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March 13, 2016❤️

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Howard tried to kill the manone person unfollowed me // automatically checked by
@pulte I know for a fact i didn’t win cause i didn’t give you some sap story on why i need it @TheDerekT3 Nigga what @Kyle_Odegard Why would we not bring in Vernon then? @AdiBrescic Are you going soft on us Adi @AdiBrescic Since when is something too offensive for you 🤨 @AdiBrescic Nah bro flight is deadass retarded, he trash as fuck at hoops too and swears he’d be in the NBA if he wasn’t a YouTuber @BritishBirdgang Deadass where do y’all want him to run 😂 we have a terrible offensive line and we played the best… @TheDerekT3 I told you my guy @NickAhmed13 @Dbacks All black is sweaty @RapSheet Kirk got SNUBBED @AdiBrescic Idk Disney gots Hulu and espn+ bundleWanted the cardinals to draft this man so bad too 🤦🏻‍♂️ shit is garbage @Barlossss Oubre scoring 1 was the problem not the refs @Victor_Blancooo @disneyplus Deadass?? How to you get it? @MySportsUpdate @ckirk just had a 6/138/3 game @ThatMixxedNigga @Victor_Blancooo @AARONMANOZJR What’s yours lmao you saying the suns take a bad loss in a game tha… @ThatMixxedNigga @Victor_Blancooo @AARONMANOZJR You telling me that his 2/7 free throw shooting in a clutch moment don’t mean nothin??? @ThatMixxedNigga @Victor_Blancooo @AARONMANOZJR Yeah it only took kuzma to have his best game of the season and Oub… @ThatMixxedNigga @Victor_Blancooo @AARONMANOZJR I can say my goat ain’t shoot no 2/7 from the free throw line missing 3 of 4 in the 4th @Victor_Blancooo @AARONMANOZJR @ThatMixxedNigga This man acting like Lebron didn’t just get bailed out lmao @JayFlareDaKid He don’t want no OT, he tryna make it home still Lmaoo2/7 🤦🏻‍♂️ @TheHoopCentral @AARONMANOZJR’t be no goat shooting 2/6 from the FREE throw line @AdiBrescic @GabeRealorWhat my guy any sportThis a good ass game
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Retweeted by 🐐Whenever i see the lakers on schedule @AdiBrescic You know why I’m showing up this Adi @AdiBrescic @AARONMANOZJR Kwame Brown*Because MrBeast and I love helping people, I’m going to give $4,999 to someone random who retweets this to pay down…
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Naw, keep sleeping on us @AARONMANOZJR Download the fox sports go app
@MySportsUpdate Worst call Ive ever seen, @NFLOfficiating fuck you and your shitty refs for blowing the game for us @NFLOfficiating please explain how that was not a pass interference on the bucs on that last play of the game That… that not reviewable???? We have no challenges??? Refs are just going to fucking so that to us!???How’s y’all day going?? @maxmcc11 I’m embarrassed to be a cardinals fan in general right now Imagine rooting and defending a team and the… embarrassing team in the league are the worst team to ever step on a football fieldCall out @jakepaul and fuck him up next @KSIOlajidebt LETS GO CHAMPLETS GO CHAMP! #ksivsloganpaul2live chants in LA 😂 Hate to see it #KSIvsLoganPaul2 got KSI by TKO in round 5 wbu #KSIvsLoganPaul2 using scam links lmao just go on #KSIvsLoganPaul2Logan looks scared as fuck lmao #KSIvsLoganPaul2 just got a bigger applause than Logan in Logan’s city lmao #KSILoganPaul2
Imagine Kevin love at our 4 👀👀👀👀 got @KSIOlajidebt winning tonight by a KO or TKO in the 5th round, wbu?I’m going to give away $30,000 to 1 random person who retweets this tweet AND follows Twitter Philanthropist @Pulte
Retweeted by 🐐Fuck Boffem, y’all was talking mad shit on Book for dropping 70 in a loss, don’t switch up now
@WhistleSports @TopSportsPlay 1. Sz. 10.5 2. @jussspeachyyy @TheDerekT3 3. November 30 is my birthday 😏 @Dbacks @nikebaseball @TheDerekT3 @jussspeachyyyGood lil Thursday night fantasy football Rivers is absolute dog shitThe fact he had to clarify that is sad
Nothing worse than getting matched with shitty ass teammates at the rec @DevinBook is averaging 26 ppg on 50-50-90 shooting where he dropped 40 on the last undefeated team in the league… on the big screen replay in the background lmao godly edit made this? 😂
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@swaveyquis @AARONMANOZJR Idk i don’t see lakers finishing as the 8th seed @jussspeachyyy @Y2SHAF It was deleted @AlexWilsonESM You forgot quarterback
@AARONMANOZJR I failed after last nights game @AARONMANOZJR I know but before the season he called out book and book responded, i wanna see book drop fitty @AARONMANOZJR Let’s see if herro really wants that smokeSuns beat the best team in the west and a top 3 team in the east We should be 7-0 rn but y’all not ready for that convo“The 76ers are the last undefeated team in the NBA..” Suns:
Retweeted by 🐐Booker with 5 straight games against the sixers with atleast 30 pointsF in the chat are no undefeated teams left in the NBA!
Retweeted by 🐐Rubio with 21 10 and 7 Booker with 40 on 79% shooting Baynes with 15 7 6 and 2 blocks Oubae with 14 and 6 #ValleyBoyz are legit!Devin Booker with 40 on 15-19 shooting And virgins have the nerve to say he’s trash and worse than Donovan Mitchell @AdiBrescic 2019-2020 scoring leader and MVPThis win doesn’t mean much because the 76ers are without their starting center though... waitPetition to give Devin booker is own state holiday???Win or lose this game, no one can tel me the suns aren’t legitAnthony Davis lucky he wasn’t under the rim again
@AdiBrescic How i feel about Frank Jackson @sportsprophet6 @Young_Day16 @GatorGonnaGitYa @trevorlv31 @sloppyjoe913 @Mathieu_Era @cheetah Wow this has to be th… @Suns Nash, booker, Connie, chambers and nanceone person followed me // automatically checked by @chanjones55 @HBO @AZCardinals New fantasy team name @MySportsUpdate If kliff didn’t call a timeout to ice his own defense before half time the cardinals would’ve won, debate ya mom 🤷🏻‍♂️ @obj to the @AZCardinals next season, wait on it 👀 #ICantPhotoShop @NBA you gotta get on that @chrismedina @TheColbster94 @Gambo987 @Burnsy987 The way he worded the tweet makes it seem like patrick Peterson ha… being so ass you threaten to kill the whole timeline after the game lmfaooo @j2whitehead__ you clown @AARONMANOZJR You got the screen recorded version 😂 come one just crop the end of the vid @AARONMANOZJR Fuck up del taco snacks on a good dayI need to get the nfl Sunday ticket because they never got the good games on tv
@BigBlueThoughts i know is that I’m winning it all this year 🎉🏆