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@mccannst hate to break it to you? but @nicgirard_ this is just terrible though. What about artwork formats that are portrait? or square? Historical works… @_EricHu ooooh how is it!!! I have one in the mail!I dont think im an overly vengeful person but what kind of society do we live in where there is no way to send this… @mccannst are you able to share an image as a square?I hope the millisecond of scrolling time you saved the user in order to make them 0.000001% more likely to keep doo… the person who put an autocrop on every image on twitter meaning its effectively pointless and impossible to do… @smashedmcdouble wow new year new #chup content what a marker set down by the new biden administration #blessed @__GILA_ don't let go geeler @deankissick looking forward to Barron's transition to instagram typebeast during this administrationfully automated ghost labour force
Retweeted by ཊལབསརངཧ @SzMarsupial or desire @SzMarsupial yes, or indeed a defensive response caused by a recognition of one's own weakness @thugclive Sorry guys, you can't have healthcare because we spent all that political capital on having Gaga do the… @thugclive optics whose only effect is simply to alienate and annoy the fuck out of the very people Biden is sacrif… @tristandross days like this I'm proud to ride or die into hell alongside you on this web site Stanreally wasn't expecting to be moved by the inauguration, but this is about as affecting a political speech as i can…
Retweeted by ཊལབསརངཧthe political tragedy of not electing Bernie was a given, but Bernie Mittens Photo gives us only a glimpse at the d… @ZeroSuitCamus it me, i'm DAVOS @huwlemmey methinks the lady doth protest too much
glad this song might survive getting D:reamed as we say in the business because as Mr. Cool Ice correctly observes… @Tetradugenikid you do it in *your* time Jops, not when anyone else tells you to 💪💪💪going to the nachtwinkel to buy a lemon. a COVID "night on the town" @davidrkadler thats President Joseph R Biden Jr to you son @joolsd nationalize this @andypressman A Beautiful Mind @xlorentzen so beautiful given Biden's intention to be a chiasmus of the Obama presidencypure Juche vibes who voted in favour of providing food to vulnerable children at Christmas: 5 Tories who voted in favour of…
Retweeted by ཊལབསརངཧ @_MichaelOswell_ he said that @jil_slander on a scale of one to 10 I went with Jason Derulo Falling Down The StairsBREAKING: Jason Derulo has just FALLEN down the stairs at the Presidential Inauguration of Joseph R. Biden Jr!!!! Biden Is Wearing Ralph Lauren For His Inauguration. Here's Why That Mattersrealising immediately that four years without the fashion press breathlessly churning 2000 words on the provenance… @cnqmdi @JD_quietly "A man will die but not his ideas" 😐 @cnqmdi @JD_quietly The Sign was originally titled Happy Nation. The title track remains on the album. The album ha… @sophiarubykatz she baby @_EricHu lol it was definitely on the moodboard @joolsd horrible combo of Melania's stylists and being insanely animepilled @joolsd Trump was definitely like "give my boy all the serums. Everything you give the seals" @joolsd going to be honest Barron drinking a secret potion and getting Insanely Tall also ruled @joolsd @joolsd whoa this rules @joolsd no. Gooner legend tho @joolsd damn barron playing with the wrong ROCKETS @joolsd mods are asleep post rare trumps @Jacob_Rochester @__GILA_ ayyyyChristopher Nolan's Intenet
@jacquesgreene @WF @mbootyspoon *tips top hat*"noone cared who I was.. until I put on the top hat"Uncle Wonka Who Can Remember His Past Lives(the same people who warned that Trump delivering his inaugural addresses flanked by rows of American flags was an… @deankissick thank you for passing it on Dean @Greenie_34 @tristandross benevolent startup thoughtleader with exceptionally diverse workforce with POC given crea… @tristandross great coverage here. Reckon you hit every big numbers take. gg @LizziePaton Mr Boulos, pictured here buying a large tranche of shares in the South Sea Company, August 1720cropping algorithm you a real one for this, respectNike mercurial superfly 8 "dragonfly", 2021 Frank Stella – Desparia, 1995 @umru_ been looking into Typography lately. pretty crazy stuff! @themjeans thanks homie follow my gram for more interior tutorials and tips 💯💯💯spicing up the "winter drip" by essentially cosplaying as Surface 2 default trooper reading something on the 2000s real estate bubble in the US, and it mentions that by the peak, the house price…
Retweeted by ཊལབསརངཧanother great day at the 100 person office where we coordinate the massive, multi-year operation to strategically c… 3 Confirmed absolutely do not deserve certified treasureperson bill wurtz @sophiarubykatz salt vinegar and sugar... real organic energy @fredbenenson oh of course he's not solely to blame. But Obama's core philosophies; neoliberalism works, compromise… @fredbenenson he would never have said this about himself, in fact he opened his presidency with the opposite senti…
@ZerboJulie you deserve it Julie!! @benwritesthings people are underestimating the stength and depth of the HOTY21 field even after 2 weeks @darrenrichman Hrrød Ræg @umru_ thank you umru 💯 we stay grindin 🙏❤️ @twtsfrmvulgaria this does happenIf the Internet Is our greatest tool for liberation, liberation is never going to happen
Retweeted by ཊལབསརངཧ @scyntl @SzMarsupial @ScavengerEthic one economic argument against raising the minimum wage is the fact it lowers t… @scyntl @SzMarsupial @ScavengerEthic if the local businesses cater to an audience paid less than £15/h, their sales… @whatdotcd I went there @_MichaelOswell_ Michael this is wonderful news, we must tell The King??? @davelab6 @ArrowType @mrkvlmrvc the point as well is that people do not necessarily know what paths created today w… @davelab6 @ArrowType @mrkvlmrvc the path is not accessable via the otf or woff. The path is the value. The typeface… @davelab6 @ArrowType @mrkvlmrvc only the NFT rights holder can access the Path. This creates historical, institutio… @davelab6 @ArrowType @mrkvlmrvc simple function embedded into font creation software that a creator can activate, l… @davelab6 @ArrowType @mrkvlmrvc eg a single commercial use outside the restrictive EULA (type created on commission… @davelab6 @ArrowType @mrkvlmrvc imagine a restrictive EULA that allows anyone who abides by the terms to use the ty… @davelab6 @ArrowType @mrkvlmrvc no, theres the entire history of art to suggest that the value of a cultural proper… dont think it is possible to come up with a more ironic context within which to use the words "The New Radicals" @davelab6 @ArrowType @mrkvlmrvc the point vs licensing there is no increase in income from increased number of uses… @davelab6 @ArrowType @mrkvlmrvc I totally respect that thats the way you see it, but you've made that point. For so… @davelab6 @ArrowType @mrkvlmrvc you have people on here saying they are willing to forgo some or all profit from a… @davelab6 @ArrowType @mrkvlmrvc Sorry Dave, I dont really want to continue the conversation. Despite a thread full…
@JackBluffy Lao Gan Ma in the boost is a brilliant idea. Will have to trywould be very cool to be honest if either Milan team won Serie A while there is still a San Siro @ArrowType @davelab6 @mrkvlmrvc inverts the incentives for creator and buyer. If it became a viable platform would… @ArrowType @davelab6 @mrkvlmrvc sole revenue generated by the typeface comes from one transaction whose value would… sauce is unbelievable. For the booster sauce, the recipe recommends adding umami flavours so I put soy sauce an…
Retweeted by ཊལབསརངཧ @davelab6 @ArrowType @mrkvlmrvc sorry I didnt mean it that way. Rather that theres no reason for it to be a problem… @Jacob_Rochester 💫 @darrenrichman a controversial figure who divided opinion, Adolf Hitler spent his political career fighting calls f… they're absolutely right