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I see twitter as a vehicle for debate, not as a way of promulgating my views.

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@Sharonavraham I shouldn't get too worried. It's a fun thing to deny that which most sensible people hold to be tru… @JackDunc1 @KnittedKittie The BBC UK News dept. has compromised its right to be seen in the eyes of so many as the… @accessjames Hitler (whom I grant was not fascist but a National Socialist) thought that England would succumb to h…'s sad really to discover that the dead hand of the fascist rags and their disgraceful propaganda stretches all t… @accessjames Depends very much on your view of the defining characteristic of fascism. Using the definition of Fasc… @johnleremainer @pmworldismad Why ask? How many times did Thatcher change the way unemployment figures were present… @LeahBoleto @ChrissieBailey2 @vicderbyshire Mark my words, Politics Live is next. @derekjames150 I don't mind plain unassuming bias. At least I know where I stand. What I object to is legitimate b… @accessjames I dunno. The Romans lasted a fair while and their political ideology after Caesar's murder was the for… @aSheepie @petergerald @gmai_sutton @FunSoph "Purely Ceremonial". Perhaps a little reading on the matter of the "Se… @haveigotnews @CliveGeorgeHil1 I hear tell Hislop has at last recognised what a disaster his arguments for "free sp…
@abcpoppins @geor97 @LibDems @SiobhanBenita However it is true that the SNP have a goal, a project, something that… @johnny_malham @vicderbyshire @BBC In a Murdoch owned daily. I wonder if they were the first to know? @ElliotElinor @vicderbyshire Particularly since it's Question Time and Newsnight which are doing such damage to the BBC's reputation. @eddwilson @BBCr4today If you were a politician with sufficient clout to be able to refuse the BBC's invitations to… @MartinRemains @byJMadison @derekjames150 Ah me, Brexit. Either Bojo is forced into a massive U turn, or the countr… @byJMadison @derekjames150 It depends who it was Brenda elected to represent her interests. But with your high fl…
@alanjstedman @MimiJ9 You mean, don't tell me, this vehicle was supposed to have wheels? I don't do details. @TopherToms @abcpoppins I cheat. Since you have a copy of the photo its a fair chance you knew the photographer and… @GoodwinMJ You remind me of a German soldier looking out from the coast of Normandy at dawn in June 1944 and, as 3,… @bbclaurak I do so hope you're investing the larger part of your income in some Euro account against a rainy day. @dgallagher000 @Mylastrollo Ah, but they weren't going vote for Corbyn and our vile media convinced them there were… @mudjokivis Of course he has the right to his view. What I deny is his right to have his twaddle broadcast to milli… @dgallagher000 @Mylastrollo I look at various MPs on the telly (caution) and if they were elected by virtue of thei… @Mylastrollo And that's why we have a representative democracy, so that those who have neither the will, the capaci… @BBCNewsnight Now that's what you call a feeling of self-importance! Never mind that the BBC with it's ready willi… @bbcstories Because in this changing world where any sense of identity or role is denied to so many people, being t… @JoanneKnowlesUK Once you accept that the term "media" means celebs. lies, misinformation and scantily clothed doll… @jimmy2feet @martin_lowe @LivEchonews @mrbmartinbaker It seems to me to be about the same issue. A litre of paraffi… @GeorgeAberdeen And what system do you propose to use to fill in the periods when tidal power is not available? @LesTroisChenes @paulstapleton8 To my mind it is dangerous to extend the ills of the BBC news department across all the output of the BBC. @jimmy2feet @martin_lowe @LivEchonews @mrbmartinbaker I thought the underlying problem was that people are just not… @nicransome Exactly so. And no-one dares take on the media because they will inevitably lose any subsequent electio… @Smurph999 @MsHelenJenkins @mrjamesob @artsemergency Oh yes, have Hathaway seconded to the French Gendarmerie for a… @nicransome Reads to me like the response of someone with a crippling attack of sanity when faced with BBC nonsense. @jimmy2feet @martin_lowe @LivEchonews @mrbmartinbaker The problem is that the hydrogen economy will be relatively c… @jimmy2feet @martin_lowe @LivEchonews @mrbmartinbaker And when my beloved £80,000 Jaguar (maintained by Listers of… @jimmy2feet @martin_lowe @LivEchonews @mrbmartinbaker Well, not to knock your argument out of the ground really, bu… @Janmakarta @BettinaSRoss1 @DrAndreKeil JUST technical colleges! JUST the way in which we educate those who actuall… @Chrissm07537852 @abcpoppins One of the easy ways to identify a troll is when a comment it makes bears no relations… @hughster @Ashworth101 Frankly I don't much care in which direction their bias takes them. To lean one way or anoth… @jacquep Pretty much. I believe. It could be considered a manifesto commitment so the HoL may only suggest amendments @Chrissm07537852 @abcpoppins But the sad bit is, not that you may not make that argument, but that is so drenched i… @MartynHobbins The tell tale signs are the black triangles on the skin. Do you know that :joke' is 60 years old to my knowledge? @jpshaddock I'd move the Bank of England back to Gloucester. They could re-occupy their old building that they aban… @MartynHobbins Check any custard you have in the fridge, I should.
@derekjames150 There are those of us who think Bercow should get a peerage for his determination to help prevent Ma… @RogerPa44323186 @bbcquestiontime I wonder if the audience is carefully placed so that even if randomly chosen the… @derekjames150 When has the second son ever slept easy? It's a job I wouldn't wish on a dog. The man finds himself… @jessphillips Stick with it. This is not the time for you, that comes when the foul midden we currently suffer has… question; The argument/row regarding Harry & Meghan's place is largely between the Duke & Duchess and the me… @nickreeves9876 Putin winning by a good head, as he is in his overall plan to isolate the UK from the EU. Next step…
Retweeted by drg40 @Wade_EU Clearly you don't watch BBC Midland to whom he is one of the beloved,
@ChrissieBailey2 The HoC is supposedly self-policing, but the overwhelming stranglehold of the dishonourable whips… @CliveGeorgeHil1 Whilst I agree that FPTP has run it's course, I suggest it would be wrong to lumber it with all ou… @Wade_EU Sir William Nigel Paul Cash (born 10 May 1940) is a British Conservative politician who has served as a Me… @alfonslopeztena Well I wouldn't pretend to know something nobody else knows, but when did the Aerospace industries… @BBCBreaking Well, now he has the time to pursue his far right freakery and love of celebs, the USA and fake news i… @Wade_EU To be fair, Bojo seems determined to kick his Cabinet into line and if he achieves that he will be the fir… @electoralreform Since the HoL is, at the moment, our only bastion against the deep seated corruption of the Govt.,… @guardian Or is this pretend squabble merely intended to divert attention from manifest corruption? In the current…
@DariaHassQT @johnnyjonjonny @piersmorgan Careful. Mr Morgan denied any knowledge of phone hacking at the Mirror wh… @ledredman @FionaSturges Be fair, anybody who appears on BBCQT without being a well experienced politician, used to… @CatioMiles BS! To even the least thoughtful viewer the BBC could not be said to have furthered May's agenda, but t… in mind that there are a number of major US companies which trade out of Luxembourg to avoid UK taxation wh… @TheStephenRalph The House of Commons could move to Lewis. With their knowledge of the geography of the UK they wou… @Daisybelll True, but ITV doesn't pretend to continue the values of some legend of news reporting from the great days of 80 years ago. @Daisybelll I take the view that BBC celebs are, without exception, wildly overpaid, narcissistic egotists of below… @Daisybelll To my mind he's entitled to his views. The problem is that the BBC give him a political platform which… @artemis0801 @JonnyDymond Better still, lets hope it's the harbinger of world wide bankruptcy for the Murdoch empire. @YorkshireLad_87 @iBirdLite In 1997 Hague boasted in Majorca that he had 96,000 unallocated exPat proxy votes in hi…
@AlistairBurtUK The teeny little bit of information missing from Minford's analysis is that to have any hi-tech ind… @nicransome If you don't see conspiracy everywhere you probably will be quite surprised when you find yourself unab… @gingermarauder But, as so many of us have been pointing out for some years, Tories EXPECT their politicians to tel… @Anton_Wiz @tconnellyRTE The EU seem to have an understanding of the detail. When one is an Eton & Oxford chappie o… @janetmcculloch @SonjaMayrhofer @tconnellyRTE @ChristianFraser Ah, but only a total dickhead like Trump is happy wi… @Jackcdawes @Em_ca23 True, but how will you, or anybody else, know? Lies and deceit are the speciality of the Tori…
@abcpoppins @KathyELStephen Perhaps it's a "Kilroy was here" sort of message, a signature and a date. @abcpoppins @KathyELStephen Is it not an old fashioned capital "F"? @Daisybelll And neither Dimblebum nor Bruce ever noticed? 'Course not! @Adam_SH69 You might find it interesting to find out how the brexiteer tale was being spread across Spain. @SimonOak3 I fear you may be confusing US and UK law. In the USA money rules, OK? Provided it's US money. In the UK… @SimonOak3 Ah but the trap is that if the ordinary punter doesn't know they are subject to political manipulation b… @SimonOak3 You should try going up to people in the Streets and ask them if they are in any way influenced by adver… @Grumblesprout Why do you care? In our school, all those years ago, assembly provided a valuable lesson in standi… @abcpoppins I take the view that it's all right being a misogynist as long as you reconcile yourself to being on sh… @MrsAitchBee @dlewiswriter Too many followers, too many amoral Tory liars. @Daisybelll Regional list PR got them into power, and the Electoral Reform Society want more!
@Maxmycat You might have to fit in around the day your chosen accommodation prefers. Travelling to France on Friday… @MrRemain @TobyonTV Little point worth remembering: in the Royal Navy of Nelson's time they kept no record of the e… @TheCurrentMrsC If you open a shop you expect the road to be maintained, planning laws enforced, water, electricity… @TheCurrentMrsC IMV the philosophical (?) question is that in normal shopping all shops trade, by and large, within… @PaulAllenSK1 I hope that the LibDems stand by the manifesto by which they invite the voters to elect them, and not… @TheCurrentMrsC You're right, there is lots of work to be done to elevate on-line shopping into a sensible long las… @DalbidEU I'd go somewhat further than that and require MPs to undergo drug tests before being admitted to the cham… @80_mcswan All those years ago, when so many of the Scots seats began to fail to return Tories to the HoC as was th… @Ashworth101 @carolakiho No, the most infuriating thing, IMV, is the blatant lies of the media (inc BBC) being acce… @TheCurrentMrsC Can I let you into a secret? There's a really fancy technology out there called "on-line" shopping.…
@ledredman @GoatSarah @afinnthing @PaulbernalUK You assume the Tories will cling together into the foreseeable futu… @Jonathan_MBanks @SheronWilkie Regional list PR! Wonderful election system. Not!