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Writer at Co-Founder of @BrazenWorld. Owns a PR company. He/him. Authorised by D Cormack, 139 the Terrace, Wellington

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This is my composite sketch of every white collar criminal ever
Retweeted by David CormackAccurate @JackCowie_NZ Not when it visually makes the increase appear much steeper than it was.I hate all commentators @JackCowie_NZ Starting one axis at 98,000 sure does make that increase look disproportionately massive. @nealejones They can't change the poster again. @nealejones Heads must roll?! That's nuts. These are hilarious fuck ups from the folks who believe they are the whi… felt inevitable. @bhudson_nz @aarondotcompton Who the hell needs mine? @ohnoitsbob Ten million tinnysThis is my composite sketch of every white collar criminal ever am sad brian cox didn't win, i can't believe kieran culkin didn't win, and if Ru Paul won for that terrible terri… @CapedStare my deepest condolences. @gtiso @kvetchings sounds like someone is in the pocket of Big Milk Jug
Retweeted by David Cormack @mandylibrary what if my job *used* to be political strategy? @gtiso @kvetchings why do you have a milk jug? @gwynncompton @PronouncedHare @TaxpayersUnion @nealejones GOTTEMwE sHOuLd cuT TAxeS AnD lET peOPLe DeCIdE WHaT to DO wItH thEIr oWn MoNEy @PouTepou @radionz @tauhenare for now we are friends, on october 17 we battleHere's the top 10 banks of dodgy money. 1. Deutsche Bank - $1.3T 2. JPMorgan Chase - $514B 3. Standard Chartered -… look, rich people don't want to invest in society. They hide their money away. And banks help them. What'll be… @JulietMosesNZ That's what the bridge said. @kibblesmith He'll never take you alive."She implored Aucklanders to take their alert level with them and behave as if they were living in alert level 2, e…
Retweeted by David Cormackhe's running Stefani's backing singer can't spell
Retweeted by David Cormack @tom_roud Julia W is pretty hardcore (and awesome) @tom_roud hard pass @Trabaq that's what all the north shore people are trying to do isn't it? @JGreenbrookHeld only if you have no toilet paper @damienmgrant you know what? i prefer it that wayso we can now have 100 people on the auckland bridge? @forrest_barb @TaxpayersUnion @poppy650nz @radionz i am a self employed business owner.look at yourself real hard in the mirror and acknowledge that you would probably not have self-isolated and got a t…
Retweeted by David Cormack @joan_unweek today ... ALERT LEVEL 13! @Jasonwalls92 we knew jason, we knew @Jasonwalls92 you are 100% the nerd at the front @arnie03 ah Jordan's fursonabut i'll be sure that @tauhenare, @suebr, @Jubes11, @bryce_edwards, @honpeterdunne, Amy Adams and I toast your absence.look, jordan, i'm sorry you weren't invited on but them's the breaks. if you want to get on these things then you n… thing the NZ govt can do for NZ tech is buy NZ tech and make it attractive for the private sector to do the sa…
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@LewSOS @grenow Smiling @Light42Lime Not sure what your point is here.jesus @MattNippert usual starting point is the green parrot @gtiso interesting where the priorities lie then.James Shaw makes a mistake worth $11M. Judith Collins: resign! Paul Goldsmith makes $4B cock up. Judith: hardly a… @LewSOS @grenow With a small yacht logo on the breast @LewSOS Not the party of etc @LewSOS it is a concern when it starts happening again and again. really is a shame that paul goldsmith couldn't make his figures add up to a budget that would benefit the wealth… @lauren_h_watson good luck!Oh that's right. He did this too. Pattern of cock-ups emerging. @LouDxx So they don't all look like Green Party ads @dimsie Just so sad. @tonitones I thought it was fake and had to go check. It's still there. @David_Cormack even better is that his name should’ve autocorrected since it’s an actual word. my week has been made.
Retweeted by David CormackUmmm the Green Party and Labour Party trend, I present to you the TOP vintage sweater design.
Retweeted by David CormackThis is the most excitement PREFU has ever caused. Has someone checked on @coughlthom @PronouncedHare Yeah you're probably right. Or we get a shock collar.How much of a champ is the guy who was in isolation two weeks and then still went and got tested and self isolated…
Retweeted by David Cormack @BelisariusCount There's a formula to determine how much is contributed. @philquin Yeah gonna make more in this shade. is outrageous that an MP is allowed to spread misinformation like this. Labour didn't reduce contributions, th… are all free for you to use however you like. single time we say not here, not now, not in this way, we lose an opportunity to house people who desperately…
Retweeted by David Cormack @chetibby That's my gut too. putting these out again. @SamSachdevaNZ He called me once. We had a nice chat. Still didn't vote for him.As my people say, this is some fucking chutzpah. @SamSachdevaNZ Do you not remember when there was a shit load of John Key robocalls? Very exciting. @eilishsio Consider it my gift. @eilishsio Was it my implied goatse? @AndreaW94916434 Not good. Though they say they've reached all their close contacts. @reedfleming it sounds like ive disappointed you and that makes me sad @reedfleming it was steven joyce's hole at the last election, now it's grant's. @gwynncompton ah goddamn it. I'm just gonna with stevphen from now onMISCHIEF @MrJKirwan @dairymanNZ maturity, i do not have it @MrJKirwan @dairymanNZ i was most proud of the image i usedWhere are my covid numbers? @dairymanNZ yes kregGrant's hole @juliefairey @JGreenbrookHeld i've vowed for years that i'll vote for anyone who will restore the Chevy's Cowboy to… @CateOwen i hope you punched her. or stormed out saying "big mistake. huge. I have to go shopping now". @PouTepou @Alisonmau jesus christ superstar is the greatest musical of all time. @dimsie i know what i saidholes echo through generations, it seemsi don't really understand or care about anyone's hole to be honest. i just want a better country.the hole is BACK
... no, I mustn't.
Retweeted by David Cormack @Economissive The policy is good. I would prefer to see much higher and broader taxation to pay for things like th…