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2015 / 2020 be told @_EricHu the Realisation being; There is no necessary level of artifice @_EricHu i dont fundamentally disagree with this, in the sense that i dont see modernism as an Epoch but rather a R… @EephusLeague lol i can begin to imagine the lovecraftian scope of some of these nightmaresMichael Bloomberg: Bring in the boss! Louis Antoine de Saint-Just, standing atop the scaffold: Here is why we agree @HowlinFantods @Mike2020 hi howlinfantods how can i buy the excellent hatholy shit @Mike2020 shouldnt this be on a line of edible bootsCHILDCARE Bernie: universal Warren: means tested STUDENT DEBT FORGIVENESS Bernie: universal Warren: means tested…
Retweeted by ཊལབསརངཧSay this out loud: Muslims are being murdered in the streets of Delhi. This is a watershed moment. If we cannot m…
Retweeted by ཊལབསརངཧ @thugclive wishing you the strength to one day come out the closet fully as a Gooner Clive. take your time. when yo… @JD_quietly wondered if it would be the dance from beau travail. and it so nearly was! @GILA_____ it is an imperative universally affirmable that one who makes sexual advances on minors should face no r…*smiling and nodding politely as a tech-bro explains how they are "bio-hacking" their sleep pattern and the dunning… tonight will be the night someone finally asks Mr. Pete Buttigeig to perform his famous "high hopes" dance @alexjs85 Yo what's going on with the world momma people living like they ain't got no mommas @donkeyskin1970 unfortunately that is probably true @donkeyskin1970 thank you charlotte @batemanesque @antifocal type ANTIFOCAL in helvetica neue medium and set the kerning to -20
can't believe this but the social group least statistically likely to lose anyone they know to the global coronavir… @tristandross its a good thing the Coronavirus is an Absolute Legend Of Banter, or I'd be quite upset with itA javelina was caught speeding near 22nd and Kolb in Tucson.
Retweeted by ཊལབསརངཧ @alexjs85 i'll follow that for a dollar @erikinternet Typography Never Dies erik daytime drinker deliberately tweets emojis in support of well known historical antisemite figure to minimal T…
Retweeted by ཊལབསརངཧ @Whybray same same @yidashengli @hol_l_y beautiful corb @yidashengli Wettowel @DaftLimmy expected you to know about this Lim. Disappointing to see. @mgoldstein and I'm SO CONFUSED about WHAT TO DO @Medulasa @donkeyskin1970 thats wonderful news Charlotteso here I am doing everything I can
@tristandross we pray Stan. we pray @JD_quietly amen @tristandross he has the fuckjerry. we cant beat him now @alexjs85 @liz_franczak I estimate maybe 60% of my followers think they're following the disappointingly uncouth an… @Mike2020 whoa fuckjerry bringing the heat @liz_franczak @alexjs85 Liz thank you for taking the time to attribute My Famous Quote @neiltyson @alexjs85 @alexjs85 @liz_franczak the only thing I'm keeping alive is Typography, and everyone hates me for it, but I do admi… @deankissick you meet him every day Dean, the moment you wake up @currentvictim it can successfully kill upwards of 2 million elderly Americans less than 9 months before a presidential electio… @_MichaelOswell_ Michael, It Deserves To Be Heard. And if people think otherwise, I say let them prove their case I… @donkeyskin1970 there is no chance @donkeyskin1970 really upsetting theres an actress also called Jennifer Rubin and she's a bodacious babe supreme @donkeyskin1970 in keeping with her trademark inability to correctly make any decision @donkeyskin1970 absolutely awful. Wretched @JRubinBlogger Jennifer retire @da_drought_3 being horny on main is dangerous Izzy @DreamboatSlim @lbrescher @NickAdamsinUSA Leona what Nick said is extremely funnyZ1-J1A via yj_myk on instagram out to be quite a year for Liverpool this @AnOtherBreh argument invalid i'm afraid one of the best watermarks i've ever seen throw "iconic" out a lot but pretty sure this outfit single-handedly defined the look of every "wealthy girl…'s taj mahal look, simply one of the all time greats @Cytl1223 thank you! much appreciated! D @GILA_____ It takes a lot to make a stew, @alexjs85 We Must Become The Pitiless Gravel Teens Of Our Selves @alexjs85 do you think when we grow old and useless our withered bodies will all be reanimated by gravel teens and…
@smashedmcdouble love the big 5 in the monster energy logo.... always reminds me of Typography @smashedmcdouble they should have turned the monster "M" upside down into a tiger "W", famously for "Woods"..... my… @deejaygeejaygee absolutely not @ezzzrrra dont buy the sun @dan_bodan im just starting Weather by Jenny Offill @DreamboatSlim im under attackim so hungover that the pure genericness of these images almost moved me to tears. this is communication with such… news in fashion land. After months of rumors, Raf Simons officially confirmed today that he would join Prada as…
Retweeted by ཊལབསརངཧ @JRubinBlogger you're a moronnever went from hating to respecting anyone more drastically in my life than tyson fury after the first Wilder bout… @tristandross yessocialist italo @donkeyskin1970 You Are Now About To Witness The Strength Of Socialism @donkeyskin1970 noone second are going to come together. and we are going to winTruly overwhelmed by the kindness and support since my #bbcqt trauma live you lot! After 30 years of trying to arti…
Retweeted by ཊལབསརངཧif your paying me to do graphic design youre funding the bernie sanders campaign. your literally funding socialism. deal with it @donkeyskin1970 @David_Rudnick wow
Retweeted by ཊལབསརངཧ @GILA_____ Unbelievableevery time bernard sanders wins a democratic primary i will send @gila 27 dollars as "a thank you for pictures of s… @GILA_____ aw heck @NickAdamsinUSA lol @GILA_____ feel like i might have to accidentally send someone twenty seven dollars because of Sandwich againBREAKING: Jason Derulo has just FALLEN down the stairs at the Nevada Democratic Primaries!!!!'m just getting confirmation that Bernard Sanders
Retweeted by ཊལབསརངཧcan i get a printout of umru smiling
@JD_quietly I've watched enough Werner Herzog videos to feel confident asserting at this point that there is simply… see that my good friend Bernard Sanders has once again achieved victory in the Iowa democratic caucusyou don't start by reading Marx, you start by caring about people.
Retweeted by ཊལབསརངཧ @mmegannnolan reader... she dared. @alexjs85 he's an abomination. He disgusts me @zeynep I think its definitely astute and an endemic problem that undermines all authoritarian regimes; reporting t… @CHCHCHEN_ thats the next direct IC. Would I still make the Breda train if I got to antwerp 17.23?