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A surprised Wellington man raising the red flag from behind the Herald's paywall. Also co-run a PR company. Opinions are mine. He/him

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@JGreenbrookHeld @meladoodle This line can fuck off. @MatthewHootonNZ's had a tough day.
Retweeted by (((David Cormack))) @grantrobertson1 You are absolved of responsibility @grantrobertson1 Were you at the game? Was it you? Hmmm?9 years of a National government - no funding for an interchange. We're in for 2 years, with @ginnyandersen leadin…
Retweeted by (((David Cormack))) @ginnyandersen has been an absolute tireless advocate for the Melling Interchange. Congrats mate - your advocacy fo…
Retweeted by (((David Cormack))) @AnneliseJoy @Kieran_McAnulty I'm not being disingenuous! @Kieran_McAnulty You worked hard mate. You deserve it. More than National ever got for the region.This was a very prescient tweet as it turned out.Awesome work by @ginnyandersen!
Retweeted by (((David Cormack)))Damn great work Ginny. It’s great to see the government not just saying stuff but funding stuff and building stuff.…
Retweeted by (((David Cormack))) @Kieran_McAnulty Didn't you also get a train platform in Featherston mate? @MarkSReynolds I would be interested in a cost breakdown. I often feel that way about these sorts of projects. How… @ginnyandersen Well done Ginny, just shows what determined, committed advocacy can achieve. You’ve been like a dog…
Retweeted by (((David Cormack)))Great to see the determined advocacy by my colleague @ginnyandersen has paid off.
Retweeted by (((David Cormack)))Congrats, Ginny!
Retweeted by (((David Cormack)))You've done good Ginny - it's a super example of your advocacy and hard work!
Retweeted by (((David Cormack)))More @cjsbishop bait is a really really good piece of analysis. day for the National Party huh.But ughhhhhhh it's Mayor Pete. SOUND THE NEW ZEALAND RECOGNITION KLAXON
Build them some roads! will failure? What the hell happened at the end of this tweet.'d just like to thank Campbell Barry for making the Melling Interchange happen.But also I accept that this was a capital package, and there will likely be operational expenditure announced. I ju… @JudithCollinsMP so you're a big fan of the govt's new roads Roads ROADS package? @MatthewHootonNZ Good to see they read my columns. anyone see how much of this cash bonanza was going towards increased benefits for those most in need? #NZPOLWell...fucking roads eh. @coughlthom when Winston was just a young whippersnapper.The Government is spending 3x more on a single 22km road ($692m) than the entire $200m decarbonisation package.
Retweeted by (((David Cormack)))The most savage @cjsbishop bait I've ever seen. @gwynncompton @BenThomasNZ Pure Crosby Textor, Topham Guerin, Cameron Slater #dirtypolitics.
Retweeted by (((David Cormack))) @MomoStJohn Jaysus. That is some proper coin.Man, there is a lot of roadworks. Big Road Cone must have something over this Government. @kev1049 Yep. Big time. @CTrevettNZH I bet it was Andrew putting on her voice. @Publicwrongs @Alisonmau And I'll make things about fucking. @nealejones That's good content, NealeI for one will never forget that Sep 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, after I sat in the Green Room on e…
Retweeted by (((David Cormack)))State of the Nation - what to expect, via @nzherald @jamesdunnenz @cjsbishop @NZNationalParty that wasn't what I said Mr Dunne. @cjsbishop @blogboynick @NZNationalParty @cjsbishop @NZNationalParty We can both play this game my friend. @Publicwrongs An underground network of poos and wees is just not my thing. But I am not here to kink shame. @cjsbishop @NZNationalParty electrified trains? So The greens won that argument? Wouldn't the more constructive th… @richardhills777 Little birds have said tomorrow and Thursday. @cjsbishop @NZNationalParty If you guys were so competent, why didn't you just build them? I had 3 terms. @Publicwrongs I MENTIONED WASTEWATER EDDIE YOU ARE NOW ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO JUST HASTILY RESPOND WITHOUT READING THE ARTICLE"Heralds pet communist in chief" - new bio?'m seeing double! Four Krustys! Two Cormack columns in 24 hours. Lucky sods. This one is about what we should see…"What Bridges is doing creates racial tension. And racial tension brings with it awfulness, often violence and a lo…
Retweeted by (((David Cormack)))
I was thinking about my return to Aotearoa and dealing with BNZ. I opened an account with them while I was in the U…
Retweeted by (((David Cormack))) @Acquitmenow @FoxyLustyGrover Bingo. @testtubeone @GraeSullivan @Jubes11 I know. I self fived over that response. @henrycooke Am a political consultant, can confirm your advice is good. @GraeSullivan @Jubes11 No, that's colonisation.
Retweeted by (((David Cormack))) @GraeSullivan @Jubes11 No, that's colonisation. @glocks75 @nznimrodnibbo @LouHou Chris, nick is a teenager. Forgive him, he knows not what he does. @Not_A_Yoga_Matt @nzherald He has. He's chosen. @glocks75 I get asked if I do all the bloody time. @JulietMosesNZ He did politicise it. Today. With his comments. That's indisputable. He tried to link the accusation… @JulietMosesNZ Regardless of that, invoking antisemitism the way Bridges has done is ghastly behaviour.Folks I'm fuming. And now I've put it out in the Herald that I'm Jewish. I look forward to the hate mail.Simon Bridges wrong to stir anti-Semitism pot, via @nzherald @IslaStewart I wish I didn't have to. @David_Cormack @nz_erewego @richardhills777 @NZNationalParty David I’m Jewish and a former Deputy Chair of the Holo…
Retweeted by (((David Cormack))) @nz_erewego @richardhills777 @NZNationalParty Thanks. It's revolting. @timClicks @Aethylred Big time. @David_Cormack Using anti-semitism to hypocritically criticise your political opponents on Holocaust Memorial Day. What a bottom feeder.
Retweeted by (((David Cormack))) @farmgeek Can't say fuckbadger in Granny @Light42Lime Not the point of the column.The worst bit is the National led Govt didn't send anyone in 2010 and 2015. Nobody tried to fire up racial tensions.I could not let Simon Bridges' suggestion that Labour was potentially anti-Semitic go by without being enraged. agree :-)
Retweeted by (((David Cormack)))At International Holocaust Remembrance Day commemorations at Parliament, @grantrobertson1 talks about how we must m…
Retweeted by (((David Cormack))) @__auckland A precedent of addressing historical wrongs? @cansfordaysmate Gone. out the door. No goodbyes.Heinous. Truly despicable to bring this sort of politics into New Zealand.
@cannibality It's been simmering away for a while but boy oh boy it's really just right there now.Half the people on this website are heaving a sigh of relief that it's all goods to just straight up be racist abou…
Retweeted by (((David Cormack))) @TPCAccounting And that can be an actual argument - that's fine, I mean I disagree with it, but to say that this br… the Ihumatao story is true, and Fletchers have been paid $45m for the land, isn't that exactly protecting privat… @Dean_Nimbly @BenThomasNZ I'm not here to give you a good time dean @BenThomasNZ Yup, it looks like you're mostly right with a few exceptions. Depressing times. @BenThomasNZ not just the government....anybody.Excellent content. @golrizghahraman @bootstheory @MrChuckD Jokes on you dicks. I have no properly thought out threads @bootstheory How was it my fault?! @blogboynick @David_Cormack I think I called him boob mccockskie one too many times
Retweeted by (((David Cormack))) @Andrew124R_ What did we do? @PronouncedHare Now that I think about it, they did have quality mints... @golrizghahraman @MrChuckD I don't think you understood the game @CateOwen Magnificent. @darealmantiz I ask myself this a lot. @kylemacd Bold of you to assume anyone reads it. @NZedAUS @Alisonmau @ClintVSmith @nealejones @SamNZLabour @BeeFaerie Who was it?