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Int: White Room. We start ECU on a pair of wide eyes. They stare down the barrel of the camera. The eyes start dart…’re not mature enough to decide whether or not you want to raise a human therefore here is a human to raise.
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((It's wild that, after the requisite period of shit-eating silence, a decent portion of the mainstream right pushed…
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@joshtpm Hey you're supposed to be on vacation! Put the phone downThrilled to announce that my daughter has been accepted to a Magnet School that concentrates on active school shooter drills.everyone should google "Dinesh D'Souza fraud" and see what they find
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((.@progressive quietly stopped advertising on Tucker Carlson in recent weeks Tonight, they started airing their ad…
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((Caleb tells his story about becoming radicalized in the "alt-right" and his journey out of the ideology. It starts…
Retweeted by )))David Cross((( @chrislhayes You're done. Period!
I voted against the war in Iraq. Sadly, much of what I feared in fact did happen. I don't want to see it happen aga…
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@jeremymstamper That's his dad. It was "take your child to work" day @hayden__mc Bless @Axe22 @HJBenjamin NYC in a beautiful nutshell @bonerhitler Free Churles!Please leave my uncle Churles alone he was only doing his job! The TSA, established by GWB after every truepatriot…, you shoulda seen when they shot Tamir Rice to death. You woulda flipped.
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((reminder that, as beto is still trying to figure out what he thinks, warren is ready to fucking go…
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((Godammit I so wish I believed in ghosts. passage from David Remnick's 2003 essay supporting War in Iraq should be chiseled on a gravestone in Arlington…
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((I believe Hans Blix, Scott Ritter, Hussein Kamel al-Majid, 100,000 innocent dead Iraqis and 4,500+ dead American tr… literally the premise of a Mr. Show sketch in which they're trying to get hate mail
Retweeted by )))David Cross((( of the people running for president this year would be better off (and far more productive and useful) doing th…
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Robber complaining that the people he keeps robbing have run out of stuff.
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Breaking per CNN: White House attorneys expect to see Mueller findings before they go to Congress for the purposes…
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((Disbar all the prosecutors involved
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GREAT SHOWS at THE BELL HOUSE this past week. THANK YOU BROOKLYN - Thanks Marcellus Hall, Jo Firestone, Janelle…
Retweeted by )))David Cross((( @Embossed_ Glad your'e liking it! @inthewhale @bertkreischer @therealrussellp Glad to help @OGCameraguyBill @mrbobodenkirk Will Sheff was Thursday and Marcellus Hall was Friday night. Glad you liked it!wtf that @Twitter knows who the white supremacist accounts are and censors them in countries like Germany wher…
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((Cool @Kasparov63 @soledadobrien That too was to be expectedthis ends fantastically
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((A true story about @PeteButtigieg.
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((That's the one thing that's always bothered me about Fox news. They're too politically correct. Really just a bunch… @HJBenjamin Dude positively owns the C-Span crowd. Gotta give him that.
While you're at it, YouTube, how 'bout restoring the account of our org, which educates on the dangers of white nat…
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Let's take a look at how Fox News primetime (8-11) talked about race, minorities and diversity JUST LAST NIGHT Fir…
Retweeted by )))David Cross((( @FredTJoseph the pitch-perfect response
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((Dear media, The NZ shooter's manifesto is one, big, media-bait game, filled with in-jokes and intentionally ironic…
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((.@benshapiro claims no responsibility for helping to radicalize the 2017 Quebec City mosque shooter despite evidenc…
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Over the last 18 months I paid over $44,000 in bribes to get my niece Tay-Tay into clown college. I apologize to my…
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((when are all these rich privileged people whose wealth buys them unfair advantages and who live in a system specifi…
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Fox News is bleeding advertisers. On Wednesday they're holding an emergency meeting to convince their advertisers…
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((Often you hear the terms "hellworld" or "shitworld." But what does it mean? What does it look like. In this quote-t…
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@pattymo Holy shit. I saw this at exactly 3:11. I am NOT joking guys!Saved so much ⏰ & 💲saying "Ted Netflix" instead of Ted Sarandos over the years that I can retire early* and travel… is DAY 23 OF THE NATIONAL EMERGENCY. Can you feel the emergency? #SundayThoughts
Retweeted by )))David Cross((( @DanCrenshawTX @danpfeiffer I wouldwhy would you need a straw when you already suck
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((Pour one the fuck out.
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((I have spent plenty of time in Sweden and Denmark and Norway and let me tell you, the Straw Police are some of the…
America is the greatest country in the world @NYSCRAM @hits_film Nice eye @dwj1965 @hits_film Society is working on it @VanHammersly42 @hits_film @JAdomian Yes he was @daveanthony @JewishWorker Ha! @USCPSC @PFTompkins Whathis dude aired hours upon hours of empty podium trump rally countdown footage and hired half the ghouls and freaks…
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((Hey US media folks, here, I would argue immodestly, is how you interview a Trump supporter on Trump's lies:
Retweeted by )))David Cross((( @JewishWorker Hey there. Thanks for having my back. so frustrating all the shit I've been getting from her myopic m… really is uncanny
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so everyone has just accepted that they use a fake melania sometimes
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((One thing I like about Bernie Sanders is that he's been right about almost everything for the last 50 years.
Retweeted by )))David Cross((( @UhOhNoGo @Jonesie1967 @bethanyshondark Hey guys, (not you jonesie1967) know what else isn't hard? Reading the whol…
@karenyarbernc @bethanyshondark Because of the whole thread where she brought up what my wife experienced (or rathe… @DustyGerald @bethanyshondark Cool. I'm truly sorry if I offended with that whole thread and I mean it. But I do st… @ElishaKrauss @bethanyshondark @emzanotti I doubt there is much that we'd agree on but I'm with you that this is we… gang! It has come to my attention that the movie I wrote and directed, HITS, is turning 5 this year. And while i… @toddmonroe6 @bethanyshondark I said we've "met" 100 and 1000, not that we've had 100's and 1000's of negative expe… @alwaysorka @bethanyshondark Yep @DustyGerald @bethanyshondark I never said "they all" anything. Read it again (or rather, once) @bethanyshondark Read what I wrote. All of it, and tell me where I, "lumped millions of people together". I'm relay… @bethanyshondark No it's not. I'm relaying that I've had some personal experiences, over decades, of hasidic people… @KabbVillage @bethanyshondark We live in Brooklyn and have a house upstate near several hasidic communities. @bethanyshondark My wife as met hundreds if not thousands of hasidic jews and she can relate (as can I! ) numerous… @bethanyshondark Oh ffs let's dial the hyperbole down a notch. You're really going to draw a direct line from what… @bethanyshondark Leave my wife out if this. She didn't reference your column, I did. And it's too bad your original… @SheilasGardens @richo3000 @bluthquotes @batemanjason 79 takes. But to be fair Kubrick directed that episode. @bethanyshondark That's exactly what you're (hypocritically) doing with this tweet. And I dont need to "deflect" fo… most countries, the fact that brother of the education minister is a seemingly racist mercenary warlord would be…
Retweeted by )))David Cross((( @bethanyshondark It was? Did they befriend nazis?“Ohh now I see, they meant the WOMAN.” - me, to hospital security
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((That should take care of it.
"Burning alive"“I’m Jewish and have worked against anti-Semitism for decades. I was sitting a few feet from Omar and I heard nothi…
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((Why did you paint Trump looking like hes stumped trying to figure out how to do the, "this is the church here is th… dad put a mic on his son during hockey practice — and it was all kinds of hilarious and adorable
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((when you're doing a sketch at Groundlings and suddenly spot a UTA agent in the audience
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((I saw AI murder policy at Bonnaroo and they kicked ass just worry that if we raise taxes on the rich we'll kill off the entrepreneurial spirit.
Retweeted by )))David Cross((( @mcnikk @mrbobodenkirk There should be box sets of all four seasons (with extras) available somewhere. Check the internet. Ebay?I dont know, why don't you find one and ask him
AIPAC activist tells NYT the lobby is coming for Congresswomen @AOC @RashidaTlaib and @IlhanMN “They are three pe…
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((True to form, the White House just threatened a veto of the government reform bill. Nothing scares the swamp like g…
Retweeted by )))David Cross(((On a long enough timeline everything is real
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