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Postdoc @UVA. PhD in history @Princeton. Far-right politics, political culture, conservatism, labor, political economy. Yes, I’m the turtleneck guy.

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@EricMGarcia Fair, but I feel like if we've got a looser definition of "hardest rocking" some of Tina Turner's cove… @EricMGarcia How are we defining "hardest rocking" here?This certainly provides a *lot* of context for Trump's surprising strength with Latinos.
To be clear, *nobody* takes the court seriously except as a kind of American House of Lords, and this has been effe… @sanjuktampaul @Econ_Marshall Yes, but was the design of Castile soap based on what they gave to GIs during the Kor… @robgreeneII What time? @Econ_Marshall The company's website is endlessly fascinating. @Econ_Marshall Smells a hell of a lot better than "Productivity" @Econ_Marshall The scent of rum, sodomy, and the lash. @Ben_Alpers Anybody making this argument in good faith is politically illiterate. @dskamper Fair, fair, but it was the Trots who made it most strongly in response to 1619.Other than forgetting the 4. Trotskyist critique (American racism is a form of capitalist control) this makes sense… I learned that the Israel-UAE peace treaty, in what I can only assume is a direct sop to Christian Zionists, is… you really understand the concept of political legitimacy.
Can I ask another? What is the worst advice you’ve gotten as an adjunct? God for editing software.Managed to get through my entire prerecorded lecture in one take, but then flubbed the conclusion. @varsha_venkat_ Just drink beer until then.Stoller’s not wrong, exactly, but this was also functionally the Supreme Court’s role between the 1890s and the 193… @tkinias Possible. I’m obviously not a French historian—mainly using that as a thought experiment!Which is quite the contrast with where we’ve been at for the past decade, which has been that the American right ha… if it was a political smokescreen to cover deep-seated opposition to the New Deal, folks like Landon, Stassen,… but, *at the time,* there were plenty of New Deal opponents who acceded, even if only for tactical political re… put it another way: the American right broadly rejected the legitimacy of the New Deal and various left-wing pol… think that’s true, but I wonder if it’s also that the political left—broadly defined—had a degree of legitimacy i… for a wide variety of reasons, you could have a Popular Front government come to power in France in 1936 and *n… was just teaching Paxton’s ANATOMY OF FASCISM last week, and I really liked his analysis of February 1934 in Fran… again, as Hayes says, the price was coronavirus, and the vast majority of the American right believes it was wo… the GOP establishment made their peace with him for the reasons Chris Hayes outlined. Judges. Tax cuts. Pow… don’t want to make *too* much out of this at the moment, since it’s a flip thought, but Trump was essentially the… makes a persuasive case that Trump is what Hindenburg and Papen *thought* they had going for them in 1933. there been any bipartisan hosannahs to RBG yet, or is that just a thing when conservative politicians die?A good indication of how hopelessly ill-equipped the Democrats are for the moment is that the radical, norms-explod…
Retweeted by David Austin WalshAnd that, since the Republicans have already packed the rest of the federal court system and already had a 5-4 majo… to perk my dad up on our Saturday phone call by suggesting that McConnell ramming thorough a nominee would… @doctorjonp Precisely.Surely the right play here is for the Democrats use their casus belli to press Merrick Garland’s claim.Although who needs CKIII when we’re living through a real-life succession crisis?You—that’s right, *you*—are going to die someday. So am I. If we’re lucky, we’ll get to grow old first. That’s ju… at least our public culture. And no, this isn’t simply an anti-Boomer screed. Every photo of J-Lo with “this i… structuring our society around the denial of aging and death wasn’t the greatest of ideas. @JRHunTx I know, I know. Merely suggesting that “the judgment of history” ain’t all its cracked up to be. @BuddyYakov @gbrew24 @socio_steve Don’t tempt me, Satan. @gbrew24 @BuddyYakov @socio_steve Also, if we’re being real even lefties play CK for ethnonationalist revenge fantasies.Shorter POLITICO: There is no political crisis so severe that it cannot be solved by moderation.*eyes roll so hard that I give myself a headache.* @BuddyYakov @socio_steve Lol of course you’re playing the Ruriks. I always play Ireland, and not simply because it’s the easy start.I need more work/reward structure in my life, so here it is: When I finish my book proposal, I’m buying Crusader Kings III. @NotoNixon Oof. @WillHarahan Too late. @NotoNixon Oh God, was it “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”? @WillHarahan Well, okay, that’s fair grounds for criticism. (And I’m obviously in camp #2)Don’t really have much to add to the Twitterverse today beyond reminding both the “RIP Queen” and “she should have… wonder if Breyer will die next month.Mood. @Cullen_OK I am. @CMcKNichols I'm not trying to diminish RBG! Just trying to keep things in some perspective. @Joshua_A_Tait I know, I know, but people underrate just how little even world-historical figures last in the public memory. @Nm89R Taft was nominated in 1921.I can think of Brandeis and Holmes. Holmes tends to be remembered for... less than stellar reasons.With due respect, name (without looking up) a SCOTUS justice from 1920., Boomer. @ed_solomon @harveyjkaye How ‘bout we not blame young people for the future that others have made for them? @trekonomics @DuncanLock Today, you have truly become an American.I mean, hell, the climax of LES MISERABLES is set during the 1832 June uprising in Paris, sparked by the death of o… says a lot about this country that the death of one of the most prominent and powerful opposition political figu… @sam_rosenfeld Read the room, Sam. @andrew_seal @dbessner Turtlenecks are legitimately good and I will die on this hill. Also, I realized after Chapo… @DeGolierThomas @andrew_seal @dbessner Basically my only rule is to not post pictures or personal info about my SO,… @andrew_seal @dbessner Probably also has something to do with the fact that I overshare constantly on this platform… @andrew_seal @dbessner I mean, “anoint” is probably too strong of a word... @polumechanos *nods head*Unless Biden snd Chuck Schumer signal that they will pack the court in response to a nomination before inauguration…
Retweeted by David Austin WalshBurned all my notebooks, what good are notebooks? They won't help me survive My chest is aching, burns like a furna…
Retweeted by David Austin WalshThink I stand by most of this piece I wrote last month.
Retweeted by David Austin WalshFingers crossed that this is a radicalizing moment for a lot of people.Perhaps this is evidence that we need to fundamentally change our political system, because it’s pretty ludicrous w… @JHWeissmann I’m not even angry about this stuff any more, but that’s probably just because I’m dead inside.I almost threw my phone
Retweeted by David Austin Walshlol
Retweeted by David Austin WalshLol remember when that @TheAtlantic guy said that the greatest danger in this election cycle was the Democrats not…’t mourn. Organize.
@BuddyYakov @KateAronoff It fucking better be.Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a great American. One of the greatest Americans. But her legacy is almost entirely voided by…
Retweeted by David Austin Walsh @freedaaron I want to shout this to the rooftops, but I’m gonna hold off on it for at least a day or so. @D_Kuehn The *one* upside. It’s not much of one. @freedaaron It’s a big lift.5781 off to a not very promising start
Retweeted by David Austin WalshThe one upside is that even the most dyed-in-wool moderates on my TL are openly advocating for packing the courts. @glofkill Yup. Very.*laughs nervously in anticipation of utter political calamity* @LDBurnett Wait do blue checks get special features?TIL Trump would only lose voters if he stood out in the middle of *PARK* Avenue and shot somebody. @KatzOnEarth Are you fucking kidding me? @dbessner Stop subtweeting me, Dan. way the discipline of History appoints "stars" when they're in grad school (and in very specific grad programs,…
Retweeted by David Austin WalshI'm Depressive Schwarzbier, and I'm here to fix your cable. @BuddyYakov @yeselson I’ll stick with Honda, thank you very much. @Econ_Marshall I mean, this was quite literally what the Communist Party USA did in the 1930s. @Econ_Marshall Yeah, it's weird, because intellectual right-wing Twitter is chuckling about the tweet because it su…