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@henrietta_22 And the Americans slaughtered the nomadic tribes to make room for the incomers. So the next step in… @miffythegamer Just imagine. In the past the Home Secretary had to be held to be so trustworthy as to make decision… @shrimptony The usual Brexiteers ploy. Faced with a litany of bad news about their fanciful ideas of the redeeming…
@uk_sf_writer @BBCBreakfast Keep the smokescreen going until you have to face up to the truth! The real issue - th… @LennieMerrick1 Leaving that aside, as I understand the reports (reports from the media, of course, be suspicious)…
@Jennyflower To be followed out of the blue by the beautiful intelligent girl I Knew so many years ago and to find… @MimiJ9 @SiobhanBenita Ah, but you open that door a crack and next thing you know you're trying to hold back a herd… @MimiJ9 @SiobhanBenita IMV balance is either a misdirection or the goal of the fool. Truth is all we can, and shoul… @markoftheD In 2025 the oil necessary to lubricate this vehicle will no longer be available. @GirlGiada @SamanthaMalin Personally I hadn't noticed that the Labour Party was the party of truth and decency, alw…
@9Barrow @ChallonerSara Almost like a rep. company? @SpanishDan1 Any organisation that connived at Brexit as the BBC did is bound to reap some reward if it all goes as…
@JoannaBaccas Personally I'd much rather be able to move freely between the two. Like Farage. @KirstieMAllsopp Perhaps you would be well advised to set up another user name, free of the telly celeb stigma. The… @paulfish2skyco2 @revbreakfast Adds a new interest to the entire day! Strongly recommended if you want to be left…
@darklyadapted @SomersetBlue @ShelaghFogarty @tnewtondunn @Johnrashton47 @WHO @RoryStewartUK The English Government… @NumberNullity @MandrnCompanion Mr Trump won't like you if you can converse sensibly with the Chinese, you knowIs anybody else noticing that, as a result of poor political leadership, a growing number of people, especially the… @Mike_Fife @zolq Most of the Cos you identify have merely grown worryingly large yet stayed with the law. The exce… @PeterStefanovi2 Did they complain? Did they make it clear they were unable to fulfil their statutory duties or eve… @changed_gear @jymbudd Not yet it hasn't But it will and, God willing, it will bite the Brexiteers first. I wonder… @jacquep @franceinfo "French fries" is what they serves in McDonalds. Used to be Idaho Red, brought in special from…
@nickreeves9876 @AthertonNWales Which is why, IMV, I should be able to find out if I've been muted. @mavisluvspeas @ThatTimWalker I suggest it's not the problem. The system has worked, largely successfully, for many… @mavisluvspeas @ThatTimWalker From my experience in canvassing relatively wealthy rural communities the "my party,… @mavisluvspeas @ThatTimWalker Because Bojo evicted them from the party, and the voters evicted them from office. @AmberD1116 Since that's a German Navy flag, two thoughts occur: I didn't know Idaho had a coastline. I'd like to… @philcoopermusic Sorry, 2001. Finger trouble @philcoopermusic The orchestra started playing Barber's "Adagio for Strings", someone unfurled a huge Stars and Str… @PeterStefanovi2 And be denied his peerage? Dream on! @j_g_fitzgerald Well, see, if you can see no plausible alternative and you are determined to use your vote the devi… @janbaker97 I do. Leaving aside the influence of the media, Corbyn's words, his actions and his history seem to hav… @CliveGeorgeHil1 One wonders who took the policy decision within the BBC that they would not routinely report excess deaths.
@newsboy23 Good question. Thatcher may have been intensely dislikeable and a bit bent, but since her Tories have fa… @Robbo20769 @nickreeves9876 The ISC were told that Russian interference in the referendum was not investigated. It… @Robbo20769 @nickreeves9876 I shouldn't confuse "spin" where the best possible interpretation is put on a series of… @paddydocherty @FuflunsPW It would seem that the written evidence to which the ISC refers was lies. May had seen th… @markoftheD @TheStephenRalph I fundamentally disagree with you. Bojo is not bumbling around aimlessly, he is graspi… @NumberNullity Well, now you know somebody else who uses a ""spartle" to stir their porridge at least once a week.… @mattprescott @McDowellBt @Life_Disrupted Whilst you can blame the politicians to a high degree, there are voters a…
@CpmGray @nickreeves9876 Well that's an easy insult. Thank you @nickreeves9876 If I accept your argument, what source of information do I have that I can trust to feed me the fac… @davemacladd Comparing the pathetic performance of the Commons over recent years with that of the House of Lords I… @BillyLiar10 If Biden wins the EU will feel invigorated, Britain can swing in the wind, the pound will sink further… @PaulbernalUK What makes you think it wasn't him that nominated Hoey and Fox? He doesn't need a peerage - he decides who gets them!
@DavidRMock @PeterStefanovi2 @BorisJohnson For every thing he says he thinks is a lie he gives his trademark silly… @ThatTimWalker Well, he wouldn't want a knighthood, would he? After all, if I were Johnson and the Queen approache… @FrancisL1 Sorry to be a Nellie-know-all, but why on earth do you think Bojo and Co. have been trying to make a cra… @B_E_Andre Personally I thought he gave every impression of doing his best to maintain a healthy distance between h… @carolecadwalla Please Miss, I've got a clue! But, bearing in mind the merry dance the brexiteers have put you thr… @Himself132 Because, even for idiots like the Bojo/Cummins cabal, it might be a step too far? @SilkAvril @shrimptony There are a lot of people (me included) who look at the sleeping contents of the Government… @SilkAvril @shrimptony Well see, if the crashed train were full of much needed medical supplies and you had a stock… @IanJF68 And when you've go to the bottom of that mountain of lies, you can tell the rest of us who share your perp…
@gennax_juliet @historyscientis You leap to your conclusions, I'll leap to mine. I know what she looks like in make… @historyscientis Trust me. It's at that point you realise who she is. @GrahameLucas And that was the intention. Out of the rubble of the EU the statue of liberty was to stand before us,… @51TJK I see Mitsubishi have announced they are pulling out of the UK, which must be a bit of a blow to Cirencester… @globalhlthtwit @MiftyJackson But that's what marketing Cos do! Even poster ads are placed where they will attract… @dancinginthed13 Sometimes the Express, Mail, Sun, Telegraph, Times and the BBC say things have been checked too.… @dancinginthed13 When asked how he did it he replies "But is there a spoon?" Perhaps Bojo doesn't exist - he's mer… @dancinginthed13 But how do you know that's true? When all your sources of information are contaminated some more…
@Liberal_Leigh All the aliens I've worked on have 6 nucleotides in their DNA, which makes alien/human interbreeding… @SloughForEU Because you weren't intended to take them seriously! The only time you take a Tory seriously is when… @NumberNullity No but I do have one of these Smart Sony tellies that, after being turned off, periodically wakes up… @fully_so @jegriva @TimmermansEU You mean just like Farage did for years? And now lectures us on fishing issues whe…
@WooTube Ah. but once they decide to fight the Tories they have to accept that their objective is to obtain politic… @JEUninformed @JJHTweets And that's their excuse for espousing and funding a policy with an extremely high risk of… @JoelBaccas @Jackcdawes I'm reminded of the film "2001 - A Space Odyssey" where the computer, HAL, is loaded with a… @JoelBaccas @Jackcdawes It's worth repeating so I'll say it again: Sir Patrick Eadie QC told the High Court that… @jeremybear123 @SpanishDan1 Hush, please. We mustn't mention the excess deaths. That information is censored on all BBC channels. By Order @JEUninformed @JJHTweets True, but I bet they have borrowed money from Cos with shareholders. And their customers… @Bigmummh @markoftheD Of course, you could always turn the ball through 90deg and it would then read "infinity" so you could assume 10M @ianhowes1970 It's called "The Thames" on old maps.
@derekjames150 @shelleysimone2 Not all in incompetence. Corruption plays a significant part. Ask yourself, how man… @HistoryLowlife One of the things I find endearing about Hadrian's wall is the little missives written on bits of w… @Rowland72James @CpmGray @politicswatch15 @ClairieBairie @DrNeelie @King4ADay_UK Oh, might I suggest you review tha… @nickreeves9876 I'm going to go to Congress and suggest they use British software to communicate with their voters.… @nickreeves9876 True, but that has more to do with a failure to regulate than it's underlying purpose. I might als… @DrDom @MisterSten @HeathertheHeron @BettinaSRoss1 I follow the point about fact checking, but regrettably that's n… @PistOffCreative @nickreeves9876 What is it with people who want to block and censor instead of trying to work out…
@historyscientis @iamtrask If you made a longbow and got some practice in you'd be a very nasty combatant. @nickreeves9876 The Dail Mail boasts of its American readership The reach of newspapers and their proprietors is global. @nickreeves9876 Except that if we were to boycott all the corrupt media there would be precious little left. IMV wh… @slk995 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum @SisterKaff I wonder if the Torygraph would go ape if we put Russia on the list? @grahambsi @guse_guse Singapore, a place with a deal with the EU where a chap can do business. is there anyone left… @DalbidEU Please don't forget the role of May (her with the hedge fund hubby) in ignoring Russian interference. @MimiJ9 Quite. What a pity Humphries didn't reach that view years ago based on the evidence he had before him day a… @political_wasp @UKLabour @Keir_Starmer Worth remembering the for all the undeniably good works Attlee's majority s…
@NattyBumpo74 And the baker, whose horse (like the milkman's) knew every stop on the round. And the ice cream man w… @JMPSimor I'm cutting down the competition! Be afraid, be very afraid. ☠️ @JJHTweets Hardly surprising. As Martin and Dyson have discovered, you can play the prat with your own money but yo… @JamesMelville True, that's why two accounts are so useful. One for like minded "friends" and one for a whole raft of unblocked idiots. @theAliceRoberts And now you have discovered how it is that your small emergency roll of black plastic sacks can be… @SpanishDan1 One of the things I thought we had learned from the nightmare of the 1930s was that it is possible to… @charliehtweets Perhaps you might like to make out a list of words which are permitted? Or do you decide, day by da…
@matlea1066 @jemmy_wood Indeed so. Try flying a blue, or worse, white ensign from the stern of a leisure craft with… @jemmy_wood @matlea1066 I thought the word "jack" was a shortened version of the word "jackstaff". Don't you mean… @mirandoch Well done. Sorry I just realised that last message of yours is 11h old. Apologies.