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Dave 🧱 @DavidDarnes Bristol, England

Developer Advocate at @Ghost 👻 Writing: [he/him] FLWG

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@devdevcharlie Looks great Charlie! And thank you for my personal concerns about having a “fancy site” from launch…🔒"You found a secret!" Apparently `yourhandle/yourhandle` is a ✨special ✨ repository that you can use to add a…
Retweeted by Dave 🧱Haven’t played a video game in 4 years… 😟 I think I need this @claires_ink Best character ✌️ @brucel @HenriHelvetica I’m willing to compromise in times of hunger 😅, however I like this thinking @HenriHelvetica @brucel Victim of tinned tomatoes. Bruce sticking with the fresh stuff 🍅Guy spends two and a half hours slowly realising he’s been playing Second Life the whole time bebopin’The perfect slide doesn't exi...
Retweeted by Dave 🧱Anyone know of any UK based firms that would be exciting to work for as a JAMstack developer? ✅ E-commerce ✅ Tooli…
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Retweeted by Dave 🧱 @DasSurma What the actual fuck!? Fuckin people 😒 @penelopehelen Reminds me of James Acaster eating cold lasagna
@xdesro but have you see THIS on… oh fuck you have now @penelopehelen Where did you learn of this? @penelopehelen I’ll confess, I have my doubts… but if you say so!LinkedIn is copying the contents of my clipboard every keystroke. IOS 14 allows users to see each paste notificatio…
Retweeted by Dave 🧱 @bdougieYO “oooooohh Brian” 😂 @rahbuhkeh Whoa, deepI wish I could coast through life like Jason Statham’s American accent @ShaneHudson you say the newishly renamed "Vercel" like "Sega" it's 1000% improvedI cannot wait!
Retweeted by Dave 🧱 @techgirl1908 omg!How about "exposure"? @LEGO_Group Doesn't look like the bouncer is going to let me in @__Sun__ Do you "spy" it?I’ve created a @figmadesign plugin that truncates text to a number of lines. ✂️📖 Can be applied across component i…
Retweeted by Dave 🧱 @_graymalkin Thanks Simon! Also good spot, updatedSave you a click: Install instructions also contain deploy to… @eduardoboucas 💙 @jimseven I guess you couldn't "contain" yourself 😏GitHub repos using my Jekyll themes: - Garth (my first Jekyll theme): 100+ 👍 - Alembic (more verbose theme): 1000+ 🤯 @hankchizljaw @ryanAmurphy 1 error, 'sarcasm' is already definedRacism and Anti-Blackness are NOT just a U.S. affliction...this shit is GLOBAL
Retweeted by Dave 🧱5,500 followers 🥳 thank you so much! Keep learning 💥🎉 Maybe time to give away some more laptop stickers to our lov…
Retweeted by Dave 🧱 @badgergravling @jamesckemp @jemjabella Popping in to give Dan a recommendation 👍 @tryultimate Still space on my desk 👀 @jackyalcine @hankchizljaw Oh this sounds real clever, may investigate more if I ever get time for streaming. Thanks a lot! @StuRobson @hankchizljaw "Incompatible, please buy £700 wheels for streaming capabilities" @jackyalcine @hankchizljaw Very interested in this magic. Does one machine literally send the video(s) to Twitch? A… @hankchizljaw Psst, did you see Twitch released their own native Mac app. It's got CPU adjustment settings built in @hankchizljaw This reminds me of when my dad wants a break from working, in which he would like to “stare at a brick wall for a day”so cool of the venture capitalists on this web site to show that they’re all really just insecure dweebs cosplaying…
Retweeted by Dave 🧱I know the lockdown sucks and its stressful but we´ll always have vine compilation
Retweeted by Dave 🧱I would watch a championship series of this
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⚠️ I'm still available ⚠️ 🍉 React, Graphql, Jamstack, APIs (yes REST) Serverless, Javascript, Design? Yeah I can f…
Retweeted by Dave 🧱Hey @BarclaysUK; maybe don't use @internetarchive as a CDN for your JS assets? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Retweeted by Dave 🧱me trying to go on a twitter break
Retweeted by Dave 🧱Bleh, and I cannot stress this enough, meh @CaseyNewton @boop Confirmed, Twitter is 'The Bad Place' @badgergravling No need to be sorry! I just can't get into Pepsi. Taste is very similar but after drinking a lot ov… @badgergravling Well TIL @vernalkick @rafahari #SensibleKevin @echdee @toddmotto @Rumyra Big fan of this crossover, congrats both!🎉 Hey folks, we just launched our NEW Web Developer Bundle (for #100DaysOfCode)! HTML CSS JavaScript + DOM. It’s e…
Retweeted by Dave 🧱Can of coke but the whole can is made of whatever is in the first sip @StevieBuckley Why the fuck are they sending that to you and not the tennis balls?? @jamesm Hope long shadows come back 😂🙂🙃
Retweeted by Dave 🧱 @jamesm Rates based on the length of shadows in pixels @ben_howdle @jongold This would work better if I’d seen it
@jongold 😂 really wish I still had the hat 🎩i’m still baby @DavidDarnes I was inspired by your "Drop The Mic" site, and created a mobile version. I am blogging about it, but…
Retweeted by Dave 🧱 @buhakmeh Ha this is great! 😄 @jongold I can’t stop watching 😳 @soffes Paging @AileenCGN @ASpittel Really good point
Retweeted by Dave 🧱Long shot but if anyone’s looking to buy a PS4 pro 1TB let me know.
Retweeted by Dave 🧱 @michaelmesserli Oh wow. Running the same machine here but on Catalina. October may be it's last hurrah though @michaelmesserli El Capitan?? Don't tell me you're planning on reaching Big Sur 😂 @ASpittel Really good point Police are now appealing for anyone who may be able to help, to get in touch:
Retweeted by Dave 🧱❌ Colston Arms is no more ✅ Say hello to Ye olde Pubby Mcdrunkface
Retweeted by Dave 🧱 @jlengstorf Great, now I want buttered noodles 🥺 @RGA [x] I'm in this tweet and I don't like it🎉 Looking for my first Dev role 🎉 - Comfortable w/ JS, Node/Express, React (MERN), & Rails - Remote preferred, ope…
Retweeted by Dave 🧱Faves from this update 🍤 🖼 Responsive images / srcset on all content images 🟣 Custom sidebar views for newsletters… at @mschfxyz - front end developer - technical project manager / producer - designer - wildcard?
Retweeted by Dave 🧱 @jaffathecake Very handy for going "off-piste" with Structured Data. We sometimes get requests for this but Ghost d… son, I almost got phished. @1Password just saved my bacon. That was close. Even though I was suspicious, I st…
Retweeted by Dave 🧱TIL adding Structured Data to pages using client-side JavaScript. Also like that you can use Google Tag Manager to… @defaced @hankchizljaw @Argos_Online I think this is what my brain sees when I'm racing to the toy pages @pixelactivist @Ghost @CreativeTim 👀
this is rad 👍
Retweeted by Dave 🧱 @luaninhAhhhhh @PmDude If you check the original thread I did make this point @PmDude @DavidWells I was referring to the fact you can move from the Ghost(Pro) platform to a self hosted version… you're a webdev/designer, mind answering a quick question for me and RT for reach? Do you know about Microsoft Edge's IE mode?
Retweeted by Dave 🧱 @DavidWells Yea you got me, the exported content is portable but not completely CMS agnostic. I think this is as cl… @DavidWells I mean Ghost(Pro) isn’t locked in, you can cleanly switch from our offering to a self hosted instance 😊 @hankchizljaw @cassiecodes omg Andy please intro me 😭 @cassiecodes @hankchizljaw ITS MELTDOWN MAY @davatron5000 Oh god what now @TalktoHenryJ @Ghost Hey Henry 👋 Ghost is a publishing platform. You can build a blog, a membership site, and a pai… Beast Wars
Retweeted by Dave 🧱When @LidlGB out-innovates @kanyewest and its not close
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