St Michael prayer is great, too, I saw that men… is sillyIf you can spare a moment please pray for my marriage.
Retweeted by Dave, but Something @GrillGr1ll @GrillGr1ll @seminariancag F @GrillGr1ll @seminariancag perhaps unfairly ambiguous, and should thus be restated in a more clear fashion. @GrillGr1ll @seminariancag under the classical definition one can choose to do something that they don't in a sense… @GrillGr1ll @seminariancag would seem to imply that perhaps the question is malformed to begin with; some sort of i… @GrillGr1ll @seminariancag so I guess my point is that the hypothetical is rather difficult to fairly consider. "ca… @GrillGr1ll @seminariancag #HugeIfTrue @GrillGr1ll @seminariancag it would seem that the act of joining implies that you do want to join @GrillGr1ll huge if true @beardedseminar1 you: a scumbag christian, who wants to murder grandma them: heroes gathering in bold defiance of evilhuge if true if only someone had thought of this earlier mom died this morning, suddenly. Please pray for her soul, and peace for my family.
Retweeted by Dave, but SomethingThis is maybe the most amazing sculpture I've ever seen. h.... h..... oh man I can't but I must HUGE IF TRUE @diogenerous and the poor fools like me who live in a major city's suburbs @diogenerous @MuskyMouse @redanimator1 @MrReaganUSA @Camellia_Alexan And now we're at semantics. You're right, those are two dif… @MuskyMouse @redanimator1 @MrReaganUSA @Camellia_Alexan That's not just semantics, it's the difference between drug…'s about 44 million African Americans in this country Last year 245 were killed by cops. 9 were unarmed. If…
Retweeted by Dave, but Something @lbh1316 @badtraddiplomat I missed the part of the bible that says all christian doctrine must be found in the bible.Huge if true this morning: “Why won’t Trump do something?! Why is he just telling governors to take care of rioters?!”…
Retweeted by Dave, but Something @ItsNotSeen @BrigidCobthaig Hahaha, pure genius. I was afraid it was world war three, not some idiot.