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Human. Lucky husband. Bicycle pedaller. Carb enthusiast. vp, customer experience engineering. Tweets are mine and don't represent my employer.

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@ChloeCondon @sophia_wyl @reddit Hi - I heard you wanted to meet my son Fred... @ScribblingOn It's challenging... but rewarding. You don't just get to be a leader in the good times. It's times li… @ScribblingOn You're not a people? 😅 @chornerdevine @FutureFor_Us Thanks for the amplification, Claire!If you have questions about this position I'll do my best to answer. But feel free to apply directly.One my peers at @Starbucks is hiring for a cool position: "director, engineering - marketing technology" This is a… to @carlyslater for sharing this in our work Slack channel!Human connection is so important. And now more than ever. And real help too: "Want us to call a few grocery stores… to @Zappos for the creative way to help: "If you just want someone to talk to, a kind voice, about anything… @nomadicQ @dayoneapp I need to restart my journaling practice... thanks for the prompt Susan! @KR1573N Worried for the future, but filled with gratitude for today. Grateful for amazing friends and family. Grat… @alipikenbpt Not enough 😅 @StoneEL2 Exactly. @StoneEL2 Totally. And think of all the calories you're burning as you're unwrapping them! @StoneEL2 Big ones: Easter special edition. No sharing required. And yes, we're eating our feelings during a pandemic. @helenhousandi Tell me more about these pb cup clones Helen... I'm listening 👂 @troutgirl Like extra large. These are the Easter egg shaped ones... @pamrollins_ Excellent. I have not yet reached this point! Gonna keep going... @jkup I picked up some of the PB Easter Egg shaped ones... Grocery store placement was too good to resist! @petestofle @stephchach @TheRShafe @waltercolindres @sdotstx @jergrah @maggie_rae @ErinALynch @RegLevy @jkup It's like we've had this discussion before Jon 😂 @ReinH NaN @stephchach @petestofle @TheRShafe @waltercolindres @sdotstx @jergrah @maggie_rae @ErinALynch @RegLevy @rganguly Pandemic. Now is all that matters 😅 @_developit HeroSerious question: How many peanut butter cups are you allowed to eat before it's considered "too many" peanut butter cups? @CHERdotdev @TaelurAlexis Spill it @TaelurAlexis 🙏 @troutgirl That's the bulge... Probably ate a rat or something similar.5️⃣jobs, 5️⃣ tags 🍦Ice cream server ☕ Barista 📦 Mover ☎️ Telemarketer ⚓ US Navy sailor @TheRShafe,…
@troutgirl Cool! If looks like a bull snake that recently had a meal! @jessysaurusrex You just brought me right back to my youth... I spent countless hours playing "Where in the World i… @im_thehbic The absolute worst. @splasheth The person I was chatting with is actually stationed in Guam... don't want to out them here. But that wa… "Navy" in me may also explain why I've been obsessively cleaning. If you've spent time on a ship, this will mak… chatting with a former shipmate yesterday and realized how well the Navy prepared us for this: - Plenty of exp… is my new favorite twitter account. You're doing great Tim! @MegFutej @LogFut I'm so excited for the two of you! Can't wait to see pics and hear stories. @mikefreemanNFL And it still feels like we're not taking this seriously in some parts of the country. It's astounding. @stephchach @ErinALynch "Bleary-eyed Cookie Dough" 🤣 @kylealden "Teams for Friends & Family" "Teams for Socializing" "Teams for Everyone" "Teams for People who Don't Want Zoom" @monteiro Come closer and let me get a whiff... Ok, not _that_ close. Nope, you did not.Periodic reminder for those of us who are lucky enough to still have an income right now: - Keep paying service pr… @stephchach My people! @kylealden @__apf__ Cast Iron Skillet is the only way to go! @BecauseUAreHere We haven't done that in over a year 🤣 @troutgirl We'll all be there with you! @katreinhart We rewatched recently. Totally holds up! @ErinALynch Gotta say... Nervous Noodles is pretty good 🤣I can tell you from experience that it's pretty much impossible to socially distance while on a ship at sea. Think… @MinaMarkham @techgirl1908 Yes. No hesitation. No second thoughts. @techgirl1908 You're telling me, Angie... @jstoff You'll get to enjoy it in all its glory for TTT on Thursday.Quarantine facial hair update: After a lively discussion with my spouse, I've ditched the chin hair and settled on…
Hi, it's me, your good friend "Tired Black Bean Soup" @KR1573N I've been sticking to a morning routine and evening routine so that I can effectively bookend my work days… @Laurie_March Right? I'm trying to figure out how two of us are generating so many dishes. Our dishwasher is being… @HighwayofLife @whoop @GoZwift Ha! It was the name of today's workout on Zwift: "The Ham Sandwich features sweet sp… morning! Have you broken a sweat yet today? Gotten your heart rate up? I love me some @whoop, but I didn't ne… @jm No iPad connected to my office/ work network. @wsdot Allegedly... @carlos_paelinck Right? It's so close but so far away.Besides in-person connections with my awesome co-workers, the thing I miss most about the office are whiteboards.… @sarah_federman Right!? They're always so hideous. @sahilk Cooked the sausage on the stove, then pizza in the oven. The dough soaks up the sausage flavor and the outside gets nice and crispy. @dalmaer 🤦‍♂️ @nicolefv That looks amazing... Great presentation too!I'm willing to bet that working with @aliglenesk would be pretty great... @helenhousandi 🏠 @BrewingTalent If you have access to cooks illustrated, here's a link. The secret is to cook the sausage in the sam… the #QuarantineCooking menu tonight: Cast Iron Skillet pizza with spicy Italian sausage. Homemade dough too! Wh… @editingemily @seaotta You'd think the spiders would show some consideration and take 2020 off. @editingemily @seaotta We've seen some really big spiders at our house. And if it weren't for the global pandemic w…
@mzyk83 And then obsess for a long time afterwards: "How long until I can touch my face?" "How many times should I… going to the grocery store is like running a gauntlet: ✅ Got my hand sanitizer ✅ I Have a list ✅ I won't touch…, telling a story: Once upon a time, taking a trip to the grocery store was a stress free, even pleasant experien… story is chilling... @erostribe Belugas look like aliens, don't they!?This is the content I need today... tips for the equivalent of an offsite when everyone's remote? A 3+ hour video call/ working session seems miser… @DavidNovakOGO How to understand the difference between "helping" and "enabling" (doing other peoples' jobs). When… @laurieontech My side projects are now nurturing my sourdough starter and sweet new 'stache. @DotProto Yeah... I just want to be able to have my dad over inside of my house. He's come to visit a few times and… @jesseherlitz Same. Every day. It's comforting or something... @kvlly Overrated. Tots are much better. @MikeLindenWX @MyRadarWX Sure thing! @SusannaLHarris Congratulations Susanna!!! It's so nice to have things to celebrate these days... I appreciate you… @hunterwalk Soup. So much soup.Maybe we'll have sports later this summer. But will we have packed stadiums? Maybe we'll have live music again thi… question here. My dad said, the other day: "I bet that once we get the all clear people will be partying in th… fun weather passing through West Seattle cc @westseattleblog and @NWSSeattle @migconnect The first 30 days: "Survive" 😉 @frumpa But there's only one flavor that matters 🤣My goal this week: Get back to having focus and the ability to think deeply and strategically. I'm, relatively, co… @nhuntwalker I miss my commute, Nick 😭 @AdamRackis I've rented property before because we couldn't afford to sell. Upside down mortgage during the (last)… @MindaHarts This is beautiful. Thanks Minda!Also true for garlic 🧄 @adamwknox I did... that's Fred you're looking at.
I've reached the inevitable point in social distancing where I've decided I need my own sourdough starter. @soniagupta504 How scary, Sonia. They're lucky to have you. Sending all my healing energy to your mom!