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Freelancer by day | Creator of @deckdeckgo by night | Organizer of the #ionic Zürich @meetup | Play sometimes in a band called @vanronmaiden

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The COMPLETE Star Wars Saga Recap for Rise of Skywalker | CRAM IT by @screenjunkiesノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)
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A presentation about infinite scroll with #ionic + #React Nothing like a test in production 😉 @LebaneseTech @ProductHunt Thx for the share 😃👌 Look what I just found... 🔧 ⚙ ⚡ Wooof - An app to browse dog pictures ⚡ Here's the link 🔗…
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We just released @deckdeckgo 🥔 Introducing: 🎄 stylish cards with syntax highlighting for your code 🤶 updated UX 🎅…
#webcomponents are seriously so slick! I released a big enhancement in one of ours this morning and I already depl…
How To Build a Modal With Ionic and React
Retweeted by David Dal Busco @walkingriver @mhartington No way! A new episode of "Mike and Mike in the afternoon"? Can't wait 🤘I just spent around 15 min on that one ... I might need to treat my self with new glasses for xmas 👓🎄😅"Drawing Homer Simpson using circles in CSS" by @alvaro_montoro #DEVcommunity @abennouna Seems like a legit LinkedIn request to me 🤣 @WebStormIDE For the record, in case someone land on these tweets: We analyzed the issue with the nice support and… Recap of Frontend Development in 2019 by @TreyHuffine
I'm having a lot fun experimenting @Ionicframework + @reactjs these days, therefore here's a new blog post about mo… his latest blog post, our fellow Magnus Wuttke explains what the cookie speed-eating challenges from our childho…
Retweeted by David Dal Busco.@n_moore trick to dynamically style slotted child elements using @stenciljs functional components is just slick 🔥 @fabianbreschi Thx for the share 🙏
DeckDeckGo Update: Interact With Your Audience With a Live Poll
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It's live! After four months of wrestling with new releases of @electronjs, my new @pluralsight course "Building De…
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Everyone still posting their #spotifywrapped data, but how about taking a real look at data && music: @plamere of…
Retweeted by David Dal BuscoI made this game/tool to help people learn the notes on their guitar. It's now free and mobile-friendly 🎸 Here is…
Retweeted by David Dal Busco @yanke46 @deckdeckgo @stenciljs @SocketIO Awesome Federico 👍 Ping me with feedback and idea of improvement!
@zwacky @deckdeckgo @stenciljs @SocketIO I always follow the best tutorial 😉 @deckdeckgo @stenciljs @SocketIO I also shared some thoughts about the feature's UX and our architecture in a relat… @saandr0o @deckdeckgo @stenciljs @SocketIO I'm lucky that we tested the feature at the meetup yesterday, it feels a… with your audience with a live poll within your @deckdeckgo presentation 👋 Developed with @stenciljs and… @saandr0o @Ionicframework @impacthubzurich Thx @saandr0o for being such an active member and for your yesterday's s… you @daviddalbusco for Hosting the last #IonicMeetupZH of this year and the Stickers, the Sweets and your eff…
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How To Keep Your Font Awesome Pro Secret Token in Public GitHub Actions
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Retweeted by David Dal Busco @WebStormIDE Thx. I've provided > 60 freeze thread dumps, have now uninstalled a plugin and will received some mor… @TheNorthernNerd Haha not really broken, just only compatible with certains laptops (don't ask) 🙈 @insanicae For somehow who's the github quote is "They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every t… @insanicae 5 for 5 green chairs, I should have been taller, better score 😉Rate my video setup @staunsholm @WebStormIDE Oh I see, I'm on a Mac I noticed an incompatible plugin after @kore_sar suggested to have… @kore_sar @WebStormIDE Thx for the tips, I will try at least with the only one I installed 😉 @WebStormIDE I did. There might be a problem with tree view rendering, which seems to be reported only in your pri… anyone else facing "editor freeze" after the recent 2019.3 upgrade of @WebStormIDE? Could you identify the root…"The State of UX in 2020" by @uxdesigncc
"Fish Shaving Cream" "Mushroom Sparkling Water" Some great products idea generated by the have heard some rumors that I may, or may not, use this new #DeckDeckGo cool feature at the end of tomorrow's… React has been made available earlier this year and I’ll introduce some of its features at our local meetup t…
Retweeted by David Dal BuscoFor those interested in leaving Apple and Google, and reconquer their privacy, the first beta of /e/ is here for do…
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Announcing Ionic React Hooks! A new companion to Ionic React ⚛️ ✓ Access native features easier than ever before ✓…
Retweeted by David Dal BuscoCALL FOR PROJECTS within #CircularEconomy! Two weeks left to apply for the CE Incubator! Apply now, and develop y…
Retweeted by David Dal Busco"What we learnt from 3000 bug reports" by @makarov_daniel #DEVcommunity
Ultra simple #rustlang packaging in Nix: I'm happy to release to the world!
Retweeted by David Dal Busco🔥✎ Making things in December, Day 2: I wrote a blog post about the parallels between music and web design/developmen…
Retweeted by David Dal BuscoJust blogged on how to implement an infinite scroll with @Ionicframework + @reactjs and a filter with hooks A sn… much as I like to talk about things, as slow I am at writing. So it almost took me 6 months to write my first ev…
Retweeted by David Dal Busco @daviddalbusco FYI, you've been added as a maker of Wooof on @ProductHunt
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"CloudRetro - Open Source Cloud Gaming Service for Retro Games written in Go" by @giongto35 #DEVcommunity option {once: true} to indicate that the listener should be removed automatically having been invoked, aka "to… + click the color icon to cycle between color values in Chrome. 🤦‍♂️How did I not know this?! Thanks @Una
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Traversez les décors splendides dʹune civilisation éteinte, en incarnant une louve, un oiseau, un poisson, et bien…
Retweeted by David Dal BuscoCe mois-ci, comme chaque année en cette saison, ça sent le sapin, et je vous propose une édition spéciale livres. N…
Retweeted by David Dal Busco @ryanlanciaux @walkingriver Or from @liyasthomas which the #ThePracticalDev community seems to really like
“The Weirdest Shit to Come Out of Silicon Valley in November” by @AlmostZara @abennouna @Ionicframework @reactjs @Meetup @getcapacitor I had to try @julienrenaux brand new tutorial about it 😉
@Ionicframework @reactjs @Meetup Btw. it provides me materials for blog posts 😉 - Fetch API data - Navigation with… have build an app to browse doggos with @Ionicframework + @reactjs for our next @meetup 🐶 Try it out 👉… @mappmechanic @benjsperry @jscamp @stenciljs @deckdeckgo 👍😉How to start making pixel art #1 by Pedro Medeiros
@JustinNoelDev That API is the best No cors problem + no token + doggies = 🚀 @WestbrookJ @VueJSMadrid @julienrenaux @adamklein500 @gustojs @angular @reactjs @vuejs @FrontEndConnect Yep definit… @benjsperry @jscamp @stenciljs A @stenciljs talk using my fav presentation tool for the slides, that would be 1.… just published a follow up to yesterday's @julienrenaux blog post 🤗Just in case like me, you would like to keep s…
#Webstorm 2019.3 is now available @julienrenaux @stenciljs @github @Firebase Très cool le(s) blog post(s) 👍 I should think about a way to obfuscate… I tweeted several days ago, here I am with three different blog posts! To explain where this come from I created…
Retweeted by David Dal BuscoI ❤️ the @Dog__CEO API Also @Ionicframework + @reactjs is slick 🚀 Looking forward to next week's Ionic Zürich… @Kevin24681093 @deckdeckgo Thx for the feedback! It is template based to ensure that the presentations look good o…
@romulocintra That move at 1:50min! 😉How To Fetch Data From An API With React Hooks by @lasnindrek is real and so are we about taking action! Today, we introduce our new #CO2 Calculator, built with Z…
Retweeted by David Dal Busco3D viewer built with @stenciljs and A-Frame: from @edsilv
Retweeted by David Dal BuscojQuery in 2019, still does the job 😉 source: put together a little guide on how to scale SVG elements, and what the viewBox property does. Essentially.. 🔭🌟🔭🌟…
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@rtfeldman Paul Blart Mall Cop
And it's committed 😉 It still need doc, test IRL and showcase but, thereby, the next cool new feature of… finally figuring out the solution for my last issue ... while cleaning my kitchen 🤣
Web Developer: "It looks great in Chrome!" IE11:
Retweeted by David Dal Busco @nodejs If you want to learn more about working with ESM in @nodejs 13 feel free to check out this blog post about…
Retweeted by David Dal BuscoI wrote a little beginners guide to Git: that turned into a pretty big guide with some more…
Retweeted by David Dal Busco @walkingriver @JustinNoelDev @maxlynch I really like the AWS documentation. Said no one ever.
@Una Yes and yes 😉 Our pet project @deckdeckgo and its outcomes are all in made with web components 😋 @schlimmson Good luck with this new interesting project 🤞 It would be cool if you manage to make it open source 😉Check out my new vlog: Let’s start a NEW PROJECT TOGETHER (help needed!) 👨‍💻
Retweeted by David Dal Busco @julienrenaux @Firebase @stenciljs @workboxjs @github Neat! Specially looking forward to the third one ("build and… @saniyusuf Go for it. Just went back from a run, 4°C outside, no regretsTensorFlow.JS — Using JavaScript Web Worker to Run ML Predict Function by @andrejusb @bitandbang @deckdeckgo
Excited to launch of our public beta for both iOS and Android for @untappd! Looking forward to getting feedback to…
Retweeted by David Dal BuscoTonight I attended the awesome presentation and workshop of Yvan from @SnowHazeVPN about how to protect personal da…"Hybrid Apps are slow"—I've heard many times. So I recorded this video footage of the recent Ionic 4 app rewrite I'…
Retweeted by David Dal BuscoAre you around Bern🇨🇭on the 26th of November and interested in #Angular and #PWA? 🚀 Then join me @bernerJS meetup…
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