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Dave 🧱 @DavidDarnes Bristol, England

Developer Advocate at @Ghost 👻 Writing: [he/him] FLWG

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@hankchizljaw Oof, where to beginGood morning - we're looking for a devrel that can helps us grow the @snyksec virtual community. Something for you? Let me know
Retweeted by Dave 🧱The iOS crop tool does some really nice and helpful snapping when cropping screenshots. I don’t think it’s using p…
Retweeted by Dave 🧱 @rjgux @markdalgleish It’s so dumb but so good @Emma__Whiting It was REALLY good thank you, base was spot on @Emma__Whiting thank you for the cheesecake 🍰Me making my way up Park St for a latte at @BTPcafes @lookingsideways @nazargargol Hold up I thought I was the Pun Slinger at Ghost?
Retweeted by Dave 🧱 @chadtomkiss Yes! It’s the only thing I’ll whistle if anything @nazargargol Oh god no. I use microwaves to bail me out of issues, like when my tea goes cold or my crackers have g… @Marsh931 😂😂 I’m donePro tip: You can make crackers crunchy again by putting them in the microwave, but not for long though In unrelate… have changed their search results design, but it's not good news... Why Google's new search results design…
Retweeted by Dave 🧱I ask myself this every time I'm using my coffee grinder @Makinov Which episode of Phoenix Nights is this?"Don't worry about this tech debt, we'll clean it up next sprint." Senior developer:
Retweeted by Dave 🧱 @vic_bell Much love to you Vic 💜 @Robb0wen @jegtnes [Alt: someone diving down a bowling alley with the ball] 🎳 @jegtnes 😍 Sweet @jegtnes Sorry friend but I’m only there for the conference day. I’ll look out for you on the day though!⏲️ As of today, we have about eighteen years to go until the Y2038 problem occurs. But the Y2038 problem will be g…
Retweeted by Dave 🧱 @markboulton @StuRobson Yikes 😰
@zachleat It's a big Lego set that people help you with, but every so often someone wants wheels put on the roof @rafahari macOS Banksy @beccykedward ShitWatching Bob Ross humbly ask you to “call your local TV station” if you want to see the show again, with no idea hi… is so me 😂 #TheWitcher
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Retweeted by Dave 🧱You’ll be pleased to know I don’t microwave my coffee. I’m not a monster @DavidDarnes The better option is to break into somebody else house to microwave fish.
Retweeted by Dave 🧱 @glennui Heheheh, gonna be wearing that pin when my tea goes ping @pamelacadabra Absolute ponger! @KingDogDad Wild emmettThe great thing about working from home is that nobody can tell you off when you microwave your tea @markboulton @naconf Might have to come say hey then 👋 @jaffathecake It’s the weekend Jake, leave the pulling down of branches for work @freezydorito “div yeet” @timneutkens I think that’s pretty much the reasoning for why it came out on top. The overlap between CSS and SCSS… @hankchizljaw Welcome to the internet. An army of ads will be with you shortly.I'm not very good at optimizing videos, so I post both mp4 and gif, but nothing convinces me, my loop is too long f…
Retweeted by Dave 🧱Welcome to Twitter. A person who does not understand humor will contact you shortly.
Retweeted by Dave 🧱 @levelsio You got this tweet as a macro?
Here’s a talk I gave at @xoxo a few years ago that explains my film & discusses what happened after it was released.
Retweeted by Dave 🧱I love that more companies are revealing the Google trademark shakedown scam right in the ad copy. Another good exa…
Retweeted by Dave 🧱 @rafahari @JessDarnes does this too. She even tracked me when I flew on my own because she was worried 😂 @kamalhm For Ghost? There is a free trial if you want to try it out Or you can use the ope… @KingDogDad Heck yea @sarah_edo @hey_amie Dis be cute ✨ @sarah_edo 😂😭 @sarah_edo How can I feel attacked from a tweet from two years in the past?? @KingDogDad Thanks emmett! I guess it's hard for some people as their values might not align with what decisions are made higher up @KingDogDad I may be a little biased 😅Ghost -> 11ty -> GitHub repo -> Netlify = ⚡️⚡️⚡️ @__Sun__ Mine was too 👁👁 @__Sun__ Just did the same but with regex 😂 @DasSurma Damn it I want Easter eggs! @code_lobster Sorry I’m just kidding. The dialog was a lot of chaff but once you’re past that it’s an easy watch. I… @code_lobster Not thinking too hard about it 😅 @Robb0wen @JessDarnes How did you ruin katsu sauce for me so quickly Robb?? @Robb0wen @JessDarnes Ah I see. But still, "katsu curry" in the store is very different to katsu curry in Wagamamas… @chrishawes @JimmyRowe1994 …so using a CMS will be just as performant, possibly faster? Really depends on the exper… @chrishawes @JimmyRowe1994 Not going to push Ghost as you seem very competent and confident with using Markdown, I'… @rafahari 10+ Minaal backpacks lined up on baggage check 😂 @Robb0wen I'll also let you off on this occasion, every time me and @JessDarnes pick up a jar from one of the vario… @ErisDS @ow Ironically I'm guessing it's suppose to help people quickly parse it, however they'll be looking for "t… @chrishawes That fuckin milk frother! Worked in a co-working space recently that had the same machine, I told them…
@lukejones Controller, cartridge @MrBlank Oh godDullest Black Mirror ep @StuRobson On my tombstone “Corby was better”The coffin I’ll be lowered into my grave with as the priest reads my obituary over a Zoom call ⚰️ @studioromeo I just see them in conversation on Twitter or friends. Maybe check this out? bought a last minute ticket to @naconf 🎟 If you want to talk all things @Ghost come find me 👻 @swyx @peduarte THIS @kmelve @lesliecdubs 😂😭 @lesliecdubs 'Web developer' is ambiguous enough for me to avoid explaining my actual day to day in detail, because it's damn hard to 😅 @riklomas Is that the new Jack Dorsey Fortnite skin? @pugson @jamesm **Retracts statement due to new context provided** @hey_amie Real nice combination of materials going on in this photo @nhqe Don't worry, that's Vape Class @pugson @jamesm Maybe I missing something but who is John and who is Jack? @jamesm Wait, do you have one? @bulbenergy Meanwhile, on some *other* house amenities site turning up in your codebase like that @bulbenergy actually suggests I should lower my payments 💙 @geekcubed @SeanUK @digitalgravy Now that REALLY sounds like rocket science 😂 @SeanUK @digitalgravy @geekcubed Geolocation is hard @SeanUK @digitalgravy @geekcubed If those coordinates correspond to the postcodes then you can probably chuck them… @boop They working hard to cover up that they just bought a snap of a leftie 🦶
@davatron5000 What do we want? Container Queries! Where do we want them? On just this div in particular! @rknightuk Was it not good? @StuRobson @freezydorito AlwaysI am visiting SF (and the USA!) for the first time soon! what are some of the things my clueless european self should know beforehand?
Retweeted by Dave 🧱 @freezydorito The right one is breathing in and left one is breathing out🚧 @mikebull Pre-warning: I gave up after 10 minutes @mikebull lol have you seen 6 Underground? It’s Van Wilder in a car with explosions @mikebull You don’t tweet often, but when you do it’s no half measureThe security guard in The Matrix saying “Holy shit!”