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Freelancer by day | Creator of @deckdeckgo by night | Organizer of the #ionic Zürich @meetup | Play sometimes in a band called @vanronmaiden

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I'm very excited to announce my new open source project, Kickstand UI! It is an accessible design system using web…
Retweeted by David Dal Busco @fm3ndoza @Ionicframework That's Ionic, too much options 😁 Fortunately the doc is really on point and I didn't had… @ezchilamen @Ionicframework It's a funny trick 😉 Thank for the nice feedback!Just shared two @Ionicframework tips for modal and popover 😉 #DEVCommunity first issue of my newsletter in a few hours! Topics: - Deliberately fostering our curiosity - Self-Learning -…
Retweeted by David Dal BuscoLes inscriptions pour le festival de ce vendredi à Delémont sont ouvertes! 👉
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@joshdholtz @dotNetkow @Ionicframework @IndieDevMonday @manucorporat @francoxavier33 @zwacky @schlimmson @Corysmc M… @dotNetkow @joshdholtz @Ionicframework @IndieDevMonday Thx @dotNetkow 🙏 Last few months @manucorporat Myths Apple Is Using to Justify Their 30% Tax on Apps – Telegraph
Retweeted by David Dal Busco"Accessibility for Web Components" by Lee White #DEVCommunity🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Top-Level Await is now unflagged on @nodejs master 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Retweeted by David Dal Busco @dylanvdmerwe @GatsbyJS @github Didier from He's not on Twitter but I'll pass the msg 😉. @brunnerlivio @GatsbyJS @github Solved. Webkit request a position=relative in addition to overflow-x hidden otherwi… @brunnerlivio @GatsbyJS @github Indeed it is (depressing). @chrisbell2520 @GatsbyJS @github Thx Christopher. I just checked the commit history, around a week of development… @brunnerlivio @GatsbyJS @github Thx @brunnerlivio Actually there is an overflow-x but it seems that webkit does n… @stephenradams @GatsbyJS @github Thank you Stephen! @ryanlanciaux All the time. I'm using shift-enter as much as my dad is double-clicking everywhere 🤣Another side project I'm part of 😉 Check out 👉 I developed the website with @GatsbyJS mos… JavaScript Functions by @daviddalbusco in @BttrProgramming
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@fux0r My dad use PowerPoint, therefore I am cool with anyone using any editor ... but of course I'm more than happ… @fux0r 😄👍 @fux0r Not sure how many users are browsing ddg with FF in incognito mode but yes, it would made sense to better ca… @fux0r thx @levelsio Nice 👍 @levelsio The image is 1.1mb, it might be actually worst now. Quick fix: Make it smaller and compress it ( @RichardShergold @WebStormIDE Does it feels better, worth or same same as VS Code in term of heating? It's 37°C ou… (more) tips to quickly improve your UI by @mrcndrw in @uxdesigncc @fux0r About private window, if I reckon correctly, I think generally speaking, it does not work because Firebase i… @fux0r Thx for the heads-up 👍 Indeed it seems that the login doesn't work with FF current nightly. We are using F…
@sac_writes @nasmattia @deckdeckgo @dotNetkow @insanicae @zwacky @saandr0o Definitely! "Can review Markdown files… @deckdeckgo Thanks a lot to @dotNetkow @insanicae @zwacky @saandr0o for your early reviews and valuable feedback ab… "DeckDeckGo for Enterprise" 👔 😃 🚀 Easily apply your corporate identity and design across all your compa…
Retweeted by David Dal BuscoLa Suisse célèbre sa fête nationale du 1er août sur STEAM avec plus de 50 jeux et des rabais à faire tourner la dou…
Retweeted by David Dal Busco @donroyco "The 1999 hit “Wild Wild West” by Will Smith has lower-than-expected recognition among Gen Z. ". Well, n…
@schlimmson @Ionicframework Congratulations for the launch 🥳JUST RELEASED: Practical Ionic - learn to build real world @Ionicframework apps 🎉During the launch you get 20% off…
Retweeted by David Dal BuscoI've been developing an Animal Crossing companion app in the past few months to learn and improve my knowledge of…
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I wrapped our @stencil components for my personal website's usage but happy to notice that it suits others 😀 Cool… wants web apps as powerful as what you'd download from an app store, ASAP. Apple's iPhone rules — and its de…
Retweeted by David Dal Busco @puruvjdev @deckdeckgo You gonna do it 💪
@puruvjdev @deckdeckgo What can I say, I like to code 😉
Wrote a new blog post about how you can use JSX without React. I've always found it a powerful templating tool to m…
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Updated docs on using @stenciljs's new custom elements output target! Huge thanks to @claviska and the awesome…
Retweeted by David Dal Busco @stefannhs 😂 @aleksejdix Yeah I see make sense for the clipboard. I ask my self then why deprecating the all API and not "just"… @aleksejdix Thx @aleksejdix 👍 Have you got maybe a reference to share? I spent my day hacking around (explicitly… knows exactly _why_ Document.execCommand has been marked as _obsolete_? A new API is in the marking, some t… @stefannhs Haha I did not noticed it at first glance, well played 👍State management with React Context | Aaron Saunders | Ioniconf 2020 #ioniconf2020 @reactjs
Retweeted by David Dal Busco @tomayac @googlechrome @medleyjp I like that the "Human interface devices on the web: a few quick examples." mentio…
@DeckDeckGo v2 is here 🥳 - header & footer - floating editable text for diagrams - background color for selected t… to Apply Instagram like Photo Filters with @Ionicframework & @getcapacitor
Retweeted by David Dal Busco @MikeEsto Thanks for the blog post 👍 I have to give it a try now 😉"The Screen Wake Lock API" by @MikeEsto #DEVCommunity
@ezchilamen @vyconsulting @immobilar @Ionicframework @angular @capacitorjs @maxlynch @mhartington Great work 👍At @vyconsulting we've made our first MVP @immobilar in #PWA using @Ionicframework @angular and @capacitorjs 🚀🚀🚀 I…
Retweeted by David Dal Busco @joshuamorony I like that you even animated the book's cover 😉 Congratulations for the launch 👍Advanced Animations & Interactions with Ionic has officially launched! 🚀 Packages will be available with a 20% disc…
Retweeted by David Dal Busco📣 New on the blog! In this tutorial by @ceceliacreates, learn how to test mobile apps with @Ionicframework and Cy…
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@walkingriver Not a valid excuse to not have our blue icon pinned 😉 (I'm joking of course)"Using ReactFire with Ionic Framework & Capacitor" by @aaronksaunders #DEVCommunity
Retweeted by David Dal BuscoAngular And Web Workers by @daviddalbusco in @thestartup_ Awesome blog David.…
Retweeted by David Dal BuscoBeen working the last year on a Design System. My Github profile:
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All good => git merge 🤓. there. Just spotted this new funny #webkit box-shadow behavior but afterwards, the new feature should finall… @walkingriver - Fast prototyping and client delivery - Automated continuous deploymentAre you a bit OCD with your personal projects or is your team struggling to maintain clean, error free, and consist…
Retweeted by David Dal Busco @geckse The importance of ::slotted selectors were interpreted differently. Then, the one which took me the most t…
Four hours spent today, Sunday, on strictly Webkit and iOS related issues. Lovely.🌟NEW 🌟 During the past couple of weeks @RichardZimerman and I worked on a small geography quiz where we tried to co…
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#App Shortcuts and Maskable #Icons : Play It Like #Twitter by @daviddalbusco in @BttrProgramming
Retweeted by David Dal BuscoLOL 😂😂😂
Retweeted by David Dal Busco @donroyco @deckdeckgo Not sure, but I just moved an entry in my Android Google calendar and noticed that "touch" be… @donroyco @deckdeckgo Another option is maybe also: Mouse: click & move, double click edit Touch: click edit, lon… @donroyco @deckdeckgo Nice! Oki doki, I'll have a look if I can implement something like that behavior. Thank you for the suggestions 🙏 @donroyco @deckdeckgo Thx for the feedback and good idea 👍 Same container can contain images or shapes too. If "mo…'ve got a proof of concept to add floating text to the @deckdeckgo template "drawing" 🙂. To switch between the "m… @walkingriver @Ionicframework Our remote control is a Stencil Ionic PWA ( It lets draw as…
TILL a SVG text can be set editable by including it in an editable HTML parent
@manekinekko Content d'apprendre que mon Franglais ne m'a pas démasqué plus tôt, je m'améliore 😉 @manekinekko Avec plaisir 😃 @manekinekko I published two blog posts to introduce Angular developers to JSX: @shoelace_style UI library is one awesome set of components: 🧩 Works with all frameworks 🚛 Works with CDNs 🎨…
Retweeted by David Dal BuscoCheers to @ioniccr and @IonicDominican - the newest official Ionic Meetup groups! 🎉 The next Costa Rica meetup is…
Retweeted by David Dal Busco @donroyco @Twitter Haha what a timing 😅 Let's say "Play it like the Twitter design team" then 😉Just blogged "App Shortcuts And Maskable Icons: Play It Like Twitter" How I answered my questions by having a look… @Corysmc @JustinNoelDev @AskFirebase AWESOME! Thx Cory @b_d_m_p @mhartington I mean when I have to use either $variable or override .styleClass instead of using --variable to style a component
@mhartington Same to me when I don't have to use CSS4 variables to style components, always surprisingJust in time: we have added App Shortcuts to @deckdeckgo 🔥 Start quickly a new presentation or jump to your dashbo… is how I imagine the Ancient Egyptians would code: #100daysofcode #CodeNewbies #DevCommunity #JavaScript
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@rodydavis @stenciljs Indeed iPads are sometimes tricky or surprising in their behavior, really cool that it works out! @rodydavis @stenciljs I probably had never tested an iPad Pro 😅 Glad to hear it, thx 👍 @rodydavis @stenciljs The Web Share API is really neat, specially on mobile where I make it the default. On desktop… @rodydavis @stenciljs I almost still not believe it, it was a really cool surprise 😃I've just released the new Push Notifications Guide for @Ionicframework & @capacitorjs 🎉
Retweeted by David Dal BuscoI kind of wrote my own rendering library today 😁 Just 2 small helpers: 1⃣ el 👉 createElement in an hyperscript way…
Retweeted by David Dal Busco @john_franey Thank you for article and add-ons post. Both are really detailed and interesting writings 👍 P.S.: I w…
"Improve Page Speed when Using Google Fonts" by @john_franey