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@anniezard gotta work your way up to level 420 then! @anniezard did you learn how to say "nice" in the language thoughGood lord what a dork
Retweeted by david wolkin @kenlowery @highway_62 only thing is there's no way to look classically cool while using a cell phone @highway_62 @kenlowery oh my godRemembering the wonderful Jim Henson, born today in 1936. "Life is meant to be fun, and joyous, and fulfilling…
Retweeted by david wolkin @jason1749 HELL YES (reading this rn)
@jason1749 @TheJewishDream Kid truly takes after his biological father (me) @jessnevins so you're saying I should withdraw my pitch? @TheJewishDream @jason1749 jason I see where your loyalties lie and I will remember this @jason1749 @TheJewishDream me tooEveryone talks about Florida voters, older voters, Jewish voters, so I recorded a conversation with someone who is…
Retweeted by david wolkin @Leask bomber @asher_elbein @CharlotteBeyond having the same taste as me is a serious red flag @LlcTerrific and when you say "they" call him mr. leon, who is "they" @TheJewishDream @TheJewishDream can you stop talking like dennis miller on here @LlcTerrific when @LlcTerrific who is he @LlcTerrific who is your social media maven @RobertSecundus I've been dm'ing with them here and there, so...yeswanna feel old? this is what @LilNasX looks like now.
Retweeted by david wolkinmake sure you get this one
Retweeted by david wolkin @DialHForHagai @GrouchoMarxist @mappewpwellps which editor?
Retweeted by david wolkin @mappewpwellps @GrouchoMarxist nah it's a once-popular comics news/reviews site that moved heavily into clickbait @kenlowery @xtop 100%, and I cannot fault anyone for finding that my most unhinged self is perhaps not what they need in their feed @GrouchoMarxist @mappewpwellps it's fun to watch the full pivot into clickbait! @kenlowery @xtop somehow in my 3rd-4th outing on twitter, I have managed to go several months without even consider… @GrouchoMarxist @mappewpwellps I love these Comic Book Resources @kenlowery @xtop ken why would you do that to yourself @EricaFails @ChrisCrash00 We're the Bad Tweets Bears @RobertSecundus is this patch @GrumpHandleSlam @vapewithviktor also why did you go looking for his other articlesme at all times, all times @crookedroads770 @classicide this is the only sensible response @GrumpHandleSlam @vapewithviktor lol I'm still blocked but atrocious takes are my lifeblood @classicide @crookedroads770 Jamie Kirchik wrote the linked piece if that tells you anything @MaraGay The guy who wrote this is probably pro-Trump by this pointThis is from 2016. Recently, the author of this piece all but came out as pro-Trump.
Retweeted by david wolkin @alexbkane dude rt'ed a tweet saying trump should get the nobel peace prizeReminder that a grand jury indictment demonstrates that the lowest legal burden has been met Every law student lea…
Retweeted by david wolkin @mbsocol @jason1749 gonna need to view you through the lens of a magical realism camera to confirmIt’s January 2004. Some broad is running off her mouth at da Bing while I’m telling T a joke. I raise my hand and s…
Retweeted by david wolkinwho will show me the bad kubrick take, my survival depends on itRemember when all the weird Snyder fanatics swore up and down that it already existed and zack Snyder showed a stac…
Retweeted by david wolkin @mrotzie @TheJewishDream ahhh "rafi musk"is this every day now @poolhalljames I wanna Jimmt you up @jason1749 I think we're both...both? @markpopham fuckin gorgeous, gonna buy all of these @jason1749 this is how I should reply to Rafi's first tweet every dayEVERY DAY IS A RISING YOUR HAND DAY
Retweeted by david wolkinwhich is it today 🤔
Retweeted by david wolkinWtf is up with the drinking water in England?
Retweeted by david wolkinLouisville settled with Breonna Taylor’s family for $12 million dollars, banned no knock warrants, created a progra…
Retweeted by david wolkinOk but stream 18th century mac and cheese by sohla!
Retweeted by david wolkin @jason1749 rockin thighs dude!Just got in a sizable cache of docs of interest to Jewish ethnic news reporters that I've been waiting on for 30-mo…
Retweeted by david wolkinokay, kanye has a cool tv @TheJewishDream wild stuff, really cleverAnd I learned she thinks Brown v. Board was wrongly decided. Which one of these things is relevant news?
Retweeted by david wolkin @franzferdinand2 "I can't understand the notion of treating trans people like human beings" is what it comes down to @JonHexLives @BenjaminBirdie BOLD CHOICE, I respect the hell out of itThis is SUCH a good thread that touches on punk music, counterculture, Palestinian life in America, NYC, the Bad Br…
Retweeted by david wolkinlove when websites ask me to confirm my humanity @BenjaminBirdie oh yeah, did you read any of this stuff first run? I remember it when I was 15, just catching my br… @BenjaminBirdie It's terrible. I'm loving it. @BenjaminBirdie ONSLAUGHT, it's on sale rnTWEETING WHILE I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF TEACHING, THE WHEELS ARE OFF
@franzferdinand2 @Marlene_Isabell oh yeah, I took a long break from it but once meds got my anxiety under control a… @Marlene_Isabell @franzferdinand2 bless u (im also amazed at how few of my comics pals partake tbh!Today I'm gonna wear one of my favorite shirts and it explains everything you need to know. End of tweet
Retweeted by david wolkin @Marlene_Isabell @franzferdinand2 wait. WAIT does the thing that is not snuggling? @franzferdinand2 @Marlene_Isabell cannabis and snuggles @adampknave 🙃How long until Americans can apply for asylum status in other countries? I'm giving it 5-7 years @KellyKanayama he was already disgusting, but not to plunge? beyond the pale! @sirstefan @abrahamjoseph @KellyKanayama disgusting @KellyKanayama So you're saying the Homelander refuses to dive? @zacksoto same lol @jason1749 @Learnonaut DEATH IN A DISPENSARY @alexbkane @abrahamjoseph Solid options here for: 1. Memoir Title 2. Headstone 3. Pickup Line 4. Pillow Talk @abrahamjoseph @jason1749 Kotter? @jason1749 is that jeffrey dean morgan in the middleA trade war between China and the U.S. began at midnight. The cocaine-powered supervillain Snowflame had one major…
Retweeted by david wolkin @metrokitty he was celibate and closeted for much of his life! @Cassidy2099 you get it, one of the brave, one of the few @THEKarlaPacheco @RamonVillalobos The Snyder Cut is from Kansas @kenlowery @AaronABCP what if you put cereal in a hot dog bun or a taco shellMake no mistake: These are armed gangs waiting for an opportunity to shoot protesters with perceived legal protecti…
Retweeted by david wolkin @naelbis @RamonVillalobos Congratulations. Now, I recommend that you refrain from getting all upset about two dudes… @RamonVillalobos my rabbi's dad is from kansas and he is good @naelbis @RamonVillalobos I do take two prescription medications, yes.